New Recess Food


Unlock Recess each time you sign up your pet for 15 full days of classes at the Kinzville Academy! Remember, a “full day” of class is when you try any 3 classes with your pet.



When you finish Recess, Ms. Cowoline will give you a special packed lunch that you can drag and drop into your room to open. Starting August 30th, you’ll have the chance to find one of these 3 new Recess foods in your packed lunch:



On August 30th, The Jumbleberry Juice Box, Spicy Honor Rolls and Pythagoras Pretzel will no longer be available so try and collect them bofore they’re gone.


Do you have a favorite Recess food? Please leave your comments below…



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  1. kin2832 says:

    Love the new foods!!!:) Thanks Ganz!

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