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We’ll be running surveys from August 4 until August 11th — check them out! Head over to the Pick N’ Win section!

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  1. VANDERHOEK1 says:

    umm… uhh…. i don’t if that’s good or bad i like surveys so…. what but isn’t that bad because you don’t really get to do them anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway i still don’t know if that’s good or bad i’m confused

  2. Webkinz User says:


  3. GirlieGirl says:

    25 Kinzcash just for your opinion! How cool is that? Anyway i have a room theme idea…..how about a Lord of the Rings room theme! It would be so cool. It could have the One Ring as an item and Isildor’s broken sword. All you Lord of the Rings fans out there know what i mean. They could also sell Lord of the Rings clothing to go with it. Reply if you agree.
    GirlieGirl signing out…..until next time

    • seaweed says:

      Lord of the rings is a book that I really want to read- I’ve already started reading a few pages of the hobbit :oops:
      until next time
      :mrgreen: SEAWEED :mrgreen

      • GirlieGirl says:

        Oh cool! I have read The Hobbit; its good. I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring (first book in that series) I’m almost and page 200! :) It’s a good book. The movie is good too.

  4. seaweed says:

    Yay! The surveys are back! I’ve been missing them!
    :mrgreen: SEAWEED :smile:

  5. Happi! says:

    I just took the survey! :D

    As Always,
    Happi! ;) :) :D

  6. aw28r2 says:

    What happened to all the quizzes? I haven’t seen any for awhile.

  7. imadreama‚ô• says:

    Nice! :) Will they give you kinzcash?

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