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    I made such a big deal with the signatures. When I said, “they are hard as a rock,” I was trying to say that they are super stiff (in my opinion.) I am sorry for EVERYTHING I said. Please forgive me I am really sorry. D;

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      Hi Snow, I updated my trade list. Could you please look again? TTYS-Atom

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      That is so sweet, um 1. Supplies 2. I really need help doing fast food, and help with mall credits. 3. To invite you over sometimes. 4. Coupons? I could really use coupons. It doesn’t matter what you send me. Gifts from friends are the best. Any help you could give with this or my wishlists would be fantastic. TTYS-Atom

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      Happy New Year Snow! Did you get roller coaster I sent? I was getting worried I sent it to the wrong account because I didn’t get a thank you. Check GG and reply back. I finished the challenge, You can send friend supply requests to me, I will always answer them back, Thanks for the supplies, I am working on my new snowman.-Atom

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        I got it. I also got the snowman from the challenge

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        I got it. I also got the snowman from the challenge like you

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          Awesome, congrats we both finished in day 1!!! I am almost done with my snowman on stage 3. Can’t wait for the rest of winterfest! Would it be ok if you got like 10 of something and I got 0, and I got 10 of something and you got 0, we exchange so we both have a couple of each. I hope some prizes aren’t just for free or just for deluxe like Spring Fest! -Atom

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            that would suck. Also I think I missed spring fest. I didn’t play on webkinz for a while.

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            also lets do the exchange thing. I haven’t really done my Snowman

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      Yo snowflake, are you EmiliaHH too? Just wondering, if so great. I hope you don’t mind, I sent Roller Coaster to GG account.-Atom

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