if I deleted my hcild account can I re open it?

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    I’m going to explain, we start collect the webkinz three years ago, at that time we were in Italy (due to military duty) and grandma was sending the webkinz over there so we are with the Italian clock. Now we are back definitely in USA but since the clock still show the Italian time is impossible to do the daily activities so if I’m going to delete the account after one week or one month can I open a new one with the same pets? We have 50 of them and he doesn’t want to loose them but like this is impossible to play. I don’t see why I can’t open an account with the same pets, I mean if I’m going to delete one account completely then they should not be in the memory no more and we should be able to re adopt them in the new account.

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      So keep the account and play with it, and open another account in the new time zone so you can get the items you want. Then use kinzpost to send them to the original account. There are many players who have multiple accounts in different time zones just to have better chances at getting certain items. ~MORHB~

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        How would you delete your account? I don’t want to- but I would not want to accidentally delete my account! This is the first time I have ever heard of that!

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      Thanks for your replays. I wrote to them 20 times already and the only answer I have is “one you set up the country that you keep that time” and I’m really upset with that. Sweetcupcake16 buono e felice anno a te. I really understand what you are talking about, in my web kinz world when here is 11 am my time say that is 5 pm (because is show the time that they have in Italy) and with 54 web kinz I really don’t want to loose them and open a new account. My son is really upset about that. Anyone using webkinz friends? We are new in that and don’t have friends, you can find me under “Bimba! :)” (without quotation marks, and without picture on the profile because I can’t figure out how to put the picture)

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      You should ask Ganz first, but I seriously doubt that if you delete a account that you will be able to get them back with the same codes. Since the adoption center says it has to be a unused code.

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      Sorry, but no, However, I would ask GANZ about this. They could possibly change the time zone, due to your situation. Actually, I would email podkinz about it. Or just the main link off of GANZ studios.

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        Hi ilary84! :D designergirl has a good idea. Maybe ganz can change your account’s time zone, but I’m not really sure. molly is right though, that you ( unfortunately ) can’t reopen an account with the used codes. :( Sorry about that. But I would suggest you contact Ganz and ask them about your time zone situation. ;) I think they really should make it where we can change time zones easily, especially for military families like you, and for people that travel and still want to play with their webkinz abroad. I also think that KT should match the time zone the player is in. For example, when I set my time zone to HI time when I made my account and logged in, kinz time was not the same as my time. KT was in eastern time, and still is. I don’t know why. I think they should change this, because every time an activity comes up, I always have to calculate what time it will happen in my time( for example, 4:00 PM KT is 11:00 AM my time ). And also, 4:00 PM KT should be at 4:00 PM my time because at 11:00 AM, school is in session. I don’t know if your account is like this too in your zone, but this should be changed. By the way, avere un nuovo molto felice e benedetto anno!!! :D~SC

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      you can not reopen the account with the same pet codes.

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