Last Chance To Get the Golden Solar Suit!


If you haven’t already collected all of the pieces to the Golden Solar Suit in Alyssa’s Star Challenge, time is running out!





On August 2nd, we will be replacing the random prizes you have a chance to win when you catch a shooting star. Instead of pieces for the Golden Solar Suit, you will instead be awarded pieces to a NEW Galaxy Suit!





Time to visit Alyssa’s Star Challenge daily in the Magical Forest!


Have YOU collected all of the pieces to the Golden Solar Suit yet? Let us know in the comments below!


87 Responses to Last Chance To Get the Golden Solar Suit!

  1. gigiliz says:

    It does not matter at all: since X-Z changed none of 3 of us (my sis, bro and I) did get any piece of this costume anyway, so you are talking about several years already!

  2. Dalmationpika2 says:

    i have plenty of extra solar belts and solar pants to gift to people who need them im looking for soalr helmets and solar boots -dalmationpika

  3. jbakcs789 says:

    It’s strange that since this announcement there hasn’t been a single comet on my or my sister’s account. Usually there’s one almost every day.

  4. animalmomkls says:

    Thanks so much mintfudge for the jacket. Love the duck! Sent you the boots, but would you believe I got another pair of the them since yesterday’s post. I’m knee deep in solar boots and Daisy Diner Wallpaper. LOL Really, hoping for something different tomorrow.

  5. ImaPepper says:

    I’ve been trying to acquire another set of this suit, but I can’t seem to catch the comets–too much lag on my system lately. Maybe switching browsers? Hmm…

  6. 4ulittleone2 says:

    if i could only log in

  7. mintfudge says:

    Anyone have an extra belt or shoes? I have an extra top and other things in exchange.

  8. Webkinzwarriorlover8 says:

    That moment you realise that you recycled all of this set and it is about to retire XD Time to collect them all again XD

    • mycatsnores says:

      … of course. Like Murphy’s Law – it’s the Webkinz Rule of Stuff. “once you figure you don’t need multiples of an item and so get rid of all but 1, it will retire” :D

  9. Milkyrose4562 says:

    Alright I’m gonna expect the new solar outfit to have either the color blue, silver, ruby, or platinum.

  10. puppydog123top says:

    My Alyssa’s star game is not working and will not let me click the button to start.

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