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    Hay Mazin’ Hamster fans! I’m Noekalani, and it’s been a while since the last time i’ve played Mazin’ Hamsters, so that means things have changed. I got used it, but now they have some guy named Tinker. If you saw this fourm, please comment where he is found and how to get to him. Thank You, NOEKALANI

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      It’s definitely strange. I’ve been searching day-in-day-out for anything suspicious that might lead to Tinker, but nothing seems to stand out. Seeing what everybody says here, I’m pretty sure that they completely gave up on the idea of “Tinker”. There are many doors in the Forest Zone, but I’m pretty sure that it’s just for show, unless they haven’t completed the 3D database for him yet.

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      There is a door in the laggoon on top of the huge waterfallsi tried to open it but it wont work! That must be were tinker is.

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      I think its the door but I think they forgot to put him in or forgot to make a switch to open the I think.

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      I don’t know who Tinker is either. I’ve been playing mazinhamsters for, like, two years, and have never seen another hamster.

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      Here is what I think: 1. Somebody has messed with the coding and made that happen. 2. They were gonna make Tinker, decided not to, but left that sign there on accident. 3. Tinker does exist, but in an area we are yet to find.

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