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    Alright Guys, I have started a forum like this before, but sadly it’s lost in all the jumble of forums. So, I have decided to start something very close to it, once again. The thirty four signatures I collected on my last petition WILL be counted toward this forum as well. Unless you request to have it removed. The user names of those who have previously signed may be added to this forum at a later date. I would also like to note that if you sign this petition you may not ask to have your name removed. We will be counting EVERY signature, and every comment, as a signature. This also means your name will only be counted as one signature no matter how many times you sign, or leave a comment. I hope this makes sense, I am sometimes known to be a bit confusing. Also, if you have a backup account, I WILL be counting this as another signature. So for example, on my last forum crissy135 and cutie135 signed. This is an example of backup accounts. I counted both as a signature, as they are different accounts. When you sign, there is absolutely no obligation to return, for any reason. However, I would GREATLY appreciate if you would kindly tell one friend about our petition, and kindly mention it may be a wonderful idea for them to sign. I am known to babble , so I won’t go on any longer, but, I do want to leave you with a statement as to WHY we do this. This is a community of members joining together, to stand for something we feel should be added to the site. We will not cease in fighting, by word of mouth, (note, in a very kind way) for are cause. I know allot of us put way to much time and effort into our rooms, to have our houses layouts destroyed by unwanted rooms, and doors. I hope you agree with me, and if you do PLEASE do not leave here without signing this petition. Thank you, we would highly appreciate you joining with us, designergirl101~

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      btw, my username is MistyPuppy17! ;)

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      SIGN ME UP!!! Thanks designergirl101!!! I’m SO going to tell everyone I know about it!!

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        Thanks allwordstaken, we are now up to 47 signatures!

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          Count me in!!! It’s about time they did something about our rooms!

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            Thank you Cosmosia, for joining in our fight. Please tell as many friends as possible. You signed are last forum as well. But it’s nice to see we still have your support. :)

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      I agree! I hate those doors!! signed mollyberger

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      Forty five signatures! Gasp! WOW!

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      Hi DG! I guess my unposted forum helped get you a few more signatures! It just said enough for me go to Designer Girls forum. I think I might have gotten you 5 more! On the last page you said you were PSI Paradise! Thanks so much for all of those items you have send me. I am so sorry I didn’t send anything back. I thought that belonged to DF until you said this. Thank you very much. Thank you very much!-Atom

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        Not a problem, I barely ever send you anything. Well, other than building objects and candy canes…

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