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      One snowy day in Kinzville, Snowball Silversoft, a Silversoft Cat was meeting in town square. Earlier that day, he texted his friends to meet him in the middle of the town where they were surrounding stores like the W-Shop, Curio Shop, Kinzstyle Outlet, and all of the other stores in Webkinz World. He was going to invite some of his friends over to his house for the holidays, and his mom suggested they’d do something different this year. Since there were going to be a lot of kinz’ at their house(again), she said it didn’t make sense to get gifts for all of their friends, so she decided to have Snowball get a piece of paper, put the friends’ names on it, and then shuffle them and give everyone a piece of paper, and they’d have to get a specific gift for that on specific friend. And since it’s just now one friend, they’d have to get an extra special gift since it’d be just ONNNE friend. Kailie Snowzy, the Husky, was on her motorcycle, speeding, and she got from her house to town square in TEN SECONDS FLAT. “Whoa, Kailie, how did you-“ Snowball asked ask Kailie got off

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        “I’m always fast! What were you expecting, me to drive some sleigh in this snow?” “Well, you are a husky bu-“ Snowball said but got interrupted by Kailie- AGAIN. “I don’t know why you think I’m so slow. It’s you who’s so slow!” Kailie said as she put on her hat, backwards. “I am not slow! I’m a cat, and I have 9 lives!” Snowball said. “Uh-huh, suuuure,” Kailie said as she got off of her motorcycle. “Hey, why’d you want me here? It’s 6:13 A.M. in the morning. I thought I could sleep in because it’s Tuesday, and it’s Christmas!” “Well,” Snowball said. “Yesterday- erm, a few hours ago while I was jumping around our house, my mom told me about a new gift idea.” “Why were you jumping around the house?” Kailie asked. “Because I just hadddd…” “Oh no, here it comes,” Kailie muttered to herself. “99 buckets of oats on the wall(LOL), 1 bowl of ice cream on the floor, 7 gallons of hot chocolate on the ceiling, and…” “Let me guess, 4 pints of fruit punch on the sidewalk, I get it, I get it,” Kailie said. “Um, no. It was actually just a cookie. Hey

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          Get your math right, you donkey head!” Snowball said. “Hey! Nobody calls me a donkey! I’m a husky, NOT a donkey!” (page 2) Kailie said. “Whatever. What about nopony?” Snowball asked. “You invited…?” Kailie asked suspiciously. “Twilight Sparkle!” Snowball shouted happily. “WHAAAAT????!!!! Kailie yells. “You know what she does every year, don’t you?” “Um,” Snowball said as he took a quick guess. “Blink?” “NO! SHE SWITCHES THE NAMES ON EVERY GIFT!” Kailie said. :I thought you 2 were pals,” Snowball said. “Yeah, but around Christmastime?” NO WAY!!!” Kailie said. “You’re lucky I didn’t invite Peppermint Mocha Joy… She DID come here on December 25th or 26th in 2016…” Snowball said with a sly smile on his face. “YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!” Kailie said grabbing Snowball by the whiskers. “Uh, nothing!” Snowball said with a smile on his face. “Urrrrrg! When is everyone else coming?” Kailie asked. “They’ll be here shortly. Didn’t Commander Hurricane tell you that he was coming, too?” Snowball asked Kailie. (3)

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            “Um, no. We’re not in the same house, remember?” Kailie said. “Oh, right. Then, a few pets came running up to Snowball and Kailie. “Sorry we’re late!” one of them said(CH). “Yeah, Commander Hurricane slept in,” The other one said(M). “It’s only 7:37 AM!” someone else said(S). “WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Snowball, please tell me you DID NOT INVITE MY ENTIRE FAMILY OVER FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!” Kailie said. “Aw, I’d be happy to! Do you really want me to?” Snowball said. ‘UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” Kailie said as she stomped off. “Hold your horses, I’m here,” Clyde said as she walked up and threw her lasso on Kailie and grabbed her. “Clyde, Snowball’s invited my WHOLE family for Christmas!” Kailie said weeping. “Correction: my mom did,” Snowball said. “Hi, Kailie! How are you? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you!” Mrs. Snowzy said. “Wait, it’s been a while since your mom saw you?” Snowball asked in a surprised voice. “Um, yes??” Kailie said. “Uh, hi, Mrs. Snow- I mean, Mom,” Kailie said. (4)

