Missing Items


Missing Items


The following list of items are currently appearing in the room as grey boxes as their proper images are not available. Please know that your items are fine within Webkinz World and their images will be fixed. We will be aggressively making these fixes will be making regular updates over the next few weeks to solve all of these issues. Please return regularly to see which items have been fixed.



***UPDATE: April 6, 2017***


All items are now visible. Any items still required to be fixed have been moved to the Incomplete Item List.



139 Responses to Missing Items

  1. ashcabob16 says:

    I have had a couple of pieces of furniture like my counters and stove disappear in webkinz yesterday and today and it took me a very long time to get the money to buy them. Please help.

  2. straity1 says:

    The item just sent was very expensive

  3. straity1 says:

    Wacky House of Wacky does not appear on your two lists

  4. straity1 says:

    White Water Rafting does not appear on your lists

  5. joer51 says:

    When will these things get fixed? Ive been waiting for what seems like a year now and its so frustrating and very unprofessional. It seems that Webkinz should have fixed these things so that people want to play Webkinz. Also to be honest it kind of ruins the game when furniture is glitching/missing for me at least, the best part of webkinz is designing the houses. When a big thing is missing in the middle of your room and you can’t place stuff on it and you can’t pick it up, it makes designing no fun and pointless. Please fix Webkinz!

    • princessspocahontas says:

      Agreed, I’m sure they’re working hard, but I’m starting to think my items aren’t going to be fixed, which is really unfortunate. I wish they would keep us a little more updated. Hope your items return soon. ♡

  6. macmackie says:

    My signature red fox’s slide and a wooden clock pictures don’t show up when I place them but they have grey boxes where they are. Is there any way to fix this problem?

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