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    Zodiac Air shoes, pants, shirt and hat
    Zodiac Earth shirt, hat, pants and shoes
    Road trip yellow shirt and hat
    Road trip red shirt and hat
    Good to be the king dress
    Pink berets
    Springtime laced heels
    Springtime Cardigan
    Springtime leather skirt
    Girl cave explorer top, skirt and hat
    Team lug shirt
    Magnolia tree
    Green stage light x2
    Vases of pink petunia’s x3
    Pretty pink roses x3
    Glowing lamp x2
    Blooming coffee table x6
    Nafaria potted vine x2
    Nafaria House candelabra x5
    Alyssa House candelabra x5
    Nafaria plush x5
    Touring van x2
    2011 touring van
    2012 touring van x3
    Tangerine chair
    Blue striped chair x4
    Rose Zircon birthstone gem lamp
    Garnet birthstone gem lamp
    Amethyst birthstone gem lamp
    Aquamarine birthstone gem lamp
    Diamond birthstone gem lamp
    Sapphire birthstone gem lamp
    May birthstone gem lamp
    Alexandrite birthstone gem lamp
    PJ Collie framed poster
    Lavender love letters
    Nibbles Camcorder
    Alex ‘Kinz plushie
    Cowabelle ‘Kinz plushie
    Roberta ‘Kinz plushie
    Nibbles ‘Kinz plushie
    As soon as this goes up I will post the other part and my wish list!

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      i think i just added you. my user is webkinzwizards

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        No I didn’t get a request. I will send you one from Bobblon.

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      hi i asked about the nafaria & alyssa house candlebra…. i had to use another account… but what im trading: kinzvision tv, emperors settee, formula blackboard, spider webbed bookshelf, antique fashion mirror, enchanted garden fountain, freaky full moon window, rickety rotten staircase, and zaps plasma ball…. hopefullly we can trade!!

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        Hi I actually needed 2 emperor’s settee’s and I only managed to get 1 so I will trade you a Nafaria and Alyssa lamp for that. What is your username I will add you and if you want to send I can send first. Do you just need 1 of each? Let me know. Thanks, LT

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      Do you still have the nafaria and Alyssa house candelabra?

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        I sure do I have tons. My wish list is on the first page if you want to check it out. But this forum is a little bit out dated so I made a new one and am waiting for it to go up. The forums are going really slow this summer. Let me know what you have to trade! Thanks, LT

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      Ok Hey! Ill Take some of your lamps and and the AP Plushies!

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        If you are talking to me (lol not quite sure :P) this is my trade list so I would appreciate it if you looked at my wish list if you want some of the lamps and AP plushes. My wish list is on the first page. Hope to trade with you! :) Thanks, LT

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      lamb – was just trying to make a trade work for you. Not sure if you read the rest of my note I would trade them for another Cancer sign in order for that to happen. Perhaps next time.

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        Ok sorry if I messed anything up. Have a great week! :) LT

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