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              “So, who else did you invite? DID YOU INVITE STARLIGHT?” Commander Hurricane asked. “I think so! She might come!” Snowball said. “Yes!” Commander Hurricane said. “OOOHHH, Commander likes Starlight!” Melissa said. “Oh Mellissa, just shut-“ Commander Hurricane said, but then Tim and White came in to view and Tim quickly said, “HI SNOWBALL!!!!” “Yeesh, that kid’s just too loud,” Lihlah said. “URG, LIHLAH, OUT OF ALL OF MY SIBLINGS YOU HAD TO COME!!! AND YOU’RE WEARING TOO MUCH MAKEUP! PEOPLE WITH THINK THAT THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!!! AND THAT FANCY DRESS, IS JUST, URG!” Kailie said. “Hi everyone! How are you all?” White asked.
              “Great!” Clyde said. “I’m great. JUST GREAT. So great that I might throw myself in a grate!”ailie said. “You mean a crate?” Sam asked. “Hmmmph,” Kailie muttered madly. (4)

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              “Oh! Kailie, is this your fam-“ White asked. “YES,” Kailie said. Then, Winter Sugar Cocoa and Strawberry quickly ran forward and said, “Sorry about that! They had a huge sale and I couldn’t help but buy clothes!” Strawberry said. “And-“ ‘WINTER SUAGR COCOA, IS THAT YOU??” Snowball said. “Yes, you invited me?” WSC said. “Oh no! I must’ve invited you instead of White!” Snowball said. “Um, White’s right there.” Winter Sugar Cocoa(WSC) said. “I must’ve clicked it twice!” Snowball said a bit embarrassed because he didn’t like Winter Sugar Cocoa at all. “Hey, so why’d you want us here?” Mrs. Snowzy asked. “We’re going to have to wait for the others to get here!” Snowball said. ~~~~ (5) Okay, so now it’s @TaffyKitty12′s turn!! I assume, anyway because in all of my roleplays Taffy always goes after me. :) Enjoy, guys! (Also, Kailie’s last name is Snowzy, and she has 3 sisters and 2 brothers)

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              (Goodness gracious I am so sorry for the late reply! ;-; )
              ~1~ It was a wondrous, chilly winter morning, and while most of the ‘kinz in Kinzville were busy sleeping and dreaming of gifts, Pikachu and his friends were already wide-awake, bounding down the street towards the town center.
              “This’ll be so fun!”, exclaimed Pikachu. “I can’t wait to spend Christmas with Snowball and his friends!”
              Tall Shadow said nothing, but pulled her pale blue scarf further up her neck. Unlike her pal, she wasn’t too excited to go to Snowball’s house. And on Christmas Day, too. I told Pikachu a million times that I want to spend Christmas with my FAMILY, not a bunch of people I hardly know, she thought, shaking her head.
              Brooke had a similar mindset as she walked alongside Tall Shadow, her fluffy tail battered by the cold winds. Going to a family or friend’s house for Christmas was one thing, but not someone of whom she only met once or twice.
              Harper, on the other hand, was full of cheer. “Yeah, this is gonna be so awesome, Pikachu! I wonder if they’ll have any cupcakes? Or sprinkles?…

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              ~2~ … Or cupcakes with sprinkles…?” she wondered dreamily, salivating at the thought of a giant cupcake with loads of pink and blue sprinkles.
              Tundra shook her head and tucked her paws in her hoodie. “Eh, I doubt it. There’ll probably just be a bunch of roast vegetables and cabbage. And mushroom casserole.”
              At this, Harper let out a horrifying screech. “WHAAAT? How could they be so evil?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’m goin’ home!”
              “I’m just joking! Calm down”, laughed Tundra. “Believe me, if I found out they were eating that, I never would’ve tagged along.”
              Harper furrowed her brow. Though she’s a teaser herself, she wasn’t very happy with Tundra joking about such a “serious” matter.
              “It’s okay!”, called Starlight, “Even if they did have just veggies, I’m bringing a pan of brownies with me! Remember?”
              The hare smiled. “Oh, yeah! Those’ll taste really-”… .

