Coming Soon: Pirate Parrot

The Pirate Parrot will be in stores this July!

39 Responses to Coming Soon: Pirate Parrot

  1. bob15 says:

    Kind of a busy pattern, but it sure is cute.

  2. A782wy says:

    Wow I’m going to buy that!

  3. sare678 says:

    Cute BUT i DON’T like IT!

  4. abbie201 says:

    i luvvvvvvvvvv this its sooo cute btw, if u wanna be my friend on webkinz its hannahmahayly

  5. charming122101 says:

    Oh, I must have him!!!!

  6. chels101_kitty says:

    Awesome! It’s been forever since they made a plush bird Webkinz! Definitely getting this! Can’t wait!!! :D

  7. mrMiLK1977 says:

    I’m on the fence about this one. I love the idea, I like the parrot – but wish the colorful patterned material wasn’t on his face/head – otherwise I really like this one… Might get him and name him “Matey” or “Crackers”

  8. xomissmaria says:

    Oh my gosh I love it..LOVE LOVE it!! This is defiantly a Johnny Depp character..!! :)

  9. cathouse2 says:

    The print on this pet is cool, but I don’t think I will be getting it though. >>cathouse2

  10. presto says:


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