Stache Dach Contest

The Stache Dach is November’s Pet of the Month — enter our contest for a chance to win an Adoption Code for  a virtual Stache Dach!


Open to Webkinz World players residing in the USA and Canada (some exceptions apply).

Is Halloween your favorite time of year? What are your top 10 favorite Halloween costumes? Tell us your top 10 to be entered into a draw to win one of five virtual Stache Dach adoption codes (the Prize).

Limit of one entry per Webkinz Newz account.

Please use the contest entry form – do not leave the answers in the comments.

Note: Contest closes at 11:59 PM EST on October 31, 2017.

15 Responses to Stache Dach Contest

  1. snowflake751812 says:

    my favorite holloween costumes are little red ridding hood, a prom queen zombie, and a skeleton.

  2. BrowniesWithPie says:

    I am so excited for this event! Thank you for letting us try to win this!

  3. ramos4589 says:

    I am having bad luck with EVERTHING!!! GRRRRRRRR :(

  4. FoxesRule612 says:

    Lol! This pet is so funny! In German, “Dach” actually means “badger” so you’d actually be saying “Stache Badger”! XD Personally, I like the Cinnamon Dachshund a bit better, but this one is still pretty cute!

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      Wait, really? That’s pretty funny! XD I like the Cinnamon Dachshund better as well, but I’ll still be entering cause I like free pets and Dachahunds. ;P

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      My moms’ ancestors are German. XD

      • tinygma says:

        Goodness ok if yout Moms ancestors are German so are yours ;) . Sorry just being silly here but ASK and ASK grandparents find out ALL you can about family history. Turns out my Moms Mother Grandma Leona has royals in her line. We go back to King Henry the 8th . But not him . Instead our family owned a castle hunting lodge. This is where King Henry hunted and as they say, “HE SLEPT HERE.” Silly where familys are this is the 1400 ds. So very long ago. Were not fancy people but we are hard workers .

  5. Bedford says:

    Can anyone give me a hint to find the “stache dach’s PAN prize pool” for the treasure hunt?

  6. LuckyTheBeagle says:

    Cool! I probably won’t enter this contest though, because I have this pet already. Good luck to everyone entering this contest! :)

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