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              ~3~ … Before she could finish, Pikachu interrupted. “Guys, look! There’s Snowball and his friends!”, he cried, pointing to the group of ‘kinz standing in the distance.
              “Hot dog!”, yelled Tundra. “Come on, everyone! Last one there is a ham sandwich!”
              To everyone’s surprise, Starlight was the first one to each them. She may have been carrying a pan of brownies, but even that didn’t slow her down!
              “Hi Snowball!”, she squeaked. “Merry Christmas!” Her eyes then drifted to the siberian husky nearby. “Hello, Commander. I made some brownies for everyone! Would you like to try one later?”

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              (Oh my goodness, I am sorry for the late reply, MLP! >.< Also, I hope it’s all right that I’m replying to this next…I think I go after Taffy in most of your roleplays, and I know you said that anyone could reply. I hope that’s okay! And I hope you don’t mind the characters that I’m using, too! (I posted the list of them farther down on this page))
              ~1~ It was a beautiful winter morning, and there was a feeling of excitement in the air—for, it was Christmas, after all! Though early in the morning as it was, Lightning, James, and a few of their friends were already out and about, heading towards town square to meet up with Snowball and his pals.
              James, who was leading the way, had mixed feelings about this event; as much as he liked Snowball and his friends, he was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t able to spend Christmas with his own family this year. Lightning, on the other hand, couldn’t be more happy. He would much rather spend Christmas with some friends of his (even if he didn’t know very many of them…

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              ~2~ …all that well), and James, of course, then spend it with his family. Then again, Lightning would probably prefer to celebrate Christmas with a bunch of strangers then with his dreaded family. Nevertheless, as happy as the cougar may have been, he still managed to find something to complain about as the group made their way towards the center of town.
              “Why’d we have to get up so early?” he complained irritably. “It’s like 3:00 in the morning. And why does it have to be so cold?”
              James rolled his eyes. “It’s December, Lightning, what do you expect the temperature to be like? And anyway, it’s not 3:00 in the morning. It’s not that early at all. I usually get up this early when I have to go to work.”
              “Yeah, well, not everyone works, you know!” Lightning replied.
              “Ah, stop complainin’, pal!” Olaf said. “I thought you were excited about this…I know I sure am! It’s gonna be so cool! I wonder if they’re gonna sing Christmas carols? That’d be cool! Maybe we’ll sing, ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la…

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              ~3~ …la la la la. ’Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la—‘“
              “NO!” Lightning shouted. “No singing!”
              “Well, why are you so grouchy today?” Olaf asked, crossing his wings. “I thought you’d be glad you didn’t have to spend Christmas with your family.”
              “I am,” Lightning replied, “but at least my family doesn’t sing.”
              “Well, you know what they say,” Buddy Arthur spoke up, adjusting the elf hat that he was wearing in between his large, red and green striped antlers, “the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!”
              “That’s exactly what I say, pal!” Olaf exclaimed. “Er…buddy, I should say. Hey, why don’t we sing together?”
              “Great idea!” Buddy replied. “Singing’s my favorite! Maybe we can sing ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’?”
              The two jolly animals went off ahead of James, singing as they went, though they were both rather off tune. Lightning hung back to let them get farther ahead, unable to stand the pitchy singing. He was now walking alongside the last two, and most quiet, members of their group: Eddie the Snowcap Ferret…

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              ~4~ …and Snowflurry the Winter Fawn.
              “Do you approve of all this singing?” Lightning asked them.
              “I don’t mind it,” Snowflurry said quietly.
              Eddie shrugged and nervously adjusted his candy cane bow-tie. “Well it is Christmas. If they want to sing Christmas songs I think they should be able to. I, myself, have never been much of a singer, however, I—“ the ferret stopped speaking abruptly, as if he had just realized that he’d been talking out loud. Instead of continuing what he was saying, he nervously looked down at the ground and continued walking forward, in a zigzag pattern.
              Before too long, the group of six had almost reached the town square.
              “Hey look, we’re here!” Olaf, who was now singing ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ with Buddy, exclaimed, pointing. The duo waited for the rest of their group to catch up, and they all walked up to the animals together.
              “Heya, Snowball!” Olaf exclaimed as he spotted the silversoft cat. “Nice to see ya!”
              “Merry Christmas!” Buddy said.
              James looked around, and, spotting Kailie, he waved and said, “Hey, Kailie! How are you? Huh…there are a lot of huskies here…

