The Holstein Cow Plush: Don’t Miss It!



Don’t miss your chance to adopt a first edition Webkinz Holstein Cow while supplies last. Each first edition Webkinz plush toy is only available in limited quantities and we’ve already sold out of the Golden Retriever and the White Unicorn. The Holstein Cow is the next pet to sell out so make sure to purchase yours before there are none left!



Gift A Holstein for The Holidays!

Everyone wants a new pet for the holidays! And, how much fun would it be to receive a brand new Cow for Christmas? A Holstein for Hannukah? A new Bovine for your Boo. Anyway you spin it, it’s a terrific gift.


Each Webkinz Plush comes with two adoption codes: One for Webkinz Classic and one for Webkinz Next. That’s TWO pets for the price of one! And, with only a small quantity available, each plush pet becomes a special collectible and each digit pet stands out in the game.


Now’s your chance! Visit Ganz eStore to purchase your Webkinz Holstein Cow.


8 Responses to The Holstein Cow Plush: Don’t Miss It!

  1. Davids1lilpixie says:

    I do have the Next Cow and did adopt her on both Next and Classic. What I’d like to know is when the glitch is going to be fixed in Next? What glitch? Well, I have 2 pets on Next, my starter and Miss Moomoo I put on Next. I get 1 pet up at a time. However, I quickly discovered that whether or not I got up my original pet or Miss Moomoo and played exclusively with the one, when I go back to check on the still sleeping, its hunger is at absolute zero as if I gotten both them BOTH up and was playining with them both, simultaneously!! :( I’m really hoping that this particular glitch will be fixed. :(

  2. Beckinz8 says:

    For your “Boo”? XD You guys crack me up!

    • Beckinz8 says:

      The old Classic plushies used to be given out as prizes in Sunday School at our church. That’s how I got my clown fish and a family member got his hummingbird. The nurse at Elementary School had them in her office to comfort kids who weren’t feeling well and were scared. People could find the Classic plush at many local stores, and they made great affordable gifts/prizes/etc. I miss those days!

      • catloverdoglover says:

        Aw! That is amazing! For my Sunday School at our old Church they would hand out candy’s! The Lord bless you and keep you make His face shine upon and keep you safe! :)

      • megamom12 says:

        I miss going shopping for a new plush. One time I was out shopping with my daughter and got a call from a friend who also plays and she had found a store with the Whimsy Dragon that I wanted so much! I bought one for me but while my daughter wasn’t looking I got one for her as well! Those were the days man! They were at 2 places at the mall, the Hallmark stores…that’s where the same friend came across a darling Seahorse that a picked up that day…one day I came across a pile of Frogs at the Dollar Store and bought them to hand out to the really little kids for Halloween along with the Halloween code that year attached to it. That was fun!

  3. Itswebkinztime says:

    I’m so glad Webkinz posts when a plush pet is about to sell out. That makes me feel better that I won’t miss out on one that I haven’t gotten yet.

  4. frozenanna2 says:

    I bought this already. For whoever is wondering the ratings of the cow, I give this cow a 5 star. – This cow came with both codes, the pet looks just like it does on the picture, the eyes are kind of scratched, but not noticeable, and it was packaged very wonderfully. It was worth it to spend 30 dollars on this sweet little cow :) you guys should buy it.

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