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    Exclusive: Egyptian Window, Holographic Globe, Circus Ball Trampoline, Yellow Plasma Ball, and Moon Rover. Christmas: Reindeer Bobblehead, Candy Cane Couch, Santakinz Sleigh Ride Coaster Halloween: Scary Spector Wall Sticker, Jack O’ Lantern Wall Sticker, Webkinz Mummy Poster, Horrifying Halloween Walls/Floors, Creepy Cursed Chairs X3, Super Scary Stove, Green Ooze Puddle, Bone Chilling Fridge, Frightening Fireplace, Haunted House Table, Ghastly Graves X4. PSI: Artic Window (Polar Bear), Love Pond (Love Frog). Webkinz Newz: Cream Colored Toy Box, Love Topiary, Glowing Coffee Table, Wacky Hot Air Balloon, Friends of the Earth Trophy, Virgo Symbol Wall Decoration, Scorpio Symbol Decoration X2. This is all I have to trade as of this moment. I will post my wishlist shortly. I am looking for fair trades. Hopefully someone will like something. All trades will be through KP, you send first, i send after. I promise! Peace and let the trading memories begin.-Atom

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      Oh goodness, nobody posts here anymore and this is where I tried to communicate. If anyone looks here, sorry for my huge absence. My cooling fan broke in my computer, and I just got it fixed today. But I also got Deluxe today so that’s fun. Okay, I feel lonely , haha. I’ll see anyone around.. Okay bye.

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      Hi Gold!! I missed you so much!!!!!!!! I would like to tell you that the new forum to talk is at Lamb’s PSF Collection or Sweetcupcake’s What Signature Pet Are you! I hope to see you there! I don’t watch the Olympics but i see the world newz reports. How have you been? I have been great and thanks for your prayers. Webkinz Lover thanks for the trade! That was very generous of you and thanks DF for your present. Did I sent something back? I don’t remember. Did you get my present Webkinz Love? I don’t remember anymore. I sent something to Sweetcupcake, Lamb, JesusismyLord, Gold, and Mark and traded don’t remember what I still/don’t have anymore. I am planning on closing this forum soon so no ones feelings get hurt when they take it away. I almost cried when UNH2 disappeared! Why that one? Anyways can’t wait to show you all my rooms. Got new Promo to show you DF. You will be surpised of what I can find!! :) Now I am looking for clothing. Anyone know clothing recipes? I am going to be using WICMH but if you know any of the others not listed it would be great! Just so i don’t waste too much KC, only have 87,800 left. Also looking for Candy Corn Witch Hat/Shoes and rest of Egyptian Costume and stuff. Thanks for everything everyone! Phew sorry for long post!-Atom

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        I might sound ignorant here, but what is WICMH..?

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      Have any of you been watching the Olympics?

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        Ooh, I have been watching! I’ve been watching the ice skating and luge mostly, those are my favorites! Pretty cool.

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        Yes. I LOVE THE ICE SKATING. I loved the russia partner skating.

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        Did you need this months deluxe gift?

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      Hi WebkinzLove, I feel really terrible! Thanks for doing that for me. I am debating yes I will spill the newz. JesusismyLord, already gifted the cactus to me. I feel really really bad because you traded a fortune of your items for it. :( :( However, if you don’t mind, could I have it to use in Gold’s room. It would look nice in the rock room i am making for him. I can send you the next rare I get, what do you want?-Atom

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        Oh, don’t worry, it’s okay. I’ll send it to you, you don’t have to do anything in return. I mean if you want to, that’s alright. The only rares I’ve been looking for is the Bowling Alley or the Theater Screen but everyone is looking for those! If you want to send something, you can, I don’t mind. I’m happy with anything (:

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        Oh my goodness! You are so kind Atom. I love the Robo Handy Table. My friend has it and I’ve always been jealous of it (: Thanks so much! Also, I finally got to trade with you in the Trading Room. Usually when I accept the trade it says you don’t want to anymore. It happens to me all the time I don’t know why. Sorry I put out some boring items after the Jelly Cactus. It kind of helped me get those out of my dock XD But thanks so much, you’re a great friend. And I’m rambling okay I’m done LOL.

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          You are welcome Webkinz Love!! I got an extra from the trading room and I thought it would be a good trade for a regular exclusive. No one would give me a good offer so I picked you off my friend list to send to because you helped me get the stuff I want. I like trading with my friends better because we get to help each other out. Those weren’t boring items, I really wanted them. I am trying to get some stuff out of my dock too. Please tell me if you want more berries. Got to many LOL! You are a great friend too. SYOWW.-Atom

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      Atom I don’t know if you check here anymore but I found a Rainbow Jelly Cactus and I’m wondering if you still need it. I actually have two, but I’ve been attached to the first one, I’ve had it forever. But I found another Cactus, do you still need it? I really hope you do because I traded a lot for it..

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        Hi, Charactor, I am going to send you a few items, please don’t send me your items in return, I don’t need anything and would prefer you keep yours to trade or whatever. Please just send a note so I know you got them, TTYL. DF

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          Oh my goodness… Thank you so much dogfish! Wow… I’m like, in disbelief. Are you sure you don’t want something in return? I already gave Atom the Rainbow Jelly Cactus, but I have a couple PSI you probably have haha… Thank you so, so much. I’m sending a note right now (:I can’t thank you enough I’m so happy! :D

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            Hi, you are very welcome and no need to send me your PSIs, I will look for that other item you were needing, I have it somewhere, just need to find it. Anytime I send you items keep or trade, unless its something super special and for you only. LOL I think you like clothing, I can send some, please FR me at walkincloset. TTYL DF

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