Special Report With Michael Webkinz!


Hey guys, Michael Webkinz here with a special report! Daisy is tweaking her menu on June 6th by adding 2 new dishes to her diner. Your pets will love the Salted Soybeans and the Organic Ice Pop, the perfect pairing of salty and sweetness!


Chef Doe will also be retiring the Avocadoe Ice Cream to make room for the two new items. So, head to Daisy’s Diner before June 6th for the chance to grab some Avocadoe Ice Cream before it’s gone for good:



Starting on the 6th, you’ll also have the chance to solve a brand new secret recipe! Combine 3 foods from Daisy’s Diner on a stove, blender or sandwich maker to try and make a Savory Fruit Sundae… delicious!



Visit Daisy’s Diner in the Clubhouse and click on Daisy for a tasty dish every day… on the house!



Do you think you know how to make a Savory Fruit Sundae? Let us know by leaving a comment below…


This has been Michael Webkinz reporting for Webkinz Newz!


46 Responses to Special Report With Michael Webkinz!

  1. morelikeautumn says:

    Savory Fruit Sundae.. Let’s see! It must have the Organic Orange Juice and/or Apple Juice! Perhaps the Fresh Fruit Cup with the combination of two ice creams… just brainstorming here- I cannot wait to try to figure this recipe out! Stocking up on all of my Daisy Doe food right now!

  2. Resonatingthunder says:

    Ohh gosh, the savory fruit sundae and organic ice pop are making my mouth water.

  3. TropicalGirl says:

    Yay, I love Daisy’s Diner, and I’m excited for new menu items. They look yummy! Thank you for letting us know ahead of time what the retired food will be.

  4. CaroleF says:

    Hope my pets aren’t allergic to soybeans, because I sure am!! But they do look good.

  5. julieperkins says:

    Nice switch up’s Ganz, ty!

  6. Sugarcookie9 says:

    I’m guessing since its sorbet… sorbet is fruit, milk, a sweetener. So I’m guessing the recipe is organic ice pop, soy milk (from the salted soybeans) and fruit parfait. Instead of retiring the avocado ice cream could Mr. Moo sell it? Or could we make it with a new w shop food like avocados?

  7. megamom12 says:

    Say, Michael Webkinz, any updates on when the Rewards is shutting down? Right now I’m trying to save enough to get one more Webkinz News set then perhaps another choir robe and maybe another Hickory Clock.

  8. noelle147 says:

    Will the new recipe include the retired ice cream? I wouldn’t think so.

  9. ilovemoonie says:

    Heheh, I’m surprised Sally didn’t do this report. ;) Anyway, I’m not that big a fan of Daisy’s Diner, but I’ll still probably try to get these foods, anyway. That ice pop does look pretty good!

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