Room Design Awards – Meet the Finalists!



Over the past few months, I have received hundreds of room design submissions. Probably the most I have ever received since starting this series of posts. Thank you so much for sending them in! If you haven’t seen yours appear in a post, don’t worry… There is still a huge backlog, and we will be continuing this series following the Room Design Awards.


Congratulations to the following 20 finalists! It was obviously extremely difficult to pick 20 from all the designs I’ve posted since the last Room Design Awards, but I tried to choose players who have never won before in the past.


Please look over each room design carefully. You’ll be able to vote for your favorites from Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 20:



I honestly believe that all 20 finalists deserve to win a trophy, but only 10 Room Design Trophies will be awarded this time around. Here’s how the winners will be chosen:


  • 5 winners will be decided by a vote, right here on Webkinz Newz. From Friday, September 18 – Sunday, September 20 (ending @ midnight, EST), players can vote for their top 3 favorite designs and the 5 designers who receive the most votes will be awarded a Room Design Trophy.

  • 4 winners will be chosen by the Webkinz Newz Team. Sally, Mandy, Steve and I will each choose our favorite room design and the designers will be awarded a Room Design Trophy

  • The 10th winner will be chosen by the Webkinz staff


Congratulations finalists… and good luck!


Do you know who you’ll be voting for? Let us know in the comment section below…


59 Responses to Room Design Awards – Meet the Finalists!

  1. iPuppy says:

    Kiss the Girl is my favorite, but the Failed Health Inspection is right up there too. Great designs everyone and thanks for sharing!!

  2. ImADogWhoLovesFish says:

    Too many runners-up!! I had to go with Clucky’s because it was just kind of too perfect overall, but I also had to really look at:
    Modern Office
    Aquatic Center
    Pinky’s Apt (I like the flamingo corner, hehee)
    General Store
    Mellow Yellow
    Kiss the Girl
    Book Bar
    Birthday Party
    Country Road

  3. mglitter3 says:

    Where can we vote? So many good ones to choose from!

  4. nanamama12 says:

    The only one I’m positive about is the Failed Health Inspection. That one is a winner on so many levels!

  5. gospottgo says:

    Thank you to all of the people who had such kind words for our Venice Italy room! And thank you so much to all of my Webkinz friends who have helped us find specific items for our rooms! Much appreciated! :)

  6. chDart0070 says:

    yay! Thank you so much!

  7. surorge4 says:

    I love the failed health inspection – that made me laugh! They’re all really great rooms though, I especially like Robin Hood, Kiss the Girl and Venice Italy. This will be another tough to choose which to vote for. Congratulations to all the finalists, and good luck!

  8. Ajoy65 says:

    Congratulations to all the finalists! I especially love Kiss the Girl, Country Road & Mellow Yellow. It will be hard to just pick one. I did notice that General Store design is very lucky to be picked as a finalist as that design won in the General Store contest design. It is a very nice design too. Good luck everyone. Ajoy65 :)

  9. Morninglight says:

    Venice Italy

  10. Elenios says:

    Wow, congratulations to all the finalists! You all deserve to be here! :) (It’s gonna be really hard to vote.. -which is a compliment to all of you.☺) Also, there’s a room with so many things I haven’t seen before (-not so surprising though, cause I’m still just a newbie), that I have to ask.. Dear Pinky 997, may I ask you where those gorgeous colorful pillows are? ❤ Also, the pink chairs, the pink and blue pouffes (/footstools?), the turquoise lamps, the standing flamingo, the little carpets, the pink pillow, the flowers and plants (I only know the orchid) and, also, the flooring? :D Sorry for asking about so many things, but I’ve never seen them before and they’re just soo beautiful!! ☺❤ I also wanted to ask Pransser about the plants and that beautiful round table and the tea setting on it!❤ They’re all so very neat and cute! :) (And if the ‘designers’ happen not to read this, I’d be grateful to anyone who knows where these things are from!☺❤) Thanks in advance for your reply and congrats again to Every single finalist!☺★ Cheers! Elenios ༺♥༻

    • huggablehoneys4ever says:

