Keep Collecting Those Flowers!

How many Flowers have you collected so far?

Keep collecting until May 31 to receive fantastic prizes—and if you get all 50, a lovely Flowery Greenhouse! If you haven’t started, just head to the Flower Collection icon on your Map to begin!


Remember, if you complete the Collection early, you can play it again!

Want to win a beautiful BLUE Flowery Greenhouse to match? Then be sure to collect flowers in Webkinz Friends on Facebook* or the iPad!


*must have an active account

17 Responses to Keep Collecting Those Flowers!

  1. sebz says:

    I only need two flowers to get the yellow greenhouse? Thank you. I didn’t know Friends have a blue greenhouse.

  2. tjoljo says:

    I got all of the flowers and I did not get my green house! Whats up with that!!

  3. teddyturner says:

    i love webkinz

  4. tinygma says:

    None of mine are blue !!! I have 8 :(

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