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    WEBKINZNEWZ – CLOTHING: Blue Baby Romper, Cloud Adventure Hoodie, Cloud Adventure Pants, Holly Jolly Sweater
    WEBKINZNEWZ – ITEMS: Bloomin’ Desk Lamp, Clover Patch (I need a few of these), Framed Adventure Park Map, Hay Bales Lamp, Happy Halloween Banner, Looney Round Rug, Shamrockin’ Guitar, Shamrockin’ Microphone, St. Patty’s Jukebox, Toy Electric Guitar, Winter Wonderland Mirror, Winter Wonderland Window, White Tiger Cub Plushy, Plush Besties
    2009: Figgy Pudding, Magic W White Socks, Rubber Ducky, Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies, Kinzville Gingerbread House
    2010: Gifts Galore Gingerbread Cookies, Mistletoe Mantel, Plumpy Holiday Plush, Holiday Flannel Pajamas Bottom, Holiday Tapestry,
    2011: PJ Collie Holiday Plush, Baked Alaska (Food)
    CLICK TO WIN AND CLUBHOUSE: Mermaid Bobble head, Catch the Leprechaun Pot of Gold, Lucky Leprechaun Coin Pond, Toy Lizard, Fancy Tuxedo Jacket, Enchanted Garden Cascading Fountain, Maple Leaf Sweater
    POTM: Deep Sea Driving Submarine, Kinzville Cuckoo Clock, Lurking Lagoon, Magic Genie Lamp, Newton’s Giant Cradle, Rainbow Shower, Stellar Star Blaster
    RARES – EGYPTIAN: Ancient Pyramid Lamp, Bejeweled Coffee Table, Elegant Egyptian Vanity, Exquisite Egyptian Obelisk, Grand Egyptian Column
    KOOKY SCIENTEST: Kooky walls and floors, Experiment Station 2, 3 and 4, Clock of the Future, Dream-o-Meter Bed, Incubation Chamber, Opus Sofa, Thoughtful Think Tank, Super-Secure Trapdoor Toy Box
    AZTEC : Terra Cotta Coffee Table, Turquoise Dining Chair, Stone Circle Flooring
    DELUXE CLOTHES: Elegant Victorian Gown, Hypnotic Glasses, Patriotic Top Hat, Puppy Patrol Shirt, Racing Jacket, Ringmaster’s Blazer, Ringmaster’s Top Hat, Samurai Helmet
    PROMO: Fancy Balcony, Playground Slide, Fairy Den Sofa, Fairy Den Toadstool Trampoline
    ADVENTURE PARK ITEMS: Celestial S’more Campsite, Confection Perfection Press, Crystal Treasure, Ethereal Throne
    MINI QUEST: Blooming Tree, Cave Potato Crockpot, Crocodile Lantern, Deep Water Doubloon Display, Grand Treasure Pile, Lightning Cake, Stratospheric Tea Pot, The Amazing Escape
    2006: Ghostly Urn, Spider’s Web Window
    2007: Creepy Bed, Giant Spider Dining Table, Witch’s Brew Stove
    2008: Crystal Advisor Ball, Mausoleum Television
    2009: Coffee Table Tomb, Gargoyle Desk, Gargoyle Sofa x2, Haunted Organ
    2010: Chilling Lanterns Lamp, Jack O’Chair x2, Jack-o-Side Table, Purple Pumpkin Dining Table, Purple Pumpkin Chair x4
    2011: Zombie Face Paint
    ENDANGERED SIG. EXCLUSIVES: Alluring Antique Lamppost, Clover Patched Couch, Hot Springs Mega Stove, Fresh Water Fountain, Frozen Dining Chair, Frozen Dining Table, Lovely Log Couch, Refreshing Oasis, Tranquil Television
    ROCKERZ BACKSTAGE PASS ITEMS: Crazy Crowd Sound Effect Machine, Groupie Face Stickers, Rock Stadium Flooring, Rock Stadium Wallpaper, Rockerz Electric Guitar, Souvenir Poster, Stage Light Lamp, Stadium Security Headset, Touring Trunk
    ROCKERZ VIP ITEMS: Base Case Closet, Fog Machine, High Heel Piano, Keyboard Raised Stage, Laser Light Show, Rising Platform, Rockin’ Diner Booth, Rockerz Fireworks, Rockin’ Diner Table, Stadium Sound Board, Stadium Speakers, VIP Tour Bus
    DELUXE ITEMS: Golden paths, deluxe tapestry, Wondrous Wall Chandelier
    WHEEL AND GAME PRIZES: Medieval Bear Tapestry, Balloon Dart Hat, Elf Patrol Goggles, Monkey & Monkey (Show) Poster
    So I made this wish list a little bit bigger with more items I needed. After it posts my trade list will come. LT

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      I have Aztec turquoise dining chair

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        Hi! I don’t need the Aztec dining chair but I need the two others. Is there anything on my list you are interested in? LambTyler

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      I have hot springs mega stove and robo handy table thingy

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      Hey LT, what are the stuff you still need?

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        Hey icecooler. I will be posting an updated wish list soon, and you can look at that. Lamb

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      Hi LT. Just wondering if you needed any of these items from your list still…blue baby romper, holly jolly sweater, plush besties, baked alaska, mermaid bobblehead, aztec theme items or balloon dart hat? LMK ~MORHB~

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        Hey mom. I still need the holly jolly sweater and plush besties, but I think I have everything else. I will look to see what Aztec I still need. LMK if there is something on my list you like, but just a fair warning, it’s pretty outdated so I might not have stuff you want. I will try to post a new ones sometime this week. Lamb

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          I was just looking for Christmas gift ideas. ~MORHB~

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            Aww thanks! I hope you like the Christmas gift I send you! I’m so excited!!! Lamb

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      LOL get ready for all of your food list to be coming your way- I just like to help where I can cuz I do not have so much to offer…..let everybody know your food is complete and make another list and let me know when it gets down to things you can’t find- my friends all have a lot of pets and are happy to share ok- I would tag that I have it all but you already have a tag- popular person that you are hehe hugs crissy

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        Wow Cutie! You work fast! LOL. Thanks so much! I will do new lists soon. Hugs! Lamb

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