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      I have no idea. LOL! But I really want a new penguin. I would call it the 10 Year Penguin. It’s 10 years!

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        Hiya! Welp I’m not gonna begin it today, but… here will be the thread for my new vacation roleplay! ;D I can’t really think of a good, creative name for this one (hard to use alliteration when there’s a “v” involved =P ), so I might actually just call this one “the Vacation Roleplay”, haha ;P I mean, I guess it’s not the worst name ever, but if you guys think of something better, please let me know! I’m kinda burnt on roleplay names so… ,XD Anyhoo, I’ll be starting the roleplay on Monday, and will post the character list down below sometime soon! =]

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          Here’s the list of characters that are being used, as well as the order in which we go in! If you notice any mistakes (ex. if I listed the wrong character for you, the wrong species for a character, etc.) please let me know!:
          Me [@TaffyKitty12]: Pikachu (boy fennec fox), Kovu (boy signature lion with cerulean scar over left eye), Leopardstar (girl ocelot with black star-shaped marking over left eye), Clint (boy black labrador), Cassandra (girl pegasus)
          @ilovemoonie: Bucky (boy signature lynx), Loki (boy signature tuxedo cat), Lightning (boy signature cougar), Olaf (boy signature penguin), Sadie (girl signature dachshund)
          @_emiemiemiemiemi_: Candy (girl jellybean puppy), Tanner (boy signature snow leopard) [If you decide to use Olivia or Taylor, emi, lemme know in your post! :) ]
          @MyLittlePony2010EG13: Pinkie Pie (girl spring shepherd), Lyric (girl black lab), Kailie (girl husky), Starlight Glimmer (girl pink ribbon unicorn), Honda Wingflight (MLP’s pegasus kinzsona; you still wanted to use her, right?)
          @EmilyCuteHeart: Finn (boy shark), Beardo (boy schnauzer), Barbara (girl manatee), Sterling (boy king schnauzer)

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            ~~~~ Phone charger? Check. Burger King coupons? Check. Processed kids’ juice pouch product? Check. Mane conditioner? Check!
            Kovu went through his mental checklist one last time, then, satisfied, he zipped up his suitcase and backpack and strutted out of his bedroom. Today was no ordinary day. It was the day he had been waiting for all week; a special day he couldn’t believe was already here!
            Blissfully, he remembered the letter he got last Friday, in regards to the contest he participated in a couple months ago during Kinzville’s “Summer Spectacular” celebration. His ticket number, #2745, was chosen in a random raffle, and he–yes he– had won the grand prize: an all-expense-paid-for vacation! Kovu recalled his excitement… the way he gloated in front of Cooper and Beck (his border terrier and pom pom kitty pals, respectively), and how he sheepishly told Ava that his ticket was the winning one. Of course, he felt kind of bad about the way he bragged now, but he did feel good about his instincts, which told him to buy his own ticket instead of sharing one with his friends…

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              ~2~ … Besides, it would be nice to finally go on a vacation by himself…
              Opening the front door, he waved goodbye to his friends. Ava, who was sitting on a chair reading The Complete History of French Impressionism: the 12th Revised Edition, peeked her muzzle over the book. “Hope you have fun, Kovu!”, she piped.
              “Heh, thanks…”, he mumbled, grinning. “Maybe… I can send you some pictures, or whatever…”
              Feeling somewhat shy, he quickly bid his friends one last “adieu” and headed out the doorway, where his sight was greeted by a tall, sleek, gray and blue bus. Standing by the door was a friendly-looking hippo with a small gap between his teeth.
              “Are you Mr. Kovu Kiburi?”, he inquired with a chipper smile.
              “Yes, I am!”, he confirmed proudly.
              The hippo nodded his head, which was topped with an official-looking cap. “Good, good! I’m Humphrey Hippo, your driver for this trip. Nice to meet yah!” He grabbed Kovu’s paw and gave a most enthusiastic handshake. “Come aboard, young fella! I’ll go ahead and stow away your suitcase for yah…”
              “Uh, thanks…?”, replied Kovu. Humphrey seemed nice enough…

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              ~3~ … but maybe a little too energetic. “So, can I go ahead and take a seat just anywhere?”
              Humphrey looked up from his clipboard. “Oh, yup! Yah sure can! Just eh, mind the other passengers”, he said, still smiling.
              Kovu flexed his brow. Suddenly, he felt uneasy. “Other… passengers? What– is this even the right bus??!”
              The hippo slapped his forehead with a chuckle. “Sorry, youngster! I forgot to say, but you weren’t the only winner, it would appear.”
              Kovu frowned. “But, wasn’t there only supposed to be one?”
              Humphrey glanced up at the sky. “Mm yeah there was, but yah see, it turns out that there were actually numerous tickets with the number 2745. A mistake, they said… an error in printing, yup. They mistakenly made multiple copies of each number, including your own. But our travel company isn’t gonna disappoint anyone, mistake or not!” He must’ve sensed Kovu’s disappointment, because he then added: “Don’t yah worry now, you’ll still get a full vacation just like we promised! You’ll just be sharing it with some other ‘kinz, that’s all.”
              “O-okay…?” Kovu gulped…

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              ~4~ … feeling quite unsure of himself. He was not fond of the fact that he had to share his vacation with other pets. But, a free vacation was still a free vacation. Hoisting his pack into his shoulders, he slowly approached the open door, his feet heavy with every step. His heart began to quicken. Who were the other pets going to be? And what if Bob was on the bus? No, Kovu couldn’t even bear the thought of being on vacation with Bob, the 13-year-old kid who bullied him whenever he got the chance. Sure he may have been five years younger than Kovu, but Bob was scary. Besides the fact that he was somehow a full foot and a half taller than Kovu.
              Flattening his ears, he took a step onto the bus… and found it to be all but empty, save for a curious little creature who sat in the far back. He was a fairly short fennec fox dressed in red attire, who held a half-eaten cookie in one paw. Yup, definitely not Bob.
              Kovu breathed a sigh of relief, then looked…

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              ~5~ … around at the interior. The bus was indeed a nice one: it was long, had a tall ceiling, and had numerous air-conditioning units. From where he stood, Kovu could make out ten rows, which were divided right in the middle to make room for the wide aisle. On each side of the bus were ten “booths”, which looked like they could seat about two pets each. And, on the back of each seat were two little TV screens. Pretty fancy, thought Kovu.
              The lion decided to plop himself down in the second booth on the right side, and preceded to lean his heavy head against the window. He was almost content, until…
              “Hi, I’m Pikachu!!”
              Startled, Kovu fell sideways onto the seat. He looked up to see a small, grinning face with bright turquoise eyes. It was the fox from earlier. “What’s your name?”, asked the critter.
              “Are you one of the winners, too?”
              “Er, yeah…?”
              “Cool! I can’t wait for this vacation to start! It seems like it’ll be so fun! I brought so much stuff too, including that ol’ karaoke machine I have in the back, see?…

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              ~6~ … So, if you hear some singing, it’s probably me!”, he laughed.
              Kovu gave a forceful smile in return. “Hah, yeah… that’s funny”, he said, warily rubbing a paw down his cheek. Something told him this was going to be a long vacation…
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              “Come on, we don’t want to be late!”
              “Yeah, yeah, I’m hurrying as quick as I can”, huffed Clint, who threw a couple more bottles of milk into the cooler. He had spent all morning packing with his friend, Cassandra, and he was beat! Panting, he staggered a step backwards, then looked behind him. Natasha stood some distance off, curiously watching the pair as they packed.
              “Are you sure you two don’t need any help?”, she asked.
              “Nah, we’re all good. Right, Cassie?”
              Cassandra swooped down to meet Clint, her purple wings still flittering. “Yeah, I think we’re good. Thanks, though, Natasha!”
              Natasha nodded in reply, then continued to look at Clint.
              Somehow, Clint felt that his best friend was a teensy bit jealous of the fact that the ticket she shared with him wasn’t the winning one. When he went to the festival last month, he

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              … tickets: one to share with Natasha, and the other with his new friend, Cassandra. Needless to say, he and Cassie had the winning ticket, #2745.
              Ever since, Natasha had been bugging him about the trip, asking whether or not he needed this or that.
              Clint cast a glance over his shoulder. “Nat, if you’re jealous, why dontchya just come out and tell me”, he muttered.
              She tilted her head and raised her brow. “I’m not jealous. I don’t even know what would make you think that. Matter of fact, I’m happy for you.” Bluntly, she added, “You should stop being so presumptuous.”
              Clint shrugged. Maybe she was right.
              But whether or not she was didn’t matter now, because the bus just pulled up in front of his house. Looking out the window, Clint grabbed the handle of suitcase, hurriedly strapped on his quiver, and gave Natasha a quick hug. “Gotta go now. Catch ya later, Nat!”
              As he ran out of the room, Cassandra flew in front of him, carrying the cooler.
              “Geez Luis, Clint, what did you even put in here?”, she grunted. The weight of the cooler started to…

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              (Sorry, forgot to number the last post! ‘^^ That was supposed to be #7, and this is #8)
              … to pull her down some, to the point where she slowly flapped above Clint’s head.
              “I already told ya: thirteen bottles of milk, ten sandwiches, and a gallon of water.”
              “I don’t really think all that was necessary”, she puffed. “I thought the vacation company was going to pay for our meals?”
              Clint waved his hand in a quick dismissal. “Eh, they may, but what if we’re thirsty on the trip? Or are hungry for a snack?”
              Cassandra titled her head. “I guess you have a point.” With that, the pegasus dove down to the door handle, and pulled it open.
              The two friends rushed outside, and found not a limousine or a van, but a gigantic bus, waiting for them.
              “Huh. That’s weird…”, remarked Clint, scratching behind his ear.
              “Maybe we got an upgrade?”, suggested Cassandra. “That bus could easily hold a few dozen ‘kinz.”
              Clint nudged her hooves. “Heh, if that’s the case, imagine all the room we’ll have!”
              “Well, well”, came a sudden voice from the side…

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              ~9~ … “I take it you’re Clint Hawkins and Miss…. Cassandra?”
              The labrador whipped his head around, and saw a rather happy hippo holding a clipboard. He was dressed in a somewhat tattered shirt and tie, but had a cap on his head.
              Clint opened his mouth to reply, but the hippo continued to talk: “My name is Humphrey, and I’ll be your driver for this trip! I’ll take your suitcase”, he said, pulling away Clint’s luggage from his paws. “Why don’t yah go inside and make yourselves at home? There are other passengers waitin’– appears you two aren’t the only winners!”, he laughed.
              Cassandra gazed down at Clint, her dark magenta eyes meeting his dull blue ones.
              “I thought there was only one winning ticket?”
              “Ah yes, yes, it was supposed to be just one. But to save you all the trouble, I’ll just say it’s a long story”, explained Humphrey, still grinning. “No worries now, your vacation will still be just as wonderful, I guarantee!”
              Clint and Cassandra stared at each other before giving a simultaneous shrug.
              “Eh, what the heck? Can’t beat a free vacation, heh”, said…

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              ~10~ … Clint. He hopped onto the bus’s steps, bow in one hand. He motioned for Cassandra to come, and she followed… still panting from the effort of carrying Clint’s cooler.
              The bus was pretty empty when they peeked inside: there was only Pikachu (who sat in the last booth on the left) and an unfamiliar lion with a ruffled mane, torn ear, and a cerulean scar over his left eye. He noticed Clint and Cassandra, but looked down immediately, as if he wanted to avoid eye contact.
              But Clint just shrugged it off. Cassandra and him walked down the aisle, until they found a good booth near the back of the bus, on the right side. Behind them was an empty row, and behindthat row sat Pikachu, who waved “hello” to Clint and Cassie.
              Clint didn’t know Pikachu that well, but he seemed alright. Nice enough, but annoying, at times.
              “That’s funny”, remarked Cassandra. “I thought you’d be more upset about having to share our vacation, nay?”
              Clint flicked his hand. “Eh, it’s not that bad.” He folded his arms beneath his head and crossed one leg over the other….

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              ~11~ … “There are only a few other people here.” Playfully, he added, “And ya know no one says ‘nay’ anymore, right? That’s old stuff, man.”
              Pretending to be offended, Cassandra sat up straight, crossing her arms. “Old? It’s not old– it’s sophisticated! You, sir, are ruining the king’s English!”
              The two looked at each for a moment and broke into hysterical laughter.
              Clint smiled. Sure, finding out that there were other winners may have a little bit of a setback, but he wouldn’t let the small mishap ruin his vacation. After all, what was the worst that could happen?
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Leopardstar hurriedly packed a bottle of sunscreen and a sun hat into her stylish new turquoise-colored crossbody bag before carefully zipping it up. She, like many others, decided to enter the vacation raffle during Kinzville’s summer festival, and–much to her delight– her ticket was the winning one! She could not wait to kick back and relax on a nice vacation… with no one around to bug her!
              The ocelot flung the bag over her shoulder and strutted to the doorway…

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              ~12~ … Trailing her was a small suitcase, which held a few books and some fancy attire. With a grin, she opened up her front door… and came face to face with a rather large bus.
              Leopardstar narrowed her gaze. It almost looked like there were pets in the bus– but ah, her eyes had to be playing tricks on her! Everyone knew that there was only one winner of the raffle, unless you were to share a ticket with someone.
              In the distance stood a chipper hippo, scribbling away on a sheet of paper.
              “Excuse me?”, asked Leopardstar. “Is this the right bus?”
              The hippo gave a wide, gap-toothed grin. “Why yes it is, ma’am! Go right ahead on in!”
              Leopardstar raised a brow. “I thought the winner was supposed to travel by limousine or van, though. Why this gigantic thing?”
              “Oh, heh, yah see, ‘turns out there’s more than one winner!”, he cheerfully replied.
              “More than one?” Leopardstar frowned. “So much for a luxury vacation… “, she muttered.
              The hippo sighed. “I know, not what yah expected, but don’t be too disappointed! Everyone will still…

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              ~13~… Everyone will still have a wonderful time!”
              “Mm, sureee”, she said sarcastically. The ocelot shook her head and handed the hippo her suitcase. “Please be careful with that. I don’t want to lose any of my stuff.”
              “Don’t worry; yah can count on me, miss!”
              Leopardstar replied with a half-hearted “thanks” and cautiously boarded the bus. Looking around, she noticed that there four other animals, all sitting in different places. Near the front was a rather handsome lion, and at the very back was Pikachu, who was busy playing around with a small karaoke machine. Not too far from him sat a pegasus she didn’t know, as well as black labrador who looked vaguely familiar. Wasn’t his name “Flint” or something like that?
              Four other pets weren’t that bad, but given the amount of seats left, the driver must have anticipated having at least a dozen more vacationers.
              Flaring her nostrils, Leopardstar trudged to the seat behind the lion and sat down, hoping that the feline’s big, fluffy mane would cover her from the view….

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              ~14~ … She grabbed a short novella from her crossbody bag and shoved it in front of her face– so close that her muzzle almost touched the inner binding. Leopardstar wasn’t actually planning on reading, no; she just wanted to hide her terribly disappointed face.
              Would it have been that big of a bother for them to let us all know about this beforehand? Honestly…
              She gave a sigh of resignation. There was nothing she could do about it now.
              A moment later, the hippo climbed up the stairs, and faced the small group of winning Webkinz.
              “Alrighty, just got some more houses to stop at, and we’ll be on our way!”, he exclaimed.
              Pikachu began clapping, and the pegasus and lab murmured to each other. Leopardstar thought she heard the lion in front of her mutter something under his breath, but she couldn’t make it out.
              Despite the overall lack of enthusiasm, the hippo gave everyone a ginormous grin and sat in his seat. Before he pulled away, however, he said one last thing that made Leopardstar’s fur crawl… “Remember, once yah choose your seat, there’s no switchin’!”…

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              ~15~ … Her amber eyes grew large, and she quickly pulled the book even closer to her face. She could think of at least 35 ‘kinz that she did NOT want to sit by… one of prominent being a particular feline who was notorious for pestering Tall Shadow at parties and gatherings.
              Ah, but what were the chances of that ever happening? Probably next to none, but still, the very thought itself was unnerving.
              Leopardstar leaned back, cringed, and tried to put the unpleasant hypothetical scenario out of her mind…
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              (Alrighty, fellas, I hope my starting reply was okay! Good gravy, sorry it was so long, though! DX Trust me, I am never doing a reply that long again in this roleplay, ahah. But, I guess starting replies are always kinda long when I do ‘em, eheheh ‘^^ No worries– my next responses will certainly be a lot shorter!
              Also, I recommend you guys do not make your first replies as long as mine XD [not like you'd want to anyway pfffft] By the way, feel free to use the hippo guy! I know your guys’ characters need an explanation as to…

            • #2035507


              … why they’re sharing their vacation with other people, so please… use Humphrey if it makes it easier for you! As long as you stick to his eager, chipper personality, I’m fine with whatever you make him say XD [Or you can just do something like "Character 1 and Character 2 approached the driver, who told them that they weren't the only winners"] Whatever works bet! =]
              Oh, and you may have noticed the little thing with the seats that I mentioned in the second to last reply. When you do your starting replies, careful who ya make your Webkinz sit next to or near, ’cause chances are that they will be stuck there for most of the roleplay XD
              I did that to make things a little more “exciting” during the bus parts [because, chances are, two unlike pets will be next to one another], and so that I can keep track of where everyone is, heheh. So, when you respond to this roleplay, please describe where your characters are sitting, and who they are next to (if they decide to sit by anyone at all!))

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              [Oof and it looks like the ending of number 6 got cut off, ay :P It was supposed to say "he had bought two tickets"]
              (Also, forgot to mention, but if there are already two pets sharing one seat, please don’t make your character sit there XD They are only meant to hold two, not three! Besides, it would ought to be uncomfortable if three pets shared a seat, ha :P Listen, I’m totally fine with these characters being unhappy or agitated, but I don’t want to see anyone’s pet be smushed like a pancake XDD )

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              (Oh darn, reading through this I noticed that I made some typos.. whoops! :P Honestly, it happens every time ‘^^ I know there are more than these two, but I just wanted to quickly clarify that I meant to say “one of the most prominent”, not “one of prominent” in my last reply, as well as “the handle of his suitcase”, not the “handle of suitcase” in my 7th reply. Anything else that doesn’t look right, well… that’s probably because it isn’t right XD I need to work on my proofreading, ha =P )

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              ~1~~ Where is it? I’m sure I put it in here already…unless…did I leave it in my suitcase? No, I don’t think so…where could it be? Bucky the lynx straightened up from the bag he had been bending over, and came face to face with a stuffed teddy bear, which was sitting on top of his dresser. He jumped backward slightly and almost tripped over his suitcase, thinking for an instant that it was the face of an actual animal. Then he muttered, “Oh, here it is”, snatched the teddy bear off the dresser, and stuffed it into his bag. He had considered stowing it in his suitcase instead, so that there was no chance of anyone discovering it, (he didn’t want anyone to know about his secret fondness for teddy bears, after all; at least, anyone who didn’t already know), but eventually decided against it; after all, it wasn’t like anyone else was going to be on his trip with him, so what did it matter? Satisfied with this thought, he slung his relatively small bag over his shoulder and exited the room, his suitcase rolling along behind him. …

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              ~2~ … Bucky had mixed feelings about the vacation he was about to go on. On one hand, it would be nice to get away from his roommates and spend some time alone for once, but on the other hand…vacations were not really his thing. He remembered vividly the day he had found out that he had gotten the winning ticket in the contest Steve and Sebastian had convinced him to enter, remembered how he had tried to get one of them to take it instead, but both of them had insisted that a vacation would do him some good. He supposed they did have a point, but still, that didn’t stop him from half-dreading the vacation as it drew nearer.
              And now, the day had arrived. Bucky left his apartment, walked down the flight of stairs outside, and arrived in the parking lot a moment later, where he was greeted by the sight of a large gray and blue bus. Bucky stopped in his tracks. What the…? Why do they have such a large bus for only one person? Cautiously, Bucky approached it. Standing just outside the bus…

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              ~3~ …was a cheerful-looking hippo wearing a cap and a rather tattered-looking shirt and tie.
              “Uh…is this the right bus for the vacation…?” Bucky asked.
              “Yes, it sure is!” the hippo replied with a grin. “My name is Humphrey, and I’ll be your driver for this trip! You can go right on in and make yourself at home!”
              “Okay…” Bucky said slowly, caught a bit off guard by the hippo’s enthusiasm. “But, uh…what’s the need for such a large bus if there’s only one winner of the vacation?”
              To Bucky’s horror, Humphrey explained to him that due to a printing mistake, Bucky was not the only winner of the raffle, as there were in fact multiple tickets with the winning number 2745. He assured Bucky, however, that the vacation would still be just as good, but this reassurance did not make Bucky feel any better. He couldn’t believe there were going to be other animals on the trip with him— why couldn’t they have told him sooner? That would’ve given him time to bail on the trip and give his ticket to someone else! But it was too late now. …

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              ~4~ … There was nothing he could do about it.
              Bucky warily boarded the bus, hoping against hope that everyone inside would be quiet, civilized animals with absolutely no desire to talk to him. But if he knew anything about anything, he knew that this was asking for too much. His mind flashed back to the time he had been forced to go on that road trip with Olaf, Sadie, and Loki, among others, and how horrible it had been. What if this trip was going to turn out just like that one? To his immense relief, however, when he boarded the bus he found that there were only five other passengers, and none of them seemed to be too loud or annoying. Of course, there were still a lot of empty seats; how many more animals were they going to be picking up? Bucky surveyed the bus, and eventually decided against sitting in an emptier section of it, in case some annoying animal not yet present decided to sit close to him. Instead, he chanced sitting in a row on the right side behind a black Labrador and pegasus who appeared to be friends…

            • #2036559


              ~5~ … (and therefore would hopefully not pay any mind to him). The only other animal close by was a fennec fox in the row behind him, who seemed quite preoccupied with some device that appeared to be a karaoke machine. It wasn’t until Bucky had settled into his seat that he realized who the fox was. He was the one who had planned that disastrous barbecue party! Wasn’t his name Pikachu, or something? But before Bucky could switch seats and move farther away from the fox, the bus lurched forward and drove off, causing Bucky to remain in his seat. I hope he won’t notice me, he thought, leaning his head against the window. This trip was off to a very bad start…
              Bucky gazed blankly out the window as it drove on, but when it came to a halt in front of another house a few minutes later, he jerked his head up and watched the door apprehensively, waiting to see who would enter. He thought he heard someone talking to the hippo outside, thought he heard a familiar voice, and then…
              “Hey, guys! Wow, this is such…

            • #2036563


              ~6~ …a cool bus! That nice hippo out there just told us that there was more than one winner of the raffle! Isn’t that so COOL? Now we can all go on vacation together and be buddies!”
              It was Olaf, who appeared to be speaking to the bus at large. And what’s more, Sadie the dachshund was standing right behind him! Bucky could not believe it. Olaf, Sadie, and Pikachu? This was a nightmare! He quickly looked away as Olaf and Sadie happily headed towards the back of the bus. They had almost passed him when Sadie happened to glance to the side, and next second she had bounded into his row and was wagging her tail so fast it felt as though someone had just turned on a fan.
              “BUCKY!” she exclaimed. “I’s no know you’s be here! Did you’s get winning ticket tooses? Dat so cool! Oohses, we’s should sit together!”
              “NO,” Bucky said loudly, horrified by the very idea. Thankfully, at that moment Olaf called Sadie over to where he was standing, and the dachshund gave Bucky an enormous grin before trotting off. Bucky was so relieved…

            • #2036567


              ~7~ …that he could’ve hugged Olaf! But of course, the very thought of doing so was almost as bad as the thought of sitting next to Sadie.
              Meanwhile, at the very back of the bus, Olaf had spotted another familiar face.
              “Oh hey, Pikachu!” He greeted happily. “I didn’t know you were here! That’s so cool that you got one of the winning tickets, too! This vacation is going to be so fun, don’t you think?” He paused as he noticed the machine that the fox had with him. “Hey, what’s that thing? It looks pretty cool! Anyway, let’s see…I’m not sure where to sit. Hey, would it be all right if I sat next to you, pal?”
              Sadie, meanwhile, had plopped down into one of the seats in the empty row across the aisle from Pikachu. Bucky turned around warily to glance at her, and Sadie caught sight of him and waved frantically, causing Bucky to whip back around again and pretend he hadn’t noticed her.
              The bus rolled on, but when it came to a stop again, Bucky did not even bother to watch the door and see who entered next. …

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              ~8~ … Whoever it was, he doubted they could be any worse than Olaf and Sadie…But when he finally looked up a moment later, he was shocked to see that the newest arrival was probably his third or fourth least favorite animal in the world: Loki.
              But Loki didn’t seem to have noticed him. He had stopped one row in front of him and begun to speak to the black Labrador sitting there.
              “Well, well, look who we have here,” Loki sneered, smirking contemptuously at the black lab. “If it isn’t Clint, the delusional cucumber-hater. It’s been awhile. What have you been up to lately, harassing people in the park for owning a certain fruit or vegetable?” Loki paused, eyeing with mild surprise the pegasus sitting next to Clint. “And who’s this? A friend of yours? Oh great, you’re here too,” he added, noticing Bucky for the first time, but the lynx did not respond, as he was too shocked by the realization that the black Labrador in front of him was none other than Clint. He been so focused on Pikachu that he had not realized that someone far worse was sitting…

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              ~9~ …right in front of him! If Loki was one of Bucky’s very least favorite animals in the world, Clint was certainly not far behind. He said nothing to Clint, hoping he would be paying attention to Loki and not notice him. But no—now Loki had walked back to his own row! It’d be a miracle if Clint didn’t notice him now.
              “Mind if I sit here?” Loki asked Bucky in a tone of false politeness. “Oh, that’s right, I don’t care.” And he sat down.
              “Are you sure you want to sit by me?” Bucky asked grimly, flexing his metal arm.
              “I’m not afraid of you,” Loki said defiantly.
              “Yes you are,” Bucky retorted.
              Loki did not answer, but of course, not wanting to prove the lynx’s statement to be true, he remained firmly in his seat, which was not the result Bucky had been hoping for. Bucky sighed and scooted as far away from Loki as he could. Could this trip get any worse?
              Lightning was ecstatic. He had just finished packing his bags for what was sure to be the best vacation he had ever been on. Not only…

            • #2036573


              ~10~ …had it not costed him a penny, as he had been the lucky raffle winner in a contest he had entered awhile back, but he was also to be the only one on the trip. And that meant that there would be no one to boss him around, no one to tell him what he could and couldn’t do, and no one whatsoever to annoy him! He had bragged about it to his best friend James for days, claiming that he was the one lucky winner and that because he’d won, it meant that he was the better person out of the two of them.
              “The ticket has chosen, James,” he had said, but James had just rolled his eyes and muttered something about him being immature.
              But now, as Lightning prepared to leave, James stood outside with him to wish him farewell.
              “Bye, Lightning,” he said. “Have a fun time! And don’t do anything stupid.”
              “Ah, but that’s just the thing…you won’t be there to make sure I don’t!” Lightning said with a smirk. “So I can do whatever I please, and you’ll never even know!” Lightning paused to savor these words…

