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    Hey, i’m back! Haven’t been on here in a long time. Anyway, I was at a collector’s store and I found a signature red wolf with a code and I need names for it! It’s a boy and I would like unique names. Please no Dakota or Sage because I have a couple of pets named that. Thanks! :) From Sage the Grey Wolf and Dakota Signature Timber Wolf. AND ECLIPSE!

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      I named mine Catahoula, because the Catahoula Leopard Dog decended from the Red Wolf. ~DogAgility101

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      How about Pepper? Or Zeus? or.. Flame? Canyon? Hmm… this is harder than I thought XD GL finding a perfect name! ~02012003

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      Canyon, Jacob, Ash, and Toby. I hope you like them!

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      Atlas, Etch, Kilimanjaro, Shad, Renado, Ganon, Canyon, Zant, and Achilles. Hope ya like ‘em!#SolveTheNeonTutu

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        I really like Atlas and Achilles. I’m debating between those two, I haven’t logged him on yet because our computer broke down and we won’t have it fixed until next week. :(

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      Leonardo. I love that name, so I thought you would like it too!

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