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    I am getting her in a few weeks, So before that, I am trying to look for a name that will suit her. Be creative! XD –мʀṩмἷᾗἔƈʀᾄғҭἷᾄᾗ ♕

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      I actually really like the name Radiant orchard .3. Until i decide if thats going to be the name i’m going to wait until everyone has thought of some names if they wanted to before i get him/her in the mail xD

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      Im going to let one of my friends decide once i get it :P it hopefully it wont be too long >.<

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      wow.. that posted twice or whatever :p eh, oh well. at first i didn’t think it posted, so i tried to retype most of them :p

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      Radiant Orchid, Aurora, Soft Lavender, Star Glazer, Mystical Crystal :P

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      Radiant Orchid, Soft Lavender, Star Coon, Star Glazing, Mystical Crystal, Aurora, Arianna, Violet Twinkle, and yeah. and you can combine it like, instead of Radiant Orchid, RadiantOrchid… cuz im not sure if they let you use spaces! sooo yeah :)

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