See what’s inside the 2023 Summer Mystery Clothing Bag


Mystery Clothing Bags award two random clothing pieces, some not previously released!


Drag and drop your Mystery Clothing Bag from your Dock into your Pet’s room. Watch as it magically awards mystery clothing items to your dock!

Here’s some tradeable clothing pieces you may find in the 2023 Summer Mystery Clothing Bag:

Loyal Llama Hat,
Pajamas, Slippers

Water Skis

Stormy Hair Bow,
Dress, Sandals

Tropical Flower

Tropical Print
Swim Shorts, Sandals

Tropical Print
Headband Wig


The 2023 Summer Mystery Clothing Bag may be found in Ganz eStore as well as W-Shop in Webkinz World until August 31, 2023.


10 Responses to See what’s inside the 2023 Summer Mystery Clothing Bag

  1. slk says:

    I’ve always been happy with stockings, mystery bags etc but I just spent 6000 estore points on the legacy summer box only to receive something that’s 4500 estore points. C’mon, if the base price is more than the contents that’s not fair.

  2. kaitgomez says:

    What I would do to get those tropical print sandals!

  3. _xPho3nyxblade318x_ says:


  4. caseyspacey says:

    Found a code inside the Sleepy Sloth Box page at the Estore.

  5. mochidochi says:

    I like some of these, but I don’t think I’ll spend my few points on the chance to get them! Too risky!

  6. Strawberrykinz72 says:

    So cute! I love the Stormy Hair Bow, dress, shoes and the watermelon shade!

  7. Sooners77 says:

    Please update the “I Need This Item” in the Trading Forum. Thanks.

  8. pittiesrule says:

    I love all of the clothing & would get them if I could. Pittiesrule

  9. Flower88910 says:

    The headband wig is so cute!

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