Accent the Whimsical Top Hat with the Whimsical Jacket!








There’s a fabulous new Deluxe Gift Box clothing item for February: Whimsical Top Hat!










Deluxe Members can add even more whimsy to the Whimsical Wonderland room theme! Pair the Whimsical Top Hat with the Whimsical Jacket available from eStore!


You may find Deluxe Memberships and more at eStore! To learn more about Deluxe Memberships, click here.




15 Responses to Accent the Whimsical Top Hat with the Whimsical Jacket!

  1. Januarystarr123 says:

    I need an extra Whimsical Hat–if anyone wants to trade.

  2. rachelsooah says:

    I really like those clothing. but I have the totally 80′s dress. I really want this hat looks nice.

  3. I3reezy says:

    I happen to dislike this item. All of my pets are females.. and this wouldn’t look right on them; which is the only thing stopping me from getting Deluxe this month instead of next.

  4. princesslauren01 says:

    I personally don’t like it and i am a member. I wish would give out more dresses and sparkling shoes

  5. bubear71 says:

    Hmm. Not one of my favorites.

  6. melnoch says:

    Whatever happened to giving us the entire outfit? :(

  7. winkinbear says:

    I don’t think they match very well and the hat is just a recolor of one we got before. At least this hat doesn’t cover their eyes the way some hats do. I wish we had gotten the jacket in the box with the opportunity to buy the hat which doesn’t match.

  8. puglover6 says:

    how do you get the top hat when you member cause I am member and I do not have it

  9. Becky71W says:

    I usually get the matching piece but it really doesn’t match. At least to me it doesn’t.

  10. LambTyler says:

    I will definitely be putting those clothes on my Cheshire cat when I adopt him. I hope I can do that sometime soon, I have the Alice themed room all ready! :mrgreen:

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