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              ~5~ …aren’t there?” He added, looking around at the other animals gathered in the square. ~~~

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              (I hope you guys don’t mind me adding this and replying now!! For some reason, I didn’t get Twilight Sparkle in it, but I hope you guys don’t mind me adding Adam Young and Starlight Glimmer! It may seem like a lot of characters, but in reality, it isn’t. Kailie’s family doesn’t really count. The only one who does count is Commander Hurricane.) -1- Snowball saw the Mystic Pony, and said, “Oh hey, Starlight! It’s great to see you! You too, Pikachu! And Tundra, your hoodie looks so cozy!” Snowball said. He was just wearing a black scarf that had the Avengers logo on it with a coat and jeans with sneakers. Then Starlight turned to talk to Commander Hurricane who was on his phone trying to take a Christmas selfie with those Christmas stickers that they have every year. He looked up thinking it was Kailie. “Oh Kailie, what do you wa- Starlight? Oh! Um, hey Starlight! How are you? You look nice.” Commander Hurricane said, trying not to giveaway his feelings. “Ooh, brownies! Sweet! I’ll definitely take one of those afterwards. …

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              (2) “… Hey, do you want to take a Christmas selfie with me?” Commander Hurricane asked Starlight, holding his phone out and snapping a picture with a Christmasy background. Kailie, who was still tied up by Clyde’s lasso, heard a familiar voice. “Oh hey, James!” Kailie said happily because she was happy to see him and took the rope off of her. “Oh, pfffft.” Kailie muttered face palming herself. “James… those other huskies… Uhh.. are my… family. It’s time you me my dad, my mom, Melissa, Sam, Commander Hurricane, Patricia, and Lihlah.” Kailie quietly said. “Mom, dad, Melissa, Commander Hurricane, Sam, Patricia, and Lihlah… this is my co-worker, James.” Kailie said as she introduced James to her family. “Nice to meet the handsome coworker(Okay, so if I don’t put the dash in there, it looks like “Cow Orker”. XD) of our Kailie-wayley-wee-woo!” Mrs. Snowzy said. “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” Kailie said. Yeah, but he looks even more handsome in his police outfit with a tie … (2)

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              (3) … Kailie, embarrassed about what her mom said, quickly said to James, “Uh.. she, um.. didn’t mean that! No, I mean you are a great guy and handsome, but uh… yeah.. My family is so confusing…” Kailie said. Winter Sugar Cocoa, was looking for someone to talk to, and she saw Snowflurry and Brooke so she decided to go say ‘Hello’. (Adele!) “Um, hi. I’m Winter Sugar Cocoa, but my friends call me Winter. I’m not a huge social person, but Merry Christmas!” Winter Sugar Cocoa said. Tim looked around. He didn’t know most people there, but he saw a familiar figure. He saw this figure at Pikachu’s backyard barbecue that he had 2 years ago. And that figure was, Lightning! Tim remembered what this cougar did to Pikachu’s friend, Tall Shadow. And any friend of Pikachu’s is a lover of cookies. So was he going to let this cougar bug Tall Shadow, friend of cookie lover Pikachu? NO! Tim ran to Lightning and started to pull his leg(Tim is a short kitten). “No!! I won’t let you bug Tall Shadow!! Not this time! No!!!!” Tim yelled. … (3)

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              (4) Snowball, who saw Tim attacking Lightning chuckled. Then he saw his pals Olaf, Buddy, Harper, and Pikachu. “Hey, guys! Merry Christmas! Are you guys ready for all the fun stuff we have planned?” Clyde laughed at he commotion Tim was making while White walked up to her and said, “I never knew Tim could be so loud. I hope he doesn’t hurt Lightning, or his feeling.” “Don’tchu worry, Whaight! Tim’s got super short and soft claws, and I’m sure he’s doin’ in softly.” Clyde said in her country accent. “It’s so cold!” White said shivering. “You’ll be alright! Kailie rocks her leather jacket and Tim is just wearin’ a scarf with an ugly Christmas sweater.” Clyde said. “I thought Snowball said he had plans! All we’re doing is standing out here and freezing our earrings off!” Lihlah said. “You know, not ALL of us have earrings.” Sam said. Then, two more pets appeared out of nowhere. It was Starlight Glimmer and Adam Young! “…yeah! And that one time when they made transparent socks! What were they thinking?” Starlight said. ….

