Exclusive Item Showcase!


You’ll get great prizes each time you adopt a new Webkinz Pet! From your 2nd pet onwards, each time you adopt a new pet, you’ll find a fantastic Exclusive item inside your pet’s gift box!


From your 11th pet and onwards, you might also find a special Bonus Gift Box inside your pet’s gift box. When you drag the Bonus Box into your pet’s room, you’ll win either: 1000 KinzCash, an extra Exclusive item, or a Rare item from Arte’s Curio Shop!


For your 10th, 15th, 20th, and every fifth pet after that, you’ll get the Superbed Gift Box (for your choice of any Superbed) instead of the Bonus Gift Box.


Here’s a look at all of the current Exclusive items you could earn by adopting a new Webkinz Pet!




If you’re looking for somewhere your new Webkinz Pets can sleep, look no further than inside their gift box!


When you adopt your 10th, 15, 20th, or any fifth pet after that, you will find the Superbed Gift Box inside your pet’s gift box, which will let you pick any one of our sensational Superbeds!


Here’s a look at all of our current Superbeds that you’ll be able to choose from, starting at your 10th Webkinz Pet adoption!

202 Responses to Exclusive Item Showcase!

  1. MissKitty2u says:

    I just got my 7th webkinz and when I feed him he never got his gift. Plus, I noticed when I use my house maps my new rooms are spread apart.

  2. poppyprincess09 says:

    I didn’t get one at all with my new pet

  3. creek4kids says:

    PLEASE include all the retired superbeds and exclusive items; that would be so cool!

  4. aboomc says:

    Don’t you think that people who don’t have E store points should be able to buy pets at the W shop? Maybe you should consider changing some of your pets you can buy at the w shop to KinzCash. Please Consider.

    • Zelbunny says:

      yes please do that that was a good idea

    • shenandoah2012 says:

      I agree 100% — I don’t think GAnz (and those willing to PAY for virtual pets or items) understand that we are earning Kinzcash and OUGHT to be able to purchase pets and exclusive items with our Kinzcash…If you have been playing for years, like I have – I ant to use my Kinzcash to purchase exclusive items and pets…I don’t want to use my real dollars to purchase virtual items…it’s a waste of my hard earned dollars. Thanks for considering this request. Look forward to a response on this forum.

      • billings2004 says:

        But Webkinz does need money to stay open, continue designing items & pay their employees too. I think they should have a few more basic pets and definitely more room items available for Kinzcash but keep some for Estore points too.

        • noodle21 says:

          I agree completely

        • SaxPianoNerd says:

          But at the same time, Webkinz was able to survive and thrive one time without having any Deluxe memberships and pets on the estore. They survived off of their adorable plush animals. There are some Webkinz fans out here that would rather pay for the plush with the virtual animal than for just a virtual animal that you only get to meet on the screen. Perhaps, they should go back to their old ways, but it might be too late for that.

    • ginnylea says:

      I totally agree with aboomc.

    • creek4kids says:

      I agree. They can even be very expensive, like $10,000 Kinzcash, but it’s attainable after logging on enough and playing enough games, etc.

    • HeHe169 says:

      Yes, this gives buying visual pets a purpose unless you just have the plush or the code is too expensive.

    • noodle21 says:

      I think for virtual-only pets yes they should do some of this, maybe only some but still. Also you know what I think is ridiculous? Some of their virtual-only pets cost over 10,000 e-store points, which means that you would have to pay for the next largest pack of points which I believe is 20,000 costing $20. So basically you’re paying $20 for a pet that is ONLY virtual. That would be steep even for the plush pet included. I don’t remember how much the plush pets used to cost but I think that is pretty obscene. None of their virtual-only pets should cost any more than 10,000 e-store points in my opinion.

  5. CringyGreenDayFan says:


  6. perfect29_backup says:

    the running shoe racer, safe and sound mini locker, salt water aqua table, seaside palace sandcastle, and the schoolhouse desk are all under the wrong names.

  7. kittenloverz101223 says:

    here is what is different: No more of these beds: Stardust Dreams Bed, Railway Dreams Bed, Night at The Movies Bed, Lunar Moon Bed, Daredevil Bed, and I think Big Top Circus Bed. The only new bed is the Yacht one. And I think you can still get all of those prizes.

  8. maria_rdz says:

    love all the exclusive items and beds!

  9. Prettypikachu says:

    They should take out the Bubble Wrap Chair and add the 3 new exclusives, hahah!

  10. Crystal323 says:

    The translator translated wrong

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