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      @RosyFox, I had so much fun with you playing at the Tournament Arena tonight(June 20th)! Tallulah is so cute! I never knew you were so good at bowling! (Don’t spill to anyone about my Dogbeard’s strategy. ;))

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        @MyLittlePony2010EG13 So did I! We need to do it again soon! And thanks! I love how you named your Black Lab Lyric, it reminds me of a Shar-Pei we used to have, also named Lyric, who sadly passed away last March. :( (but she’s in a better place now! <3) And, aw shucks! You're too sweet! You're awesome at bowling, too, and especially Wacky Zingoz! I seriously stink at that one, lol XD But I was impressed with your batting skills! Also, your strategy was pretty clever, I must say! Maybe I'll try that sometime, teehehe ;) (By the way, sorry about trapping your poor guys in Switcherooz! That was totally unintended!) Let me know whenever you feel up to some gaming, I'd love to meet up again, MLP! See ya soon, buddy! :D

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          (I’ll try to reply to this soon!

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            @MyLittlePony2010EG13, I will send back your costume tomorrow because we had a change of plans… <3sorry for the delay but I promise it will come back to you!!!! :D ~pompom323

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              It’s okay! You can use it as long as you want to! (I honestly haven’t been using it lately because I don’t have the hood to go with it or any other good hats. XP)

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      OH MY GOSH, DUDES AND DUDETTES!!! NATIONAL MAKE MUSIC DAY IS TOMORROW!!! 8D I LOVE MUSIC!!! Maybe I’ll post a song sometime soon. (Maybe Shred On or Music Bound) And ha! Some character’s birthday is on National Pink Day! XD He’s gonna hate that!! Let’s ex out the part that they have a purple trench coat on sale. I drew him in one XD

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        OH– And Taffy? If you’re reading this.. could I have some of my food outfits back? To be more specific… the doughnut one?

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      I will break into your thoughts with thoughts of my own…. I WILL BREEEEEEAAAAAK!!! (Recognize it? XD) This is a roleplay update(or invitation lol), dudes and dudettes!!! @_emiemiemiemiemi_ and @Springshimmer, are you dudettes joining any of my roleplays? (I gott a go now. XP)

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        I mean, are you guys going to join Winterkinz’, Fallkinz’, or Summerkinz’?

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        Hey, MLP! Ahh.. probably not.. I’m sorry. =s I just find your roleplay style confusing. By the way, I sketched out your request of Britt Nicole! I think she looks pretty good. =) I’ll try to finish coloring her and send it into the SC soon.

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          Heyo, emi!! It’s okay! I know what you mean. XP I’ve found it confusing myself, especially considering the personalities. Yay, thanks! Have you heard about her new Work Of Art thing? IT’S GREAT! I can’t wait to see her! She’s probably going to look as good as the real on! =D

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      (Sorry for posting above you, Taffy! I hope you don’t mind!) Since the post on the other page is quite full of links (whoops) I thought I’d just make a new one XP (Perfume Skunk), (Salt and Pepper Schnauzer).

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        Hey, Heart! I’m sure Taffy doesn’t mind, heheh. I like your two newest entries though! ^-^ They’re cute! On another note, how have you been lately?

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          Hi, emi! Thanks! I’m glad you like them ^-^ I’ve been okay, I guess. Nothing significant has really happened lately other than me injuring my finger playing volleyball (it’s bruised quite a bit and hurts to bend, but I’m not exactly sure what the problem is). It could be worse, though. My friend also broke her toe playing volleyball with us. The two of us just sat out after we were injured and spent the rest of the day together, so I suppose it wasn’t so bad. How have you been? I hope everything’s been alright for you! :)

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            Yeah! =) Good luck! Oh boy ‘^^ Yeah, it’s easy to do that sort of stuff at volleyball. I have personal experience. XD I’m sure it’s okay though! I’ve had that happen to me before too. It’ll heal after a week, I think. It’s nice that ya got to sit with your friend though! That’s much better than having to sit out alone. I’ve been good, I guess! Thanks for asking! =) I’ve mostly been trying to figure out what to do with myself and looking for jobs lol. But I have been reading a lot, which is nice! I’m currently reading this series called Keeper of the Lost Cities. It’s really good, I totally recommend it!

