Sneak Peek: Cheer Pup

Are you ready to cheer? The Cheer Pup sure is! They love to encourage their favorite team with their personal Confetti Launcher, sure to rev up the crowd! And when it’s halftime and they’re ready for a mid-game meal, of course they’ll jump for joy when they taste a delicious serving of Rah Rah Ravioli!

65 Responses to Sneak Peek: Cheer Pup

  1. IDreamOfHorses says:

    the psi reminds me of pinkie pie and her party cannon

  2. CheekyCat says:

    I don’t understand why people want a Hip Hop/Football puppy instead of this. I’m not even a girl and I LOVE IT!

  3. CheekyCat says:

    Very cute, but can you make some puppies in the original style? A lot of people I’ve seen seem to like those ones better than the new version. Also they are complaining about them being more stuffed than early ones and are hard to play with. Please think of doing this in the future! Thanks.

  4. noodle_111 says:

    Whoa, I really want this one! Although my hands are already full with 4 pets to take care of. But I’ll get this. Just like I saw the sneak peek for the gingerbread puppy and got it :D

  5. ribbonyorkielover says:

    my little sister is going crazy over the dog! She needs this so she can STOP bothering me!

  6. jpnevaeh says:

    I would buy it but it should be hip hop dancing

  7. Mochagarden5 says:

    It’s so adorable! 3 cheers for the Cheer Pup!

  8. Iluvsticker says:

    SOOOO CUTE! I am DEFINATLY getting this pet! It’s so cute! Also LOVE the gift box.

  9. DogLovr88 says:

    This is so cute! I may not be a girly girl, but this pup is 4 me! I want her! I especially like the food! luv her! great job, ganz!

  10. snowyalicee says:

    Aw! I really want that dog! (And the prizes that come with it)

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