Quizzy's IQ
Just how smart is Quizzy?

Quizzy is one genius of a game show host! He knows all the answers to every quiz show question! In fact, his Intelligence Quotient — IQ, for short — is a whopping 145 points! Smarter than your average bear; most humans don’t even compare. The average adult human has an IQ of 100 points. IQ scores are determined by taking a special test that challenges your knowledge in subjects like math and language. Some people say IQ tests don’t test for all kinds of intelligence, like creative or emotional intelligence. However, Quizzy has the brains in everything from animal facts to creativity smarts. That puts him at the top of his class! As a kid, Quizzy would go to the library every day after school and spend hours reading and doing his homework. No wonder he’s a genius!