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Who Will Be Named the Greatest Webkinz?

Greatest_Pet_Vote (1)

Greatest_Pet_Vote (1)

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34 Responses to Greatest_Pet_Vote (1)

  1. IDoNotHateThee says:

    I have the Spotted Turtle, so I vote for my pet, Poke. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, Poke! GGGGGGOOOOOOO Spotted Turtle!

  2. amazingsunflower27 says:

    The googles has my vote!

  3. heartlandblvd says:

    I love the cheeky cat

  4. IceDancer says:

    So my votes- Around the House: Gingerbread Pup, In the Wild: Snowy Owl, Fantasy vs. Reality: Pot Bellie Pig, and Fantastical: Googles (or) Baker Squirrel Monkey. -xskatergalx

  5. IceDancer says:

    So my votes for each category: Around the House: Gingerbread Pup

  6. GRACEEE04 says:

    Out of those, and out of all Webkinz, I love googles. He is made up, but looks a little like a goose or duck. He is cute and bowling pin shaped, making him simple and original. I love Googles!

  7. dmidnightr says:

    Ice Dragon, for sure.

  8. suzeedee9648 says:

    My first signature pet was the Panda. But all are great!

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