NEW Fan’s Choice item: Force Field Trampoline

As inspired BY YOU!
Force Field Trampoline!


This great glowing orb is also an awesome trampoline that will help keep your pet fit! Science has never looked so stylish!


Pair it with the matching Force Field Pouffe for a more stylish look!
What could be more comfortable than a seat cushioned by a force field? It’s one stylish seat your pet won’t be able to resist!


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8 Responses to NEW Fan’s Choice item: Force Field Trampoline

  1. WebkinzGirl04 says:

    That is SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. webkinzcupcakes2014 says:

    I clicked on this because I saw my pet jumping on it hehe

  3. dinosaurtracker13 says:

    This is so cool and futuristic looking! I love space-age themed items! Too bad I’m out of eStore points . . .

  4. geogal says:

    A little weird…but kind of neat.

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