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              Thanks! Yeah, it sure seems that way XP It feels a lot better, I will say! It still hurts to move it to the side, but it’s definitely better than it used to be XD Yep! I was glad that I wasn’t alone :) Oh, that’s good to heaXD No problem! Yeah, I can relate – I’ve been trying so hard figuring out what to do XD Awesome! Have a nice day, too!

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        Heyo, Heartkinz!! Aww, those pets are so cute! I gotta get off of my lazy bum and finish mine and scan them. XD

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          (Also, when are you going to reply to WInterkinz’, Fallkinz’, or Summerkinz’?)

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          • #2012533

            Oh, is it my turn? If so, I’m so sorry – I wasn’t aware! Just feel free to tell me when I need to reply and I’ll make sure to do so!

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          Hey, MLP! Your second comment hasn’t gone through yet, but I wanted to let you know that I saw your designs! I love them all! You’re quite creative! I like each of them, and if I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be the Silkie Kiwi – it’s just so adorable! Good luck in the contest!

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          • #2012983

            Yes, it’s your turn in all of them. XD You can reply now. Thanks!! =D I love that one, too! Yours are awesome! You’re definitely going to be a finalist! Thanks, and good luck to you too! =D

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            • #2013139

              Oh, it is? Ahh, darn tags! I guess I’ve been relying on them too much XD I’ll make sure to reply as soon as I can – thanks for letting me know! Aww, thanks! I can’t guarantee that happening, but if it did, I’d be very thankful! I honestly don’t know who will make the finals – all of the pets submitted were incredibly well done! There were a few entries by some other users that I really liked and can definitely see making the finals! No problem! Have a great day, MLP!

            • #2013155

              Do you know what page that roleplay is on? The page number isn’t in the tags XP

            • #2013401

              Yeah! They’re on the Upcoming Pets forum: forget about the tags: Moonie probably won’t mind if you go before her. I know! But UGH! My last few ones, WEREN’T MODERATED!!! XP Thanks! You too!

      • #2012417

        Ahh, it ends tomorrow (well, today once this goes through, which probably means these are the last two that will go through!)! (Chic Chihuahua), (Chevron Fawn). And yes, I made sure to follow contest rules and use 0 computer-generated patterns – I made the chevron lines and gradient myself (and man, making those white lines was actually pretty hard XP).

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      Ah, sorry for posting another thing here! XP I just wanted to quickly let ya guys know that those pictures moderated today; here are the links! (Picture for @_emiemiemiemiemi_ of her signature fox, Kate. Hope ya enjoy it, buddy! :D Sorry it took so long though, ahah… ‘^^ As you can see by all the half-erased pencil marks, I drew her more than once heheh) (@ilovemoonie, here’s the drawing I promised you of Clint and Loki as a pegasus and unicorn! I dunno what prompted me to make this, but I think it’s kinda funny XD Sorry for not sending it in earlier, though! :c ) (Sketch of @MyLittlePony2010EG13′s Marshmelllew! ^-^ Happy belated b-day ;D ) (Moonie, here’s the drawing I promised you that I make– I know it’s not much, but I hope it cheers you up a little <3 It's of Loki as quadrupedal kitten… I just thought it would be cute :) )
      So uh, yup… hope you guys like these! I'll be on later to reply to some things =]