      Hi! The pillows are a rare item from the persian theme. The pink chairs are from glam boutique which is the theme you get from entering webkinz lip gloss/perfume codes. The pillow was a prize here on WKN. Pink/white/blue flowers were from a flower collection event, the palm trees are from growing seed mystery boxes. The small rug is another rare from the persian theme and the bigger rugs were from mystery bags. The pouffs, lamps, flamingo, and flooring are from the estore

      • huggablehoneys4ever says:

        actually the blue lamps are PSI not estore whoops

        • Elenios says:

          Dear huggablehoneys4ever! Thank you so much for the detailed reply; I really appreciate your spending time to write down all of these things I was inquiring about! :) ❤ Well, I guess I won’t really (/probably ever) get any of these beautiful things.. :( It sounds like someone has to be quite an old player to have had the chance to acquire most of these gorgeous items (and I’ve only been playing for a couple of months) and, with others, well… I don’t have money=eStore points to spend on those things.. :( If I’m lucky I may run into a persian item in the Curio shop, but I don’t see much chance of that either, cause I’ve only seen one persian item since I’ve been playing and that was only a couple of days ago too, although I always check the Curio every hour while I’m playing (not even mentioning that rare items are Very expensive and I simply don’t have the kinzcash to afford them).. :( Oh well.. It is what it is.. :) (A couple of months ago I didn’t even know Webkinz existed -now I wish I’d been playing from the beginning, hehe. ☺) Anyways, thank you so much again for your reply, I’m really grateful you took the time to answer everything! ☺❤ Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in WK world! :) Elenios ༺♥༻

          • nanamama12 says:

            Just be patient with yourself. You never know when one of the old items will turn up as a wheel or challenge prize. It does take time to earn the kinzcash and seeing as you are a newer player it will take time. Not to mention, even if you don’t get any of the older items, they have new items all of the time and they keep getting better and better. We also have very generous community members! I have been blessed many times by them.

          • Elenios says:

            Dear nanamama12! Thank you so much for your reply and kind words! :)❤ I know it takes patience and, also, that there are new items all the time, but I feel like I’ll never be able to get these old, gorgeous things, simply because I wasn’t around when they were still available and some will probably never show up at the Curio shop.. :( I know it sounds exaggerated, but I really mean it; it just breaks my heart looking at these beautiful things and knowing that I’ll probably never have them.. :( Even though you’re absolutely right: there are so many amazingly kind and generous people here -some of these angels have helped me out a couple of times too and with such incredible generosity that I was always so shocked (in the best sense) and kinda abashed by it (knowing that I couldn’t repay the favour in a ‘fitting manner’)..❤ There was an amazingly kind fairy godmother here (that’s how I think of her anyway☺❤) who, when read how much I fell in love with the Boho theme, sent me Many items of the theme which I could’ve never afforded myself, and just recently, out of the blue, some Persian items which I was absolutely astounded by, given that I only discovered the Persian theme a couple of days prior to that and totally fell in love with it, so it was kinda like she read my mind (-so Mamabear.. if you read this: You are absolutely the Best -and apparently a telepath too :D❤).. There was also another incredibly kind angel who sent me some very expensive items, so that I could sell them and buy 2-3 new rooms and some items that I’d been longing for forever, but couldn’t afford (Clo… if you happen to read this: I still can’t express how grateful I am for your kindness and generosity!☺❤ You made me feel like it was Christmas…★❤), but I made a very foolish mistake: being new I read a lot of things about the game and I read about ‘rare items’ and how special they are and that how they are the best way/things to trade for other items which aren’t available anymore.. So I went ahead and basically spent all my money on Medieval, Baseball, Ancient, Palace Princess etc. things, having read how rare and special they were.. -Well I did so before ever going to a trading room and… as it turns out: Nobody wants them.. :(( So now I’m left with a bunch of Very expensive rare items many of which I don’t even really like myself, but I know many people do (and quite understandably, cause they’re really nice, just not my style so much), but the old players who have ‘old things’ to trade all seem to have them, so nobody wants any of them.. :( I feel so silly now.. Well, that’s just another disadvantage of being new: you don’t know these things and I had to learn the hard way.. :( Anyways, I don’t mean to moan here, I just wanted to explain why I feel like it’s so hard to get these items.. Anyways, thanks again for your encouraging words and I hope your ‘prediction’ will come true and these things will turn up somewhere along the way!☺❤ Till then, have a wonderful day and I hope to see you in WK wold! :) Elenios ༺♥༻

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