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              (5) “Haha. At a coffee shop, there was this drawing of a dog and how much a kid was asking for to walk people’s dogs. It was so precious, but a bit to process.” Adam Young said. “Hey guys! We made it!” Starlight Glimmer said. “Like my mane? I put Christmas colored sparkled in it! “It looks great, Starlight!” White commented. “And Adam, you’re outfit is epic!” White said. “Thanks!” Adam Young said. He was wearing a Christmas ugly sweater with lights on it that haven’t been lit up yet with dark blue jeans and black Converse shoes and a green Santa hat while Starlight had added red and green ribbons to her mane with sparkled, she was wearing a Christmas-y coat, grey jeans, and black ankle boots. “Okay, guys! I have something big to announce!” Snowball said. “Finally! It’s about time you have!” Lihlah complained. (5) (I hope you guys liked my reply! Sorry if it was confusing. =P I’ll announce what the big surprise is in my next turn. Emi— please join! And now it’s @TaffyKitty12′s turn!!)

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              (Hey, MLP! Oh goodness, I am so sorry I haven’t replied to this yet… I had no idea it was even my turn until just now, ahah! DX, I can’t work on it today, but I’ll try to remember to respond to this roleplay (and Rockfurlur, too!) really soon! ‘^^ )

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          (1) was suppose to be “as she got off of her motorcycle”(I mentioned that twice, but I must’ve not of realized that!), Also, for (2), I’m adding, “It’s not me who’s slow, it’s you whose slow, Slowball!” Kailie said. Hey! No name calling!” SNowball said. And then “Uh-huh, suuuure”, Kailie said as she got off of her motorcycle. (Also, I typed this on a document on the computer, so that’s why it has page numbers. I tried to proofread and take them out, but I missed some. Sorry, guys! and after “it’s just a cookie” I was suppose to be “Hey, it’s too cold outside to eat anything on the sidewalk and 4 pints equals one gallon!” and the get your math right.

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      Here’s the official tag for Winterkinz’! Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome here! Just ask!

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        Hey MLP could you link me to the start of Fallkinz, I found it earlier and then forgot where it was. I’ll use Clementine and Katie (Signature King Charles Spaniel) for Winterkinz.

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      For Winterkinz’, I’ll be using these pets: Mrs. Silversoft(Snowball’s mom), Snowball(Male SIlversoft cat), Winter Sugar Cocoa(Female Sugar and Spice fawn), Kailie(female husky), Commander Hurricane(Male Signature Siberian Husky lookalike), White(female domino cat), Tim(male Lil’ Kinz’ Striped Alley Cat), and Strawberry(Female Pom Pom Kitty). =) More will be added soon once you guys join!

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      Hey, what’s up everyone? I’m going to start Winterkinz’, and I’d like to know which pets you guys are going to use! =) Gender, name, and species. Thank you!

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        Hiya, MLP! (Sorry for replying to this late, by the way XP ) Lemme see… would it be okay if I used Harper (female signature arctic hare), Pikachu (male fennec fox), and Starlight (female mystic pony) for this roleplay? I’m not really quite sure who else to add, but if you’d like me to use a couple more (as I know three isn’t a lot), just let me know :) If you wanted, maybe I could add Tundra (female arctic polar bear; I believe she was in your Snowball story. She doesn’t have a really developed personality yet, but I’m sure I could use her) or another winter-themed pet? Please let me know what you think! Also, I see that it’s now my turn in Winterkinz, so I’ll try to respond soon!

