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    guineapigirl2 wrote on 2012-09-24 at 06:26 PM

    I\’m looking for the Victorian dress,pretty prom dress,gold dress,silver dress,Amanda panda dress,all the party dress,neo gothic dress, and probably others

    hi i have the neo gothic and gold dress! what do u hav?
    (P.S. i’m only intrested in PSI)

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      I have the neo gothic dress..I was super interested in the estore ice fawn psi, but you said that you might not trade that. if it is for trade, I’ll add for it..LMK

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      anyone going to reply lol

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      here is my trade list for dress part 3 clothes:
      zodiac fire outfit
      blue floral dress
      bramble circlet
      charmed boots
      sparkle’s tiara
      charmed mushroom hat
      berry fresh swimsuit top
      tween queen outfit
      ruffle skirt
      lunar outfit except helmet[purple]
      wavy one peice
      hearts one peice
      fee ride zingoz hat[4]
      vintage glam skirt
      webkinz year 6 party hat
      rock leather jacket
      rock star torn jeans
      sweet buddy bomber jacket

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      here is my trade list for dress part 2 furniture:
      pageant princess bed
      poofy poodle chair
      wild of the jungles sofa
      northern nights lamp
      pretty poodle vanity
      moon rover
      northern nights bed
      wand sparkle tree
      suddenly spring trampoline
      porcupine sculpture
      mining cart
      pink scooter
      regal flame lamp
      golden apple tree
      wild safari print screen
      captured crimminal chamber
      golden pot of coins fridge
      queen of the jungles throne
      puggy bark-o- lounger
      culinary cat counter
      treasure throne

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      here is my trade list for dress part 1 objects:
      poison ivy plant
      baroness bookshelf
      roadster go-kart
      big top go cart
      happily ever cake
      sugarberry wall clock
      farm tractor
      steaming volcano[tiny lol 2]
      large gem potrait
      great outdoors window
      trailblazin’ terrier scooter
      zingoz bubble blower
      dancing zingoz[2]
      far north sleigh
      orange plasma ball

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