Incomplete Items


Incomplete Items


These items are not fully working as they were. They may be missing functionality, may not be fully animated, or may not place properly in the room. With each batch of fixes, we will update this page so you can see when the items that you own are working 100%.


***Update: April 6, 2017***


All items are now visible. Any of the previously-missing items that still require additional fixes have been moved to this list


Number of Webkinz items TOTAL:  19,526

Number of broken items TOTAL:      238

Percentage of items broken:        0.012%



  1. 2013 Jack O’Lantern
  2. 2014 Jack O’Lantern
  3. Adventure Park Poster
  4. Alps Gondola Ride
  5. Amazing Treasure Chest
  6. Artist’s Bookshelf
  7. Artist’s Desk
  8. Atomic Armchair
  9. Autograph Signing Station
  10. Autumn Tree Slide
  11. Backyard Buckeye Tree
  12. Backyard Dig Site
  13. Bake Kitchen Oven
  14. Ballerina Bed
  15. Ballerina Toy Box
  16. Ballet Study Desk
  17. Balloon Blower
  18. Barrel Hot Tub
  19. Barrel Of Berries Fridge
  20. Beauty Class Vanity
  21. Beehive Hat
  22. Berry Farm Scarecrow
  23. Big City Barrier
  24. Birthday Fling Swing
  25. Black and Gold Guitar Chair
  26. Black and Gold Snare Side Table
  27. Black and White Cat Paperweight
  28. Blooming Dandelion
  29. Blue Avenue Vanity
  30. Blue Hanging Ornament Chair
  31. Blue Moon Lagoon
  32. Blustery Day Vanity
  33. Bouncy Banana Bed
  34. Breaking Newz Jigsaw Puzzle
  35. Brilliant Bubble Geyser
  36. Build-a-Haunted-Castle Pumpkin Launcher
  37. Burrowing Cliffside Slide
  38. Butter Churn Dispenser (broken dispenser)
  39. Cake Balloon
  40. Campfire
  41. CampKinz Pool
  42. CandyKinz Clock Tower
  43. Canoe Rack
  44. Captured Criminal Chamber
  45. Celestial S’more Campsite
  46. Charm Forest Window
  47. Chic Black Couch
  48. Classic Wooden Clock
  49. Cloud Guardian Plush Toy
  50. Cloud Machine
  51. Colorful Menorah
  52. Colossal Movie Screen
  53. Cone Run
  54. Conservatory Pond
  55. Cottage Life Dock
  56. Cozy Country Bed
  57. Cucumber Clock
  58. Dance Fever Dragon Statue
  59. Daring High Dive
  60. Daring High Dive Kit
  61. Decorate Your Festive Fireplace
  62. Deep Sea Driving Submarine
  63. Desert Drive In
  64. Designer Catwalk
  65. Dog Bone Fountain
  66. Doggie Diving Pool
  67. Down with the Ship Cello
  68. Downtown Movie Screen
  69. Dragon Adventure Rollercoaster
  70. Dreadful Drop Ride
  71. Egg Holder Loveseat
  72. Elephant Costume Shirt
  73. Enchanted Loch
  74. Enchanting Winter Tower
  75. Fall Leaf Patio Table
  76. Festive Fountain
  77. Fine Dining Table
  78. Fire Queen Robes
  79. Flying Pet Circus Cannon
  80. Football Sofa
  81. Football Television
  82. Framed Adventure Park Map
  83. Framed Fiery Dragon Scale
  84. Frosty Snow Making Machine
  85. Funky Moves Music Player
  86. Gem Carved Slide
  87. Gingerbread Bench
  88. Golden Menorah
  89. Goober’s Bunsen Burner
  90. Good vs Bad Fairy Fountain
  91. Gum Fall Slide
  92. Haunted Hickory Tree
  93. Haunted Toilet
  94. Hippo on a Half Shell Painting
  95. Horrifying Halloween Flooring
  96. Hovering Menorah
  97. Howling Ridge
  98. Imperial Urn
  99. Inflatable Pool Toy
  100. Inground Lap Pool
  101. Judge’s Choice Comedy Stage
  102. Jumbleberry Tractor
  103. Jungle Playpen Chair
  104. Landing Mat Trampoline
  105. Lemonade Stand
  106. Leprechaun Cloverfield
  107. Lightning Lagoon
  108. Lily Pad Trampoline
  109. Log Lodge Pool
  110. Lots of Chocolate Booth
  111. Lounging Pool
  112. Love Bird Lake
  113. Lovely Iridescent Vanity
  114. Low Circus Bleachers
  115. Lucky Lilac Tree
  116. Magical Feast Dining Table
  117. Map of Kinzville
  118. Marine Adventures Desk
  119. Mausoleum Television
  120. Mega Stove
  121. Mermaid floppy plush toy
  122. Midnight Magnolia
  123. Millie’s Sandbox
  124. Modern Lamp
  125. Modern Menorah
  126. Modern Salon Reception Desk
  127. Modern Salon Side Table
  128. Mole Troll Plush Toy
  129. Moon Lamp
  130. Mosh Ball Pit
  131. Mountain Mine Cart Ride
  132. Movie Slate
  133. Movie Theater Row Seating
  134. Mysterious Marsh
  135. Mysterious Mirror Dresser
  136. Mysterious Pool
  137. Nakamas Toy Box
  138. Neo Gothic Piano
  139. Night & Day Bed
  140. Night and Day Wallpaper
  141. Nightmare Stairs
  142. Nursery Reading Nook
  143. Oak Paneled Pool
  144. On the Farm Alarm Clock
  145. Orchestra Pit
  146. Palatial Platform
  147. Party Palm Tree
  148. Paw Print Diving Pool
  149. Peaceful Park Bridge
  150. Pearls of Wisdom
  151. Pine Cone Cottage
  152. Pioneer Bucket Tub
  153. Playful Pond
  154. Playful Pot of Gold
  155. Playful Pup Bed
  156. Playland Ball Pool
  157. Posh Penthouse Wallpaper
  158. Premium Organic Juicer
  159. Prize Klaw Machine
  160. Punk Stunt Stage
  161. Puppy Patrol Command Station
  162. Purple Christmas Tree
  163. Rainbow Slide
  164. Rainbow Spiderweb Trampoline
  165. Refreshing Oasis
  166. Rockerz Fireworks
  167. Rocket Drop Ride
  168. Romeo and Juliet Balcony Tower
  169. Rubber Ducky Ride
  170. Sailing Dock
  171. Sand Dune Sandbox
  172. Sandy Beach Pool
  173. Santakinz’ Workshop Wide Window
  174. Santakinz’ Workshop Window
  175. School Whiteboard
  176. Scramble Trophy
  177. Secluded Garden Sundial
  178. Secluded Garden Tree
  179. Secluded Swing
  180. Series 1 Figure Display Case
  181. Series 2 Figure Display Case
  182. Set and Rinse Shampoo Chair
  183. Shining Silver Menorah
  184. Shopaholic Mall Info Desk
  185. Silver Menorah
  186. Singing Snowmen
  187. Sketched Webkinz Window (too low)
  188. Sleeping Dragon Plush Toy
  189. Sleepover Movie Machine
  190. Sly Slide
  191. Solar Powered TV
  192. Sonic Sound Waves Set
  193. Space Runner Treadmill
  194. Space Viewing Screen
  195. Splash Puddle
  196. Spooky Roller Coaster
  197. Spring Flower Curtains
  198. Spring Melody Harp
  199. Spring Weather Hat
  200. Stadium Speakers
  201. Stained Glass Window (too low)
  202. Summer Sensation Sun
  203. Summer Sumac Tree
  204. Super Deluxe Rollercoaster
  205. Super Slime Pit
  206. Tea for Two Table
  207. The Amazing Escape!
  208. The Astounding Transported Pet
  209. Time Machine
  210. Time Warp Clock
  211. Toadstool Grill
  212. Treetop Lamp
  213. Treetop Winding Waterslide
  214. Trendy Baby Bonnet
  215. Tricky Magical Blackboard
  216. Tyrannical Rex Bouncy Castle
  217. Vanity Laboratory
  218. Victorian Garden Fencing
  219. Wacky Tower of Kinzville
  220. Warped Grandfather Clock
  221. Watermelon Tree (not dispensing food)
  222. Webkinz Day Countdown
  223. Webkinz Frankenstein Movie Poster
  224. Webkinz Mummy Movie Poster
  225. Webkinz Pull Out Couch
  226. Webkinz Theme Music Box
  227. Webkinz Vampire Movie Poster
  228. Webkinz World Widescreen
  229. Weightlifter’s Station
  230. Whimsical Wonderland Flooring (alignment issue)
  231. Wild West Ranch Sign
  232. Wildflower Gazebo
  233. Wildflower Pond
  234. Wonderful Winged Window
  235. Wondrous Waterslide
  236. Wooden Grandfather Clock
  237. Yeti Mountain Window
  238. Zum Scope