            • #2036575


              ~11~ …when suddenly a very large and tall bus pulled up in front of them.
              “Wow,” James said in awe, “they really put a lot of money into this…look at the size of that thing! Well, have fun, Lightning! See you!”
              Lightning wished him one last goodbye, then headed eagerly towards the front of the bus, thinking of all the room he would have, traveling on such a giant bus!
              There he was greeted by a cheery hippo, who introduced himself and explained that he would be the driver for the trip. Everything sounded perfect, and Lightning was about to board the bus when the hippo stopped him.
              “Oh, I almost forgot to tell yah…it turns out you’re not the only winner of the raffle!” he said, and Lightning stopped in his tracks. It was as though a huge weight had just crashed down on top of him. What did he mean he was not the only winner?!
              By the time the hippo finished explaining the unusual circumstances of the raffle, Lightning was feeling positively indignant. This wasn’t fair! He was supposed to be the winner, the one and only winner…

            • #2036577


              ~12~ …and now he had to share his trip with a bunch of strangers? Lightning entered the bus quite angrily, and glanced around. There were only about eight other animals present, but to his horror, he recognized five of them instantly: Olaf, Sadie, Bucky, Loki, and Pikachu! How could he have such bad luck? With the exception of Pikachu, who was sometimes all right and had invited him along to some pretty cool events before, he absolutely loathed these animals, and now he had to spend his whole vacation with them? The other three animals he did not recognize, but he doubted he’d like them much either. But just as he was about to trudge to some vacant row and sit down, thinking that nothing could possibly make this trip better, he noticed something he had not noticed before…there was another passenger he had completely overlooked: an ocelot half hidden behind the mane of the lion who sat in front of her. And not only was it an ocelot, but a female ocelot at that, and one that he knew! His spirits soaring, Lightning hurried up to her.
              “Hey, Leopardstar!” …

            • #2036579


              ~13~ … He greeted, with his best attempt at a charming smile. “Remember me, Lightning? We’ve met a couple of times before. That’s really awesome that you won the raffle, too! I wasn’t so sure how I felt about multiple winners at first, but ya know, if it brings us together again, I think it’s worth it, don’t you? Mind if I sit by you?” And without waiting for a response, Lightning sat down next to Leopardstar feeling that perhaps this vacation wouldn’t be so terrible after all.
              (Ah, I hope this reply was okay! Goodness gracious though, I’m so sorry for the length of my response!! XP I seriously didn’t intend to make it so long, but eh…I guess I got a bit carried away. =/ (And I was having a lot of fun typing it up, ahah :P ) I promise I will not make my responses this long again, though!! I know they were kinda supposed to be on the shorter side, so I really apologize for making this one so lengthy! >.< Also, hopefully it’s okay where I had all my characters sit, and I hope I used Humphrey…

            • #2036581


              …the hippo all right, too! I tried to use him sparingly, because I didn’t want to mess him up XD
              I can’t wait to roleplay with all of you guys again! ^-^ )

            • #2037477

              (1) Candy was still unsure if she should go on this vacation… It was just some vacation. Yes, she did enter the contest, but it was just to prove she could win! Which of course she did. No one would lose to Candy’s family when they entered contests. But, what if she regretted not going? Like, what if there was actually someone really cool and rich there? Or if she went somewhere she’d never been before? Candy sighed. Life was hard. These decisions should be made by her parents or someone else… of course they were gone though. As usual.
              Well, she didn’t have anything else to do anyway. And hey, she could always brag about it to her, um, friends! They were her friends, right? Yeah.
              Well Violet liked her. And she needn’t forget her fans on social media. She could certainly get some Kinztagram worthy pictures. She smirked and shrugged. She’d better get ready then. She hopped off her bed and pressed an intercom button nearby.
              “Dominic! Pack my suitcase. I have a vacation to go to.” …

            • #2037479

              (2) … ~
              She sat near the front windowsill, dressed in a short, chic, white and blue flowered dress and similarly blue cardigan, paired with white flats, a long silver necklace, plus glittery blue and white eye shadow and black mascara. She impatiently waited for the limo to come pick her up.
              “Is he gonna be here soon?”
              “Miss Candy, the limo is expected to be here in a minute,” said her loyal butler. Candy groaned.
              “He should step on it,” she mumbled impatiently as she tapped her claws on the seat. She watched cars pass by, but none of them looked worthy of carrying her and her ticket. Yet a bus rolled up next to their gate… odd.
              “Dominic, what is that bus doing at the end of our driveway?”
              “I do not know, Miss. I will see to it right away.”
              Candy watched as her butler quickly ran out to meet the busman, an overly energetic hippo with a little hat. What’s up with him? she thought. He seemed to smile a bit too much for her liking. She cringed. Talk about a weirdo… There seemed to be an argument, mostly on her butler’s side. …

            • #2037481

              (3) … Shortly after, he came rushing back to her.
              “What’s going on? Who is it?” Candy demanded details as the out of breath man returned.
              “Miss, I am so sorry! The busman says this the vehicle that you will be going in on your winning vacation. I implored for a better ride, knowing you’re distaste, but he simply cannot do it. There are many other winners they must taxi,” sighed the butler. Candy physically leaned back in horror.
              “A bus?” she cried.
              “Yes, Miss,” replied the deflated butler.
              Candy sat down, scowling. How could they make her ride such a thing as a common bus? Who do they think I am? Oliver Twist? She sighed. Yet she already everything ready to go. She even wore a special outfit, with the blue flowers that matched her eyes so well.
              “You said there are other winners?”
              “Yes, Miss. He didn’t say how many, but there were a few on the bus already.”
              And then Candy realized something. She was a genius. She knew exactly how to make this work. Pull the innocent card. ….

            • #2037483

              (4) … The poor, elegant, upper class girl, so unused to such conditions! To board a common, dirty old bus filled with loads of regular animals. Ohh yeah. Yes, this could be good. But only if she could pull it off correctly.
              Challenge accepted.
              “You know what, go tell that silly hippo I’m coming. And bring my suitcase.”
              “Miss? Are you sure?”
              “Of course! Now go do it!”
              She walked down their long driveway, cursing the sun for being hot and their driveway for stretching longer than the Sahara desert. “We should’ve come down in the limo,” she grumbled to herself. Her flushed butler walked alongside her with her baggage. She approached the bus hesitantly. Surprisingly, it didn’t look quite as bad from up close. Candy walked up the steps and peeked in. There were decent looking bus seats and TV screens down each row. She started to peruse the animals sitting in there, until that obnoxious hippo jumped in between her and her view. “Well hi there! Yah must be one of them rich Jellybean Dogs! Candy, is it? Winning number 2745?”
              Candy threw daggers with her eyes, annoyed with the interruption by the hyper hippo. …

            • #2037485

              (5) … “Yes. I’m Candy, the winner,” she said pridefully as she handed him her ticket.
              “Well come on in! I’m Humphrey, your driver. I suppose yer tuxedoed friend explained the situation.”
              “Yes,” she replied shortly.
              Candy shoved around the hippo, looking at her options. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.. not that one.. Oh my gosh, no. And then… a rather rough and handsome young lion. She smirked. Now wouldn’t he like it if I sat next to him? I mean, who wouldn’t like me sitting next to them, right? Something in the back of her mind seemed to prick at her thoughts and say “a lot of animals” but she ignored it. She approached his seat and fluttered her eyelashes at him. She was ready to sit down next to him, but he seemed utterly sick. She narrowed her eyes, and frowned. Okay…
              She flicked her ear and spun around. Fine. She didn’t want him throwing up on her.. That would be absolutely disgusting.
              I’ll sit in the row in front of him.

              She sat down, then turned to look at him again. He sure was shy.. but she could manage. ….

            • #2037487

              (6) …. She smiled at him, resting her arms overtop the seat.
              “Hello, lion. I’m Candy. Before you say anything, please tell me. Are you about to throw up?” She raised a skeptical brow. “Because that would be disgusting, and I’d rather move before you did.”
              Just then that hippo called out as the bus lurched forward, “Remember, no switchin’ seats!”
              Candy spun around, her blue eyes wide.
              “Um, what!?”
              That ridiculous hippo!
              Just minutes later, Candy was surprised to see a familiar snow leopard boarding the bus. Unfortunately, the familiar face was not a pleasant one. She eyed him as he walked past her and sat next to her lion friend. Her mouth dropped. How dare he steal his attention away from her! Her mouth formed a firm line and her eyes became slits, as she strained to hear what he was whispering to the young lion. She has a sneaking suspicion that it was about her.
              Tanner was excited for this mysterious vacation. He couldn’t believe he actually won that contest when he got the winning number. What were the chances? He’d never won anything. Well.. besides when he won games. But that was different. That was

            • #2037489

              (7) … His only misgiving about it was that he wouldn’t have anyone else with him to share his vacation. He sighed as he thought what fun it would’ve been to bring Taylor, Rory, or Violet. With a smile, he imagined how Rory would have either loved or hated it, depending on the type of vacation. Rory wasn’t a very social guy. Tanner only hoped he wouldn’t be lonely by himself on this vacation.
              He checked his watch. Shouldn’t that limo be here soon? He’d been sitting on the porch with his small suitcase. He didn’t pack much, but that was typical for him. Tanner didn’t like wearing clothes all that much, and only brought a few necessities; his toothbrush, shampoo, body spray, a soccer ball.. that sort of stuff.
              Tanner noticed a bus coming down the street and didn’t think much of it.. until it stopped in front of him. He stared, raising a brow with mild amusement. “Interesting…” Tanner stood and walked up to it. “Uh.. hello?”
              A spunky hippo hopped off the driver’s seat and turned to him with a grin.
              “Heyah, there! Tanner sir?”
              “Uh, yeah?” Tanner replied slowly. ….

            • #2037491

              (8)… The hippo’s grin widened. “Ho! I’m Humphrey Hippo, your driver, and you’re one of the winners to that vacation contest, now aren’t yah? Ticket number 2745?”
              “Oh, yes, that’s me!” Tanner nodded, happy to have found his ride. But something the hippo said gave him pause. “Wait, did you say ‘one of the winners’?”
              “Why, yes, sir!” The hippo chuckled. “Apologies, but there were multiple winning tickets. Don’t yah mind one bit though! It’ll be just as great of a vacation as ever!”
              Now that he mentioned it, he did hear light chatter coming from the bus. Other winners… sick, dude! He wouldn’t have to be alone after all!
              Tanner smiled. “No worries! Sounds great!” He grabbed his small amount of baggage and walked onto the bus after handing Humphrey the ticket. He tipped an imaginary hat at the hippo and was rewarded with another chuckle. What a nice guy, Tanner thought.
              There were ten rows of seats. He noticed Pikachu.. Bucky… Lightning. Oh boy. Those guys were pretty–
              His jaw dropped. Why did she have to be here too? Like, seriously, why? She had enough money to go on vacations whenever she wanted! ….

            • #2037493

              (9) …. She was the one that always bragged about them. Why did she even waste her time and someone else’s chance at a ticket for herself? Tanner’s eyes narrowed when their eyes met. He looked away and saw a lot of other animals he didn’t recognize. Then his eyes settled on a lion, sitting alone, behind Candy. He reminded him of Rory, besides a scar on his face. Tanner assumed this lion was shy and that that was why he was sitting alone. Like Rory would. He decided he would sit down next to him and be friendly to the guy. The poor lion.. sitting close to both Lightning and Candy. He strode to the lion with a smile, ignoring Candy when she stared.
              He sat down immediately. “You don’t mind if I sit here, right? I’ll help you deal with Candy,” he whispered the last part. “I know her. She’s the worst..” He shook his head and glanced back at Candy, who continued to glare at him.

            • #2037495

              (Hey, hope you liked my first reply! It was way longer than I expected XD Probably the longest reply I’ve ever done or something… Don’t worry, my replies will be much shorter after this! Anyway, Taffy, I hope you don’t mind that I said Kovu looked sick upon seeing Candy! I didn’t know how to make her go up to him without some slight response, or reason for her to sit in front of him. I figured he would probably be a bit shy or upset when a girl tried to sit next to him anyway, so it wasn’t unlikely for her to think he looked “sick.” And I tried to use Humphrey the way I interpreted him, so hopefully that was all good too.. ‘^^)

            • #2038295

              (I can’t believe it, it’s FINALLY my turn!! I love the way the roleplay is going so far, guys! (And Taffy, I can’t wait to see Kovu’s reaction to Honda Wingflight and Kailie, haha! Maybe I should’ve added Commander Hurricane. That was there’d be like 5 people who Kovu thinks are better than him/are cool. XD) -1- It was early in the morning, and Kailie was still asleep. She was snoring and dreaming about Super Smash Bros Ultimate trophies dancing around her until… THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR, THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR, THIS SONG’S GONNA GET STUCK INSIDE YOUR HE-EAD! her electric guitar alarm clock blared and she was trying to smash the snooze button, but it was in the back. “UGH!” Kailie said turning it off and getting up. “I thought I had the alarm clock set to the song The 5th of July by Owl City…”. Kailie shrugged and got out of bed and quickly changed into a T-Shirt and jeans along with a belt and put on her snapback that said…

            • #2038297

              … -2- “Cinematic~ Be Brave” on it. After she put her snapback on, she debated on which pair of sunglasses should she wear. The cool black ones or the Rockstar Sunglasses? she thought to herself. “Duh!! The Rockstar Sunglasses of course!” she said out loud. Then she had to pick which jacket/hoodie to wear. (I sound like an idiot describing all of these as if I were a little kid or someone not knowing how to type. XD) “Let’s see… should I wear my Fire Emblem Lucina and Marth Hoodie? Or should I wear my Owl City Be Brave Ain’t Life Beautiful And Strange Hoodie? No wait– The leather jacket should do. Then again, it’s hot outside and I hate the hot weather! No, never mind. I’ll just wear my True North jacket. Wait, never mind. It’s not humid out, so I guess I’ll wear the leather jacket.” Kailie said, talking to herself. Y-Y-You got a vacation toda-ay. All all paid expense one that won’t ro-ot away. So you might your toothbrush or two, or grab some Halloween decorations that say… -2-

            • #2038299

              -3- … . All all paid expense one that won’t ro-ot away. So you might your toothbrush or two, or grab some Halloween decorations that say “Boo!!”! A manatee, a lucid dream, you gotta pack stuff from A-Z! her phone sang and rapped. “What? OH!! Today’s that vacations thing for that ticket me an Lyric won. Ticket #2745, wasn’t it? Ah, crap! I’ll be late!” Kailie said , rushing. She grabbed her invisible backpack she named ‘Invisible’ and packed everything she needed including her Nintendo 3DS, her Tablet, her camera, her phone(in her pocket, anyways) her movie player with some movies(Okay, a lot), some clothes, her laptop, her toothbrush + toothpaste, and a bunch of other stuff. And last but not least, her … her electric guitar, Shredward, whom she gave a punny name but nicknames him “Shredster”. “Alrighty, I have everything!” Kailie said racing outside and jumping into her 2019 Stingray Corvette and zooming off to Lyric’s place.
              …. -3-

            • #2038301

              -4- ~~~~~~ “Okay, are you sure you’ve got everything?” Kyroashi asked his younger sister, Lyric. “Yeahp, I’m good!” Lyric said holding her dufflebag and suitcase. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come along?” Kyroashi asked. “We’re fine!” Kailie said heading towards the door. “Just text us if you need anything, and be sure to send postcards once you get to Kinzwaii or wherever you guys are going!” Kyroashi called back. “Us?” Shadow, Lyric’s other older brother questioned. “Yes…?” Kyroashi said. “I didn’t know I had to be forced to get a postcard, too. Postcards are for babies and nobody needs them. They’re just a waste of money.” Shadow said back. He was always a grumpy-serious lab, but he secretly wanted that postcard. “Annnnnyways, we really should get going. See ya, Kyros and Shadows!” Kailie said opening the door and leaving. “Yeah, bye!” Lyric said racing towards Kailie. Kyroashi waved and Shadow was like, “Hmph. Fine.”. “Hey wait for me!” Lyric said rushing out of her house to follow Kailie … -4-

            • #2038309

              ~5~ “Come on, Lyrs! Last on there is a rusted Iron Man! Er, dog..” Kailie said. “I’m coming!” Lyric said, finally catching up to Kailie. “Uhh… is it me or does that thing look huge? Why is the bus 20x it’s normal size?” Kailie asked. “You’re right, it is pretty big, but I take it that they’ll need a big one since you hauled your electric guitar and it’s–” “His, you mean,” Kailie corrected. “His. And his case.” Lyric said smiling. She personally thought that it was ridiculous that Kailie named her electric guitar, which was a Schecter (One of the cool brands. Probably like the Diamond, Research Omen Extreme 6, Gellraiser, or a Deluxe electric guitar. She has like 20 of them (Different brands and types)) Shredward and made it a “he”. But she kept her thoughts silent because she herself has a Roland AX Edge Keytar named Trans Silent. As Kailie and Lyric got on the bus, she met this hippo. “Ho, ho, ho! Hullo, I am Humphrey Hippo! I am your driver for your won-vacation. Your tix are #2745, right?” the driver asked. “Yup, that’s us.” Kailie…

            • #2038313

              -7- Kailie thought to herself. “Should I take your guitar case?” the hippo offered. “No thanks. I’d like to keep him with me.” Kailie replied back, slightly smiling because the hippo didn’t notice her invisible backpack, Invisible. “Here, you can take mine. I have my phone and leather crossbody bag purse thing with me, so you can take my dufflebag and suitcase.” Lyric said giving her stuff to the hippo guy. As she turned around, she saw… Clint??? He was with his pegasus friend, Cassandra, too. She smiled at him, but then frowned looking at his enemies, Bucky and Loki. She said, “Hi, Cassandra! Hi, Clint! How are you? I feel sorry about Loki and Bucky being right behind you, but don’t worry– if Loki starts doing some cumbersome– I mean, some bad mischief, let me know and I’ll stick up for you.” Lyric said smiling at Clint and Cassandra. She sat right in front on them, specifically Cassandra, and relaxed. Kailie on the other hoof, stared awkwardly at everyone. She couldn’t believe that Lightning was there, and she…

            • #2038315

              -8- … especially didn’t want to believe that he was sitting right by Leopardstar. She decided to say something to him. “Oh hi, Lightning. Why are you here? Oh never mind. Let me guess. You won the vacation thing, too, right? Well that’s just sad that you won and James didn’t. You didn’t rub it in his face did you? Well, don’t throw spit wads at me and don’t play dumb with Leopardstar. I’m gonna keep my eyes on you.” Kailie said trying not to be mean to Lightning, sitting in front of him putting her invisible backpack beside her. (CuteHeart, one of your pets needs to sit by Kailie and be like, “Oh, I didn’t see that!” XD) and her electric guitar to the wall of the bus near the seat right beside her which was a window seat.
              ~~~ “Here’s the list that you need for the trip. It’ll tell you how to make friends with the easy, how to make friends with the hard, how to deal with awkward situations, how to act when someone gives a sarcastic or a bad remark, how to reply if someone…

            • #2038317

              -9- … proposes to you–” “What?” Starlight exclaimed. “I’m not finished yet.” Twilight Sparkle replied. “How to deal with the annoying pets, how to deal with the babies, how to deal with the driver, how to deal with the maids, how to deal with bullies, how to–” Twilight, I get your point. But do I really need this? I’m an expert now and–” “Yeah, Princess. The Amazing Starlight Glimmer doesn’t need some fancy paper with ink on it to prove that she’s worthy. It’s your job as the Princess of Friendship to give freedom to your student and this is what you’re doing– but forget the list.” Trixie Lulamoon said. Twilight sighed. “I know, but just take it with you anyways.”, Twilight said magically putting the scroll into Starlight’s backpack. “Thanks!” Starlight said. “You guys ready?” She asked Pinkie Pie and Honda Winflight. “Ready!” both of them said. “See ya, and don’t forget to write!!” Rainbow Dash said brohoofing Honda Winglfight. “Definitely.” she replied. “Pack LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of deodorant!” Honda’s dad said. … -9-

            • #2038323

              -10- “Yeah, yeah. I got it. And I got my violin, too!” Honda said. “You guys are so lucky to have won the raffle!” Sope Rockshredder said. “Wish I would’ve entered. “Ha! But now, I, the Speed King–” “You’re a girl though.” Sope said. “Yeah… dudette that is.. will have a chance to do something that you’ve never done!” Honda said back. “You have done stuff I’ve never done. From obsessing over Owl City to talking about Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n 24/7 to loving rock bands and constantly complaining about how bad white chocolate smelling rice is– I don’t do that.” Sope replied. “Well, maybe the rock bands part…” “See? I toldja! Now I gotta fly or I’ll be late!!” Honda said, flying while Starlight and Pinkie Pie ran with her to the buss. “Bye!!” Everyone yelled.
              ~~~ As Starlight Glimmer, Pinkie Pie, and Honda Wingflight walked/jumped/flew to the bus, they were confused. “Uhhh… why’s it so huge?” Honda asked. … -10-

            • #2038325

              -10- … “I dunno, but this will be some heck of a party!!” Pinkie Pie said jumping onto the buss. “La, la la la la, la, laaaa!!!” she sang happily as she met a hippo named Humphrey hippo. She gladly gave him all 34 bags of hers filled with party stuff and food. She didn’t really pay attention to what he said about all of the other pets on the bus and there being more than one winning ticket, but she sure was happy. “HI, EVERYPONY- EVERYCREATURE!!! HOW ARE YOU?!?! WON’T THIS BE A FUN, FUN, FUN, FUN, FUNNNNN TRIP?!?! OOH, I’M SO HAPPY AND EXCITED THAT WE ALL CAN GO ON A VACATION TOGETHER!!! EEE!!!!! I BROUGHT SNACKS!!! HI KOVU, HI LEOPARDSTAR, HI CLINT, HI CASSANDRA, HI PIKACHU, HI BUCKY, HI LOKI, HI OLAF, HI SADIE, HI LIGHTNING, HI TANNER, HI CANDY, HI KAILIE, AND HI LYRIC!!” Pinkie Pie blurted out to everyone on the bus. (CuteHeart’s pets aren’t there yet and Pinkie didn’t count Starlight and Honda. Plus that’s just standard Pinkie Pie stuff. XD) …

            • #2038327

              -11- … She jumped all the way over and sat next to Pikachu. “HI PIKACHU, HOW ARE YOU?!?! HEY, I RHYMED!!! ISN’T THAT FUNNY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” Pinkie Pie yelled excited. “I’M SO HAPPY TO BE ON A BUS WITH ALL OF MY FRIENDS AND UNMET FRIENDS!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BESTEST WESTEST TRIPEST OF EVEREST!!!! YASSS!!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed. “Yeah, no. We get it, bro.” Kailie said looking back where Pinkie was sitting. Honda flew in, recognizing all of the pets even though most of them haven’t pet her. “Hullo! I am Humphrey Hippo and–” “Stop, I already know–” “No, there is no stop sign in here, but a print mistake became of order and now we have more than one winner!” Humphrey said. “Riiiight. Thanks for the warm welcome, Humphrey! I hope you have a swagalicious, fanatbulous, and victorious day, and ignore any rude remarks about the engine in this bus.” Honda said flying to the seating area. She looked around as the faces– Pinkie Pie- Happy, Kailie- the “What are you doing here?” look, …

            • #2043671

              ~1~ Stomping across the hallway, Sterling the King Schnauzer growled at his older brother. “You know, I’m old enough to be packing by myself,” he grumbled, arms crossed across his white chest. “I’m not 2.” “I know,” his grey-colored brother, Beardo, replied with an eyeroll. “I just don’t want you getting hurt.” “It’s a suitcase,” muttered the smaller dog as he ripped the luggage bag out of his brother’s paws. He angrily shut the suitcase, pulling back his paw in pain. He uttered a quick “ow” before running through the door and throwing his suitcase into the back of his brother’s van. “I told you to be careful,” Beardo stated as he walked over and removed Sterling’s luggage. “I also told you we’d be walking.” He pulled out his suitcase, slightly larger than Sterling’s, and began to walk away…

            • #2043673

              ~2~ (Sorry for cutting off your comment, MLP :/) …from the other dog. Sterling looked up and bolted after his brother, almost forgetting his suitcase. After a few moments, they arrived at a bus stop, Beardo pulling out his ticket labeled “2745″ and showing it to a hippo who greeted the two of them. They walked onto the bus and sat down by themselves, not recognizing any of the other Webkinz. “So… Why are there so many ‘kinz here?” Beardo inquired, looking around at everyone nervously. The hippo then informed him that there were multiple winning tickets, and the schnauzer sighed. Sterling, however, was overjoyed to see others were with him, prancing over to a fennec fox who seemed in a cheerful mood. “Hi, I’m Sterling!” the small canine shouted enthusiastically. Beardo glanced at him, thinking to himself that this would be the longest ride of his life. —- Finn…

            • #2043677

              ~4~ (Ahh, gosh, my replies just want to be out of order! Good thing I’m labelling them!) …their way to the bus stop, where they saw two schnauzers walking aboard the vehicle. Huh, thought Finn, I thought we were going to be alone. They sat down behind the two dogs they saw enter before then and spotted the other animals all huddled up inside. “Wow, you guys going on vacation, too?” asked the manatee, maintaining her friendly demeanor. She smiled at a black Labrador as she asked the question. Finn, not knowing what else to do, opened his stash of cookie treats and offered them to the other passengers, hoping to make some friends. “Apparently multiple ‘kinz won,” a schnauzer informed them. “We’re all stuck together. I’m Beardo.” The manatee and shark introduced themselves and turned up the music in their ears, preparing for the long journey ahead.

          • #2038311

            -6- … replied. “Yeah, that would be us.” Lyric pipped in. “Well, then. Miss Kailie–” “That’s Kailie, Officer Kailie, Kay, Eiliak the Awesome, or something, ANYTHING but “Miss Kailie”. Please don’t give me any lady-related terms.” Kailie said. “Not even Mister?” Humphrey asked. “I am a tomboy– but NO. Just Kailie is fine.” Kailie said back. “Well then, Kailie, you and Lyric can go sit in the back with the other winners.” the hippo replied. “Other winners?” Lyric questioned. “Ho yeah, I forgut to tell yah, there were more than just one winners. There was a misprint and more than just one ticket had been printed #2745.” Humphrey said. Kailie facepalmed herself looking around and recognizing some of the pets. Let’s see, there’s Bucky, wait- What was he doing here? Pikachu (of course), Lightning (What the heck was he doing there? Ughhhh…), Tanner(Sweet, at least he’s here. He’s a pretty cool dude), Leopardstar, and oh no— CLINT AND LOKI?? They HATE each other… this oughtta be interesting Kailie thought to herself. “Should I take your bags… -6-

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            • #2038329

              -13- Lyric- the “Oh, hello!” look, and she could go on and on and on and on about the faces she received. She decided to sit right next to Lyric(Which was in front of Clint. Taffy, ANOTHER PEGASUS. XD) and set her violin by her, leaning against the wall. “Hey, Lyric. What’s up?” She said. Starlight, on the other hand, was NOT happy about the news with the other people. Did Twilight know that there’d be other people here? Why the heck would she NOT tell me?!?! Oh well. That explains that list she gave me. Starlight thought to herself. She looked around and grinned at everyone. As she went through the aisle, her mane glistened and was all sparkly and glimmery. She decided to sit right across from some handsome, tall tuxedo cat who apparently wasn’t wearing a tuxedo. He was wearing a green cape. He was sitting behind some pegasus, which Starlight at first thought was Fluttershy, who was sitting behind Lyric. She looked at him and said, “Hi! I’m Starlight Glimmer! I wasn’t expecting anyone to be here, but my teacher…

            • #2038331

              -14- … Twilight Sparkle, and alicorn, asked me to make something for the trip and I did. I made cucumber sandwiches. Would you like one? And what’s your name? You have a very nice fur complexion.” Starlight offered, giving the basket to Loki. -`4- Crap, I am so sorry for the long replies, guys!! >.< I honestly didn't mean for it to be this long, I'm so sorry, forgive me Taffy!! It's now @EmilyCuteHEart's turn!!

