Zingoz or Zangoz?
Webkinz World is growing, and with it comes so many wacky new creatures. First things first\, what’s the difference between a Zingoz and a Zangoz?

Zingoz and Zangoz are adventurous characters that appear in games such as Wacky’s Bullseye Batter and Zacky’s Quest. But what exactly are these small, colorful creatures? Well, they are both originally from the Oz species and are unlike any other animal in Webkinz World. The main difference between them are their size and color. Zingoz are small with a pear-shaped head, while Zangoz are bigger, burlier, and a little goofy looking. Don’t let their odd expressions fool you though, Zangoz are smart creatures when they put their minds to it. Zingoz are also typically more cheerful, with a bubbly personality and a big smile that can’t be whipped from off their faces! They are usually yellow or blue, while Zangoz pretty much always seem to be the color orange.