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    Priceless: Elf hat, Army, Swirl. Promo: Candy Cane Bed, Den, Snowflake skirt, Four Holly Princess Crowns, Five Pine Cone Decoration Hats, Two Holly Fairy Prince Caps, One Holly Fairy Prince Top, Two Holly Fairy Princess Gowns, Four Furry Winter Hats, Four Blue Gift Box Dresses, and Two Sugar Plum Ballerina Dresses. PSI: Cream Soda Sprinkler, Soda Can Fridge, Gumball Pit, Snowy Camp Site, Queen Of The Jungle Throne, Treetop Lamp Aquaritaruim, Poco Fiesta Throne, Zircon Sofa, Clockwork Stove, Molten Meals Oven, Aquamarine Dresser and Floor Lamp, Haunted Doghouse, and Ossilily Plant. Gem Cars: Aquamarine and Zircon. Exclusives: Rock Out Boombox Recliner. Rares: Bowling Alley, and Jumpin’ Jukebox. I might not reply but I am a Zircon Puppy named Jesse.

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      Hi! I was wondering if you still had the zircon sofa and the aquamarine dresser and lamp? If you do what do you want to trade for them! Thanks!

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      So your aquamarine dresser and zircon sofa are already trade?

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      I really need a pine cone decoration hat? Do you still have one for trade? If so plmk and we can work out a trade :)

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      Are your aquamarine dresser and zircon sofa still up for trade? PLMK, Thanks!

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      id like the pinecone decoration hat I have a lot to offer my username is xaviern

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