Wacky Zingoz Celebration ON NOW!



Don’t miss this year’s Wacky Zingoz Celebration which runs from August 1 – 12 in Webkinz World! Click on a button below to learn more and find out what you can win:





Did you win a prize by feeding your pet a bottle of fizz? Please leave your comments below…


45 Responses to Wacky Zingoz Celebration ON NOW!

  1. animalmomkls says:

    Wow, I’ve been playing a ton of WackyER Zingoz trying to win outfits for all my pets and I just won the trophy. I am in total shock. I have never gotten past level 8 before tonight. It was like an amazing perfect game. I’m truly blown away right now. Love playing in Webkinz World and love Wacky Zingoz Celebration! Woo-Hoo!

  2. Starwars456 says:

    I can’t believe I got 1 fridge one day and the next day I got another

  3. Bedford says:

    I already hit over 600 feet Wacky Zingoz in the Deluxe monthly challenge but did not get a trophy. Do I need to play again? Also, I fed my pets lots of fizz and haven’t won anything yet :(

  4. vbeach100 says:

    OMG I finally got the fridge!!

  5. BellErina says:

    I completely understand the frustration of things still being sold that don’t work! However, with older things, as you said, there are sooo many I can imagine what a headache to get everything changed over to the new system. Maybe Michael can make a special podkinz explaining all the work? ^_^

  6. ifa1 says:

    No Wacky Zingoz Celebration Challenge for 2017 this year – come on??

  7. powderedwater says:

    I looked at a fan site and couldn’t believe there was dozens of Wacky items in the past, some eStore, some just regular prizes. All were awesome. Many I’d never seen before or even knew had ever been available. Why aren’t these given away or made available for sale again instead of the same wacky trophy as past years? On top of that it’s been over TWO YEARS and the zangoz statue disappears when clicked (estore- this cost real money!), the zangoz snowman doesn’t animate (hit snowballs with bat), the snow zangoz does nothing but is supposed to and the handmade zangoz clock doesn’t have hands – no clocks in webkinz world have worked. You have all the events but so much is still broken and not fixed and you still even sell most of it! Why should we keep buying things when we have tons of money in broken things yet? We had an incredible Zingoz room and a lot of the things in it are broken and don’t work. There are at least TEN pet of the month items that don’t work, YET but every month you push and push and push for us to buy the POTM or join the POTM club. For what? To pick a broken nonworking prize? The stellar starblaster, steam powered moving pic machine (and all other TVS), the frosty snow machine, the carnival strength tester, the carnival carousel,,,,all don’t work. The Baloon blower only makes pale grey balloons. We recently bought 2 pets online and both Pet items dont work but youre still selling them! and its nice someone posted here they got a Wcky fridge after 5 bottle of Fizz – we have fed our pets/our accounts over 40 so far and have got nothing. Why aren’t these prizes even among everyone? thanks for reading. Jean

    • ifa1 says:

      I agree with powderedwater – still a lot of items have not been fixed (some fixes at lame) !! I hope one of these days soon you’ll re-release the Dunk A Zingoz Practice Booth and the Wacky House Of Wacky – been waiting on these items forever.

    • Emilyapril20 says:

      I see your having problems and Thank you for letting Webkinz know. It is randomly chosen on who gets the machines. Please understand that Webkinz is free to many so they must make money somehow to keep this wonderful game running. I hope you will give them some time to take care of these issues and understand that they are trying to make the best gameplay for everyone. I do not work for them but as a loyal member I believe I should defend them. -SunsetSparkle

      • Webkinzwarriorlover8 says:

        I agree! I feel like less animated prizes are also made like in the old webkinz, since it may be too hard to make it work with the new webkinz (like exclusive items).

  8. bubbashuka says:

    I got the fridge!!!!!! It only took maybe 4 or 5 bottles!

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