Missed the Sparkling Mosaic Tiles? eStore has more!

If you missed receiving the adorable Sparkling Mosaic Tiles free (June 14-20, 2019) for being a Sparkling Mouse owner or just want more of them, check out Ganz eStore or Webkinz W Shop for the Sparkling Mosaic Tiles Gift Box available for purchase. When dragged into your pet’s room from your dock, the gift box awards five Sparkling Mosaic Tiles!


You may find this item and more at eStore and Webkinz W Shop!


3 Responses to Missed the Sparkling Mosaic Tiles? eStore has more!

  1. powderedwater says:

    Sorry but I think it’s wrong to ask ppl to pay for something that was free. Free ought to stay free. Just give these away for another event at another time or put them on a Wheel some time.

  2. cool4WHILE says:

    Really like ganz and appreciate this.

  3. Alphaowlbear says:

    This is great! I chose not to buy the pet so I couldn’t get the free tiles but I’ve saved some Estore points to get a treat and I think this is it!

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