            • #2038487


              (Hey, MLP! Just wanted to quickly bump in here and say that I totally don’t mind the length of your response! :) No worries, pal; you can always make your replies as long as you want, for all I care, haha XD By the way, I thought your response was pretty funny! Oh gosh, Pinkie Pie is so hyper, pffft X,D I love her personality, though!! She does seem a lot like the actual Pinkie! =] (Also, for everyone else who sees this, when you finish your next replies, please post them down here by the new “reply” icon!))

            • #2256111

              Tanner looked around, trying to ignore the sound of Lightning bothering Leopardstar behind him. He didn’t know how long he could take hearing him, and was tempted to pull out some earbuds. But he didn’t want to leave Kovu “alone” with Candy. Why sort of person would do that?
              He breathed a sigh of relief when Humphrey decided against going to UnicornLand, and smiled at Kovu to share his appreciation with him. “I think we just dodged a bullet.”
              Candy was also quick to voice her opinion again. “Thank goodness we didn’t go there. I would’ve died having to walk around that stupid, boring place,” she said dramatically.
              Candy readjusted herself and looked back at Kovu, trying to remember where she left off as she studied him. Kovu asked if he could “help her.”
              “Hmm, yeah.. Yeah, you can. First, I have a question about your scar. That’s kinda weird how it’s like, blue..” She crinkled her nose, showing her distaste for his color choice. Why would he paint it blue? “Not that it makes you less handsome,” she noted.. then she paused to discriminate. “Well, maybe a little,” she finished off-handedly. ….

            • #2256113

              oof no! I replied in the wrong spot.. ‘XD Please ignore this!

            • #2293579


              ~4~ … that no one wanted to go to UnicornLand.
              Starlight’s placid face quickly turned into a fierce scowl. She eyed the dog with a furious stare.
              “Excuse me, but how dare you? You claim to speak for everyone, yet nearly half of us wanted to go to the park!” she spat. “If I were you, I’d go and apologize to all of the poor animals whose hopes were dashed because of your insolent behavior!”
              Starlight turned her snout up in the air and crossed her arms, clearly annoyed with the lab. She hated being so brusque, but someone had to say something.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              (Sorry this reply was kinda short! ‘^^ I’ll try to work on my own response once I return from vacation. Hopefully it won’t take me too long?)

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              (Oops, ignore my reply up above! I didn’t realize that this was the wrong spot ‘^^ I’ll go repost it down below)

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            ~3~ …glanced at Barbara eagerly, nodding as she showed him the ticket. “Are you ready for an awesome vacation?” the shark asked, grabbing a bag of cookies and shoving it into his big blue suitcase. “Totally!” she exclaimed back, giving Finn his ticket as she kept her own. “Spending some time alone with my favorite friend will be amazing,” she added. “Oh, you invited Larry?” Finn replied jokingly, causing the manatee to chuckle a bit. “He wasn’t interested,” she joked back, “but he sends his appreciation.” The two of them raced to grab Barbara’s headphones. Barbara placed them in her ears and started playing her favorite song, VeggieTale’s “Endangered Love”, and scarfed down one last cookie before Finn zipped up the package and hid it in his bag again. She sprayed herself with her cucumber perfume before heading outside, the light grey shark by her side. They hummed the VeggieTales tune on…

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              Hey howdy! Just wanted to quickly say I love how everything’s going, guys (@EmilyCuteHeart, I really enjoyed your response! :) Sterling is so adorable, aww X,D What a cute, friendly little guys, hehe! ^-^ )! And, I’m gonna go ahead and start my response down below. May not be able to post it all until sometime this weekend, though, if that’s okay, eheh ‘^^ I actually have almost all of it typed, but I gotta divide it and proofread it and stuff… which takes some time ,XD So… yup! Anyway, again, I think everything is going great, and I hope you all enjoy this roleplay as much as I am! ;) )
              ~~~ Pikachu fiddled around with his karaoke machine, seemingly unaware of what was going on around him. Unlike some of the other webkinz on the bus, Pikachu was actually excited, and couldn’t wait to get to whatever destinations awaited him! In the meantime, he figured a nice dose of bus karaoke would be just the thing to blast boredom and keep everyone cheerful and elated.
              Paying almost no attention whatsoever to his surroundings, the little fox was shocked when he looked up…

            • #2047025


              2~ … and saw a familiar face staring at him.
              “Oh, hiya, Olaf! It’s so great to see you, and Sadie, too!”, he happily exclaimed, gesturing towards the chubby dachshund who sat across the aisle. “Haha, totally– this is gonna be the BEST vacation EVER! And sure, I’d love for ya to sit next to me, buddy!” Pikachu gave a wide grin and scooted closer to the window so Olaf would have some room. He turned the somewhat small mechanism over in his paws. “Hm, this thing, huh? Well, it’s a little karaoke machine thingy I found. I bought it a week ago, and it works great! Say, maybe we could sing some songs together while we’re travellin’?”, suggested Pikachu. “That would be fun! I got a whole list of songs we could sing. I even came up with some of ‘em myself!”
              Pikachu let out out a happy sigh. He couldn’t believe his luck! Not only had he won a free vacation, but two of his bestest friends who were not Nikko or Tall Shadow were there to spend it with him! Could things get any better?
              Cassandra peeked over her cards…

            • #2047027


              ~3~ … and narrowed her eyes. “Do you have any tens?”
              Clint smirked. “Nope. Go fish.”
              Cassie slammed her hoof down. “Darn! How are you so good at this?”
              “I just am.” The lab grinned and looked back down at his hand. Cassandra and him decided that playing a card game would be a good way to spend their time, considering they both knew that the bus ride would likely be boring otherwise. And, luckily for Clint, he was a master at Go Fish.
              He was so focused on beating Cassandra (especially because she playfully doubted his skills before they started), that he barely paid notice to the newcomers. Although, one of them– a big, muscular feline with a silver arm– looked oddly familiar, but Clint didn’t look close enough to discern who it was.
              “Aw man, that was the last card in the deck!”, cried Cassandra, who threw her remaining cards down onto the seat. “I guess you win… AGAIN…”
              “Ha! Told ya I was the Go Fish champ”, said Clint.
              Cassie playfully nudged him. “I guess you proved me wrong.”
              Clint smiled and opened the cooler beneath his feet…

            • #2047029


              ~4~ … “Such an amazing win calls for a tasty celebration, heh.” The lab quickly grabbed a bottle of milk and started chugging it down… until a sudden, unwelcoming voice made it rush out of his mouth and splash all over the seat.
              There, before him and Cassandra, stood a figured he loathed. Loki, he thought miserably.
              “Oh great, look who came to ruin everyone’s vacation…”, he grumbled, wiping his chin of milk. Loki was the LAST person he had hoped to see, and the very thought of being on a vacation with him made him nauseated. Clint rolled his eyes. “Haha, very funny, Loki… but for your information, I haven’t done anything like that recently.” Angrily, he added, “And by the way, cucumbers are FRUITS.”
              Cassandra gazed at Loki with a furrowed brow. She had never met him, but she certainly knew what he was like. “Uh, yeah, I’m his friend. What’s it to you?”, she asked.
              Clint was already angry enough, but his next discovery was even worse…
              Not only had Loki preceded to sit behind him, but BUCKY was there, too. Not even Eric’s somewhat-okay brother, Bucky, either….

            • #2047031


              ~5~ … No, it was Bucky the lynx, who was a million times WORSE.
              “WHAT IN THE WORLD?!”, cried an outraged and horrified Clint. “It’s bad enough that you’re here, Loki, but this… this is unacceptable!”
              He quickly turned around and tried to calm himself down, but to no avail. How the heck was he going to make the best of this vacation if his two worst enemies were there with him…?!
              Cassandra glanced at him, concern filling her gaze. “Are you okay, Clint?”
              “No. I’ll never be okay until those two are far, far away from me!”, he growled.
              Guess I’ll have to take matters into my own paws…
              Getting up, Clint moved past Cassandra and stomped down the aisle, carefully dodging the newcomer–an arrogant-looking cougar– who just boarded. His paws were clenched and his lips were peeled back in a snarl. Once he got to the front, he tapped on the hippo’s shoulder and cleared his throat.
              “Mr. Hippo”, he began, trying to keep his voice calm and steady, “There are two very, very bad Webkinz on this bus and I recommend you get them off of here immediately.”..

            • #2047033


              ~6~ … Humphrey looked down at him and blinked sympathetically. “I’m a’ sorry, Mr. Hawkins, but I’m afraid I can’t quite do that. Yah see, everyone here won fair and square, so it wouldn’t be right of me to remove anyone.”
              “But they’re BAD!”, retorted Clint, shooting an accusatory glance at Loki and Bucky. “They shouldn’t be here! They’ll just ruin everyone’s vacations– especially MINE!”
              “Well, I don’t think they ought to be that bad…”
              “They are! You have to believe me!”, he pleaded, falling to his knees. “I can’t be on a vacation with them! I just CAN’T! Don’t you UnDeRsTaAaAaAnD?!” Clint then clamped his paws over his muzzle, surprised by how loud he allowed his voice to get.
              He could feel the stares of his fellow vacationers boring into his fur, and, before he knew it, a few tears went rolling down his face. “They’ll ruin the fun….”, Clint whispered hoarsely.
              Humphrey frowned slightly. He looked to be a little embarrassed by Clint’s behavior. Gently, he said, “I’m sorry, but there’s nothin’ I can do about it. I am sure you’ll still have fun, regardless.”
              Disappointed and embittered, Clint…

            • #2047035


              ~7~ … wiped away his tears with his forearm and trudged back to his seat. Not only were his efforts in vain, but he had humiliated himself by screaming and crying in public! What was wrong with him? He felt like a complete goofball!
              Clint avoided meeting the gazes of the seated passengers as he passed them, and, after nearly tripping over Cassie’s hooves in the aisle, quickly sat himself down by the window.
              “Doest thou need my comfort?”, she asked.
              Clint squeezed his head between his knees. “Not now, Cassandra…” Her little joke usually would’ve made him laugh, but it didn’t this time.
              He felt embarrassed, but also angry. If it weren’t for those two, he would’ve actually been able to have a decent vacation! Now, he regretted even having the winning ticket…
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Leopardstar’s eyelids began to droop. She was tired of having a book shoved in her face, and was even more tired of the seemingly endless line of pets that kept boarding onto the bus. She frowned. Figures the one time she actually wins a free vacation, she has to share it with a billion other Webkinz…

            • #2047037


              ~8~ … Leopardstar rolled her wary eyes. The hippo driver just stopped at yet another house, and her heart sunk at the knowledge that another new ‘kinz would be climbing up the steps in a quick moment.
              She shook her head and continued looking at her book–until a sudden, chilling voice completely caught her off guard. Her heart skipped a beat. Oh heavens, no… it’s Lightning…, thought Leopardstar with a scowl. Of course he had to be one of the winners.
              Angrily, she shut her book and narrowed her amber eyes at the cougar. “Oh, it’s you, Lightning”, she replied dismally. “No worries– I definitely remember who you are. Mm, I didn’t expect to see you here either.” Leopardstar casually flexed her fingers in front of her face, trying to downplay the panic and disdain rising up inside of her. Wait! Just then, he asked something that completely took her by surprise.
              “Sit by me?? NO-”
              But it was too late. Lightning had already plopped his tail down before she could even reply.
              Bitterly, Leopardstar scooted away from him and more towards the window…

            • #2047039


              ~9~ “I hope there’s enough space for us both to sit here…”, she growled. Maybe if she acted like she was smushed, Mr. Hippo would let her switch seats…
              But any hopes of THAT happening were dashed when he quickly pulled away from the curb, en route to the next house after giving another “no switching seats” lecture.
              She rubbed her temples, hoping that Lightning would forget about her presence and/or not talk to her ever again. But of course, that was asking for too much, wasn’t it?
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Kovu gazed around apprehensively. It seemed like it was taking FOREVER for Humphrey to pick up all the winners. How many were there, even? He just said a FEW. Well, this was a heck of a lot more than a “few.”
              Just my luck. I win a free vacation, and I have to share it with everyone and their brother… except for my best friends…
              He rested his chin on his fist, suddenly missing Beck and Cooper and… Ava. Kovu was kinda glad at first that he was going alone, but now–
              He would have rather have stayed home…

            • #2047041


              ~10~ … than be surrounded by all these strangers, who were making him increasingly uncomfortable.
              Kovu hated acting all shy–considering it was very unlike him to be shy; he’d much rather be cool, collected, and semi-confident among his geeky pals– but he couldn’t help it. What was a guy to do when he was placed into such an awkward situation?
              Frowning, he drew his backpack closer to his knees. He had certainly noticed some… interesting… webkinz on the bus. One of which, a rather smug-looking cougar, had to sit right behind him, of course. There was also a pretty ocelot, but she seemed a little proud and uptight. And the black labrador who boarded earlier had just thrown a temper tantrum of sorts a couple minutes ago, complaining about a tuxedo cat and sullen lynx who sat near the back of the bus. Normally, Kovu would’ve found such a scenario to be quite funny, but for some reason, he actually felt a bit bad for the dog. (And besides, Kovu had had his own fair share of tantrums and arguments in the past…) Maybe he wasn’t the only one… [to be continued!]

            • #2047159


              ~11~ … who held bad sentiments regarding the circumstances of the trip?
              However, his drifting thoughts were soon interrupted by the arrival of a new animal: a rather prim and proper jellybean puppy who was rather pretty. Kovu cringed. Hopefully she wouldn’t want to sit next to HIM…
              He was nervous enough around most girls as is, save for Beck. The last thing he needed was for one–especially a stranger– to sit by him. But of course, it looked like the dog was heading towards him, of all people.
              Kovu started to feel kind of sick. He knew well enough about Humphrey’s weird seat rule, and he certainly didn’t want to be stuck with this person…
              Not to mention the fact she was acting odd, batting her eyes at him and such. He raised a brow. Whatever she was doing or thinking, Kovu did not like it one bit. It made him feel even more awkward than before!
              But, to his surprise, the dog suddenly gave him a weird look, and moved to the seat in front of him.
              Kovu shrugged. That was strange, but he sure was glad that…

            • #2047181


              ~12~ … she didn’t sit in his booth!
              Relieved, he leaned back in his seat… but was then startled out of his fur a moment later when the girl turned around and actually started TALKING to him. Apparently, she wanted to know if Kovu was going to throw up, which–he thought–was a pretty bizarre question.
              He shot her a quizzical glance. “Er, no…? I feel… fine, actually…”
              Kovu didn’t really know what else to say. The girl seemed “alright” (so far), but it felt weird chatting with her.
              He smoothed his mane and gave a small, nervous smile before looking down at his backpack. Kovu thought about grabbing his phone out of the bag and pretending that was busy on some game or whatever, but the last thing he wanted anyone to see was the diary– ahem, journal– that was inside. Now, he bitterly regretted bringing it with, because who knows what would happen if it got into the wrong hands. The last thing he needed was for another person to find out his deepest secrets, such as the fact that he wears a retainer at night, or that he’s afraid…

            • #2047185


              ~13~ … of the dark and sleeps with a night light, or that he likes A-
              Oh no, another Webkinz just boarded the bus, and Kovu quickly kicked his backpack halfway under the seat! And, of course, this particular ‘kinz– a tall male snow leopard– was also heading right towards him. Kovu suppressed the urge to cringe.
              This particular leopard looked rather confident, outgoing, and–worst of all– somewhat cool. Maybe even cooler than Kovu…
              His stomach churned again. Kovu hated feeling inferior. He was supposed to be the coolest webkinz on this bus… not some random snow leopard guy!
              Oh, how he missed Cooper– his nerdy personality always made Kovu feel awesome and cool and snazzy in comparison.
              Kovu started to turn his head the other way, until he heard the leopard speak to him. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem smug or arrogant, like the cougar did.
              Nonetheless, Kovu didn’t really want this guy to sit next to him, and was kind of dismayed when the snow leopard plopped right down in his booth. But, then again, someone worse could always come along…
              Kovu shrugged. He couldn’t win either way…

            • #2047189


              ~14~ … it would seem. “Uh, yeah, I guess you can sit here…”, he reluctantly replied. What the guy said next made him feel kind of strange, and caused him to quizzically raise his brow. “Oh, the dog?”, he whispered. “You know her? She didn’t seem that bad… but, uh… I guess you’ve been around her more than I have.”
              Abashed, he scratched behind his torn ear and looked down at his feet. Soon enough, a couple more Webkinz boarded– this time a black lab and a husky– which made Kovu feel even sicker, partially because the husky looked so cool…
              He groaned. The more kinz that arrived, the less confident he felt.
              But wait, maybe there was still a glimmer of hope? A way to lift himself from this situation; a way to feel better!
              Before he could stop it from tumbling out of his mouth, Kovu suddenly asked the leopard, “What’s your name…?” Secretly, he hoped it would be something “generic” or a name he could make poke fun at, like Jack or Joe or Arthur or Sheldon, or maybe even Arnold. Something like that, yeah…

            • #2047195


              ~15~ … What better way to gain a boost in confidence than finding out that his neat, exotic name was cooler than this new leopard’s?
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              It was now later on in the bus ride. Part of Clint’s face was plastered to the window on the right of him, as the unpleasant, embarrassing events from earlier kept playing over and over in his mind. At least he threw his tantrum before the bus got filled up, but still… he felt majorly disconcerted about his behavior.
              He hadn’t even talked to Cassandra since then!
              Clint furrowed his brow and sighed, hoping that Loki wouldn’t make any more rude comments. He was tired of the cat’s constant comebacks.
              But, suddenly, an unexpected voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Clint dared to turn his head… and saw a female black lab looking down at him from across Cassandra. He screwed up his eyes, trying to make out who it was. He could’ve sworn he had seen this girl before…
              [Even more to be continued a little later! I know, I know-- I got very carried away with this reply ,XD ]

            • #2047973


              ~16~ … Aha, he knew it! Clint then recognized that the other lab was none other than Lyric. He had met her a few times, and she seemed pretty cool.
              As she talked, Clint began to smile. Finally, someone other than Cassandra who understood just how bad Loki really was!
              Cassandra waved at the dog, and Clint cleared his throat: “Hey, Lyric! Heh, thanks. I appreciate ya! You know Loki, always having to cause problems for everyone… especially me…” He shot an angry look at the tuxedo cat behind him, then turned again towards Lyric. “Nice seeing you here! Congrats on being a winner, too.”
              He leaned back in his seat, grinning as he did so. For once since his little “outburst”, Clint actually felt at ease! He just hoped that Loki– or even Bucky, for that matter–didn’t intrude on his contentment with another snide remark.
              Just a few minutes later, however, Clint perked up when he thought he smelled something familiar… and very much unwelcome. Cucumbers, he thought, wrinkling his nose. Great. First Loki, then Bucky, and now SOMEONE just HAD to bring cucumbers with ‘em

            • #2047977


              ~17~ … He peeled his lips back, crazily looking around for the source of the scent. Clint knew he smelled some of it near a unicorn who sat across from Loki, though it was stronger near a particular newcomer: a manatee who he believed he had met before, but Clint just couldn’t place her name…
              She smiled at him, and even asked him a question, but Clint couldn’t tell if she was doing it to be nice, or if the manatee was somehow mocking him, as if she just KNEW how much Clint hated cucumbers. The lab gave a half-hearted, strained smile, trying not to gag. “Heh…. yeah… we are. Guess we’re all in this… together”, he managed to bark through clenched teeth.
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Pikachu gazed aimlessly out the window, dreamily looking out at the rows of houses they passed, and eagerly awaiting the moment when the vacation would officially begin! Though it was taking a while for Mr. Hippo to pick everyone up, Pikachu was excited about all the ‘kinz– familiar and unfamiliar– who also won! With so many other webkinz on board, he would always have someone to talk to!…

            • #2047979


              ~18~ … The fox glanced back down at his little karaoke machine, which he couldn’t wait to use. He just had to wait for the right moment…
              Wait, did his ears deceive? Pikachu thought he heard the voice of a new friend on the bus, and when he looked up, he saw that he was right! Pinkie Pie was staring straight at him, and appeared to be as excited as ever.
              Pikachu grinned at her. “Hiya, Pinkie! I’m great! And how are you? Oh, I know– this trip is gonna be awesome, don’t ya think?! I’m glad to see so many familiar faces here!”
              And the latter was most certainly true– in fact, Pikachu recognized almost every single ‘kinz who boarded, thus far! Well, save for the lion who sat up front, and maybe one or two others. He wasn’t quite sure about one of the animals who was sitting in front of him, either. But, based on his gray, pointed ears, he had a feeling it was a lynx. Ooh, maybe it was Frost? Or that other guy– the one named “Bucky”, or something like that…

            • #2047981


              ~19~ … If it was Bucky, Pikachu really should give him a proper greeting. No wonder Bucky was always so grumpy; no one ever went out of their way to say “hi” to him!
              But, before he could check, Pikachu noticed that another pet stood in the aisle, looking down at him. This time, it was a black and white schnauzer, who seemed to be quite friendly.
              “Oh, heya there! It’s nice to meet you, Sterling! My name is Pikachu, and this here is my buddy, Olaf!”, greeted the little fox, who gestured towards his penguin pal. lAre you excited for the vacation, too? I know I am!” He laughed, and was about to say something else when– right then– he saw that someone was offering cookies.
              “Ooh, ooh!”, he exclaimed, raising his paw. “I’d like a cookie, please, Mr. Shark!” Pikachu smiled at the shark who sat near the middle of the bus, hoping he would be kind enough to toss him a delicious treat.
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Humphrey checked over his chart one last time. Pikachu Perkinson? Yup…… Lightning? Yup…. Sterling and Beardo? Yup, yup! Looks like I got everyone!

            • #2047985


              ~20~ … He glanced behind his shoulder and cleared his throat. “Well, well, everyone’s all here, I think! Let’s get this bus on the road, shall we? Our first stop is comin’ up soon, but it’s a surprise!”
              Without waiting for anyone’s response, Humphrey quickly (and maybe a little recklessly) pulled away from the curb, humming a little tune to himself. He had never been in charge of something like this, but it did feel good. He could only hope that his passengers would enjoy their trip…
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              [Ah well, look what I just did-- I said I wouldn't make my future responses so long, and this one somehow ended up even longer than my first one... oops '^^ I'm sorry about that, fellas! I guess I just got a little carried away here, eheh! X/ Now that they're on their way, though, I should be able to keep my replies a good deal shorter]

            • #2156583


              (Ahh goodness, I am so, so sorry for taking so long to reply to this, guys!! D= Leave it to me to hold up a roleplay for weeks… XP I’d say I’ve been busy, which I have, but I know that doesn’t justify going way over my time limit like that…I should’ve made time to respond >.< I really apologize!! *sigh* I just hope you guys can forgive me, though I understand if you’re mad… it wasn’t fair for me to take so long =( Thanks for offering to extend my time limit like that, though, Taffy, and I will definitely make sure to do a better job at replying next time. On a happier note, I loved everyone’s responses, and I can’t wait to continue the roleplay! ^-^ )
              ~~~ Olaf grinned at Pikachu as the fox, having heard his greeting, looked up at him.
              “It’s great to see you too, pal!” Olaf said cheerfully, and in the row across from them, Sadie gave Pikachu an enormous smile.
              “Hewwoses, Pikachu!” she exclaimed, wagging her tail frantically so that she swayed in her seat.
              “It’s so cool that you’re here!” …

            • #2156585


              ~2~ …Olaf continued animatedly to the fennec fox. “I mean, it’s cool enough that we get to share this vacation with other animals, but it’s even better that I get to go on it with some of my best buds! Yeah, totally— this will definitely be a vacation to remember! Oh, and thanks pal. Glad ya wouldn’t mind!” As Pikachu scooted over, Olaf plopped down into the seat next to him, and stashed underneath the seat a small bag that he was holding. “Oh by the way,” he said, “are you hungry? I brought three different types of chips! I didn’t know how long we’d be drivin’ or anything, so I figured I’d better bring something along, just to be safe!” Olaf listened intently as Pikachu proceeded to explain the function of the mysterious device he held in his paws. “Wow!” he exclaimed in awe, once Pikachu had finished. “A karaoke machine?! That’s so cool, pal! Great find! Oh, yes, we should definitely sing some songs together, for sure! I’m sure that’d be a blast! Hey, maybe Sadie could sing with us, too?” He cast an inquisitive glance…

            • #2156589


              ~3~ …at the dachshund, who smiled and wagged her tail again.
              “Yesses, I’s wove singing! I’ses pwetty good at it tooses I’s think, what you’s think?” And she broke into a chorus of “The Wheels On The Bus”, only, instead of going “round and round”, the wheels supposedly went “twiangle and twiangle”.
              “Well yeah, we should totally do that later, then!” said Olaf, turning back to Pikachu. “You’ve already got some songs planned out, too? Nice! Wonder if I’ll know any of ‘em? Well, if not, I’m sure I’ll pick them up pretty quick, I’m a pretty fast learner I think!”
              Olaf smiled wider than ever. He was thrilled that he would get to spend his vacation not just with Sadie, but now with Pikachu, too! And who knew what other cool animals would later be boarding the bus? Who knew, perhaps he would even make some new friends! Could things get any better?
              Could things get any worse? This was the thought that was repeatedly going through Bucky’s mind. Not only had he happened to sit next to Clint and was unable…

            • #2156599


              ~4~ …to move due to the hippo’s dumb rule, but now Loki had decided to sit next to him too, and why, he had no idea. There was still plenty of room on the bus. Why on earth would Loki sit next to him? Well, he supposed Loki wanted to sit near Clint so he could bother him the whole time. Of course. Bucky hated both Clint and Loki, so he did not mind their arguing and making one another miserable, but if he knew anything about them, he was certain that they would find some way to drag him into an argument, too. And even as he thought this, it seemed that conflict was already brewing…
              “Really?” Loki said in response to Clint’s comment, feigning confusion. “How am I to ruin everyone’s vacation when that’s already your job?” The cat smirked, smoothing out a crease in his cloak as he listened to what Clint said next. “Have you? Well, I find that hard to believe. Why, yes, I am aware that they are fruits, did I indicate otherwise? As you obviously weren’t listening…

            • #2156601


              ~5~ …I said fruit or vegetable. You see, I was wondering whether you had branched out and started yelling at people for possessing something other than just cucumbers. Perhaps broccoli?” he casually suggested. “Have you an irrational fear of that, too?”
              Loki then turned again to the pegasus sitting beside Clint. “Interesting,” he said, with a flick of his tail. “Well, I am Loki. Now, tell me—oh, I don’t believe I ever got your name—why did you decide to seek friendship with him?” inquired Loki, casting a brief glance at Clint before turning back to the pegasus and tilting his head slightly, as though politely interested in what she had to say. “I daresay you’ve made a mistake. I suggest you save yourself while you still can.”
              Bucky observed all this in silence, hoping that Clint would be so preoccupied with Loki that he would fail to notice that he was even there. But this was not to be the case, for a moment later Clint did notice him, and he seemed even more angered by this discovery than he had been upon finding out…

            • #2156603


              ~6~ …that Loki was present. Bucky scowled at the black Labrador and crossed his arms. He found it rather irritating that Clint somehow felt that he was worse than Loki, who practically lived to make others miserable. At least he, Bucky, minded his own business…at least he wasn’t actively looking for ways to harass others.
              “What’s your problem, anyway?” Bucky growled, his bright yellow eyes ablaze. “I don’t see what I’ve ever done that makes you hate me so much. Anyway, for what it’s worth, I’d gladly move as far away from you and Loki as I could, but that doesn’t seem to be an option, so leave me alone. I haven’t bothered you at all today.” And he looked determinedly away from Clint.
              Bucky hoped this would be the end of it. But next thing he knew, Clint had left his seat and stormed away down the aisle toward the front of the bus. Bucky watched him leave in utter bewilderment; what was he doing? Once Clint got to the front, he could no longer see nor hear him very well from his seat…

            • #2156605


              ~7~ …but he knew he was talking to the hippo up front. He didn’t know what he was talking about, as he could only hear the words that he was yelling, but he sounded very, very upset, and Bucky had a sneaky suspicion it had to do with him. Then, a minute later, Clint returned and sat down next to his pegasus friend, without a word to either Bucky or Loki. Maybe he was imagining things, but aside from being very angry, it looked to Bucky as though Clint had been, or was about to cry. Bucky stared at him as though he were crazy. Loki, on the other hand, was wearing a mingled expression of confusion, amusement, and delight.
              “What’s wrong, little Clint?” Loki asked, in a voice one might use when speaking to a small child. “Having a temper tantrum, are we? Oh dear…that’s not very mature, is it?”
              Bucky, on the other hand, said nothing, because even though he felt that Clint’s behavior was perhaps a bit extreme, he also thought that, if it hadn’t been for his self-respect, he would have been having a tantrum, himself. ….