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      • #2010731

        Hi, Taffy! Ah, no it’s fine! Um, I apologize if it seems like I’m intruding. ^^; Thank you for letting us know that you managed to send them in and got approved. Your drawings are pretty adorable! ^-^ I enjoyed looking at your art! You did such a great job on them! <3 I love the drawing of Clint and Loki as ponies, it's pretty cute and funny! XD Marshmellow looks adorable! ^-^ And, Loki is cute! Aww, how nice of you to do a drawing for them! ^u^ Oh, by the way, just to let you know…. Last time we chatted in park, you said that you'll do a drawing of my Fairykinz Panda Cub "Cosmo" right? I'm just trying to make sure you remember. I think the fairy panda "Cosmo" should wear the outfit he wears from the cartoon. If you managed to work on it someday, let me know! ^-^ Good luck! I hope you have a great weekend, and hope to talk to you again soon…
        ~ Spring

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      • #2010787

        Taffyy! Oh my goossshh these are so cute!! XD Okay, so first tings first Kate looks real cute! I love your cartoony style and her eyes and fluffiness and that little ribbon, aww! <3 =D Thanks so much for drawing her for me! I admit I wasn’t sure about seeing Kate drawing quadruped style, since I’m not used to seeing her like that, but you did a wonderful job with her! ^-^ Also, I didn’t even notice those pencils marks till you pointed them out.. oh well XD I added her to my favorites! ^-^ Pfft oh gosh, and Clint and Loki.. Clint makes a pretty cute Pegasus, actually.. ;P That’s such a funny idea! Lastly.. Oh. My. Gosh. Marshmelllow and Loki are so dang cute!! X’) I love that lil bunny so much, those eye man. And Loki is just as good or better. Ugh, I love his face and eyes and the fluffy little chest fur! And his cape! Aaa those baby forms, I just can’t take it XD That grumpy face is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. *smashes the favorite button* I love it so much. XD Oh! I just realized I drew a baby

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        • #2010789

          …. That was so sweet of you to draw him for moonie. ^-^ I can not imagine that not cheering her up! It’s literally one of my favorite drawings from you now XD Thank you so much for drawing Kate for me, and sharing the joy that is a grumpy baby Loki X’D

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        • #2010801

          (Oops, last bit got cut off! I said: I just realized I drew a baby Loki too! Well, just so you know, I like yours better. ;D)

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        • #2011383

          Emi, please draw me a birthday one! =(

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          • #2011491

            Oh I’m sorry, MLP.. um, I guess I could draw you something! I don’t know your characters well, though. I know a few names, but I don’t really know their personalities, so I don’t have any good inspiration to draw them.. and I usually draw because I’m inspired to. But I could draw one of them, you’d just have to give me some detailed information about the character.

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            • #2012079

              YAY!!! YOU FINALLY APOLOGIZED!! *THROWS CONFETTI* sorry for my random outburst. I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years straight. XD YAY, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!(x100) Oh, it’s okay! I know, I don’t always have biographies about them and their personalities always change because I don’t have it straight. XP YAY!! *hugs* Okay, so um… you’re so talented… I don’t know who you should draw!! I haven’t had much time to post bios with the contests and all… but uh– I’ll let you choose since we share a birthday month. (Mine’s on April 17th) Adam Young(OWL CITTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!(Snowy Retriever)), Britt Nicole(Hopping Bunny), Popstar(Rockerz Cat), Strawberry(Pom Pom Kitty), Conor/Corrine/Snuggles(Signature Arctic Fox), Commander Hurricane(Signature Siberian Husky), Marshmelllew(Signature Arctic Hare), Ashleigh Ball(Rockerz Coyote), Lyric(Black Lab), Sarah Anthony(The Letter Black(Rockerz Papillon Dog)), …

            • #2012081

              … or you can draw whoever you want that you know of. Since I’m letting you choose, you tell me which one, and I’ll describe them! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!! 8D THIS MADE MY DAY BESIDES THAT AIR1 DOESN’T COME IN ALL STATIC-Y ANYMORE!! *HUGS*

            • #2012087

              Also, I’m sorry if I sounded mean. I was so excited when you replied because I’ve always expected you to make me one because I said when my birthday was. You’re so talented, and you have way more talent than I have and you make everything so… alive. You know pretty much the same things I do. (Artists, TV Shows, etc)

