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    Boris’ Pickaxe
    Nafaria Plush
    Galactic View Screen
    Conch Shell
    Zangoz Chocolate Fountain
    Inflatable Palm Tree
    Below Decks Wallpaper
    Sweets and Treats Wallpaper
    Cave Down Arrow Sign
    Wacky Clay Sculpture
    Showman Snowman
    Classic Game Flooring
    Rocket Ship Flooring
    Kinzcash Side Table
    Victorian Garden Stone End Path
    Victorian Garden Stone Straight Path
    True Fan Soccer Wallpaper
    Bloomin’ Room Theme items
    Super Fan Theme Items
    Umbrella Hat
    Balloon Darts Zip Up Hoodie
    Charmed Mushroom Hat
    Purple Road Trip Hat
    Purple Road Trip Shirt
    Dark Shades
    Googly Goggles
    Despicably Blue Jeans
    Unicycle Helmet
    Sensational Summer Shades
    Fred Rovers Blazer
    Tropical Board Shorts
    Purple Flip Flops
    Island Shirt
    Undersea Dress
    Bright Vest and Shirt
    Charm Fairy Leggings
    Rocky Candy
    Fools Gold Chocolate
    Rocky Road Ice Cream
    Nafaria Cookie
    Summer Cupcake
    Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone
    Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cone
    Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cone
    Giant Tub of Popcorn
    Summer Fun House Party Pack
    Beach Party Room Pack
    If we are not friends already, please leave your WW UN if it is different than here.

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      Hey mom, Do you happen to have any of the (retired) Wshop theme/Winter? I need the wallpaper and flooring plmk I will trade with you. :) Gracie

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      Hi MOM, I could take a few items off your hands! :) Victorian straight path(s); inflatable palm(s); fools gold chocolate? Fred Rover’s jacket? Thank-you. I see you mentioned Superfan theme; would you have a hot tub, or know who might? Thanks, MOM. – Charlestonian

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        I hope I wasn’t supposed to send to your new account because I sent the stuff to your other account. Let me know if you want the items for your new account too. ~mom~

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      Hi mom. If the rock candy hasn’t been claimed yet, I’d like it. Just a reminder, my UN is pookiejosephine. We are already friends. If not, no worries. Thank you!

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      this is really kind of you! may i have the Boris’ Pickaxe, Superfan Wallpaper and Flooring, please? my un is ancharlina

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      i would like to have the Undersea dress. My UN is angelgirldog7 ~Texas Girl

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