            • #2156607


              (Okay, that’s all I have typed up of my response so far, but don’t worry, I’ll be back to finish the rest very soon, hopefully sometime later today! :) )

            • #2157363


              Lightning smiled at Leopardstar as he settled into the seat beside her.
              “Really?” he said. “Great! I figured you would…I guess I’m just a pretty memorable person, heh! I actually get that a lot. Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to run into you here either, but just my luck, I happened to see you before I chose somewhere else to sit! And speaking of luck, it sure is lucky that I came along, isn’t it, so you wouldn’t have to get stuck sitting by yourself, or—“ Lightning paused for dramatic effect, “—some rude or annoying person. I mean, could you imagine? Like that lion,” he added, dropping his voice to a whisper as he nodded at the lion in the row in front of them. “He doesn’t seem very nice if you ask me, I just hope—“ Lightning stopped talking as he noticed that Leopardstar had scooted farther away from him, and he frowned as she expressed the concern that perhaps there would not be enough room in the row for both of them.
              “No worries, there’s plenty of space here!” he reassured her, waving his paw dismissively as…

            • #2157369


              ~9~ …he scooted a bit closer to the aisle. “See? Tons of room! I mean, these rows are meant for two people, after all.”
              Lightning observed Leopardstar closely. She didn’t seem too excited to see him, though he could not possibly imagine why. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to have the honor of sitting next to him, the great Lightning? Maybe she was just pretending, because she didn’t want to embarrass herself by acting too excited in his presence. Or maybe she wasn’t feeling well. Maybe that was it.
              “Um…are you okay?” he asked her, but before he could wait for her response, he noticed something that made him take his attention off of Leopardstar. A snow leopard had just entered the bus and sat next to the quiet lion in front of him. And it wasn’t just any snow leopard, either, no— he had seen this one before. Wasn’t his name Tanner? He had met him once or twice before at some event Pikachu had planned, and Lightning had not liked him very much at all, mainly because he had claimed to be…

            • #2157373


              ~10~ …the boyfriend of Violet, another ocelot Lightning had met before, which of course made the cougar very jealous. Great, thought Lightning, of course he has to be here, and sitting right in front of me, too! Well, I just hope he doesn’t try to bother us–or steal Leopardstar away from me! At this scary thought, Lightning narrowed his eyes at the back of the snow leopard’s head, watching as he said something to the lion beside him.
              “Hey, would you guys keep it down a bit?” Lightning said to Tanner and the lion; though, considering that they were not talking very loudly at all, it was clear that he had just wanted a reason to tell them off for something. “We’re trying to have a conversation here.”
              Then, once again before he could wait for their response, his attention was diverted from them, as a husky walked up and began talking to him. At first, Lightning did not know who she was, but then he remembered that she worked with James as a police officer. Kailie, he thought was her name.
              “Oh, uh, hi,” …

            • #2157377


              ~11~ …he said flatly. “Yeah, ‘course I won the vacation, why else would I be here? And what d’you mean?” he asked, somewhat angered by what the husky said next. “I deserve it just as much as James does! And for you information, I did not rub it in his face,” Lightning lied. “I was actually very modest about it. Uh, yeah, feel free not to keep an eye on me…I can do whatever I want.” Lightning watched as, to his disappointment, Kailie sat close by him. (MLP, I’m assuming Kailie is sitting close to Lightning, since you originally had her sit right in front of him, (but that spot was taken)? If she’s not, though, just forget I said that XD ) He cast her a suspicious glance. Why was she so concerned about watching him? It wasn’t her business what he did. Unless…a sudden, horrifying thought crossed Lightning’s mind. What if, James had found out that Kailie had won the vacation, too, and had asked her to keep an eye on Lightning for him? If that were the case, she would probably go and report…

            • #2157379


              ~12~ …to James everything that he did! Feeling a sense of panic rise in him, he shot another glance at the husky. Perhaps he was overthinking things…perhaps James knew nothing about Kailie going on the trip. Well, either way, Lightning wasn’t very happy that she was there…of course, it just had to happen that, the one time there was to be no one to tell him what to do or keep him out of trouble, someone had to come along and “keep an eye on him” for the entire trip!
              Meanwhile, farther back on the bus, Loki was still thinking gleefully about Clint’s outburst which had taken place a little earlier. It really had been quite hilarious…and even better, he had done it in front of several other animals! Loki could never have hoped for such a wonderful reaction from the Labrador, and he felt very proud of himself for inducing such anger in him. Of course, he supposed he did owe a bit of the credit to Bucky for simply existing, but Loki felt he had done most of the work. He had not said anything to Clint since the outburst…

            • #2157383


              ~13~ …however, and felt that he had gone too long without doing anything to upset him. But just as he was trying to decide what would be the best thing to say in order to annoy him, someone spoke to him from the aisle. At first, Loki felt a stab of annoyance at having been interrupted from his very important thoughts by this random animal, but all thoughts of bothering Clint vanished from his mind when he turned to see who had spoken. It was a unicorn. A pretty pink unicorn… Loki loved unicorns, he had ever since he was little, and because he didn’t know any, it was not very often that he was around them. Loki stared at the unicorn for at least thirty seconds, for once unable to think of an immediate response. What was he to say to a unicorn? He couldn’t possibly be rude to her. But he didn’t want to be too nice…that would be suspicious, as it was so uncharacteristic of him. Well, I suppose if I am nice to her, I will just have to be extra rude…

            • #2157839


              ~14~ …to everyone else, to make up for it. he thought. Yes, that would surely work…he hoped no one would notice… Wait! How long had he been staring at her? It had to have been at least a minute by now. What was he doing? He probably seemed creepy because he had stared at her for so long! He had to answer her. But what should he say? How should he—
              “Hello,” Loki greeted, sounding calm and smooth as ever, though, in reality (and though he would have never, ever admitted it to anyone), he actually had no idea what to say and was simply figuring it out as he went along. “I’m Loki. It is nice to meet you, Starlight Glimmer,” he said, politely inclining his head in greeting. “May I call you Starlight? It’s a bit shorter. Um, yes, I didn’t expect anyone to be here either…though I don’t really mind. Makes it more fun, wouldn’t you say?” he asked, smirking slightly as he said this and glancing at the row in front of him. “Oh, did you? That’s…very nice of you,” …

            • #2157843


              ~15~ … Loki said, as Starlight Glimmer handed him the basket of sandwiches and asked if he wanted one. He wasn’t really hungry at the moment, but felt it would be rude to decline, and for once in his life, he did not want to be rude. “Why yes, I’ll have one, thank you.” As Loki took one of the sandwiches, a wonderful idea suddenly occurred to him, and he quickly added, “You know, I know someone who I’m sure would love one of these…shall I ask him?” Loki paused. Did she just say he had a nice fur complexion? That was about the strangest compliment he thought he had ever received. (Then again, it was not like he ever received very many.) “Um…thanks?” Loki smiled slightly at Starlight Glimmer, and then looked to his other side. Bucky was staring at him suspiciously.
              “What are you looking you at?” Loki snapped, glaring at the lynx, and Bucky said nothing and turned away.
              At the very back of the bus, Olaf was blissfully daydreaming about the vacation that awaited him, and wondering what kind of things…

            • #2158029


              ~16~ …they were going to do, while simultaneously humming a tune and drumming his wings on the side of his seat. He was so lost in his thoughts, in fact, that he didn’t even notice that someone had approached them and started speaking to Pikachu until the fennec fox had already answered.
              “Oh, hey, Pinkie Pie!” he greeted, jerking his head up and waving at her. “That’s awesome that you won the vacation, too! It seems like you’re pretty excited, huh? I am, too! I’m sure this trip is gonna be so cool!” he said, throwing his wings in the air in excitement and almost hitting Pikachu in the process. “Oops, sorry, pal, didn’t mind to do that!” he hastily apologized.
              Only a moment later, another animal, a peppy-looking young Schnauzer, approached their row, and introduced himself excitedly to Pikachu. He seemed to be a pretty nice fellow, and Olaf smiled at him and waved when Pikachu introduced him to the schnauzer.
              “Heya, Sterling! I’m Olaf, it’s nice to meet ya! It’s so cool that we’ll all be going on this vacation together, don’t you think? …

            • #2158031


              ~17~ … Oh, and this is my good friend, Sadie!” he said, gesturing towards the dachshund, who was laughing hysterically at the blank screen of the TV on the back of the seat in front of her, pretending to be watching something. She stopped when she heard her name, however, and waved enthusiastically at Sterling.
              “Hewwoses!” she said with an enormous grin, wagging her tail once more so that it made a rhythmic thumping noise on the seat.
              A few minutes later, Olaf was feeling happier than ever, when, to his delight, he heard Humphrey Hippo announce from the front that they were about to be on their way, and would be coming up on their first stop soon!
              “YAY!” Olaf exclaimed, perhaps a bit too loudly. “I’m so excited! This is going to be so much fun! Where do you guys think our first stop will be?” he asked enthusiastically, looking around at Pikachu, Pinkie Pie, and Sterling.
              Meanwhile, one row ahead, Bucky was wondering the same thing, though far less eagerly.
              “I wonder where we’re going?” he asked quietly, though not to anyone in particular. …

            • #2158033


              ~18~ … “Maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll stop at Build-A-Bear,” Loki replied swiftly, and Bucky glared at him and said no more, deciding that he would keep all further inquiries unspoken.
              (Ahh, I am so sorry for the length of this response, guys!! D= I seriously did not intend to make it so long…I guess it’s just easy to get carried away with the characters that I’m using, ahah XP Well, I’ll certainly try to make my future response shorter! Also, I apologize once again for taking such a long time to reply!!! I feel really bad about that =/ I promise I will try to actually reply within my time limit, next time! ‘^^ )

            • #2159033

              Candy looked at the lion quizzically. This lion was a little weird.. Cute. But weird. Then he gave her a shy smile.
              Yeah, okay, it was obvious he was star-struck, but it was also obvious that he wasn’t feeling great.
              She stared at him suspiciously. “Yeah, okay,” she replied sarcastically, making it clear she didn’t believe him at all. “If you say so,” she mumbled as she turned back around.
              Candy made herself comfortable by stretching her legs across the seat, leaning on the window as she did so. Ugh, this seat has no back support whatsoever! She grimaced, but attempted to relax nevertheless. She kinda wished she had someone to sit next to her and to complain to.. but who needs others! She could always turn around and talk to those weirdos behind her. That could be fun. She shrugged to herself, then pulled out her phone and took several selfies, and began typing on her social media platforms the following:
              “feeling cute but so ready for my vacation I won.”
              “you wouldn’t believe what I’ve been thru already ugghh”
              “I hope this vacation is worth it.”

              Tanner shook his head sadly. …

            • #2159035

              … “Oh yeah.. Don’t be fooled. She isn’t as nice as she might seem.” He scowled as he recalled memories of how awful she could be. He also heard Lightning talking to someone behind them, sounding as arrogant as always, which only irritated him further. He rolled his eyes. Arrogant animals really ruffled his feathers. So to speak. He shivered, trying to shake off the downward spiral of his thoughts. Then, quite randomly, his lion friend groaned. Huh? He spun to look at him, wondering what the problem was. Did he hurt himself or was he just unhappy..? He was about to ask, when the lion asked for his name. Tanner’s frown was quickly turned upside down as he answered.
              “Tanner. What’s yours?”
              Before the lion could answer, Lightning interrupted them. Tanner looked at the lion first and reassuringly mouthed, “I’ll take care of this.” He turned his head all the way to see Lightning and his poor victim. ….

            • #2159037

              …. “Sorry, Lightning.. We’ll try not to be too loud, so long as you don’t.” He said in a too-nice voice, that definitely came out as sarcastic. Oops. He cleared his throat and smiled back at Lightning, still annoyed, but not wanting to start any wars. His gaze turned to the leopard next to him. He hadn’t seen her when he boarded. She must have been keeping a pretty low profile. But that poor girl, oh my gosh. She was sitting as far away from Lightning as possible and looking pretty irritated. How could he not tell he was annoying her? Then Tanner recalled how Lightning seemed to chase after leopard-like cats… Ohh.. geez, that poor girl. He gave her a quick sympathetic smile. He would have a word with Lightning if he kept bugging her.
              Tanner settled in his seat again with a sigh. Soon the bus came to a stop again and more animals bounded in. ….

            • #2159045

              … One spring shepherd was practically bouncing off the walls as she came down the isle in her excited manner, saying hello to every animal she saw. He gave her a little wave, though he doubt she even saw it. She was crazy hyper. He peeked around the corner to see her plop down next to Pikachu and Olaf, continuing to prattle on to them. Now that will be an interesting group.. Sure am glad I didn’t end up back there between those two. It wasn’t that Pikachu was all that bad. He was pretty nice, actually. But they were both just so.. hyper. And that penguin guy was back there too. He was glad he had a more chill kind of dude for a bus-mate… Wait a minute! He never got his name! “Oh yeah! Sorry, dude. What was your name?”
              (Okay, that’s the end of my short reply! =P Hopefully I didn’t miss something? I’m pretty sure I got all of the interactions I needed in there.. also, I loved your reply, moonie! Loki, Sadie, and Lightning were great XD)

            • #2192175

              ~1~ Barbara arched an eyebrow, eyeing the black lab and tilting her head. “Are you okay?” she inquired as politely as she could. Noticing he seemed to be in pain or disgust, she offered him some pain relief medication, being a genuinely caring Webkinz. She felt bad for the dog, whatever the problem was, and sympathetically half-smiled at him. As she glanced at where she and her good friend, Finn, were sitting, she noticed the shark had left the bench. A bit alarmed, she looked quickly for him, relieved to hear his friendly voice as he handed out cookies to the other passengers. She sighed, thinking to herself how kind he was. It’ll be easy for him to make friends, she thought, but less easy for a manatee like myself who’s not so social. ~~~ Finn jumped (swim-hopped?) with joy as he heard a hyper response to his offer…

            • #2192179

              ~2~ …and eagerly headed toward a kind-looking fennec fox. “Here you go,” he stated with a smile as he handed the box to the other ‘kinz, letting him choose what type of cookie he would like. “I have all kinds of cookies in there,” he added. “Take as many as you’d like. And please, call me ‘Finn’.” The shark loved cookies, and was always so excited to meet others who shared that love with him. ~~~ (Whoops, Sterling should be before Finn, my bad!) “Pikachu? I like that name!” exclaimed the enthusiastic miniature schnauzer. “And nice to meet you, too, Olaf! Yeah, I’m super super excited!” He turned to face a dachshund that the penguin had introduced him to. “Hiya, Sadie!” He seemed a bit fascinated by these other ‘kinz, especially the dachshund, being delighted by her friendly and overall happy demeanor. …

            • #2192181

              ~3~ … As he returned to his older brother, Sterling couldn’t help but tell him how great all these other Webkinz were that they would be spending the vacation with. “They’re all so nice!” he shouted, his tail wagging softly. “Oh, that’s great,” Beardo replied, smoothing his light grey and white fur. “At least now you have someone to annoy other than me.” ~ ~~ Beardo groaned as his brother returned. Hearing about his new “friends”, he just rolled his eyes. Even if they *were* rather friendly, he thought, I still would’ve much preferred going on this vacation alone. He looked at his watch, tapping the screen as the bus driver finally started to pull away from the curb. Beardo did his best to relax, but with his obnoxious brother next to him, he found it quite hard to do so. He just couldn’t wait for the first stop.

            • #2194727


              Hey, guys! =] So, first off, I really liked everyone’s replies– you all are honestly so good at roleplaying, haha XD Awh, and no worries about it, moonie… I’m not mad at you! I know you were very busy during that time, so I completely understand :) I don’t mind giving you guys some extra time to reply!
              Anyway, I’ll go ahead and start working on my own response; I have a lot of it typed it, though I doubt I’ll actually have everything posted until sometime this weekend ‘^^ Oh, and you may notice that I made a slight change to my replies =P I used to always use a comma before every one of my speech tags, regardless of whether or not the character quotation ended in an exclamation or question mark, because I apparently never noticed that?
              Like, I just realized it when I re-read all of your guys’s replies, ha ‘^^ And no one really ever corrected me on it so I assumed the way I did it was right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …
              But it’s a little embarrassing because I’m an…

            • #2194729


              … But it’s a little embarrassing because I’m an aspiring writer so I suppose I’ll just do it the ‘normal’ way from now on. Even though it’s kinda hard for me, because I love doing those commas ;P
              Anyhoo, I’ll begin posting some of my reply down below– I’m really enjoyin’ this roleplay with you guys!)
              ~1~ Pikachu grinned. “You guys, too! Who better to share my vacation with than some of my bestest friends? This trip is gonna be a blast, for sure!”
              He winked and was about to go back to polishing his karaoke machine (because the shinier the better, right?), when a sudden question from Olaf made his ears perk up. Pikachu licked his jaws at the mention of food. “Hungry? Why, I’m starved! Would ya mind sharing any of your chips with me? Any flavor would do!”
              As he waited for his snack, the little fox played around with the cleaning cloth he was holding. “Oh, and thank you, buddy! It would be pretty fun if we sang together. Sadie should totally join us, too! That’ll make us a, uh…”
              He paused, searching for the right word.
              “A quartet!…

            • #2194731


              ~2~ … “Oh, wait, or maybe it’s a trio? Well, you know what I mean”, he said, with a laugh.
              Pikachu took a moment to observe Sadie’s singing, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. That girl was so silly! But, her rendition was honestly pretty creative, he thought. The dachshund would probably be of great help when it came time for Pikachu to write his next song!
              “Nice singing there, Sadie!” he exclaimed, clapping his paws. “And hmm, I dunno, Olaf! Maybe you will? But even if ya don’t, I got all those lyrics saved on the machine! Let’s see…” Putting the machine on his lap, he began browsing around on the digital screen until he found what he wanted. “Oh! I got some real good ones we can sing, like ‘I Wanted Subway’ and ‘Be Prepared’. Do you wanna do any of those later?”
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Clint furrowed his brow as he stared at Loki. Couldn’t the cat just take a hint and leave him alone for once? He was in a bad enough mood already, and Loki’s rude commentary certainly didn’t make things any better.
              My job? Excuse me, but since…

            • #2194733


              ~3~ … when have I ruined ANYTHING? You’re always the one who ruins stuff, not me.” Angrily, he crossed his arms and breathed heavily out of his nose. “Oh, do you? Believe it or don’t believe it, for all I care, heh, but just so ya know, I truthfully haven’t done anything of the sort.” He let out a frustrated sigh at what Loki had to say about the cucumbers. Clint highly doubted that that was what the cat originally meant, but even he had to admit that Loki did make a convincing argument. “Whatever”, he finally replied, not even giving Loki the satisfaction of eye contact. “And also, I am not afraid of broccoli. Or any other vegetable or fruit, for that matter. Who said I was scared of cucumbers, anyway?” he snapped. “I… I just don’t care much for them, is all.”
              Meanwhile, Cassandra frowned. The pegasus really didn’t know what to make of Loki.
              “My name is ‘Cassandra’, but my friends call me ‘Cassie’ for short”, she said. “Uh, we’re friends because we have a lot in common. We’re both archers, like the same…

            • #2194735


              ~4~ … movies, enjoy the same games, et cetera.” She paused, suddenly feeling resentful. “Why do you ask? Is there something wrong with that? Clint is a great pal, in my opinion. I don’t regret befriending him for a second.”
              Clint smiled a little at his Cassandra’s sticking up for him. It reminded him that, although he may be stuck with his two archenemies, he at least had a good friend on the bus with him. But any little bit of happiness he may have felt completely vanished when Bucky started to talk to him. Clint turned his head and faced the lynx once more.
              “What’s my problem? Ha, look who’s talkin’! If I remember correctly, weren’t you the guy who screamed at me a couple years ago after I kindly offered you a free beverage? Maybe if you had been a little nicer, I wouldn’t dislike ya so much. Oh, really? Well, it’s shame we all can’t move, heh.” He shrugged. “I guess so, but just knowing that you’re sitting behind me is pretty irritating.”
              Clint shook his head and slipped back into his seat–not before hearing…

            • #2194737


              ~5~ … Loki mock him a couple of minutes later.
              “Just leave me alone and mind your own business! None of this would’ve happened if you hadn’t come along in the first place”, he growled.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Kovu flinched. The dog gave him a strange look, then turned away, muttering something sarcastic half under her breath. She then lay across her seat and began typing away on her phone.
              He decided not to say anything. Part of him was glad that the candy-colored canine seemed to lose interest in him, but Kovu was also a little miffed. Did this girl randomly ‘abandon’ their conversation and her false kindness because she thought Kovu was weird or–just as worse–boring? Just because he answered her dumb question and smiled?? Kovu frowned and rolled his eyes. Honestly, the nerve of some people!
              But he was so caught up in thinking about her, the lion nearly forgot that the snow leopard was sitting next to him!
              “I guess so…” he sighed, narrowing his eyes at the dog. “She might be a jellybean pup, but it doesn’t mean she’s sweet on the inside.” …

            • #2194739


              ~6~ … Kovu worked on smoothing the tangled ends of his mane and was about to lean back in his seat, when he heard the snow leopard respond to his question.
              He froze in a momentary shock and bit his lip. Tanner… of course, he has to be named something that’s actually COOL. Kovu felt a little nauseated at his defeat, until he noticed that Tanner had also asked him what HIS name was. The lion was about to reply– until the cougar sitting behind them interrupted by telling the two to “keep it down.”
              Kovu immediately scowled. What was wrong with that animal? Tanner and him had barely even spoken, let alone talk in a loud way!
              He was about to give the other ‘kinz a piece of his mind, until Tanner chimed in and said that he would take care of it.
              The lion resisted the urge to flare his nostrils in frustration. He wanted to tell Tanner that he could’ve dealt with the cougar himself, but he decided to just keep his mouth closed. Maybe Tanner was doing him a favor, since Kovu knew all…

            • #2194741


              ~7~ … too well that he’d lose his temper and/or say the wrong thing and end up looking stupid if he was the one to talk to the guy behind them.
              While Tanner talked, he rested the side of his head on the window, trying hard not to moan or groan or use any other vocal indications of annoyance whenever another animal boarded the bus.
              Some of the new ‘kinz didn’t look too bad, but others, well… Kovu could only hope that he wouldn’t have to interact with them, especially a particular pink and white dog who seemed waaaay too hyper.
              Yikes. Good thing I was one of the first people here, ’cause I would not have wanted to sit next to THOSE ‘kinz.
              Suddenly, a voice snapped him out of his thoughts. It took Kovu a moment to register what was being said and by whom. Then it hit him.
              “O-oh, my name?” asked the lion, pointing to himself. “Uhhh…”
              Kovu shifted in his seat, scrambling to gain a more cool and confident composure. But the best he could do was sit up a little straighter and move his shoulders back…

            • #2194743


              ~8~ … Forcing a nonchalant smile, he replied with:
              “I’m Kovu. Kovu Kiburi.”
              ~ ~ ~
              Leopardstar flattened her ears, trying so hard not to let out an irritated hiss. It wasn’t even that far into the trip, and she already felt sick to her stomach.
              Just her luck! The ocelot was not only stuck on a bus with nearly twenty pets, but Lightning–yes, Lightning– had to sit RIGHT NEXT to her. Honestly…
              Sometimes, the things that happened to Leopardstar were so absurd, she wondered if someone else was pulling the strings.
              But Lightning’s voice snapped Leopardstar out of her thoughts before she could ponder any further about the mysteries of life.
              She narrowed her eyes as he talked. “‘Memorable’, huh? Hm, well, I do think just about anyone would have a hard time forgetting you. Oh, am I? I don’t think ‘lucky’ is really the right word to describe that.” More like “unlucky” or “unfortunate”, thought Leopardstar, dismally.
              The ocelot then bit back a roar of laughter at what the cougar had to say next.
              Ha! “Rude or annoying?” That’s funny, Lightning– both of those adjectives describe you PERFECTLY!

            • #2194811


              ~9~ … But of course, Leopardstar knew that she couldn’t actually say that to his face. She was right about to respond with something sarcastic, until Lightning lowered his voice and gestured to the lion in front of them. He suggested that the other feline was “rude” and not very nice.
              Leopardstar frowned. “Really? Well, he’s not bothering me. What makes you think he’s so bad, hm? Have you even talked to him?” She gave a disdainful sniff and turned her head towards the window. Secretly, the ocelot was thankful that Lightning finally moved over a bit, though she was still obviously uncomfortable with the fact he was right next to her.
              “Oh, I know these seats are meant to hold two people. But just because they can doesn’t mean that they should.” Gingerly, she wrapped her tail around her legs and dared to glance at the cougar. “Me? Oh, yes, I’m just fine. Thanks for your concern”, she replied dryly.
              Lightning went quiet for a moment, and Leopardstar breathed a sigh of relief at the hope that maybe– just maybe– the cougar had lost interest in her….

