Baby Showcase #75

Happy Thursday! Another week has gone by — they’re just flying by!

First up is this very cute piggie baby, which looks like a ballerina! The combination of the husky head pattern and the spaniel back pattern make this baby look like it’s wearing a leotard. The cute orange feet coordinate well with the little rainbow tail, and this baby has the most spectacular eyes.

Now this is a BLUE cat! I love the stripes and back patch on this baby, and the white tipped tail, feet and ears. The purple eyes are just darling with those flared eye patches. The blue rose pet patch from the Yorkie is the perfect accessory for this beautiful baby.

I love the deep purple zebra stripes on this mostly pink pet — the blue nose and feet are cute, as well, and this pet positively sparkles! The big bright star on the back stands out nicely, as well.

This autumn colored panda has the same bright star pet patch and a pretty swatch of color across the back. The soft silver eyes coordinate beautifully with the shiny blue ears and toes. So pretty!

I love these colorful gorillas. This one would have been perfect last month, with that bold red color and the bright pink tiger stripes on the back. The rainbow flairs on the legs also add a pop of color (and more pink!) and the tulip pet patch from a bunny is the icing on the top.

This is a unicorn with a surprise! From the front, standard toothpaste pet, though with gorgeous green eyes– but the back? A lovely rainbow, pretty pink and yellow hair and a cute lily pad pet patch. I would hate to cover that up!

This fun kitty has spring fawn and disco rhino traits! The horns are from the fawn of course, but the eyes and pet patch are courtesy of a disco rhino. It’s a cute combination and the non-standard back pattern makes this a very cute, very unique orange kitty!

On the flipside, this rhino has some wonderful tabby stripes to add some cool teal everywhere! The eyes are just beautiful and both the face patch and the rainbow flair on the legs adds a bit of purple brilliance! The horn has a subtle orange coloring, while the ears match the teal. A very pretty rhino!

Ending on a lime and blue bunny! The normally solid blue back gets bold stripes of green because of the zebra stripes and that bold red tulip is gorgeous. The front has subtler coloration, but this baby has beautiful bright pink eyes and feet and a bit of purple chest flair. Very colorful!

That’s it for this week. We’re thinking of having a St. Patrick’s Day spark party next Friday. While I don’t have my babies ready for another jackalope attempt, I do have at least one froggie and plenty of the limited edition pets — maybe I’ll get some fun green pets to celebrate the day! Are you plannng on sparking on St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Is playing webkinz Next fun? Would I have to pay real money for babies?

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