            • #2012149

              Yeah, I’m sorry I never did.. ‘^^ I can understand that you’d feel left out since I’ve drawn birthday gifts for moonie and Taffy before. But, like I said, I guess I never drew anything before because I didn’t feel inspired by your characters. Usually I’ll want to draw a character because I like their personality, or I imagine a cute outfit, or there’s a fun scene or something.. but I just never knew much about yours. I’m glad I could make your day though! X) Thanks for letting me choose! Oh and thank you! ^-^ I’m glad ya like my artwork! <3 Let's see.. it might be fun to do Adam Young or Britt Nicole since I like the people they're named after, haha. ;P But hmm… ummm.. well you can decide which of those you want me to draw, cause I really have no preference! And let me know eye color, age, and if you want clothes. I can do something simple, but I'd prefer not to do any complicated Webkinz outfits, like the ones that are normally on your pets, heheh.. =P

            • #2012257

              (Hi, Emi! I’ve read your reply and will try to reply to it soon!!)

            • #2012319

              Okay, so here I am! It’s fine! I drew you, Foxes, & Twinners a birthday drawing this year and last year but never got them finished. (one is digital and the other one is by hand) Same here, I always have to have good inspiration or else… *starts to draw the face then erases it and wrinkles the paper and throws it across the desk/table/drawing board* XD Aw, thanks for understanding. I’ve always been so eager for it and expecting it. Whoops, I never finished Taffy’s birthday drawing for this year and Moonie’s didn’t moderate this year or last year… Yeah, you made my WYRW just great! So great, that I could throw myself into a grate!! (If you haven’t read Winterkinz’ yet– go read it! XD) It’s okay if you never knew much about mine. Taffy and Moonie have the “popular” pets on here. =) You’re welcome! I thought it’d be better if you chose because it’s a gift. The only gift I gave you this year were a million KinzPosts and Emo Jeans. I got an extra pair on the Wheel of The Month on Mother’s Day this year and since ….

            • #2012325

              (2) … you loved those jeans so much, I knew it’d be the perfect gift for you this year! Yeah, your artwork is awesome! Okay! Yeah, I love both of those singers so much! My top 5 favorite singers are Michelle Creber, Black Gryph0n, Ledger, Owl City, & Britt Nicole Wait– you haven’t heard of Ashleigh Ball or The Letter Black? Ashleigh Ball plays Rainbow Dash and Applejack in MLP and a lot more! And The Letter Black is my favorite band! (Besides Skillet, Red, Icon For Hire, Firelfight, and a lot more. XD) You’d love the song Believe and Best Of Me by them! There’s some you probably wouldn’t like, but they’re great! Oh great. You want me to decide… Uhhh… You’re Not Alo-o-o-o-o-o-one! (I’m on my knees, begging you ple-e-e-ease!!! … don’t leave me Alone!XD ) Light Me Up!!! And I’ll show you the way every year!! All The Money in the world couldn’t power what I see in you!! Any time you feel alone put on your Headphones!! Okay… great… let’s see… could you please draw Britt Nicole? This was a hard decision…

            • #2012331

              (3) her personality is pretty much like the real one, but her Webkinz version has dark blue-green eyes, she’s 33(is that right?) years old, and she normally wears what the real Britt Nicole wears. aAnd OH MY GOSH! THE COMPANION PET CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW!!! I GOTTA GO AND SCAN STUFF. THANKS AGAIN AND BYE!!!

      • #2010949


        Well, I replied to this on Thursday, but it didn’t go through. :P I’ll try to reply to it later today, though!