            • #2194813


              ~10~ … But a minute later, Lightning broke his brief bought of silence by telling the animals who sat in front of them to “keep it down” because he was apparently “trying to have a conversation.”
              Leopardstar felt utterly embarrassed! Not only were the lion and leopard who sat in front of them not even loud at all, but Lightning diverted all their attention to him… and HER! The last thing SHE needed was for these other animals to think she was an extremely self-absorbed, rude, and arrogant ‘kinz like Lightning (okay, so maybe Leopardstar was a teensy bit rude and proud, at times, but it was nothing compared to the cougar).
              The snow leopard finally turned around… but, to her immense relief, he didn’t really look all that mad. Well, he looked a bit annoyed, but not furious. When he shifted his gaze towards Leopardstar, the feline actually smiled at her a little– a quick, sympathetic smile. Maybe he, too, understood how bad Lightning really was, and felt somewhat sorry for her?
              She grinned back at him and gave a slight dip of her head, as if to say ‘thanks.’…

            • #2194815


              ~11~ … What a nice guy. If only Leopardstar was sitting next to him, instead!
              The ocelot gave a sad sigh. Alas, she was a victim of circumstance.
              She turned to look at Lightning again. Thankfully, he was in the midst of talking to a female husky, who apparently wanted to ‘keep an eye’ on him.
              Good. That’ll keep him busy.
              She leaned back in her seat and crossed one leg over the other. As she enjoyed a few brief moments of peace and tranquility, Leopardstar allowed herself to think some more about the friendly snow leopard she had just encountered…
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Clint watched as Lyric took her seat. The lab was certainly glad that a considerate ‘kinz like her was sitting close to him, though he certainly wished that he had better seat-mates behind him. Honestly, of all webkinz in the world to go on vacation with, Bucky and Loki had to be just about the WORST.
              But wait! What was that? It almost sounded as if Loki was now talking to someone. From the corner of his eye, he saw that Loki’s addressee was none other than…

            • #2194819


              ~12~ … that pink unicorn who boarded earlier.
              Clint raised his brow and tried to peek his head over the back of the seat. What exactly was Loki doing? It was strange enough that the cat didn’t have a pre-structured reply to the unicorn’s question, but what was even more peculiar was the fact that Loki was being NICE to this animal. If he hadn’t seen him with own eyes, Clint wouldn’t have believed that this friendly black and white feline was actually Loki.
              It appeared that Bucky thought the same thing, too, as he also stared at Loki.
              Clint rested his chin on his knuckles, pondering how and what on this great green earth could’ve turned Loki from a conniving bully to a near gentleman. But just then, a sudden lightbulb flashed on in his brain, and a sly smile curled its way onto his lips.
              The lab fully poked his head over the seat and folded his paws beneath his muzzle.
              “Hey, Loki. Who ya talkin’ to?”
              He paused briefly for effect before continuing.
              “Oh, right, you’re talking to a UNICORN. Gee, I wonder why Loki is…

            • #2194941


              ~13~ … being so friendly to her…?” he mocked, pretending to look deep in thought. “Could it be because Loki is obsessed with unicorns? That would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t it?”
              He sneered and smirked at the cat, enjoying every second of taunting his old foe.
              At least, he did, until Clint noticed that Loki was holding a sandwich in his hand. He had no idea what it was in it, but it looked very unappealing. And it also smelt weird. Feeling a bit disgusted, the lab slid his head back down, and turned around.
              Cassandra laughed. “You’d better be careful, there. I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to tease Loki like that”, she warned, with a knowing grin.
              Clint flicked his paw in dismissal. “Like I care, heh. It’s funny. Besides, it’s not as if Loki scares me… or anything.” The lab nervously scratched behind his ear. He knew the latter was a lie. Truth be told, Clint was a little afraid of Loki.
              Okay, so maybe not that much, but Loki was one of the only animals who knew Clint’s deepest, darkest fear…

            • #2196929


              [Ah, sorry for the delay with posting this! '^^ I was kinda busy yesterday, so I didn't get much of a chance to work on the rest of my reply. Anyway, I'll try to post some more of this now! Whatever I don't get to this morning, I'll work on posting sometime this afternoon or evening]
              ~14~ … as well as the fact that he watched a certain kids’ cartoon. And he was also pretty mean.
              Clint shook his head as if to clear his thoughts. The last thing he needed was for Loki to find out that he was a little afraid of him.
              Suddenly, a voice snapped him back to reality. It took him a moment to figure out who was talking, until his eyes settled on a manatee who sat several rows in front of him.
              The lab cringed, not quite sure what to say. He almost wanted to tell the manatee that he’d feel much better if she wiped that disgusting cucumber scent off of her, but of course, that would be pretty rude. And he didn’t want to have another enemy with him on this trip.
              So instead, he just…

            • #2196933


              ~15~ … squinted his eyes and gave a another forced, lopsided smile. “Uh… I-I guess I’m okay?” he replied back. Seeing that the other animal had offered him some relief, Clint stared at the bottle. He wasn’t sick right now, no, but then again… he was stuck on a bus with Loki and Bucky and a bunch of cucumber-scented objects and animals. And hence, it was only a matter of time before he got nauseous. “Thanks. I… think… I might need… some of that”, he said, pointing to the bottle. “If you… don’t mind, anyway. C-could you… hand it… to me?” He then proceeded to cover his nose with his paw, because he really didn’t need his sense of smell to become permanently ruined.
              ~ ~ ~
              Cassandra yawned and stretched her wings. She was mildly bored, now that Clint was engaged in talking with some manatee a few rows up. For a brief moment, the pegasus considered turning on her little TV screen, with hopes that her favorite cartoon would be running– until she realized that there was something else that she could (and should) do!
              Swiftly, she zipped open the little bag by…

            • #2196965


              ~16~ … her hind hooves and took out a can of “Dazzle & Shimmer Mane Spray.” Not only did it keep Cassandra’s mane from getting all tangled and frizzy, but it also added some ‘shine’ to her hair– quite literally, as it had glitter in it. Cassie had just remembered that she forgot to use it on her mane that morning, and she didn’t want to look all sloppy, especially on vacation.
              So Cassandra shook the bottle and took off the cap. She ruffled her mane a little and sprayed away!
              But what the pegasus didn’t realize was that her aim was off, and she accidentally squirted some of her hair-care serum on Loki– the animal sitting behind her.
              Her eyes widened with horrible realization, but she decided against turning around and looking at her poor victim face-to-face. Instead, Cassie just mumbled a quick apology under her breath and hoped that the tuxedo cat wasn’t too angry about what happened.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Pikachu wagged his fluffy tail. “Thanks, Sterling! I like your name, too!” Once the schnauzer left a few minutes later, the fox leaned close to Olaf and whispered: “Man, that…

            • #2198349


              ~17~ … ‘kinz is so nice, don’t ya think? Hey, we should totally ask him if he wants to hang out with us later!”
              Still smiling, Pikachu let his gaze drift to the window on his right… until he noticed a gray figure heading towards him. It took him only a moment to recognize the creature as the friendly shark who offered everyone some cookies just a moment ago.
              “Thanks, buddy! That’s very kind of you!” he exclaimed, picking out several chocolate chip and sugar cookies. “Oh, and so you’re name is ‘Finn’, huh? That’s cool! It’s nice to meet you, Finn. I’m Pikachu, and as ya can tell, I love cookies! Do you like them a lot, too?”
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Humphrey Hippo continued to drive down the highway, occasionally glancing at his GPS every now and then. The bus’s first stop was coming up soon, but something on the map caught his eye…
              Only three miles up the road was the exit for “UnicornLand”, an amusement park known for entertaining young children. Sure, most of the animals on Humphrey’s bus looked like they were a little old for such a place, but…

            • #2198351


              ~18~ … still– he wouldn’t want to pass it up only to have somebody whine or complain!
              So, it was best to ask.
              “Hey, ev’rybody!” hollered Humphrey. “It wasn’t on our original list of things to do, but UnicornLand is comin’ up on our left. Should we stop there for a bit?”
              Leopardstar rolled her eyes and let out a snort. “‘UnicornLand?’ Um, no thanks. That doesn’t even sound remotely interesting.”
              Kovu must have thought the exact same thing, because he wrinkled his nose in disdain. “Isn’t UnicornLand meant for like, six-year-old girls? I wouldn’t want to waste my time there.”
              The perky little Pikachu titled his head, looking quite curious. “I’ve never heard of that place before. What’s it like?” he asked.
              And Clint and Cassandra exchanged an uncertain glance with each other.
              “I’ve been to UnicornLand once”, grumbled Clint. “It’s a pretty boring place, heh.”
              Cassandra nodded her head in agreement. “Yeah. We’d be better off going somewhere that’s actually fun.”
              As the ‘kinz murmured amongst themselves, Humphrey Hippo started to get a little antsy. “If anyone wants me to stop, speak up!” he sputtered, anxiously…

            • #2198353


              ~19~ … glancing at his rearview mirror. “We ain’t got a whole lotta time, I’m afraid. Oh, and I’m only stoppin’ if it seems like a good portion of yah wanna go, just ’cause it’ll take time outta our schedule.”
              ~ ~ ~
              (Welp, I’m finally finished! ‘^^ It’s now @ilovemoonie’s turn to go =]
              Sorry my reply was still so long, by the way o.o You guys don’t have to make your characters respond back to everything my ‘kinz say and do, if you don’t want! I don’t mind, so ,XD
              Oh! And also, you may have noticed that I had Humphrey mention a place called “UnciornLand” in my last couple of replies– our ‘kinz aren’t actually going to stop at that place, but I brought up for the sole purpose of making a certain character upset because they didn’t go there… ,XD Said character is totally not a signature tuxedo cat pfft ;P So, if you guys want, you can make a couple of your animals be a little excited about it, but I’d kinda like if it if the majority of our ‘kinz weren’t, because it would make Humphrey’s decision not to stop there…

            • #2198355


              … a little easier :) But if you think your characters would be pretty hip on the idea, I could instead just say that they couldn’t go because Humphrey ended up missing the exit, or something ,XD
              Anyhoo, I love how everything’s going so far, and I hope you all are enjoying the roleplay! ^-^ The real first stop will be coming up very soon, too, within the next couple of turns)

            • #2198459


              (Whoops! I meant to have Pikachu say “so your name is Finn” in that one reply, not “so you’re name is Finn.” Sorry about that ‘^^ )

            • #2207861


              (Heyyy, guys! Welp, I’m finally here to start on my response now; sorry for taking so long, yet again!! >.< Aw, and thanks for understanding, Taffy. I just feel bad ‘cause two out of the three times that I’ve replied so far, you’ve had to extend my time limit… =/ Plus I feel like I keep holding the roleplay up XP Thank you, though, for being so patient with me, and for offering to give me extra time! I appreciate it <3 Also, about the comma thing, it’s no worries, pal! To be honest, I didn’t really notice that you did that, even ‘XD I guess I’m just not that observant, ahah ‘^^ But it’s fine, really! It’s not like it’s some huge mistake, it’s just a little punctuational thing, and I myself make mistakes like that all. the. time. There’s probably a bunch of little writing things I’m getting wrong that I don’t even know about ;P And emi, thank you! I’m glad you liked my response! =) I really like yours, too! Candy is so funny XD Anywayy, I’ll go ahead and start typing my reply now, guys! I can’t finish…

            • #2207863


              …it all today (Sunday), but I should be able to have it all posted by the end of Monday. I loved all of y’all’s replies, and can’t wait to continue the roleplay with you guys! ^-^ )
              ~~~ “Totally!” Olaf agreed enthusiastically, still beaming at Pikachu. “Going on a trip with some of my best pals sounds way funner than going on it alone! I mean, the more the merrier, right? I honestly don’t see how someone could be upset about something so cool! Some of those other animals don’t look too happy, though…ah well…I’m sure our singing later will cheer them right up!”
              Olaf let his gaze drift around the bus, smiling pleasantly all the while, until Pikachu spoke again a moment later and he redirected his attention back onto the fennec fox. “Really? Well, lucky I brought these chips, then! Of course I don’t mind, you can have as many as you like, pal! Let’s see…I have Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos…you know, all the ‘eetos…oh! And I also have potato chips. Forgot about those, haha! What kind would ya like? Yeah, and that sounds like a blast!” Olaf agreed…

            • #2207865


              ~2~ …as he pulled his bag towards him and began rummaging around inside for his chips. “Hmm…” He paused as he tried to remember the term for a group of three singers. “I think it is a quartet,” he finally decided.
              Sadie beamed at Pikachu as she complimented her singing.
              “Thankses you, Pikachu! That one of my favorite songses!” And she wagged her tail once more, looking rather proud of herself.
              “Oh okay, well that’s good that you have all the lyrics saved!” Olaf said. “Smart thinking!” The penguin gasped as Pikachu read off the titles of a few of the songs. “Those sound amazing! We should totally sing those, later! Did you come up with them yourself?” he asked, sounding impressed.
              Loki smirked as he fixed his green and yellow eyes upon Clint, observing him with a sort of satisfaction. He was very pleased with the reaction he was getting from the Labrador; it was so easy to annoy him…all he had to do was merely exist!
              “Well, I can recall a few instances,” Loki said. “Though, you do make a fair point…

            • #2207867


              ~3~ …I have ruined several things before and I don’t regret it for an instant. It’s quite fun to bother people I don’t like.”
              He cocked his head slightly, thinking back fondly on these times, and then proceeded to listen to Clint’s retorts with a rather bored expression, making no comment, until Clint insisted that he was not afraid of cucumbers. Loki laughed.
              “Oh, of course you aren’t, of course. Of course,” he said in what was apparently supposed to be a reassuring way, though it could not have been plainer that he did not believe Clint for a second. “How presumptuous of me to assume so. After all, it is typical, is it not, when one encounters a food which they do not like, to attempt to destroy it and claim that it is somehow ‘dangerous’? Why, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever jump to the conclusion that you’re afraid of cucumbers, oh no, that would be quite foolish,” Loki said sarcastically. He wrapped his tail delicately around his legs, still smirking at Clint, before turning his attention again to the pegasus beside the Labrador. …

            • #2207869


              ~4~ … “Cassandra, is it? I am Loki, though, I suppose you already know who I am. Nonetheless, it is nice to meet you,” he said with a polite nod, again applying the same convincing yet almost undoubtedly insincere politeness he tended to use effortlessly at the most random times. “Ah, I see. No, there’s nothing wrong with that, I was merely concerned that perhaps Clint had forced you to become his friend against your will…” Loki continued, his courteous mannerisms vanishing as quickly as they had appeared. “I certainly would not put something like that past him, especially considering that you are…a pegasus,” he added, smiling slyly at Clint. His smile vanished, however, at what Cassandra said next. “Hmm…a loyal friend, are you? Admirable qualities, I can see why Clint likes you. What remains a mystery to me is how you can stand being around him all the time…he is a great friend, you say? Well, do enlighten me,” said Loki, clasping his paws and gazing expectantly at Cassandra. …
              (This is all I’ve done so far, but I will continue (and hopefully finish!) my response sometime tomorrow (Monday!))

            • #2208331


              ~5~ … Meanwhile, Bucky was scowling at Clint. Here they went again, he just had to be sucked into another argument…just his luck…couldn’t he ever get any peace? He didn’t feel like responding to Clint’s angry retorts, but what the Labrador said provoked such a sense of exasperation in him that he could not possibly sit by and say nothing.
              “That…was AGES ago!” Bucky said angrily, staring at Clint in disbelief. “And to be fair, that was not my proudest moment. But are you still mad about that? If you seriously hold grudges for that long, I honestly don’t see how you can keep any lasting friendships. Maybe I overreacted, but I think it’s a bit extreme to hold that over me for two years. But whatever, I’ve learned not to reason with you. Just leave me alone, would you?” Bucky snapped, his eyes flashing angrily as he glared at the Labrador. “Yeah…it is. At least we can agree on one thing… Because I’d literally rather be sitting anywhere else.”
              “Hm, yes, well, it seems we’re all stuck here together…

            • #2208333


              ~6~ …so we’ll just have to make the best of it,” Loki said pleasantly, smirking in a way that suggested he had many ideas of how to “make the best of it”.
              When Clint responded angrily to Loki’s teasing him a few minutes later, Loki looked to be rather enjoying it, and merely responded, “Leave you alone? As you wish”, and he lapsed into a rather ominous silence that suggested he was not planning on complying with Clint’s demand for long.
              Farther up on the bus, Lightning was thinking pleasantly about how lucky he was to have landed a seat next to Leopardstar, who he was sure was the only animal on the bus he would have wanted to share a row with. Draping his arm across the back of the seat, he bobbed his head slowly up and down as though listening to some nonexistent song as he watched more animals board the bus, exceedingly glad that he had arrived before someone else had had the chance to sit next to the ocelot.
              “Heh, yep, I’m quite unforgettable, and so are you, if I do say so. …

            • #2208335


              ~7~ … Really? Well, I’d say ‘lucky’ is a pretty fitting word…what word would you use, then?” He asked curiously, under the impression that ‘lucky’ had not been a strong enough word for such good fortune. Or perhaps there was no word in the dictionary that could describe her joy at getting to sit next to him on their trip. But then, there came a small, nagging voice in the back of his head, a voice that sounded remarkably like his best friend James, and that said, She probably doesn’t want you to sit next to her, you’re annoying her, just leave her alone. Lightning’s confidence wavered, but then he shook his head, muttered “Get out of my head, James” (hoping that Leopardstar didn’t hear), and again assured himself that any girl in her right mind would be nothing short of delighted at the opportunity to sit next to him. He smiled, confidence restored, as he proceeded to answer Leopardstar’s question.
              “Oh, I dunno,” he said with a shrug. “Nothing in particular, he just doesn’t seem like he’d be all that nice to me, and I’m usually pretty good at…

            • #2208337


              ~8~ …judging what people are like. But—you never know, I guess,” he added quickly, seeing that Leopardstar sounded rather disapproving. “Hm, well, I don’t see why they shouldn’t hold two people, personally. I mean, it’d be so much harder to talk to each other if we were in different rows! It’s much better this way, I think. Are you sure?” Lightning asked, looking slightly concerned. Leopardstar didn’t exactly seem “fine” to him…but maybe he was just imagining things. After all, surely she would say if something was wrong, right?
              “Oh, no problem.” He smiled, proud of his thoughtfulness. His smiled turned to a scowl, however, as Tanner turned around and answered Lightning’s demand that he and his lion friend keep quiet. The snow leopard definitely sounded sarcastic…Lightning himself was sarcastic all the time, but he didn’t like it when other people were sarcastic to him.
              “Yeah, well, you don’t have to worry about me being too loud,” he said, drawing himself up and turning away from the snow leopard in what was supposed to be a dignified way, though he wasn’t exactly sure that the effect had worked. …

            • #2208339


              ~9~ … Lightning then focused his attention on the lion next to Tanner, who gave no response to Lightning’s request… Rude… he thought. His mind still on the lion, he turned back to Tanner just in time to see him smile quickly at Leopardstar. Swiftly turning around to look at the ocelot, he was shocked to see that she actually smiled back. Lightning looked continuously back and forth between the two, outraged; Tanner had better not be trying to steal Leopardstar’s attention away from him! He narrowed his eyes at the snow leopard and glared at him, hoping that he was getting the point across that he was to leave Leopardstar alone. To Lightning’s immense relief, Tanner had turned around and settled back into his seat. Good, Lightning thought, though his eyes were still fixed upon the back of Tanner’s head. He’d have to keep a close watch on him, he would…he might be trying, even now, to think of a way to steal Leopardstar from him, but he was not going to let it happen, oh no, not if he had anything to say about it. …

            • #2210373


              Loki was rather enjoying talking to Starlight Glimmer, (as she was a unicorn, after all), and had quite forgotten about everything else, until someone spoke to him from the row in front of him, and Loki reluctantly took his gaze off the unicorn and focused it instead on the animal who had just spoken. It was Clint. Of course. Amazingly, Loki had been so distracted by Starlight Glimmer that for a minute he had almost completely forgotten the reason he was even sitting where he was in the first place. For the first time on the trip so far, Loki wished Clint wasn’t right in front of him.
              “What’s it to you who I’m talking to?” Loki snapped. “It’s none of your business. And for your information, no, I am NOT obsessed with unicorns. I was merely being nice for a change. Have you a problem with that? I’m not always mean to everyone, you know, only people like you. I assure you my behavior has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a unicorn,” he lied. As he said this, however…

            • #2210375


              ~11~ …his defiant expression faltered briefly, and a very fleeting look of embarrassment flashed across his face, though it vanished a second later to be replaced with a renewed look of determination.
              “Anyway, you should be careful what you tease people about, because I happen to know that you’re obsessed with Pegasi. How exactly is that any less embarrassing than if I were to have an obsession with unicorns?” he sneered. “Not that I do, as I believe I have already made clear.”
              Loki was about to give Clint another snide remark when he noticed that the Labrador seemed to be looking at something, and then he proceeded to turn back around in his seat without another word to Loki. This was most unusual…Loki pondered for a moment what might have caused Clint to do this, and then it hit him: the sandwich! That must be it. Loki had momentarily forgotten his wonderful idea, but now seemed like the perfect time to put it into action.
              “Hey, Clint, do you want one of these sandwiches?” he asked, moving forward in his seat and thrusting the sandwich almost…

            • #2210377


              ~12~ …right under Clint’s nose. “It’s got your favorite food in it,” he said with a smirk.
              A few minutes later, Clint was talking to a manatee farther up on the bus, leaving Loki to become lost in thoughts about the nice unicorn he had just met, different ways he could annoy Clint, and whether or not Bucky would have brought his teddy bear on vacation with him…
              Loki was very abruptly taken out of his musing, however, as he suddenly felt something wet, almost like a sort of mist, on his fur. He looked around, a little confused at first by what had just happened, until he deduced that whatever was in his fur seemed to be some sort of spray…and wait…could it be…NO…it had glitter in it. Loki absolutely hated glitter. With a passion. A few people had even gone so far as to claim that he was afraid of it, though this suggestion was probably a bit of a stretch. Nevertheless, he could not deny his loathing of the sparkly substance…oh, how he despised those shimmering little flecks…

            • #2210379


              ~13~ …that spread like a contagious disease and clung to their unfortunate victims—whether animate or not—like some sort of glittery parasite. (Not to mention, they stood out exceptionally well on Loki’s sleek black fur.)
              Angrily, Loki looked to the row in front of him to see just who it was who had dared spray him with the horrible glittery substance…at first he thought it must have been Clint, even though he had no idea why he would keep some sort of glitter spray on him, but then he noticed that it was Cassandra, not Clint, who was holding a bottle that looked like some sort of hair-care product…aha! So here was his culprit.
              “Um, excuse me, do you mind?” Loki snapped, with no pretense at politeness now as he fixed his gaze on Cassandra. “If it’s all the same to you, I would prefer it if you did not go about spreading your repulsive glitter products all over the place, especially… on…me,” he said, speaking the last three words with particular force as he tried to brush the glitter out of his fur…

            • #2210391


              ~14~ …with his hand, though it seemed determined to stick to him. “Honestly, I don’t know how you even managed to do that in the first place, you really ought to be less careless… Are you sure you’re an archer? Because you have terrible aim,” he said, and he resumed the task of trying to get all the glitter out of his fur, while lamenting the fact that Cassandra had to get the glitter spray on him rather than Bucky, which would have been quite funny.
              Olaf beamed at Sterling— he seemed like such a nice guy!
              “That’s great!” He said. “I’m so excited, too! I’m sure this vacation will be awesome!”
              Olaf watched as Sterling returned to the row where he was sitting with another schnauzer, until he realized that Pikachu was talking to him.
              “Yeah, he seems so nice!” Olaf said, nodding his head in agreement. “Ooh, great idea, pal…we should totally invite him to hang out with us, later! What do you think, Sadie?”
              “Yesses, I’s wike dat idea!” Sadie said, grinning. “The merrier moreses! Dat how the saying goes, right?” …

            • #2210397


              ~15~ … Before Olaf could tell her what the actual saying was, the shark who had earlier offered cookies came up to Pikachu in answer to his request.
              “Ooh, those do look pretty good!” said Olaf, watching as Pikachu took several cookies from the box. “Do you mind if I have one of those, too, pal?” he cheerfully asked the shark.
              As the bus continued on down the highway, Lightning began to wonder when their first stop would be. He had just considered asking the driver when, as though he had read his thoughts, Humphrey Hippo called back to the passengers. However, he did not tell them when and what their first planned destination on the vacation would be, but rather, he asked them whether or not they wanted to stop at some amusement park called “UnicornLand”.
              Lightning raised his eyebrows, staring towards the driver’s seat of the bus in disbelief, as though uncertain whether the hippo was playing a joke on them or was actually being serious.
              “UnicornLand?” he repeated, looking disgusted. “Are you kidding? Why would we wanna go there? It sounds like…

            • #2210401


              ~16~ …a place for five-year-olds, and in case you haven’t noticed, Mr. Hippo, there’s no little kids on this bus.”
              He then turned to Leopardstar, who had just expressed similar feelings toward the amusement park.
              “See, you and me, we’re on the same page,” he said with a wink.
              At the back of the bus, Olaf looked somewhat interested by Humphrey’s announcement. “UnicornLand?” He said. “Hm, well I’ve never been there before, but I guess it sounds pretty interesting!”
              Sadie, meanwhile, looked quite excited. “Dat sounds fun, we’s should totally go there!” she exclaimed, wagging her tail in excitement.
              Contrary to Sadie’s enthusiasm and Olaf’s interest, Bucky looked horrified at the prospect of going to some place called “UnicornLand”, which was probably filled with boring, childish, girly things and a bunch of other animals and—worst of all—KIDS. Lots and lots of kids.
              “That’s an awful idea,” Bucky said with a look of revulsion, though he doubted the driver could even hear him. “This trip is already going badly enough, we’d better not have to go to some little kid amusement park, too!”
              He noticed that Cassandra and Clint…

            • #2210403


              ~17~ …did not seem to be interested in the idea, either, which he was glad of. Hopefully if enough of them expressed disinterest in the idea, they wouldn’t have to go, even if animals like Sadie wanted to. But then he realized that Loki had not given his opinion on UnicornLand, nor had he said anything at all, though it seemed to be taking quite an effort for him to remain silent. This struck Bucky as being rather odd…Loki never hesitated to give his opinion on something, even if (or especially if) it was a negative one, so it was most unusual that the tuxedo cat was not bashing the idea of going to UnicornLand. Unless…a sudden thought occurred to Bucky, and he turned to look at Loki.
              “You’ve been awfully quiet about this,” he said. “You know what I think? I think you want to go to UnicornLand.”
              Loki looked slowly at the lynx. He did not say anything for a moment.
              “What? No…of course I…of course I don’t want to go to UnicornLand,” he said, though he sounded a bit hesitant. …

            • #2210405


              ~18~ … “Are you sure?”
              “Yes, I’m sure, why would I want to go there? It sounds…very…stupid,” he said with a rather pained expression, as though it was difficult to say these words.
              Bucky raised an eyebrow, looking very skeptical.
              “M-hm, yeah, I’m not buying it.”
              “I don’t know why you think I’d want to go there, but you’re quite mistaken,” insisted Loki, pulling his cloak closer around his shoulders and turning haughtily away from the lynx, though not before Bucky noticed that he looked both a little anxious and a little sulky.
              “Right, of course you don’t,” Bucky said quietly in a rather sarcastic voice, and quite possibly for the first time on the trip, he smiled. He really hoped they didn’t have to go to UnicornLand now, not just because it sounded like his least favorite place in the world, but also because it would cheer him up considerably if Loki’s day was ruined. ~~~
              (All right, I’m finally finished! I truly apologize again for taking so long to reply!! XP And I’m really sorry about the length, too! >.< I don’t know how I keep…

            • #2210407


              …making these replies so long, honestly ‘^^ I guess it’s just easy to get carried away when I’m using five of my favorite characters of mine =P I’ll try to make my future responses shorter, though!
              Also, Taffy, thanks for doing the “UnicornLand” thing, haha! ;D I hope Loki’s reaction was okay, by the way! I tried to make it be kinda subtle, because it wouldn’t fit him at all to throw a tantrum or something, or to admit that he wants to go there… XD But he’ll probably be more noticeably upset once they don’t go XD Also, I hope it’s okay that Sadie seemed kinda excited about it…? It just wouldn’t be true to her personality if she wasn’t excited about a place like that. ;P But, you could always just pretend that Humphrey didn’t hear her, or something, since she’s at the very back of the bus, after all XD )

            • #2217229

              Tanner smirked, amused by Lightning’s response. He was such a jealous, arrogant cat…
              Then Tanner nodded patiently when the lion pointed to himself. He seemed to sit up straighter before saying his name; Kovu Kiburi.
              “Kovu Kiburi, huh?” He thought about it for a moment, then grinned. “I like that! Pretty cool. Cooler than Tanner, that’s for sure.” He gave him a wink and an elbow nudge.
              Candy, overhearing this conversation, thought she would like to look at the lion again and see if he fit as a “Kovu.” She put her phone down.
              Hm, yeah, she guessed he did. The name was sort of exotic. And he did look very rough and interesting with his scars. Especially that blue-ish one. She squinted at him. Weird.. Why was it blue anyway? How do you get a blue scar? She studied his face.
              Suddenly Candy realized Tanner was staring at her quizzically. She was peeking over the seat, her eyes just seeing over the edge. Tanner raised an eyebrow. If she thought she was hidden, she was sadly mistaken and lacking in knowledge of the laws of sight. What was she doing? She was looking at Kovu for some reason.. ….

