Coming Soon: Sassy Skunk

The Sassy Skunk will be available in stores this December!

65 Responses to Coming Soon: Sassy Skunk

  1. spotychaloty says:

    adorable, i love the pink on it! its like it has its own personality!

  2. Nevie_Boo says:

    I don’t like skunks that much, but this skunk is pretty cute!

  3. CuteCats735 says:

    I like this one! The Pink Hair is cute, and The Tail is cute too. Adorable!

  4. sibbygirl says:

    So cute<3 I am so gonna have to ask for this little cutie this holiday!!

  5. taytaytiger says:

    OMG love the tail

  6. abeye7 says:

    I don’t know about the mohawk, but other than that, it’s pretty cute.

  7. taytaytiger says:

    Omg love her and the pink. Its my favorite color.

  8. csa831 says:

    Love it!!!!!!!

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