274 Responses to Incomplete Items

  1. magikal says:

    Can someone please check on the Mission Control Center that comes with the squirrel monkey challenge? The pet sits on the chair backwards and the screen doesn’t work but it isn’t on this list. Thanks!

  2. HardyBM28 says:

    Hi, My white water rafting isnt working

  3. J92016 says:

    Hi Webkinz,
    Will you PLEASE fix the Sonic Sound Waves Set?? I bought it so my pet could listen to music…only to find that it won’t make a sound!! :( In the W-shop it says that it plays music! Please fix this! Thanks!!

  4. Meowme19485 says:

    Can you fix the photo booth from the e store. Pet can sit in it but no pictures come out. Thanks..since i spent real money would love to have it work:)

  5. goldie9007 says:

    I have the purple floral fox’s item in my room and it’s glitches :( the flowers keep blinking, even though I used to be able to turn them on and off. Hope that is fixed soon!

  6. AJackson5 says:

    Hello :) Just wanted to share the three items that are still giving me issues. Hope this helps: Kinzville Large Snowy Fir Tree, Haunted Toilet, Tricky Magical Blackboard, and Blooming Dandelion.

  7. katiekinz86 says:

    Wanted to mention that the long vacation cupcake has been invisible/ blank in my dock on all my accounts for a very long time. Thank you for fixing items! : )

  8. magikal says:

    Tricky magical blackboard is still invisible in my room.

  9. jeanenehea says:

    I will mention the Time Machine, although it is already on the list. It is broken — you cannot sit in it, you cannot make it shake. Animation is totally broken.

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