            • #2217231

              …. Candy scowled at his raised brow. “What are you looking at?” she snapped.
              “I could ask the same thing.”
              She tilted her chin up. “I was getting ready to talk to Kovu, thanks. Mind your own business.”
              She had some questions. And she felt like it was a good opportunity to complain and show everyone how high class she was. “Ugh, isn’t this the worst—“
              However, to her irritation, that hippo interrupted her by asking the stupidest question ever. Kovu quickly expressed his dislike of the idea and Candy wholeheartedly agreed. She scrunched her nose at the thought.
              “UnicornLand? Never even heard of it. But if it’s filled with like little unicorns and little rides and little screaming girls.. No thanks! Who would want to stop there?” she snorted disdainfully.
              Tanner scratched his jaw shyly, then glanced at Kovu. He hoped Humphrey didn’t feel hurt by everyone’s responses. It seemed no one wanted to go. Except for one or two in the back. ….

            • #2217233

              …. “Yeah, well, I hate to agree with Candy here, but I’m gonna have to pass too.. “Thanks for asking though?” He added to try to soften the rejection. He bet Kate would like a place like that, but.. Kate wasn’t here. And he sure wasn’t gonna go to a place like that if he didn’t have a little kid to bring.
              (Is it just me or does my writing style change a little every time..? I dunno XD Anyway, I’m sorry for the late response! I totally forgot about this until you reminded me, Taffy. ‘^^ Hopefully my reply is okay!)

            • #2222791

              ~1~ (Ahh, I’m really sorry for making you guys wait :/) The manatee grinned at the Labrador, nodding as he eyed the pill bottle. She handed it over to him, pretending to not notice his growing disgust towards her. She tilted her head, still unsure of why he acted the way he did, and sat down in an empty row of seats. I sure hope he’s alright, she worried. ~~~ Sterling’s ears perked as he thought he heard the fennec fox state his name. He excitedly hopped in his seat as he talked about his new friends to his older brother, who simply rolled his eyes at him. “Beardo, I met these super duper nice Webkinz over there!” he exclaimed. “Great,” Beardo replied in a sarcastic tone, pushing his ear buds further into his ears. Sterling, ignoring his brother’s unkind response, continued to think about these ‘kinz, when he heard something about UnicornLand…

            • #2222793

              ~2~ “UnicornLand?” he shouted. “I’ve always wanted to go there!” The thought of going to a fun amusement park sent thrill through his veins. Its not everyday that I have the opportunity to go to UnicornLand! His excitement ceased when he heard someone mutter about UnicornLand being for little 6 year old girls. Pouting, he yelped a quick and frustrated, “Hey!”, clearly offended (after all, he was nearly twice that age!). ~~~ “No problem!” the young shark said to the kind fennec fox. “Yep, I love cookies, more than almost anything! They’re awesome!” He turned towards a penguin who also asked for some treats. “Of course!” he replied with a smile. “Here ya go!” He handed the package over to him and his friends, allowing them to take a few. “Oh, UnicornLand? Man, that sounds fun!” …

            • #2222795

              ~3~ He knew he would probably get some weird looks from the other ‘kinz, being an adult who wanted to go to a child’s play place, but Finn didn’t mind – UnicornLand sounded like a blast! ~~~ Beardo found it incredibly hard to bear his little brother. How can the other ‘kinz even stand him? he secretly wondered as Sterling continued to hop around in his seat. “Could you please stop that?” he requested. However, the younger schnauzer gave him a look, resulting in him letting it be. But when Beardo heard the bus driver mention UnicornLand, he stood up. “UnicornLand? Sounds lameee. Why bother?” (Welp, I have work to do, so I’m gonna end here ‘^^ Sorry for the wait and the rushed response!)

            • #2224275


              [This is TaffyKitty12 writing a reply on behalf of @MyLittlePony2010EG13. If you ever get a chance to read this, MLP, I hope I did your characters somewhat of a justice. Thank you for allowing me to use them <3 ]
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              ~1~ Kailie glared at Lightning the cougar from across the aisle. If only he wasn't friends with James… then Kailie would be free to tell him off for the arrogant and rude guy he is! And the fact that he was sitting by a female spotted cat made things even worse. Ugh! Did he really think that Leopardstar liked him? The ocelot didn't even look remotely happy to be in his presence!
              Kailie shook her head and growled.
              It’s a dirty shame that Lightning won this vacation. James is a million times better than he is– HE deserves to be here right now, not that crazy cougar dude!
              But wait… maybe she could have a little FUN with Lightning. The wild cat did seem pretty bothered when Kailie told him that she was gonna ‘keep an eye’ on him. Interesting…

            • #2224277


              ~2~ … Was there something he was afraid of?
              A sly grin creeped upon her face. Kailie had a great idea.
              “Hey, Lightning!” she called out. “You’d better be careful what ya do on this vacation, ’cause remember… I can always tell JAMES on you, if I need to.”
              Kailie put emphasis on the husky’s name, knowing that it would probably really bug Lightning if he thought that she was possibly going to report him to his best friend. Ha! He deserved to feel uncomfortable for once.
              Still smirking, she folded her arms beneath her head and allowed her resonating words to do their magic.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Lyric grinned back at Clint. “Yeah, no problem. Us labs got to stick together, right?”
              Plopping herself back down into her seat, Lyric sighed and stretched out her arms. It was a little weird being stuck with all these other animals, but at least she knew a few of them.
              Now she could only hope that that mean-spirited cat, Loki, would leave people alone.
              “Yo, Lyric, what are ya thinking about?” asked Honda.
              “Oh, uh, nothing much”, she replied. “This vacation is going to be interesting, huh?”…

            • #2224279


              ~3~ … “Yeah. I just hope we go to places that are actually fun, y’know? Not some super boring, dumb ol’ tourist attractions.”
              Lyric casually nodded her head and slowly crossed one leg over the other.
              No matter what happened, she thought, everyone was definitely going to be in for a long trip…
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Panting loudly, Pinkie Pie’s tongue lolled out of her mouth as she whipped her head from side to side. Why, she couldn’t stop looking at all of the cool animals that also happened to be on this trip!
              She couldn’t believe her luck. Not only did Pinkie win a free vacation, but she had twenty other animals to share it with! How neat was that?
              Ah, but she wished that there was a seat she could’ve shared with someone…
              Well, technically, she probably could have sat by Starlight (’cause the unicorn was sitting all by herself), but in Pinkie’s defense, she was mainly hoping to be by an animal who looked to be just as enthusiastic about parties and vacations and cupcakes as she was. Like that jellybean puppy up in the first row!
              Pinkie Pie cocked her head…

            • #2224295


              ~4~ … Oh, wait… that jellybean puppy didn’t look quite so friendly after all.
              But hey, if there was one thing that Pinkie Pie knew how to do, it was how to turn a grumpy face into a happy one! All she needed to do is talk to the girl and throw her one heck of party. Yeah!
              Filled with new energy, Pinkie Pie got out of her seat and bounded towards the front. (Now, she wasn’t sure whether or not they were allowed to get out their seats after the bus started moving, but it’s not like that hippo guy was paying any attention…)
              Once she found the pup, Pinkie Pie stared at her and gave a huge, toothy smile.
              “HI THERE!” she shouted. “My name is ‘Pinkie Pie’ but you can call me ‘Pinkie’ for short. What’s your name?! Ooh, I bet your name is ‘Jellybean’! Or ‘Confetti’! Or ‘Ms. Gummy Worms’! Right? Please tell me one of those is your real name! Or maybe it’s something different. I don’t care! Whatever your name is I bet it’s GREAT AND TOTALLY COOL, EEK! If only Mr. Hippo didn’t have us…

            • #2224323


              ~5~ … stay in one seat, I would totally sit right next to you and then we’d be the bestest of seat-friends!!!”
              She jumped up and down, shaking the floor of the bus as she did so.
              “Oh, and do you like parties? I LOVE them!! I can throw ya one! What do you think??! Isn’t that a GREAT idea! Huh? Huh? Huh?!”
              ~ ~ ~
              Starlight Glimmer couldn’t help but chuckle. She was mildly amused by Loki’s behavior. He seemed to be a usually well-spoken fellow, but once she said something to him, he could barely muster out a word! How very funny.
              “Well hello, Loki”, she responded. “Of course you can call me ‘Starlight’! Most of my friends already do, anyway.” Starlight gave a wink, and then continued. “Me, neither! I sort of wish that there weren’t so many animals going along with, but oh well. There’s nothing I can really do about that”…
              [This is all I have typed for now; I'll be sure to continue the rest a little later!]

            • #2224555


              ~6~ … She shrugged and looked down at her feet for a brief moment, before jerking her head back up. “Fun, huh? Well…” Starlight Glimmer paused quickly, trying to think of the right thing to say. “… ‘Fun’ is a bit of strong word, but, I do think this trip will be interesting, for sure.” The unicorn then grinned when Loki took out a sandwich. “You’re welcome!” she replied. “Oh, do you? Well then, sure. You can ask him. I have plenty more sandwiches, so you may give them to whomever you’d like.”
              Her smile grew larger. She didn’t know much about Loki, but he seemed like a gentleman! At least, so far, anyway…
              But who was that black labrador? Starlight tilted her head curiously as the dog peeked his head over his seat and began talking to Loki, who suddenly looked irritated. Did they not get along, or something?
              She was about to interrupt, when the two animals started bickering back and forth in a rather heated manner.
              Starlight’s grin turned upside down and she directed her attention to the window at her side…

            • #2224569


              ~7~ … If only Twilight were here, she could’ve given me advice on what to do about them. At least I have the list she gave me…
              Taking Twilight’s big what-to-do-in-this-scenario list in her hooves, she rolled it out and skimmed through the lines, hoping she could find something that could help her resolve the issues between Loki and the dog whose name she did not yet know.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              It was now a little later in the trip. Kailie was squirming in her seat, trying hard to make herself more comfortable, when a sudden question from Humphrey the hippo caught her attention.
              Apparently, Mr. Hippo wanted to know if they all wanted to stop at “Unicornland”, and Kailie immediately scowled.
              “Uh, ‘Unicornland’? That sounds pretty boring. I didn’t come along on this free vacation just so I could go to some lame-o kiddie amusement park.”
              Her sentiments were also shared by Honda, who looked quite displeased herself.
              “Ew, that place sounds pretty childish and girly. No thanks!” said Honda. “Now if it was called ‘Pegasus Park’ and had a bunch of totally rad rides, that’d be a different story”…

            • #2224577


              ~8~ … Lyric gave a halfhearted shrugged. “I think we’re all too old for that place. Sorry, Mr. hippo guy.”
              But Pinkie, on the other paw, was THRILLED.
              “Unicornland?! Oh my GOSH! THAT SOUNDS LIKE THE AWESOMEST, MOST AMAZINGEST PLACE EVER!” squealed Pinkie Pie. “We should totally stop there! EEK!”
              And Starlight Glimmer… well, she had mixed-feelings. ‘Unicornland’… didn’t Twilight tell me about that place once? She squeezed her eyes shut, trying hard to remember. The name did seem familiar.
              Starlight opened them back up again and looked around at the other animals. She was aware that Unicornland was directed to younger kids, but still… it did sound a little cool.
              However, as she gazed at her bus-mates, she couldn’t help but cringe. It didn’t seem like many of the other ‘kinz wanted to go, and a lot of them were being pretty rude about it, too.
              Starlight furrowed her brow. I understand that they might really not want to go, but do they have to be so MEAN about it? Poor Humphrey!
              She sighed and shook her head…

            • #2224579


              ~9~ … Even if she did want to go, Starlight didn’t dare speak up about it now. The last thing she wanted was to be ridiculed by her fellow vacationers.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              [Alrighty, I hope this reply is okay! I'm gonna try to start working on my own response soon, as well. I plan on having it done sometime during the weekend after Christmas, but if worse comes to worse, I'll try to make sure it's posted before the New Year, at least!]

            • #2228543


              (Awh snap– I’m so sorry for replying to this late, fellas! DX I’ve just been so busy over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t really had the time to respond till now :/
              I don’t have my whole response done yet, but I’ll at least post what I’ve got. Whatever I don’t finish today, I’ll try to do sometime within the next day or two. I wanna make sure I get this done before my ‘hiatus’ kicks into full gear)
              ~ ~ ~
              ~1~ Yeah!” cried Pikachu. “I don’t think anyone can stay grumpy for long once we break out our awesome singing voices!”
              The little fox excitedly wagged his tail, and then glanced down at Olaf’s bag. “Ooh, lots of ‘eetos, I see! That’s a tough choice… but, I think I’ll take the Doritos. Any flavor will do! Unless it’s broccoli-flavored. That’d be so gross!” he gasped, sticking his tongue out in mock-disgust. “Hm, yeah, I think you’re right, Olaf. All I know is that we’re not a duo, haha! Oh, and no problem, Sadie! I like that song, too. I just forget about it, is all!”
              He leaned back in his seat, giggling…

            • #2228547


              ~2~ … to himself while absentmindedly gazing out the window. That is, until Olaf complimented his song choice. Upon hearing such praise, Pikachu lowered his ears and bashfully rubbed the back of his neck.
              “Oh, uh, heheh. Thanks, buddy! Nah, I didn’t come up with all of them by myself. Only a few. I did change up the lyrics for a lot of ‘em, though… but only just a teensy, eensy bit!”
              Curiously, he titled his head. “Have you ever wrote any songs before, Olaf?”
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Cassie stared at Loki with an unreadable look on her face. “Yes, my name is ‘Cassandra’”, she said, monotonously. “And yes, I have heard of you many, many times, Loki. In fact, I probably know too much about you. Oh, uh… well, I guess it’s ‘nice’ to meet you, too.”
              But, the pegasus’ blank expression quickly transformed into one of anger at what the cat had to say next.
              Cassandra’s magenta eyes now blazed with both fury and irritation! It was quite evident that Loki’s “politeness” was just a facade; she could sense the underlying intention of his words, however articulate and flowery they were…

            • #2228549


              ~3~ … Her dry tone changed rapidly, and her voice now had a bitter edge to it that wasn’t there before.
              “Do you honestly think that Clint– a dog with more friends and acquaintances than even I can count, mind you– ‘forced’ me to be his pal? Do you really? Well, that’s rich, coming from you… considering I’ve heard you’re the manipulative type, Loki. And, are you trying to infer that the only reason Clint wanted me for a friend is because I am a pegasus?”
              Cassandra glanced back at Clint, who shrank back against his seat at Loki’s ‘accusation.’ She knew that he liked pegasi– though she was probably one of the only ‘kinz who actually realized that, she guessed, based on his shy reaction. But of course he wouldn’t have befriended her just for that reason alone!
              Her red-hot anger bubbled up even more, to the point where she could no longer contain it within the confines of her being.
              “Do you think he’s that shallow; that I am too naive to not see something like that if it were true?!” she burst…

            • #2228553


              ~4~ … “I am quite frankly offended that you’d even think of saying that.”
              She crossed her arms and let out a disgruntled snort.
              “Oh, well, I guess I would expect you to say that, considering you don’t even like Clint in the first place. But yes, I am a very ardent friend, for your information. Though, I’m sure you can’t say the same about yourself, right? Hmm, ‘enlighten you’, you say? Where to start?” she asked, with a slight smirk on her lips. “He’s humorous, fun to be with, caring, and– dare I say– ‘doggedly’ loyal.”
              Slyly, she added: “Now, what do your friends have to say about you, Loki?”
              Clint, meanwhile, had diverted his attention back towards Bucky. The lynx, donning an expression of pure annoyance, looked quite upset. But for whatever reason, his disapproving scowl sparked joy in the lab’s heart, as if seeing Bucky upset was some joyous miracle that he just had the fortune of witnessing with his very own eyes.
              “Uh huh, yeah, whatever you say, man”, he replied. “I agree, though, that it wasn’t your proudest moment, heh. It was actually pretty embarrassing…

            • #2228555


              ~5~ … if you ask me. You should’ve been ashamed of yourself.” He snickered, and then continued. “Right… so would I, heh. But I got a question, though: if you didn’t wanna be stuck by me, then why in the world did ya sit behind me? That doesn’t even make any sense. So, for the record, you only have yourself to blame.”
              He sneered at Bucky, and then nonchalantly crossed one leg over the other. It was kind of fun annoying him.
              But speaking of annoying, Loki was definitely being an irritant today, mused Clint with a dramatic roll of his eyes. He wasn’t even going to bother opening his mouth to respond to the cat’s latest snarky remark. Yeah, you’d better leave me alone, or else!, thought the labrador. But as Clint noticed his enemy’s rather unusual silence, he got the strange feeling that Loki’s ‘promise’ wouldn’t last long.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Leopardstar gritted her teeth. Every moment she spent next to Lightning was a moment too long. “Am I?” she asked, with a sharp sarcasm in her mew. “Well, am I glad. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted…

            • #2228559


              ~6~ … to be forgotten by someone like you. Oh, do you? I suppose that’s one thing we disagree on.” She gave a self-pitying sniffle before moving on. “What word would I use? Hmm… that’s a good question.” Quickly, the ocelot tried to think of the best word that could describe how ‘unfortunate’ she felt; a big, fancy word that Lightning hopefully wouldn’t know the meaning of. “How about ‘detrimental’?” she suggested in a crooning voice. “As in, ‘Having to sit next to you has been utterly detrimental to my overall well-being.’ I think that’s a better word to describe the situation we have here. Don’t you?”
              Leopardstar frowned and turned away… but not before hearing Lighting talk to herself. She flexed her brow. Did Lightning have some sort of imaginary friend named “James”, or something?
              How weird. And creepy, she thought with a shudder…
              [TO BE CONTINUED]

            • #2229231


              ~7~ … Leopardstar scooted a little closer to the window and quickly threw her bag onto the seat– in the empty space between her and Lightning.
              Sure, that didn’t really solve anything, but there’d be more ‘distance’ between her and that crazy cougar.
              “Oh hm, are you?” she inquired skeptically upon hearing his answer. “Alright. Well, if you’re so good at judging character, then tell me– what exactly is it about that lion that you don’t like? Is it the way he looks, or something? Do you feel like he’s a threat because he’s a fellow big cat? Please do tell. I’d like to hear more specifics on this matter.”
              With a wry expression on her face, Leopardstar leaned her chin on her fist, as if to pretend to look interested in what Lightning had to say.
              “Hm, okay. Whatever you have to say. Personally, I think it would be more comfortable if we all had our own seat, instead of sharing them. Not everyone here is interested in talking, you know.” She narrowed her eyes. “And yes, I’m fine. Just a little nauseated, is all”…

            • #2229247


              ~ ~ ~
              Kovu let his gaze drift towards the window on his left as he waited for the snow leopard to respond. He could only hope that Tanner didn’t think his name was stupid or laughable, or something… But why would anyone think that, anyway? Kovu is a GREAT name. He nodded his head at this reassuring thought. Of course ‘Kovu Kiburi’ was a good moniker. But, he shouldn’t expect Tanner to jump for joy upon hearing it.
              His eyes were getting tired from looking at the rolling pavement, and Kovu was almost tempted to close them for a few minutes… until he heard Tanner respond. And to his amazement, the leopard actually said that his name– yes, Kovu’s– was cooler than the name ‘Tanner.’
              Kovu physically reeled and had to place his paw on the seat to steady himself.
              “Wait, what?” asked the lion, clearly astounded. “You think my name is… cool?”
              The edges of his lip curled into a smile.
              “Thanks, man.”
              But his momentary happiness was suddenly interrupted by a rude remark made from the cougar sitting behind them.
              Furiously, Kovu whipped his head around…

            • #2229271


              ~9~ … and glared at the arrogant cat.
              “Why don’t you just mind you own business?” he snapped. “You’re the one being loud, not us!”
              He stare at Lightning for a brief moment; his blazing amber eyes meeting the cougar’s green ones. And then, hoping his intense scowl set Lightning straight, he turned back and slumped down into his seat.
              “Sorry, dude”, muttered Kovu. “That guy back there just ruffles my mane.”
              He shook his head and pensively looked down at the floor. But, when he perked back up a minute later, Kovu noticed that the girl in front of him, Candy, was staring right at his face.
              Why was she looking at him like that? Kovu cringed.
              Whatever the reason was, it definitely made him feel uncomfortable.
              He didn’t know what to do or say, but eventually, he mustered up to courage to ask her a simple: “Uhh, can I help you…?”
              ~ ~ ~
              Clint flinched in his seat, amazed by the burning ferocity of Loki’s response. That guy sure is defensive, he mused with a roll of his eyes.
              But hey, if Loki was gonna yell at him like this, then he’d…

            • #2229399


              [Whoops! Meant to say "your own business" not "you own business", and "stared" not "stare" in my reply above '^^ I dunno how I even missed that, considering I proofread the reply beforehand :P Oh, well. I'll be back later today or tomorrow to work on the rest]

            • #2229485


              ~10~ … better prepare himself for an equally-harsh response.
              “Hey, don’t blame me. You’re the one who’s staring at her!” he yelled. “Uh huh, sure, man. That’s a total lie, heh. I know you better than that. Oh, really? ‘Cause you’re mean to just about everyone. I bet if Starlight wasn’t a unicorn, you’d probably be mean to her, too.”
              Then, Clint fell silent. Did his eyes deceive him, or did Loki actually look embarrassed for a quick second?
              Nope, it definitely happened. It went away fast, but Clint was sure he had seen it.
              Elated at getting Loki to reveal his abashment (even if it was just for a moment) Clint peeled back his lips in a smug smile.
              “HA! You should’ve seen the look on your face. You can’t even pretend not to like unicorns without getting all embarrassed.”
              Clint self-righteously turned his muzzle upwards; his tail simultaneously wagged with excitement. At least, until Loki brought pegasi into the mix.
              Clint’s joyous expression swiftly turned into one of anger… and nervousness.
              “So what?” he stammered. “Even if I did…

            • #2229499


              ~11~ … like pegasi, it’s better than being a 20-something-year-old cat that likes unicorns. At least pegasi are cool. Unicorns are for little girls. All pink and sparkly and glittery… why do you even like them? Seriously. It’s weird, man.” Clint wrinkled his nose in disgust before continuing.
              “So yes, your obsession with unicorns would definitely be more embarrassing.”
              Feeling as if he had won the argument, Clint shot Loki one last smug look before turning himself around.
              But, before he could even face forwards again, Loki suddenly thrusted that repulsive-looking sandwich right in front of his nose. It wasn’t any ordinary sandwich, either. It was a nasty, smelly cucumber sandwich.
              Both horrified and enraged, Clint smacked the sandwich right out of Loki’s paw. It flew across the aisle and landed underneath Sadie’s seat.
              “How dare you shove that disgusting thing under my muzzle like that!!” screeched the labrador. “I could be allergic to cucumbers, for all you know!”
              Clint furrowed his brow and let out a low growl. “Do that again”, he warned, “and you’ll wish you had never even won this vacation”…

            • #2229575


              ~12~ … Shaking his head, Clint turned around and took the bottle from the manatee. “Thanks”, he replied, glaring at Loki from the side of his vision. “I could use this right about now.”
              He picked up a fruit-flavored tablet, quickly popped it into his mouth, and then handed the container back to its owner.
              The lab still wasn’t quite sure what to think of that manatee, but at least she cared somewhat about how he felt.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Cassandra nervously darted her eyes; her face started to burn with utter embarrassment. The pegasus hoped that Loki didn’t notice her unfortunate mistake, but with her luck, it was only a matter of time before the other Webkinz ridiculed her for her clumsiness.
              And… she was right.
              Not only was he upset, but he was MAD, too. Cassandra frowned. Honestly, it was just a little bit of glitter! It would come out of his fur with a light wash. But Loki was acting as if it was the end of the world. And he wasn’t even trying to be nice or understanding about it, either.
              So much for his so-called ‘politeness’, she…

            • #2229579


              ~13~ … thought, with a roll of her eyes. That fraud!
              Quickly, she whipped her head around to face Loki, narrowing her eyes at him until they became nothing more than two small, glowing embers of dark pink.
              She wasn’t gonna take rudeness like this lying down, no ma’am.
              “For goodness sake, I said I was SORRY. S-O-R-R-Y. Sorry.” She enunciated the last word long and carefully, as if teaching some kindergartener how to read.
              “I don’t know what thy problem is, Loki. I made a mistake, okay? And I apologized, right? What more do you want me to do? And, if you want to play the ‘blame game’ here, one could argue that this wouldn’t have even happened if thou hadn’t sat RIGHT BEHIND ME. Seriously. You had the whole bus to yourself. You could’ve sat anywhere.”
              As Cassandra lowered herself back into her seat, she shot one more glance at Loki from over her shoulder.
              “Also, so you know, I really am an archer. I got the crossbow archery competition awards to prove it. And that’s not half bad for someone…

            • #2229583


              ~14~ … like me, who has HOOVES instead of HANDS”, she asserted, wiggling her shimmery right fore-hoof high in the air so Loki could see it in all its fingerless glory.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              “Really? That’s so cool, Finn!” gushed Pikachu. “Do ya have a favorite cookie flavor, by any chance?”
              He smiled at the shark with his crumb-covered mouth. What a friendly webkinz!
              The little fox then turned to look at Olaf again.
              “Totally! We should definitely invite Sterling to hang out with us, sometime. And Finn, too! Maybe we could ask them when we get off on our first stop?” he suggested. “Haha, and that’s pretty funny, Sadie! But it is true. Hm, I’m not really sure how the saying goes. Maybe ‘the morsels the merrier’? Or ‘the more the fairy-er’?”
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Kovu anxiously swished his tail. Please don’t take us to Unicornland; please don’t take us to Unicornland…
              He could only hope that his fellow seat-mates didn’t say ‘yes’ to the idea.
              Luckily, though, a lot of the other vacationers appeared to agree with his sentiments, including Candy and Tanner. The lion breathed a sigh of relief…

            • #2229653


              ~15~ … Hopefully Humphrey heard their pleas.
              But wait, what was that? He turned around just in time to see (and hear) an outraged young schnauzer yell a clearly-offended “Hey!”
              Kovu titled his head and shrugged at him in response. He didn’t mean to upset the little guy with his remark about Unicornland, but it was true.
              ~ ~ ~
              Leopardstar furrowed her brow and sighed. “I guess we agree on something for once”, she admitted, “but don’t expect it to be like that every time… Lightning.”
              ~ ~ ~
              Clint rolled his eyes. Were these pets gonna make up their minds or not? Most of them had already responded by now, and thankfully, it appeared as if the number of those who didn’t want to go were larger than those who did.
              But still, it was kind of close…
              Whether or not they’d go would be determined by the last few ‘kinz who had yet to respond.
              And one of those animals was Loki.
              Clint turned around and cautiously peeked at him from the top of his seat. Loki was strangely silent, but…

            • #2229655


              ~16~ … when Bucky asked him about his choice, he gave a forced, half-hearted answer.
              The lab raised his brow. Why was Loki acting like this?
              And then he understood.
              Humphrey Hippo asked everyone if they wanted to go to Unicornland. Loki probably liked the idea, but just pretended that he didn’t so he wouldn’t be embarrassed by everyone.
              A great idea popped into his head, and Clint couldn’t help but smirk.
              If that malevolent cat was gonna try to ruin Clint’s vacation, then by golly, the labrador would do everything in his power to ruin Loki’s.
              He just had to wait for the right moment…
              “Hey, guys! Have y’all figured out what we’re gonna do yet? The exit’s almost here! Are we goin’ to UnicornLand or not? Someone, please speak up!” stammered Mr. Hippo.
              Aha, this was the chance Clint had been waiting for!
              His eyes quickly skimmed the room. He felt bad, knowing that some of the kinz who wanted to go (like that little schnauzer) would be severely disappointed…

            • #2229659


              ~17~ … but Clint had to do what had to be done, even if it did mean that some of his fellow seat-mates would despise him because of it.
              He took a deep breath, and– after giving Loki a quick, sneering look– cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted:
              Before anyone could object, Humphrey nodded his head.
              “Alrighty! Thanks for lettin’ me know. I’ll go ahead and skip that exit, then, and we’ll head towards our first real destination!” replied Humphrey as he switched to a different lane and passed up the amusement park.
              With Unicornland’s ferris wheels and kiddie roller coasters now behind them, Clint let out a big sigh and slouched down in his seat. They really dodged an arrow there. And he probably ruined Loki’s day, to boot.

