NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Sand Castle Throne







New Wacky Webkinz World item available: Sand Castle Throne










Every sand castle needs a magnificent throne! It’s a sandy seat fit for a royal and matches the Sand Castle Sofa perfectly.

Pair the Sand Castle Throne with the new Sand Castle Wallpaper and Sand Castle Flooring. The extended flooring will look absolutely stunning in any large indoor room!


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12 Responses to NEW Wacky Webkinz World item: Sand Castle Throne

  1. gledenchild says:

    i want and love this theme so much love the beach

  2. Jenny17 says:

    It’s all estore items, even flooring

  3. CrazyCatCrib says:

    hey, Ganz! any chance we could win some of these things? esp. the wallpaper and indoor palm trees? great job on this theme! ;) :D

  4. Bubblepuppy061223 says:

    oh look there is the grumpy cat webkinz. does anyone notice that?

  5. geogal says:

    I really love this new theme set. Awesome.

  6. jkj1004 says:

    WOW I WANT THAT WALL PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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