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    I got a deluxe membership and if you want the latest deluxe trends, just friend me (4cheechees) &i will send any deluxe clothing u want!!! Cool right? Just tell me yr username & request cool clothes!

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      hey my user is moonphase417 and i would like if u have dj headphones Hypnotic Glasses Neo Gothic Dress and some wings… any kind!

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      Hi 4cheechees! I am duffybrooke and I was wondering if I could have ruffled tunic, fashionista fedora, passion pink dress, rock diva outfit, striped skunk dress, pink playtime shoes, hit the club jacket, hit the club leggings, hit the club hat, pink plaid kilt, sweater and tie combo, cream of cropped hoodie, happy birthday dress, maid marian shoes, vacation stunning outfit, seafaring outfit, pink polka dot pj, sparkler dress, princess costume set, peace out jeans and peace out hoodie. I know it is a lot to ask but please please please try to give me some . I requested you and am happily waiting for a reply. :)

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      I want the delightful dining dress and the tiger dress and winged belt ill send my coolest items in return im matyrules

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      hi 4cheechees! I’m ImaBeauty2! i’d like to have the blue gown and 4 rainbow swimsuits.Please and thank you! You are so nice!

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      To Jessie800 and Katara363: I am already your friend, I am SmartGirlAZ. I need a Teddy Hat, a Sunshine Sundress, a Spring Sparkle Dress, a Delightful Dining Dress, Neon Flip Flops, a Butterfly Wing Belt, and a Terrific Teal Hat. If this is simply too musch to ask, please tell me, for if I only received a few of these, I simply understand about the costs. Thanks for listening, -Raindrop

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