Coming Soon: Puggle Pup

The Puggle Pup will be available in September!

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  1. princessmurr says:

    I named mine Cambell :)))))

  2. princessmurr says:

    There is absolutely no one that can resist the faaace!

  3. montgomery2003 says:

    OMG I just got the puggle pup today Sep. 18th 2014 for my birthday! I dont know what to name him!

  4. pony1414 says:

    I have an idea of a Webkinz Angora Cat and there are very fluffy so they’re an ideal Webkinz, and an Victoria Crowned Pigeon which are vulnerable and come from Indonesia they look like Peacock as basic but if you know about pigeons you can tell its a pigeon too, and there is also a southern crowed pigeon and an western crowned pigeons which look pretty much the same and they can come with Crowned Exotic Berries, as PSF,

  5. demilovato820jdg724 says:


  6. 2364c says:

    make a webkinz newfoundland plz ganz plzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. mia8mia8 says:

    this is a good idea but a bit ugly

  8. pompomkitty43 says:

    Great idea of combining a puppy and a pug together Ganz!

  9. Mascoutah says:

    This Webkinz looks like a signature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. webkinzdiva2014 says:

    Thank u GANZ

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