Exclusive Item Showcase!


You’ll get great prizes each time you adopt a new Webkinz Pet! From your 2nd pet onwards, each time you adopt a new pet, you’ll find a fantastic Exclusive item inside your pet’s gift box!


From your 11th pet and onwards, you might also find a special Bonus Gift Box inside your pet’s gift box. When you drag the Bonus Box into your pet’s room, you’ll win either: 1000 KinzCash, an extra Exclusive item, or a Rare item from Arte’s Curio Shop!


For your 10th, 15th, 20th, and every fifth pet after that, you’ll get the Superbed Gift Box (for your choice of any Superbed) instead of the Bonus Gift Box.


Here’s a look at all of the current Exclusive items you could earn by adopting a new Webkinz Pet!




If you’re looking for somewhere your new Webkinz Pets can sleep, look no further than inside their gift box!


When you adopt your 10th, 15, 20th, or any fifth pet after that, you will find the Superbed Gift Box inside your pet’s gift box, which will let you pick any one of our sensational Superbeds!


Here’s a look at all of our current Superbeds that you’ll be able to choose from, starting at your 10th Webkinz Pet adoption!

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  1. maria_rdz says:

    love all the exclusive items and beds!

  2. Prettypikachu says:

    They should take out the Bubble Wrap Chair and add the 3 new exclusives, hahah!

  3. Crystal323 says:

    The translator translated wrong

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