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    These are my boys wishes: Clown Car, circus ball trampoline, or anything circus themed, moon rover, christmas hats and snowglobes. It’s not out yet, but the oldest would like the capricorn telescope. Their UN is redheadboys02. For myself I am looking for any foods from the WOW app, clubhouse parties or items that give you food. Also looking for a snowflake rug, caroling snowmen (estore promo), holiday zangoz gumball machine (estore promo). My little niece would like any cute, girly dresses or gemsters. If you can help my little niece, thank you, but you will have to send to me and I will send to her. Thanks for looking. If possible, leave a wishlist, so I have some ideas on what to send friends. ~MORHB~

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      Hi momofredheadboys! Would your niece like a fairy ball gown( the one from the kinzstyle outlet)? I have a few extras. LMK. Have a sweet and joyous day!~SC

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      I’m also looking for a few PSF’s: Gingerbread Puppy, Snowy Googles, Iceberg Bear, Red Squirrel, Grizzly Bear and Cinnamon Dachshund. ~MORHB~

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        Hi mom, I have a few of those. I am working on getting app foods, in bulk. LOL I sent an early gift to redheadboys, because I didn’t want you to buy and maybe end up with two. Hope the boys like it, Merry Christmas. Chloe

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          I so glad you did. That was one of the items they wanted most, and I was going to get it for them. Now I can work on getting them seating instead. Thanks a bunch. ~MORHB~

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      Hi mom, is the new circus room at redheadboys? I am also asking for wish list from bffs. Trying to get my “ducks” in a row. I have extra clown car circus trampoline and will send a special circus item to your sons account. I have the xmas rug for you and will and will pick a surprise item for your account. For your niece, any dresses or something specific? I am looking for the new Rosy Vintage Dress, I think it’s from WF. Other than that, anything for me is fine, it’s the thought that counts, always. TTYL DF

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        Hi Chloe. Yes, the circus room is on their new account. We only have the three items I listed above for the room now. I’m going to get them the walls and floor and a couple furniture pieces from estore next week. So anything will be appreciated. For the niece, she pretty much has the dresses she could buy, I sent her all the deluxe dresses you can buy in WW, and a couple of the deluxe dresses from the past few months. Don’t know if it will help, but her favorite colors are purple and lime green. She likes horses, cats and butterflies, lol. Unfortunately, we are not Facebook users, I don’t have much from WF, so I don’t even know what that dress looks like, lol. I will come up with something for you though. Like you said, it is the thought that counts. Have a great weekend! ~MORHB~

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        @ Chloe. Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Still trying to wake up and I think I forgot to thank you in the first message. TTYL ~MORHB~

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          Hi mom I am sending FR from my “closet” and my xmas account. FYI so you know it’s me. I found some purple dresses for your niece, PLMK if you have these already, so I can look for something else, they are both PSIs. TTYL C

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        Hi dogfish! Did you read my post to you on the ”calling fish puppy” forum by BonBonBakery? Please read it. :) Also please don’t mention what items you might be sending, because I don’t…well, I prefer not to say why. ;) Have a very sweet day!~SC

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          dogfish, it’s totally ok to say what you’re sending to mom of course. :) You can tell me what you’re sending me on BonBon’s forum,though. But not here. It says why on BonBon’s one. Have a sweet day!~SC

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            LOL cupcake, every person here rushed over to bon bon. ROFL FYI for all, I already sent mom the circus clown car and trampoline. Save you tokens. Also sent the ginger bread pup, and both bear PSFs. Just waiting for mom to accept the FR. When you have time mom, I know you are busy being a Mom. LOL C PS I’ll look for your stuff cup cake today, may have most.

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        Hey Mom! Don’t worry about the caroling snowmen anymore. Santa’s bag sure is getting full! LOL. I can’t wait for Christmas. Lamb

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      do they need the snow globe hat ? If so, I have multiple. (I’m PRETTY sure I have at least three, but I don’t know)

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        They would love a snowglobe hat, thanks for offering. Can you please send to my account? Same UN, but I think we are already friends. Thanks again. ~MORHB~

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      Hey Mom. I can send the wish machine items for free. Would you like me to add your boys account or send them to you? Also, I thought I already asked you this somewhere, but I guess not. Is there something specific I can get you for Christmas? I could probably do app food, LMK which ones you need. LT

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        Hey Mom. Do they need the Big Top Circus Super Bed if so let me know and I’ll send over that bed to Your account ,Okay Let me know and See you around W.W.

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          They would love the bed. Right now they have the Daredevil Bed, the high dive building kit, and the Big Top Go Cart. I am going to get them a couple estore items for the room too. Thanks for your help. Do you have a list posted, or will you make one? ~MORHB~

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            Hi mom.,I sent a friend request to your sons, I do have a list (somewhat) it is in a reply to Tyler(Lamb’s Trade List 4 look through my comments to find it) If you don’t have any of those I do need some clothes from the KinzStyle Outlet. Okay Let me know and See you around W.W.

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              @Mom. I sent over the Super Beds to your sons hope they get it and See you around W.W.

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        Yes, please send to their account. They like getting stuff from other friends instead of me all the time. You did ask, and I knew others were wondering too, so I just put it all into one post. Plus it helps me get some ideas for others. I have been super busy lately and it helps to be able to look here for friends lists too. App foods would be wonderful. I think I only have the hot sauce bottle. Thanks LT ~MORHB~

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          Ok mom. I will try to send those eventually, I will be gone during the weekend though. Sorry if I confused you with my post or anything just ignore it LOL. I will send a request when I can. LT

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        Hi LT. The apps foods I am still looking for are the birthday party sandwich, two chocolate chip milkshakes, hot dog, spicy dumplings, cream puff and pancakes (unless these last two are the same as in the wshop, they didn’t have a pic of these). Thanks. ~MORHB~

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