            • #2229663


              ~18~ … That thought alone was enough to bring a smile to his face.
              ~ ~ ~
              (Hope my reply was okay! Guess I posted it at a good time, considering my Notes app malfunctioned seconds after I copied and pasted the last part of my reply :P Good thing I didn’t have anything super important in there this time, eh? ‘^^ )

            • #2247755


              (Oh gosh, I am so sorry for replying to this so late, you guys!! DX I’ve been meaning to work on my reply for weeks now, but I just never got around to sitting down and working on it, due to busyness, laziness, and lack of motivation =/ I really apologize for holding it up for so long!! >.< Thanks for allowing me some extra time to reply, though, Taffy…that was really nice of you <3 Anyway, I’ll go ahead and post what I have typed up so far, and I’ll try to have the rest finished and posted within the next few days!)
              “Totally!” Olaf agreed, his head bobbing up and down. “After all, in the words of the very wise Buddy the Elf, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!’ Wait…it’s not Christmas though. Oh well, I’m pretty sure it applies all year ‘round. Oh, and sure, Pikachu! One bag of Doritos, comin’ right up!”
              Olaf rummaged around in his bag for a moment before pulling out a mini bag of Doritos and tossing it to Pikachu.
              “They’re just regular flavored…

            • #2247757


              …hope ya don’t mind! Personally, I think all flavors of Doritos are pretty cool! Cool ranch is my favorite, but I forgot to bring those, oops.” At Pikachu’s mention of broccoli flavored Doritos, the penguin’s expression turned to one of disgust. “BLECH! That would be awful! I hope they never make that into an actual flavor because I don’t think anyone would buy that! WAIT…do you think they’ve already made them?!” Olaf glanced around the bus in a panicked manner, as though expecting a bag of broccoli-flavored Doritos to pop up from behind one of the seats at any moment.
              “Phew, no…I think we’re safe.”
              Once certain that the appalling, nonexistent flavor of chips was nowhere to be seen, he settled himself back into his seat and began crunching nonchalantly on some potato chips; that is, until Pikachu spoke again, and he turned attentively back to the fennec fox.
              “You’re welcome, pal! Ah, well that’s cool! Changing the lyrics sounds fun! I can’t wait to hear—and sing—all of them later! Oh, and hmm…I don’t think I have ever written any songs…

            • #2247759


              ~3~ …but I should, sometime!” Olaf gasped as he was struck by a great idea. “Hey, maybe we could even write some songs on this trip, if ya wanted?”
              Loki cocked his head, giving Cassandra an inquisitive look. “Have you?” he said, still maintaining that terribly insincere chivalry he was so fond of. “I suppose Clint has informed you about me?” His gaze drifted to the Labrador. “Well, I wouldn’t be too certain that everything he’s said about me is true, he’s known to blow things out of proportion, you see.”
              Loki watched as Cassandra’s expression turned to one of anger after his next remarks. You could almost feel the brewing conflict in the air. As Cassandra’s eyes blazed with fury, Loki couldn’t help but smirk. Oh, how he loved instigating such strife…he practically lived for it, and nothing gave him more pleasure than infuriating his archenemy Clint, and now, Clint’s pegasus friend. However, he was rather surprised by how good of an argument Cassandra put up, how articulate she was. She was a worthy opponent indeed, and Loki almost found himself…

            • #2247761


              …admiring her for how adamantly and passionately she came to Clint’s defense, even though he did loathe that Labrador. In fact, if she wasn’t such good friends with Clint, he might even have been nice to her, maybe, but of course, there was no such possibility of getting along with someone who was so loyal to the Labrador he so much despised.
              “Well,” Loki responded, flicking his tail, “as I said, I certainly wouldn’t put something like that past him. Given how much he likes pegasi, it would not at all surprise me if he sought your friendship merely on account of your species…” As he said this, he again glanced at Clint, his bright, contemptuous gaze fixed on the Labrador. As Cassandra continued on angrily, however, he turned once again back to her.
              “No, you’re right, you don’t really strike me as the naive type. In which case, I am truly at a loss as to how you ended up friends with someone like Clint. I’m glad I offended you,” Loki continued with a smirk, looking more amused the angrier she became. “I see you are one for overreacting…

            • #2247763


              …like he is. You know, perhaps I was wrong. You two really are perfect for each other,” he sneered. He was rather enjoying this. But when Cassandra began listing off Clint’s good attributes, something changed in Loki’s expression; his smile faded, and his eyes blazed with a sort of anger, jealously even, as though he could not bear to hear Clint being spoken of so highly.
              “‘Caring’? ‘Fun to be with’? Are you sure we’re talking about the same person? Then again, I wouldn’t have expected a different answer coming from you. Considering how dedicated of a friend you appear to be, you obviously must think Clint is a very admirable person, which again, is truly beyond me.”
              Loki scowled at Cassandra’s next question.
              “Never mind what they say about me. They’d probably be too jealous to admit my genius and wit, anyway,” he said loftily, glancing out the window as he spoke.
              Beside him, Bucky made a sort of derisive noise and shook his head. Loki was so haughty and vain…as irksome as it often was, he almost found it a bit laughable at times. …

            • #2247765


              … But any trace of amusement he may have felt was crushed by his ongoing bickering with Clint.
              “Yeah, I guess so,” Bucky said, his voice relatively unemotional, but his irritation clearly expressed in his blazing eyes. “But that was a long time ago. Anyway, it’s not like you haven’t ever done anything embarrassing, either. I can think of a few instances. So you should be careful what you ridicule people about, unless you want me to remind you of the embarrassing things you’ve done.” Bucky shifted in his seat, trying to see if he could move farther away from Loki. “All right, that’s a fair point,” the lynx grudgingly admitted, his eyes still on Clint. “I was trying to sit somewhere where I wouldn’t be bothered by anyone annoying, and I unfortunately mistook you for a stranger…I don’t see why we aren’t allowed to switch seats, honestly…it’s a pretty stupid rule if you ask me.” Bucky crossed his arms and looked determinedly out the window, wondering how long he could bear to sit so close to the two animals he hated so much. …

            • #2247767


              Lightning gave Leopardstar his most charming smile. “Well, yeah, I think so. But, I would love to see what word you think is more fitting.”
              The cougar watched her intently as she thought of what word to use to describe how ecstatic she must be feeling about the situation. He was curious to see how she would choose to express her pure joy at just how fortunate she was to get to sit next to someone so awesome. And then, she selected a word: “detrimental”. Wait, detrimental?
              “Yeah…uh…that’s very fitting, I agree!” Lightning said after a moment’s hesitation, nodding fervently. “You’re so good with words.” In truth, Lightning had no clue what dental care—or whatever “dentramental” or ”detrimented”, however you said it, meant—had to do with the subject of the two of them sitting next to each other, but he wasn’t about to criticize or question Leopardstar’s choice of words.
              Lightning frowned a little as he watched Leopardstar hastily put her bag in the space between the two of them. He had been under the impression that she must be thrilled to be sitting next…

            • #2247769


              …to him—after all, who wouldn’t be?—but he couldn’t continue to ignore the fact that she didn’t look very happy. Was it something he had said? Could he be, after all, annoying her, as the James-like voice inside his head had suggested? But no…surely that wasn’t the case! Maybe she was upset by something else…like the two wild cats sitting in front of them! Yeah, that had to be it. Before he could test this theory by asking her, however, Leopardstar inquired him further on his presumptions regarding the lion in the row in front of them.
              “Oh, uh, I dunno,” he replied with a shrug. He had not actually thought of any reasons for disliking the lion—he had merely decided he didn’t like him, but this didn’t seem to be a good enough reason to give Leopardstar. “He just doesn’t seem like he’s all that nice of a guy to me, from what I’ve observed. Plus he kinda reminds me of another lion I know, and we don’t get along.” At Leopardstar’s suggestion, Lightning gave a slightly nervous laugh. “Ha, a threat? No way! …

            • #2247771


              … Why would I think he’s a threat just because he’s another wild cat? That’d be pretty ridiculous…heheh…”
              Lightning looked away from her momentarily to hide his faltering look of confidence, and continued gazing at the opposite side of the bus as he spoke.
              “Eh, I guess you have a point. I don’t think it’s so bad, though, not when I get to sit by someone like you!” He turned around again and winked at Leopardstar, but upon hearing her answer to his inquiry about her well-being, he donned an expression of mild concern. “Oh…well…are you sure you’ll be okay..?” He lowered his voice and cast a furtive glance at the row ahead. “Those cats up there aren’t bothering you, are they? ‘Cause if they are, just let me know, and I’ll get them to stop.”
              At that moment the lion sitting in front of them turned around and responded, quite angrily, to Lightning’s request for him and Tanner to “keep it down”.
              “Heh, sure thing, man,” Lightning responded, raising his paws slightly. “Although I don’t think I was being that loud, but, whatever. …

            • #2247773


              … I’ll be quiet if you do.”
              Leaning in a bit closer to Leopardstar, he whispered, “He seems a bit rude, don’t you think?”
              Lightning was taken out of his thoughts about the “rude” lion, however, when he heard someone call his name. It was Kailie again. He whipped his head around to face her, and was about to respond with an angry retort when he realized just exactly what she had said. She was threatening to tell James on him…Lightning’s eyes grew a bit wider, and a somewhat nervous expression crept onto his face.
              “Oh…oh yeah?” he stammered, trying to sound defiant. “Well…I’m not scared of James, or you. Anyway, you can’t prove anything, so it’ll be my word against yours, and as I’m his best friend, I think he’ll be more likely to believe me.”
              It made for a feeble argument, and Lightning knew it. For, best friends or not, James knew that Lightning had a knack for lying, and also a knack for…
              (This is all I’ve been able to type so far, but I’ll be back very soon to finish my response!!)

            • #2248649


              …doing things the husky would not approve of. Adopting what he hoped was a convincing air of disdain, Lightning turned away from Kailie once more. However, periodically he would cast a quick, nervous glance in her direction to see if she was watching him. He wasn’t sure if she was actually serious about informing James of his behavior on the trip, but it made him uncomfortable, and a bit paranoid. Great, he thought resentfully, just great. The last thing I need is for that husky to suck all the fun out of this trip for me!
              Loki smiled at Starlight. Oh, how luck had favored him, that he would end up sitting so close to a unicorn! And, better still, from the way she reacted to him, she seemed to be a unicorn that knew nothing about him, at that. Loki was glad of this, for it meant he could fool her into thinking he was some sort of gentleman. Of course, it was a lot easier for him to be nice to a unicorn than to anyone else— his politeness was noticeably more genuine than usual. …

            • #2248651


              … “Why, thank you,” Loki said courteously. “‘Starlight’ is a very nice name,” he added, hoping he wasn’t getting too carried away by complimenting her name—he didn’t want everyone to realize he was obsessed with unicorns, after all. “Oh? Well, I don’t think you’re the only one. From what I have deduced, it seems a lot of the passengers are not particularly pleased by the unexpected amount of animals accompanying them on this trip… Personally, I don’t think it will be all that bad,” he said with a slight smirk. “Hmm…yes, I do think you have a point there. It will certainly be interesting, to say the least.”
              With Starlight’s permission, Loki took an extra sandwich from the basket before handing the basket back to her. “Thank you,” he said. “That’s very nice of you.”
              He smiled back at her, rather happy with the way the conversation was going thus far—that is, until Clint decided to interfere.
              “Oh, be quiet,” Loki snapped, turning around to face Clint, his pleasant, gentlemanly manner instantly vanishing without a trace; it was as though he had transformed into a completely different person…

            • #2248653


              …within a matter of seconds. “I wasn’t staring at her, I was talking to her. And what do you know? You don’t follow me around all the time, I could be friendly to people and you would have no idea. You’re just making presumptions, as usual.”
              At Clint’s accusation of Loki appearing embarrassed, the cat looked both angry and defiant.
              “I did not look embarrassed,” he claimed. “You’re imagining things.”
              But now it was Loki’s turn to mock Clint, for when he brought up the subject of pegasi, he could’ve sworn that, aside from appearing quite cross, the lab also looked somewhat nervous.
              “Ha! I don’t think so. What, exactly, makes pegasi so superior to unicorns? You know, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but all unicorns aren’t sparkly and pink. That’s like claiming that all dogs or horses are the same color. Anyway, even if that were the case, in case you haven’t noticed, your pegasus friend is pink. Oh dear, Clint, how dare you like her? That’s so childish,” he said, with heavy sarcasm. …

            • #2248655


              … “And another thing,” he went on heatedly, “it’s rather rude of you to say those things with a unicorn present,” he added, nodding subtly towards Starlight. “Why don’t you tell her that unicorns are lame and ‘for little girls’? Also, if pegasi are so cool, then riddle me this: why’d you look so nervous when I said that you liked them?” Loki smirked. “So, no, I wouldn’t say your obsession is less embarrassing, because if it were, you wouldn’t be afraid to admit your fondness for them.”
              With a look of complacence, Loki crossed his arms, waiting to see how Clint could beat that argument.
              When Loki thrust the extra cucumber sandwich under Clint’s nose, he was not at all surprised by the lab’s reaction; that is, until he actually smacked the sandwich right out of his paw, where it landed somewhere behind them.
              “Well now, that was rather unnecessary, you wasted a perfectly good sandwich. Oh, stop,” he sneered, rolling his eyes. “If you were allergic to cucumbers, you would have said so straightaway the first time I offered one to you, instead of trying to…

            • #2249001


              …claim that they were somehow ‘dangerous’. You’re not fooling anyone.”
              Loki laughed derisively at Clint’s warning. “Are you threatening me? Oh, I’m so scared!” he said sarcastically, before shaking his head and turning away once more from the Labrador.
              Meanwhile, in the next row, Olaf beamed at the friendly, cookie-loving shark as the latter handed him the package of delicious treats.
              “Thanks a bunch, pal!” he said cheerfully as he took out a couple of cookies and then proceeded to hand the box back. “It’s pretty cool of ya to share these with us!”
              Olaf turned back to Pikachu as he began munching on one of the cookies.
              “Yeah, that’d be totally cool if we invited them both to hang out with us later! They both seem pretty awesome! Sure, that’s a great idea!” he agreed, bobbing his head up and down. “We can ask them then!”
              Across from them, Sadie laughed.
              “I’s wike ‘the morsels the merrier’!” she said with a huge grin. “I’s think dat how it goes! Ohses, I’s wish I’s had some morsels…”
              Moments after Sadie had spoken this desire, she saw something…

            • #2249005


              …go flying under her seat. Curious, the dachshund leapt off her seat and knelt down on the floor to see what the mysterious object was. Her mouth fell open in surprise.
              “It a sandwich!” she exclaimed in delight, swiping up the food and sitting back down.
              “Uh…where did that come from, Sadie?” Olaf asked.
              “I’s dunno! It just appeared…wight after…I’s said I’s wanted food!” Sadie gasped. “Maybe dis bus magic!” And she stuffed the cucumber sandwich into her mouth, somewhat resembling Cookie Monster in the way she devoured it.
              “Uh…are you sure you should eat that, Sadie, if it was on the floor..?” Olaf asked uncertainly, but it was too late, for by the time he finished his sentence, all that remained of the sandwich was a plethora of crumbs, which Sadie began licking off of her fur and the seat.
              “The morsels the merrier!” she proclaimed, grinning. “Wight, Pikachu?”
              Loki glared at Cassandra, having abandoned all pretense at politeness towards her after she had sprayed him with that horrible, despicable, useless glitter. The little sparkly specks still clung to his black fur, glimmering innocently…

            • #2249029


              …in the light, but Loki was not fooled, oh no, he was not deceived by their dazzling, shimmery glow…he saw them for what they truly were: a nuisance.
              “A mistake, you say?” Loki said skeptically, still glowering at the pegasus. “Because I wouldn’t be surprised if you sprayed me with that stuff on purpose! Clint probably told you I didn’t like glitter. Well, I wouldn’t have sat right behind you if I knew you were going to be spraying that horrible glittery stuff all over the place…not everyone appreciates having their fur and possessions look like they belong in a craft store, you know, so do me a favor and keep your glitter to yourself,” he said vehemently.
              Still irritated, Loki had barely turned away from Cassandra again when she added a comment about her skills at archery.
              “Well, aren’t you special then,” Loki said coldly, with obvious scorn. “I’m sure I would be utterly astounded by your skills.” …
              (Ahhh, I’m afraid I’ll have to finish this over the weekend, as I have to get off now… I’m really sorry!! DX I’ll have the rest posted before Monday though!)

            • #2249469


              Bucky waited anxiously for the decision on whether or not they would have to go to the dreaded Unicornland. His initial confidence was beginning to dwindle, for though at first it seemed that most of his fellow vacationers shared his sentiments, he had to admit that there were now quite a few who seemed to like the idea of going to Unicornland, such as a young schnauzer, a shark, that hyper pink dog farther up on the bus, and Sadie. Pikachu and Olaf didn’t particularly seem to dislike the idea, either. Loki was still uncharacteristically silent. We’d better not have to go there… Bucky thought angrily. This vacation was already bad enough, and the last thing he wanted was to have to spend his whole day at some little kid amusement park! Maybe they’d let me stay on the bus… Now that was an idea. Bucky had just began to consider this possibility, however, when he was abruptly taken out of his thoughts as the hippo driver called from up front, asking about everyone’s thoughts on Unicornland…and then, a moment later, Clint answered him saying that…

            • #2249471


              …hardly anybody wanted to go…and Mr. Hippo listened! It was a miracle…they didn’t have to go to Unicornland! Bucky breathed a sigh of relief. He was so grateful he almost wanted to thank Clint, but that might initiate another conversation between them, which he definitely didn’t want. Regardless, his day had just gotten considerably better now that he would not be forced to go to Unicornland.
              Meanwhile, beside him, Loki did not share Bucky’s elation. In fact, he was actually quite disappointed that they would not be going to Unicornland. Although he would never had admitted it, he had liked the idea…and they might’ve gone, too, if it weren’t for Clint! Clint… Of course it was Clint. How dare he ruin their chances of going to Unicornland! He was almost certain—given the quick, sneering look he had cast him—that Clint had answered the hippo saying that almost nobody was interested in Unicornland, just so that he could ruin it for Loki. Well, he was certainly not going to let Clint get away with it, not a chance. He would get his revenge, oh yes, somehow he would…

            • #2249473


              …He just had to wait for the right opportunity, and then Clint would wish he’d never stopped them from going to Unicornland. In the meantime, he merely glared at the lab, and tried to hide his disappointment and annoyance, though, judging by the way Bucky was looking at him, he had a feeling he was not successful. He had about fifty retorts and rude remarks he wanted to use on Clint, but saying any of them would potentially reveal his true feelings about Unicornland, which he definitely didn’t want. Regardless, his day had just gotten considerably worse now that he would not be able to go to Unicornland.
              (Phew, I finally finished my response! Hopefully it’s okay! ‘^^ Ahh gosh, I’m sorry it took me such a long time to reply, though, and that my response was so incredibly long, too!! =/ )

            • #2256115

              Tanner looked around, trying to ignore the sound of Lightning bothering Leopardstar behind him. He didn’t know how long he could take hearing him, and was tempted to pull out some earbuds. But he didn’t want to leave Kovu “alone” with Candy. What sort of person would do that?
              He breathed a sigh of relief when Humphrey decided against going to UnicornLand, and smiled at Kovu to share his appreciation with him. “I think we just dodged a bullet.”
              Candy was also quick to voice her opinion again. “Thank goodness we didn’t go there. I would’ve died having to walk around that stupid, boring place,” she said dramatically.
              Candy readjusted herself and looked back at Kovu, trying to remember where she left off as she studied him. Kovu asked if he could “help her.”
              “Hmm, yeah.. Yeah, you can. First, I have a question about your scar. That’s kinda weird how it’s like, blue..” She crinkled her nose, showing her distaste for his color choice. Why would he paint it blue? “Not that it makes you less handsome,” she noted.. then she paused to discriminate. “Well, maybe a little,” she finished off-handedly. ….

            • #2256119

              … Tanner growled and his brow furrowed. “Candy, leave the poor guy alone!” he barked. He did not think Kovu would appreciate his looks being rudely scrutinized by some spoiled girl. And who knew how he got that scar? She was so insensitive! He looked at Kovu sympathetically. “Ignore her.”
              “Tch, whatever,” she rolled her eyes. “I can do what I want.” Tanner just glared at her with obvious irritation, and the two held a glaring match. Candy was not going to lose to him! Candy’s eye twitched, while Tanner remaining as unflinching as a statue. That is, until Pinkie Pie came prancing down the bus. They both blinked, surprised by the sudden exclamation.
              The pup shouted and seemed very excited to see Candy for some reason. Tanner’s eyes widened at the loud girl. But then he began to smile, then faked a cough and cleared his throat to cover his laughter. Oh, how Candy must hate this! He found her irritation hilarious. In his opinion, she deserved some discomfort for the amount she dealt out on a daily basis.
              Candy reacted with great reproach. Her eyes grew wide and Candy leaned backward as Pinkie spoke. …..

            • #2256139

              …. While she still spoke, Candy grumbled, “Ugh, where did she come from?”
              When the hyper dog finally finished, Candy addressed her with narrowed eyes. “Um, no, I’m not telling you my name and no I don’t want a party. Not if it’s involved with you.” She turned her nose up at her. “It’s a good thing we can’t switch seats! Now go back to yours!”
              Candy resolutely turned around, her eyes meeting Tanner’s. Her distaste still showing on her face, she mimed gagging and smirked at her own joke as she turned her face to the window. Then she realized… did she just share a joke with Tanner? Ew. Why did she do that? She guessed she just wanted to show her disgust to someone else. Ick, she should’ve done that while looking at Kovu, not him! Now Tanner might think she secretly liked him or something!
              “Ughh,” she groaned. Candy frowned, staring out the window at the other cars, feeling even more annoyed than earlier. Why did she ever leave her mansion?
              Tanner raised a brow at her, as was becoming a common habit on this trip. She was a mystery beyond all understanding. ….

            • #2256141

              …. He glanced back at Pinkie Pie. He felt bad for her, even if he didn’t like her hyper personality. She was an innocent girl.. she didn’t know she was annoying Candy. He wondered how she’d receive Candy’s sass, hoping she wouldn’t be too upset.

            • #2280569

              1~ (Ahh, I’m so sorry for the delay, guys XP But I hope this goes to the right place!) Barbara grabbed the container from the black lab, still a bit put off by his initial reaction to her. She self-consciously let out a “No problem” and returned to her seat. Was it something I did?, she thought to herself. I’ll just wait for Finn to get back. Then, maybe I could have a decent conversation. ~~~ “Totally!” the excited shark exclaimed. “I’m really a fan of all of ‘em (well, not lemon), but Oreos are the best! Do you have a favorite?” He smiled eagerly at the fox and his friends, exhilarated to have met such kind Webkinz! He went to join Barbara, but his smile turned to a frown when he noticed that the manager didn’t look so pleased. “Whays the matter, Barbara?” he inquired. “Oh, I’m alright,” she replied, smiling to prove it. “Well, if ya say so!” She nodded. …

            • #2280583

              2~ (I meant “What’s”, not “Whays”, sorry XP) … ~~~ The king schnauzer noticed a lion shrug after he shouted an offended “Hey!”, but he seemed to be thinking that the fact that UnicornLand was for 6-year-old girls was true. Sterling frowned at this. Sure, he was older than 6 and wasn’t even a girl, but he could still want to go there! It wasn’t the unicorn aspect that intrigued him – Sterling had heard about UnicornLand before and knew it had tons of fun rides and games! They even had cotton candy! The schnauzer thought things couldn’t be worse until he heard a labrador shout that barely anyone was interested, yelling over his “Please take us there!”, and watched the exit fly past them. Disappointed, he rested his head on his brother’s lap. To his surprise, Beardo rubbed his head and reassured him that he’d take him to UnicornLand someday. That make him feel a little better, at least. …

            • #2280611

              3 ~ (And… “made”, not “make” XP) … It’d probably be more fun if they weren’t surrounded by a bunch of strangers, anyway. But there were a few others who did seem interested… “Could we invite Sadie and the others who wanted to come when we go?” he asked his brother with a face of determination. “Please…?” “Who’s Sadie?” Beardo stated, confused. “I met her earlier!” the young schnauzer explained, pointing to the dachshund. “Um… Fine,” Beardo finally agreed. “But you’re going to have to wait for your birthday or something so I can get a discount.” (Sorry for the short reply, I didn’t have too much tone to write it ‘^^ But I hope it’s alright!)