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        • #2012085

          Hi, Taffy! I’m just going to make this quick to buy me some time. MARSHMELLLEW IS SO CUTE!! AND YOU REMEMBERED THE RED EYES AND HIS NAME SPELLING!! GOOD JOB!! i LOVE HIM!!! =D

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      • #2012579


        Hey, Taffy! (Ah, I apologize for the late response, by the way!! XP I’ve been really behind on comments lately… =/ I’m sorry, too, that I haven’t replied to your older SC pictures yet! I was going to do that today, but I didn’t think I would have enough time, so I figured I’d reply to these instead since it won’t take as long…I’ll be sure to respond to your other ones over the weekend or early next week, though!)
        Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the links to your new drawings; I’m glad you were able to finish those and send ‘em in! =) I’ve been super excited to see them, and I must say, they certainly didn’t disappoint! All four of them are absolutely wonderful!! \^-^/
        First off, I love your drawing of Kate for emi! =D I think it’s neat that you decided to do something a little different and draw her in quadrupedal form this time–she looks super cute that way! ^-^ As amazing as your anthros always are, I really love the way you draw quadrupedal animals, too, so I was excited to see another four-legged animal drawing from you! =) …

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          … You did an amazing job on Kate! I really like that bow that she’s wearing around her neck, too, as well as that delicious-looking cake that you added–very nice touches, I’d say! :) I wonder if she’ll eat that whole thing? ;)
          AHHH…and the drawing of Loki and Clint…it’s HEEEERRRRE! (Sorry, I’ve just been really excited to see this XDD ) Oh my goodness, Loki and Clint look amazing as a unicorn and pegasus ahh :’D They’re so… majestic… Pfft I love Loki’s green mane and Clint’s pink/purple mane and wings…and their angry expressions…that is the best X’D I guess they don’t get along any better in unicorn/pegasus form, eh? ;) Seriously, though, I just love everything about this drawing!! It’s so great and hilarious and beautiful at the same time XD How did you ever come up with such an amazing idea?? I’m glad you did, though…this was something I didn’t know I needed in my life XD Ah, and no worries about not sending it in earlier! Trust me, it was well worth the wait! =)
          Moving on, I absolutely love your drawing of lil’ Marshmelllew ahhh! …

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          • #2012587


            (Ah, unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ll have to finish my response to this later…I have to get off the Newz now XP I’m really sorry! I’ll be sure to finish this later today, though, *hopefully* before comments stop moderating for the day! Sadly, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to get it done before they stop moderating, but I’ll certainly try my best!)

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              (All right, I’m back to finish my reply! Sorry I wasn’t able to get it posted before comments stopped moderating! XP )
              … He is so precious!! :’D Just look at those long, floppy ears and those big eyes and that innocent little face… He is just too cute!! How could one not love such an adorable little bunny? Honestly, I think this drawing is just as cute if not cuter than real baby bunnies, and they are very hard to beat in my opinion XD You did a fantastic job on him! ^-^
              And, last but certainly not least… you drew baby Loki, ahhh!! Oh my gosh, I just, I can’t XD He’s. so. cute. I thought there was no topping your drawing of Marshmelllew, but I gotta say, I think I like this one even better! He just looks so adorable in baby form!! ^-^ I love his cape, and his huge ears ahh, and his grumpy expression is just the greatest thing ever :’D It’s kinda funny how you and emi both drew very different versions of baby Loki; emi drew happy and innocent-looking Loki playing with a unicorn…

            • #2012907


              …and you drew grumpy little Loki…you both captured a different side of his personality as a child, hehe! ;) I wonder why he’s so grumpy in this…? (Ah, who am I kidding, he’s probably upset because he’s being “unfairly” punished for some bad behavior :P ) This is just too cute for words, though, seriously, I love it so much :’D Thank you so much for drawing him for me…you’re too sweet! <3 I really appreciate it, and it definitely cheered me up! I would even go so far as to say that it made my day! ^-^ Your drawing of baby Loki is absolutely adorable, and I will most definitely be adding it to my "favorites" category! (Also, a bit unrelated, but I noticed that you used Loki's nickname, "Lokitty", in the title, which I loved XD Did you remember that I like to call him that? ;) )
              Thanks for sharing these drawings with us, Taffy, and thank you again for the amazing drawing of Loki in baby form! ;D Keep up the great work, and I hope to talk to you again soon! :)

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