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          Hiya, Taffy! It’s fine! =) I get late replies ALL OF THE TIME. Yeah, that’s fine! Yeah, you should add more. Tundra can totally come in! Could Brooke, Firestar, and Tall Shadow possibly come, too? I know, I shouldn’t ask you about pets. COUGH COUGH. Tundra has a personality. You may bring as many pets as you want!

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            Hi, MLP– ah, thanks! Man, though, I’m so sorry that I still haven’t replied to Winterkinz yet ;-; I haven’t forgotten about it, per se, but with everything going on, it’s been kinda hard for me to work on any roleplay replies XP I haven’t even finished the one I’ve been working on for me and moonie’s Avengekinz, and I’ve been at it for several weeks! I’ll try to respond sometime today, maybe even this morning! Anyhoo, thanks for letting me know! :) In that case, I’ll probably add a few more, then. Just not too many, otherwise I might have some difficulties XD Hm, yeah, sure! I think I could use Tall Shadow and Brooke, if you want =] Ah man, it would be awesome to use Firestar for once, but in afraid I won’t be able to add him this time around… >.< He does have a personality, but it's not too developed yet, and I kinda wanna wait until he has more until I use him on here. If I come up with enough stuff, though, maybe I could use him in one of your future roleplays?…

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              … Hope you don’t mind! Oh hahah, yeah, she does XD I was just sayin’ that her personality isn’t super developed, like Firestar’s (compared to Pikachu and pals, Tundra is as lifeless as a soggy sandwich) But, she has enough to the point where I think I can use her, so as long as I don’t have any trouble coming up with a good entrance for her, I’ll go ahead and use Tundra :) (if I have a hard time, however, I’ll just stick to Tall, Brooke, Pikachu, Harper, and Starlight) Okay, thanks! ^-^ (Man, if only I wasn’t so busy… I would’ve loved to have added a couple more! Although, knowing myself, if I add too many characters, it’s going to take me even longer to reply to this roleplay, and I certainly don’t want that o_0 )

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              … Would that be okay? Oh, haha, I know XD Tundra does have a personality, but I was just sayin’ that hers isn’t too developed, like Firestar’s (compared to Pikachu and pals, Tundra is as lifeless as a soggy sandwich) However, I think she has enough personality to the point where I can use her in your roleplay :) How about this? If I’m able to find a good entrance for Tundra, as well as things for her to do and say in my first reply, I’ll add her to Winterkinz! But, if I have difficulties coming up with things for her, I’ll just stick to Brooke, Tall Shadow, Starlight, Pikachu, and Harper. How does that sound? Ah, and thanks, MLP! ^-^ Man, it would be so cool to add a couple more! Although, I’m kinda wary of adding too many, otherwise it might take me even longer to reply to your roleplay in the future, and I certainly don’t want that to happen! o_o

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              Whoops! I accidentally submitted my second comment twice, ahah XP I didn’t think the first one went through, hence the reason why I typed it up again. Oh well…

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        Hi, MLP! Gah, I can’t believe I never posted what characters I’ll be using in Winterkinz’! XP I kinda decided awhile ago, but I guess I just forgot to post them…? I’m sorry about that!! >.< Anyway, I think I'll use James (male Signature Siberian Husky), Lightning (male Signature Cougar), Olaf (male Signature Penguin), Buddy Arthur (male Minty Moose), Eddie (male Snow Cap Ferret), and Snowflurry (female Winter Fawn). Would that be okay? If you want me to use less characters, or to switch any out or anything, just let me know! Sorry again for the super late reply, and I'll try to reply to the actual roleplay really soon!!

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      @TaffyKitty12, hello! Agh, I’m so sorry! I was a bit stressed when I was writing it, and I’m SOOO sorry for mixing up your characters! Well, you don’t need to have the adult kinz’ quite over the age of 18. You may have your teen kinz’ be with the younger ones. Sure! You may add them! (For fun, you could add Pikachu for trick or treating because he loves candy!) I don’t mind who you use. You have use some of your teens for trick or treating, and some for just hanging around at the harvest party. Plus there’s a haunted house, MWUAHAHAHA!!! You may also use some for door knocking, if you want! =) Or maybe you could use some of your kinz’ parents?

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