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    Trust me when I say that the strength class in the Kinzville Academy is easy! It really is! I just now got the hang of it! Tomorrow I’ll be at level 3! I only got the hang of it over a month ago. If you read the instructions CAREFULLY you’ll understand it more! I also just unlocked the “Blow a Kiss” action too!

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      MIsty900 you’re a good person.

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      I’m sorry for the misunderstanding! What I meant was, a lot of people make fun of my netbook because it’s old and slow, but I’ve used it to get 5 Webkinz Academy diplomas, including one for a friend’s pet. I could never have finished even one Strength class without it.

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      I’m stuck on level 8. They used to have tutoring and back then I didn’t have lot’s of kinz cash to pay 250.00 for a class. Now that I have over a million KC I really wish they would bring tutoring back. Even if it was just for Deluxe members that would be so awesome. I think I will suggest that on WW.

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        @eberry12,I was not being rude, I was telling the truth about it. and @Becky I know it would be a good idea if they brought back tutoring( although in my opinion it would be better for all members). Sorry if i was rude? and See ya’ll around W.W. and Have a Happy New Year

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      I figured how to do it, but I have never passed; yet. Btw, ‘m unlocking the blow a kiss action soon. Wish me luck! ;) :d

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      Guys why are you being so well mean?

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