            • #2293563


              (Ah, sorry for replyin’ to this late ‘^^ Anyway, here’s the response I typed on behalf of @MLP! If you see this, MLP, I hope I did an okay job of using your characters!)
              Kailie turned her head towards Lightning, trying so hard not to burst into an uproarious laughter at his flimsy, unconvincing response.
              “Yeah, whatever you say, bro”, she replied, snickering slightly under her breath. “You might be his best friend, but I’ll bet ya anything that James would find me more believable than you. And anyway–” She paused, casually flexing her fingers. “–I think you are afraid of me. Can’t say I blame ya. I am pretty intimidating.”
              ~ ~ ~
              Pinkie Pie stared up at Candy with a humongous grin on her face. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she panted with excitement. She angled her ears towards the other dog, waiting eagerly for her response.
              And, needless to say, poor Pinkie Pie was definitely taken aback when the jellybean pup answered her in a very rude and dismissive way.
              She clamped her jaw shut and cocked her head to the side, as if…

            • #2293565


              ~2~ … she didn’t know what to think or to say. She just stood there, quietly. So quiet that you’d think Candy’s angry glare had turned her to stone.
              The edges of Pinkie’s mouth drooped downwards, and she almost turned away, when, suddenly, an idea came to her. Her frown almost immediately turned upside down.
              “WAIT!” she yelled. “Excuse me? Ms. Jellybean? Or whatever your name is. I don’t know what your name is because you wouldn’t tell me, so I’m just gonna call you Ms. Jellybean! Okay? So yeah, Ms. Jellybean… I think I know what your problem is! You’re grumpy and tired and crabby and cranky because you need a FRIENDto talk to! And I’m a GREAT friend, so you should talk to ME! I’ll totally cheer you up, Ms. Grumpy-pants! And then you’ll be so happy, you won’t even know what to do because you’re so happy! Ooh! Ooh! Do you like charades? I like charades! Let’s play charades!! Or maybe we can tell some knock-knock jokes? Which one do you wanna do?”
              Meanwhile, Lyric watched Pinkie…

            • #2293577


              ~3~ … from several aisles away. She couldn’t imagine how frustrated the jellybean pup would be after thisincident, but she had to admit, it was pretty funny.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              Starlight Glimmer glanced up from her list. She smiled at Loki and dipped her head. “Oh, thanks. So is your name. It’s quite–” She paused, trying to search for the right word. Come on, think! What would Twilight say? “–exotic!” she blurted. She then covered her mouth with her hoof. She didn’t mean to be so loud…
              Her pink face turned bright with embarrassment, but she was at least glad that Loki had changed the subject.
              “Hmm, yeah, I don’t think most of us expected to share our vacation with so many other animals. Oh, well. I guess all we can do is try to make the best of it. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to make new friends…?”
              She shrugged and looked back down at the list Twilight gave her, still searching for some helpful friendship pointers that she could give to Loki, when–suddenly– the black lab sitting diagonally to her right stood up and told the driver…

            • #2293583


              (Whoops, sorry! I accidentally posted this in the wrong spot XP )
              ~4~ … that no one wanted to go to UnicornLand.
              Starlight’s placid face quickly turned into a fierce scowl. She eyed the dog with a furious stare.
              “Excuse me, but how dare you? You claim to speak for everyone, yet nearly half of us wanted to go to the park!” she spat. “If I were you, I’d go and apologize to all of the poor animals whose hopes were dashed because of your insolent behavior!”
              Starlight turned her snout up in the air and crossed her arms, clearly annoyed with the lab. She hated being so brusque, but someone had to say something.
              ~ ~ ~ ~
              (Sorry this reply was kind of short! ‘^^ It would’ve been longer, except I was trying hard to get this done before I left for vacation. I’ll try to work on my own response once I return in a few weeks. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to type?)

        • #2036633


          [Hey, fellas! I dunno if you guys will see this or not, but if ya do, I wanted to let you know that it would appear that I accidentally made an error in my first reply, ahah '^^ For whatever reason, I said that Pikachu was sitting in the last booth on the left, and then preceded to say that Clint and Cassandra (who were two rows up from Pikachu) were sitting on the right, oops :P I just realized that and was like, "Wait, that's confusing" XDD They're not supposed to be on different sides! Sorry 'bout that, guys :c Clint and Cassandra are actually sitting on left, not the right. (In my head, I imagine the left and the right sides to be based upon what one would see if they actually walked onto the bus and stood at the front) So, in that case, they really would be on the same side as Pikachu. I know it doesn't matter too much (I figure you guys probably knew what I meant), but just thought I'd correct that! Can't believe I didn't notice that goofy mistake earlier, ayyy XP ]

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          • #2036809


            [Hi, Taffy! (Oof I hope it's okay if I reply to this...? I apologize if I wasn't supposed to! XP ) Anyway, ah, it's no worries, pal! I know it can be hard to keep track of left and right and all that stuff when you can't actually see where everyone is, so I imagine it'd be pretty easy to make a mistake like that! Anyway, I kinda assumed that's what you meant, anyway XD Well, I figured either Clint and Cassandra were supposed to be on the left side, or Pikachu was supposed to be on the right side, because of the sentence that said "Behind them was an empty row, and behind that row sat Pikachu..." But, just in case, I tried to make it kind of "ambiguous" in my response, in case I had interpreted it wrong and Pikachu and Clint and Cassandra actually were on different sides XD Anyway, thanks for clearing that up for us, Taffy! =) ]

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      • #2035517


        And… here is the “discussion thread” for this new roleplay! Any questions, commentary, suggestions, or just about anything pertaining to the plot or our characters, can be posted down below! :)

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        • #2035563

          Oh my gosh, Taffy, this is the best roleplay EVER!! I love how Leopardstar was thinking about Lightning in it. XD And ahh, Natasha… No wonder why peeps call her the Black Widow– Clint always leaves her, hahaha. I probably won’t make mine 15 replies long, but maybe 4-7. Would that be alright? And I get the part about 2-seats, haha. I can just imagine Loki coming in the bus wile Clint is just STARING at him. Do you think the back of the bus would be like 4 seats? Anyways, I know Loki loves unicorns, so moonie, if you see this, could you possibly have Loki not sit by anyone so Starlight can sit by him? She doesn’t know him, or how decietful and how much he loves unicorns, so IT’D BE PERFECT. And haha, I know Lightning’s going to sit by Leopardstar, and I’m dying of laughter, hahaha. I seriously can’t wait for my turn. And yes, I still want to use Honda Wingflight. XD This will be awesome. Sope Rockshredder(Clydesdale pegasus) is kind of taking over the kinsona part. XD

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          • #2035607


            Hi, MLP! :) (Thanks for putting that in bold, I might not have read your post, otherwise XD ) Ooh, that’s a good idea! That’d be funny if Starlight sat next to Loki, hehe! Loki does love unicorns, so I’m sure that’d be interesting… XD However…I was talking to Taffy about her roleplay in the park awhile back, and…I was kind of already planning on having Loki sit next to Bucky (they hate each other, so I thought it’d be funny :P ), and they’d both be in the row behind Clint, so that all three of them could be close since they all hate each other, too. Would that all right…? Ah, I hope you don’t mind! XP However…this is just an idea, but, maybe you could have Starlight sit in the row across from Loki, so that way they could still be close and still interact and stuff? (I’d have Loki sit closest to the aisle, too, so they could be closer) Let me know what you think of that idea! I definitely want them to be able to interact and stuff, because I’m sure that’d be really funny XD

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            • #2035647

              Hey, moonie! Ah, no problem!! I know how bold letter get your attention. I love the song “Bold”. It’s by one of my favorite singers– Ledger! Ueah, hahaha. XD Oh, that’s fine!! I’m sure that’ll be 20% more hilarious than what I had in mind. It’s funny how they all hate each other, haha. Yes, it’s fine! Sure, we could do that! It’s alright with me. OOH– and maybe you could have Loki and maybe Bucky start singing Veggie Tales songs!! OR CUCUMBER SONGS TO ANNOY CLINT!! “Vitamins, Minerals very high number, Silica, Hair and Nails get longer, Other Vitamins make your bones dem stronger, Anti wrinkle make you look younger umm… 95% Water, Kidney Cleanser, great hydrater, Detox, Fiber, good regulator, Give your body good things don’t be a traitor Get the Cucumber cut it inna slice Put it inna jug of water overnight, You know what you get for a fraction of the price, Energy drink full of electrolytes Raw inna salad is one of the use Or as a base for your Vegetable juice…

            • #2035667

              .. Another surprise, put a slice on your eyes Take away the dryness revitalize Oh Yes one thing I have left Cucumber can also help with bad breath Wash away the Bacteria that cause the odour Cucumba water instead of Soda!!!!!” (That’s the Cucumber song, lol. And yes, I copied and pasted it, haha) Yeah, it would. XD Not sure how Kailie’s gonna react to Lightning, but I don’t think she’ll be harsh on him because he’s James’s friend, haha. It’s more like Honda to be like, “HEY!!” because that’s how I am a lot of times to people like that. XD Kailie would too, but if Lightning weren’t one of James’s best friends, she’d probably act different. Because you know what she’s hiding. XD

            • #2036819


              Hi again, MLP! (Sorry for the late response, by the way! XP ) Heheh, yep, they do XD I mean, they stand out from the rest of a comment, so I always notice them when I’m scrolling through a page ;P Oh, cool! I haven’t heard that song before, but I bet it’s pretty good! ^-^
              Anyway, thanks so much for understanding! I’m glad you don’t mind that I made Bucky and Loki sit together. Ah, I felt kinda bad making two of my characters sit next to each other, but eh…I guess I just couldn’t resist with those guys XD Hehe, thanks! It is funny how they all hate each other…it definitely makes them fun to use together XD And all right, that sounds great, then! I’m glad Starlight and Loki will still be able to sit close to each other! =) I’m gonna have to think of how Loki is going to respond when a unicorn sits close to him ;D
              Pffft, and that’d be hilarious if they started singing Veggie Tales and/or cucumber songs to Clint! X’D (Y’know, I actually think Taffy said that Clint was afraid of VeggieTales? …

            • #2036823


              … So that’d be perfect hahah) I highly doubt Bucky would take part in it, though (he doesn’t sing :P ), but I can see Loki doing that to annoy Clint XD Oh my gosh and that cucumber song is amazing! :,D I looked up the video for it after I read your post and I love it even more now XD Man, I wonder how Clint would react if someone started singing that to him?? I kinda want to find out XD
              Oh, and hmm, yeah…that’ll be interesting to see how Kailie and Lightning interact! Their personalities kind of seem like they might “clash” (especially since Lightning is so rude), but, you’re right, they might get along better since they both know James and since Kailie knows that Lightning is James’ best friend. Well…we’ll see! ;) Wait no what’s she hiding? XD

            • #2036997

              Haha, it’s okay! Sorry for my late response. We all get lazy and use the word excuse “busy” to cover, but we’re just teenagers, haha. It’s a great song!! She’s the drummer/co-vocalist from one of my favorite bands– Skillet! Haha, I don’t mind! Especially since they’re more humorous than Starlight Glimmer. Yes, that sounds awesome to use them all together. Since we have Daddy Loki, Unkie Clint, Kung-Fu Kailie, and Gramps Bucky, we need Mommy Taylor and Baby Cupcake, Baby Tim, and Baby Sprinkles since they’re not in it. (I has made a room with using these characters) Yeah, haha. HECK, YEAH. I can totally imagine!! With her curl-wave mane, sparkly hooves and horn… he probably can’t resist her, haha. You should get a unicorn and name her Lightly Lily from the other MLP’s!! =D Lightly Lily and Loki vs Cassandra and Clint. Unless Light Limmer and Loki do. XD Ha! I know, right? XD I grew up with Veggie Tales and still watch it to this date!! (My nephew loves it, haha) Yeah, she did!! …

            • #2037003

              (2) … It’s so funny how Clint doesn’t like Veggie Tales. LOL, I bet Bucky wouldn’t, but what if Beddy Tear(That’s the only good name I can think of for his teddy bear wather than Plum. XD I knowwwww!!! XD It’s hilarious, haha. You did? That’s awesome. XD BUT OHHHH, WHAT IF HE SANG THE DUCK SONG AND REPLACED THE GRAPES WITH CUCUMBERSSSS. XD I do too! DO IIIIT! Wow, I’ve been using so many strikethroughs, haha. Yeah, it would be. Lightning is pretty rude, but Kailie’s a fearless brash person who is pretty femme fatale, so yeah. XD I mean, Lightning would probably be like, “Uh-oh, Kailie’s here. James better’ve not sent her here to check on me or spy… that girl is scary… I wish he wasn’t friends with her.”, and then Kailie’d be like, “WHO YOU CALLING A GIRL? I’M A DUDETTE!!” Since she doesn’t like that other title, haha. Pfffffft, right? That’s the only reason why she’d actually be nice-ish to him. I mean, if he wasn’t friends with James, Lightning’d be in BIG…

            • #2037005

              (3) .. trouble. She doesn’t want to do anything harsh to him only because he’s James’s best friend. That’s a good reason, though. XD Yeah, we’ll just had to wait.. *evil laugh* heh heh heh heh hehhh… WHAT? She’ll kill me if I tell you, haha. But you get the point, right?

            • #2037343


              (Hey, MLP! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read your response, and I will try to reply to this conversation over the weekend, as well as to the food fight conversation on page 139! I’d reply to ‘em now, but I’m afraid I have to get off the Newz really soon… =/ I hope that’s okay!)

            • #2037387

              It’s okay, Moonie! Take your time! I’m sure Kailie wouldn’t want you or Lightning to know her secret about James. I mean, Lightning already knows, haha

            • #2042537


              Hi again, MLP! Goodness, I am terribly sorry for the late reply!! XP I meant to reply to this a long time ago, but I haven’t much time to come on the Newz this week, unfortunately… =/
              Anyway, thanks for understanding! Pffft I guess that is true XD I mean, sometimes I actually do get busy and that’s why I can’t reply to stuff on here (like this week, for example), but I am also very prone to laziness, and may be guilty of having before used the excuse of being “busy” when I’m actually just procrastinating ;P Yeah, I’m a lazy teenager XDD Oh, and that’s cool! I don’t listen to Skillet much, but there are a few songs of theirs that I really like! =)
              Well, thanks for not minding, MLP! ^-^ Pfft wait what? Is this like a family or something? Because that sounds hilarious XD I can totally see Bucky being a grumpy old grandpa XDD Ahh and yesss! Loki is going to have a hard time disguising his delight at sitting so close to a unicorn XD (Though he actually doesn’t like sparkly or glittery things? I don’t know…

            • #2042539


              …why he likes unicorns then =P ) I loved your reply to the roleplay, by the way!! :D I can’t wait to have Loki respond to Starlight Glimmer! I’m trying to think of how he’s going to react…I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking he might actually be like, nice to her…and then be extra rude to everyone else to make up for it XD Ooh and that’s a good idea! “Lily Lightly” is a pretty name! ^-^ Is that an MLP character, you said? :) I was actually thinking of naming a unicorn “Thursday” if I ever got one, because Loki hates Thursdays but loves unicorns, so needless to say he’d be very conflicted… XD But I really like your idea too!!
              That’s neat! VeggieTales is a pretty good show, hehe! ;) I don’t really watch it anymore, but I will still listen to some of the Silly Songs sometimes XD Those can be pretty funny haha! Do you have any favorite ones? :) Yesss, I thought it was so funny how Clint is afraid of VeggieTales X’D Pffft and “Beddy Tear”…that’s a funny name! XD I actually haven’t decided what Bucky named his teddy bear…

            • #2042561


              …if it even has a name…? I haven’t really been able to think of anything good, besides “Plum”, like you said :P Yes! Honestly, it’s a great song :,D I love the guy’s accent in the video haha XD Oh my goshhh, that would be hilarious if he sang the duck song and used cucumbers instead of grapes XDD I actually don’t really remember what that song is like right now…I haven’t heard it in a long time. I might have to look it up later haha XD Hehe, yeah, I’ve been using a lot of strikethroughs in this post too. ;P Hurray for strikethroughs yaaaay XD
              (Oh darn, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to finish my response to this later, as we’re about to go out to lunch now… >.< I'm sorry, MLP!! XP I promise I will finish my response later today, though, hopefully before comments stop moderating!!)

            • #2042673


              (I’m baaaack! Hopefully I can finish this before comments stop moderating =P )
              … Yeah, I’m sure their interactions will be interesting, hehe! ;) Oh gosh, I bet Lightning would actually think that James sent Kailie to keep an eye on him, haha XD What if he was all paranoid that she was going to report whatever he did back to James when they got back? ;P And yep, I guess Lightning is lucky that James is his best friend, otherwise he’d really have it comin’ to him! XD That’s nice of Kailie not to be too harsh with him because he’s James’s friend, though; most of my characters probably wouldn’t care about that, haha. Though, unfortunately, I’m not sure if Lightning will like Kailie any better because she works with James…especially if he does think she’s there to keep an eye on him XD Well, I guess we’ll see! ;) Oh, okay…I think I know what you mean…? XD
              Oh! And I know I already said this, but I really enjoyed reading your reply! I think you did a great job on it! ^-^ I love Pinkie Pie and how hyper she is, haha XD …

            • #2042675


              … She almost reminds me of Sadie some…I wonder if they’d get along? :) (Also, I thought it was funny how she brought 34 bags haha XD Like, what did she put in all those??) This roleplay has been super fun, so far…I can’t wait for my next turn, hehe! ^-^

          • #2037027


            Heya, MLP! (Ah, sorry for the late response to ya, by the way! DX ) Aw, well thanks pal! ^^< Haha, thank you XDDD Poor Leopardstar– she's not gonna be too happy that Lightning decided to sit next to her! Like Tall Shadow, she is definitely not a fan of Lightning, heheh :P But hey, it is funny… X,D I'm not sure why, but I seem to get enjoyment out of making my characters agitated and uncomfortable? Pffft, that "Black Widow" joke is pretty funny XDD Though, I suppose it is true. Clint and Natasha may be the best of friends, but Clint does seem to leave her a lot to go elsewhere or hang with someone else! =P At least, that's what's been happening in the roleplays I've used him in, haha. (Oh! And speaking of Clint, moonie is right– he is afraid of VeggieTales XD …

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            • #2037029


              … Singing cucumbers are a definite no-no in the world of Clint :P ) Also, to answer your question: yup, I totally don’t mind if your starting reply is 4 to 7 replies long! :) Actually, I don’t care how long you make it… whatever length works for you is good enough for me XDD Hm, the seats? It’s funny, because I actually was going to make the farthest back ones a section of four connected seats! But, I decided against it last minute, and instead make the back just like the rest (two “booths” on each side divided by an aisle). Oh gosh, I can’t wait to make Clint respond to Loki, pfffft X,D (This is kind of weird to say, but I’ve actually already started typing some of my next reply based on what’s happened so far… let’s just say that Clint might throw a temper tantrum when he sees that Bucky and Loki are on the bus XDD ) And thanks for letting me know about Honda, too! :) I look forward to seeing your characters “in action”, heheh! >^^<

            • #2037439

              Hey Taffy, I’ve read your reply and will try to reply to it soon! Sorry I’ve been so behind on things, I start school after Labor Day!

        • #2035585


          Hiya, Taffy! Thanks so much for starting the roleplay off! =D I absolutely loved the beginning of it! All your characters were great, as always, and I really like Kovu and Cassandra so far! ^-^ I love how Leopardstar was thinking about Lightning, too, haha XD I can tell already that this is gonna be a super fun roleplay! ;D I can’t wait to reply! I promise I’ll start working on my reply soon, and I’ll definitely be sure to post it sometime this week! Don’t worry, I actually will respond quickly this time– I should have a lot of time on my hands this week, so I don’t have any excuse not to, heheh :P Before I start on my response, though, I just had a quick question that I wanted to ask, if that’s okay…
          So, since the bus stops at each character’s house, I guess I’m supposed to make it stop by all five of my characters’ houses during my first turn, right? And if so, do I just like, skip time to when they arrive at the next characters’ house? For example, if Lightning is the first character…

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          • #2035589


            …I show and he goes and sits next to Leopardstar and says something to her, then do I just skip time to when the next character gets on (say, Sadie or Olaf), and then you’d have Leopardstar respond in your next turn and Sadie and Olaf wouldn’t be there yet? (Tell me if I’m not making any sense here and I can rephrase all this XD ) Sorry if this is a stupid question, I just want to make sure I’m doing everything right, eheh! ^^’
            Also, thanks for allowing us to use Humphrey the hippo! =) I probably won’t use him much, since I don’t want to mess him up, but I might have to use him a bit just to explain stuff to my characters, if that’s all right. Also, no worries–I didn’t mind the length at all! :) I’ll try not to make my reply too long! I might have to make it sort of long this first time, though, since I’ll have to show all five characters getting on the bus…would that be okay? I promise I’ll try not to make it too long, though (not as long as yours)…

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            • #2035591


              …and I’ll definitely make my future replies shorter!
              Anyway, I think that’s all I wanted to say…I mainly just wanted to ask you that question real quick so I can get started on my reply soon! =) Thanks again for starting off the roleplay– I cannot wait to participate!! ^-^

            • #2035631


              [Hiya there, 'moonie! :D I'm afraid I can't reply to your entire comment at the moment (I promise I will soon, though! I'd type it all up now but I gotta get off in a few moments, ahah '^^ ), however, I think I have enough time to quickly answer your questions! For your first question, yup, bringing all five of your pets on and then skipping through time between their places of dwelling is the right way to construct your first reply! :) Now, you don't necessarily have to add each of your pets individually, though. If ya want, you can totally have two (or more) of your characters "share" a ticket, like I did with Clint and Cassandra. (If it makes things easier on you, maybe you could do that with Olaf and Sadie, since they're close friends?) Whichever way and order you'd like to add them in is fine with me! >^^< Also, for your second question, I certainly won't mind how long your reply is! :) ...

            • #2035641


              … I realize that firsts replies are almost always gonna be long, so no worries of yours is 7, 8, or however many comments in length! I just added that little tidbit near the end of my replies only ’cause I didn’t want you guys to necessarily feel like you needed to make your first replies super long, like I did, ahah ‘^^ But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them long! Personally, I enjoy everything about your characters so I can guarantee you I’ll be reading your entire response– regardless of length– shortly after it’s posted XDD ~Welp, I’ll reply to the rest of this (as well as your SC pictures and update!) very soon, ilovemoonie, and I’m glad ya like my roleplay so far! =D I look forward to seeing your reply, whenever ya post it! ;) )

            • #2036835


              Hey, Taffy! (It’s okay, you can take your time replying to the rest of this! In fact, you don’t even have to go back and respond to the other stuff in my other comment if you don’t want, I dunno if I really said anything else important XD It’s up to you!)
              Anyway, thanks so much for responding to my questions so quickly, though! I appreciate it, as it definitely cleared that stuff up for me! ^-^ Hopefully I did the whole “time-skipping” thing right in my reply! Also, as I’m sure you noticed, I decided to take your suggestion and have Olaf and Sadie come on the bus together, because…it was faster XD (Plus they’re really good friends anyway, so it makes sense)
              Also, thanks for not minding about the length! Ah, I seriously did not intend to make my response thirteen comments long, though! >.< I know that's quite a bit more than seven or eight… =P Ah, I hope you don't mind too much! Like I said in my response, though, I promise I will not make my replies that long again! I guess I just didn't want to…

            • #2036837


              …rush things too much, plus I was really enjoying writing it so I might’ve gotten a bit carried away… XD Aww and thanks pal! I love everything about your characters, too, and I always love seeing them “in action” hehe! =D
              Anyway, thanks again for letting me know about that stuff, and if you do end up responding to the rest of my comment, I’ll be sure to read your response! (No rush, though, I mean, this thread isn’t going anywhere, so XD ) Ahh, and yes; I absolutely love the roleplay so far!! I can’t wait for it to continue! \^-^/
              (Ah and thanks for letting me know! Gah, I hate bugging you with this, but…do you still think you’ll be able to respond to my photos, sometime? No rush of course! I know you’ve had a lot to reply to lately! Ah, sorry if I sound impatient for asking… XP I don’t wanna pressure you or anything! I guess I’ve just missed seeing your responses is all; they always made my day, hehe! ^-^ )

            • #2037349


              (Hiya, ilovemoonie! Just wanted to say that I read your response to our little thread here, and I hope to reply either over the weekend or early next week! ^-^ I hope that’s alright…? Also, regarding your SC pictures, I started my reply to them a little earlier! =] Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll have the rest done until Monday, eheh ‘^^ But, I guess it’s better late than never? No worries, I promise I’ll actually get it finished this time!! I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long though, gah! DX )

            • #2037369


              (Hiya, Taffy! Thanks for letting me know! :) That’s fine, you can take your time replying to our conversation here! Like I said before, it’s not like this thread is goin’ anywhere anytime soon, so you don’t need to rush to reply or anything! XD
              Also, thanks for letting me know about the SC pictures! I read the start of your response, and look forward to reading the rest, when you’re able to post it! =) That’s totally fine if you can’t finish it until next week, though, no worries at all! ^-^ Speaking of that, I saw the comment you posted yesterday regarding my photos, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m certainly not mad at you at all, or anything! I apologize if I came off that way!! XP I know you’re still trying to catch up with everything on here, and I did post a lot of photos, so I totally understand that you haven’t been able to reply until now. I hope I didn’t seem rude for asking about it yesterday, or anything! XP )

            • #2158183


              (Oh, snap, I totally forgot that I haven’t even replied to this yet! DX I’m sorry, moonie– I guess I kinda forgot about checking this thread, ahah :/ Anyhoo, don’t worry about it, pal! You didn’t come off as rude in the least! ;) I know that, prior to your pics, I hadn’t really replied to a lot of your stuff, ahah, so I certainly wouldn’t blame ya if you were a little anxious! ‘^^
              Anyway, I’ll go ahead and reply to this now… I know my response is super late, so it’s okay if you can’t reply back for a while!):
              Hey, moonie! ^-^ Ah, thanks, pal– I’m glad you liked my first reply, hehe! :D I’m happy that you seem to like Kovu and Cassandra, too! =] I’ve used Kovu a lot before with my friend (well, at least, since March, anyway ,XD ) so I know pretty well how he’d act and stuff in different situations, and though I haven’t used Cassie at all prior to this, I feel like her personality is coming along rather well XD I’ll just see where the roleplay takes me, with her!…

            • #2158195


              But I DO know that she secretly likes cucumbers, much to Clint’s chagrin X,D
              Haha, yeahhh… I couldn’t really resist adding that, pffft XDD Leopardstar is definitely no fan of Lightning, that’s for sure ;P I kinda wonder how she’d feel about your other characters, though? I sorta have the feeling that she’d find Sadie (and maybe Olaf, too) rather annoying, and she’d probably just think that Bucky is a little weird XD (Though, she’d definitely appreciate the fact that he’s not too talkative) And… I actually have no idea what she’d think of Loki, heheh :P She’d probably think he’s “okay”, unless he’s rude to her, or something.
              Oh, and speaking of Loki, I absolutely love how you’ve been using him, so far, pffft :,D I thought it was pretty funny when he told Cassandra that she made a mistake of befriending Clint, and I laughed so hard when he told Bucky that maybe they’d go to Build-A-Bear Workshop, haha XDD
              And I, for one, feel quite proud to have created a character (Clint) who is basically Loki’s arch-nemesis X,D …

            • #2158199


              … But really, their interaction and arguments with one another are absolutely hilarious XDD I can’t wait to see more! I’m already starting to type up some of Clint’s response to Loki in my notes, heheh >:) (Strangely enough, I think I’ve been even more determined and motivated to type Clint’s comebacks after our Loki-Clint roleplay in the park yesterday, pffft XD It’s seriously all I’ve thought about all morning, because it was just too funny :,D And I might have to save that ‘Goblin Princess’ outfit for Clint, because it honestly looked pretty ridiculous XDD )
              Also, just so ya know, I’ll probably have Humphrey mention Unicorn Land in my next response, because reasons X,D
              ~ Anyway, sorry again for the late reply, and I hope you’re having fun with the roleplay, so far! ;D I’ve truly enjoyed both of your responses, hehe! :D

            • #2158405


              (Ack, sorry for adding more to this here, but since I don’t really know where else to put this… I just wanted to say that I had a great time chatting with ya at the park yesterday! That was a lot of fun, haha! =D Oh gosh, you had me laughing so hard, though, pffft :,D The thing you told me that you may add to your Halloween story was honestly pretty hilarious (I totally think you should do that, by the way– if ya do, I’d love to see that part posted on here at some point! ;D ), and so was that thing about Loki and the costume you forgot you left on him, pffft XD I could just imagine the shock X,D
              I think I also may add that one quirk to Clint, too. It’s pretty ridiculous quirk, I will admit, but… it’s just too funny to resist, I suppose X,D If I do, you could totally have Loki tease him about it at any time, even in this roleplay, if ya wanted– we can just pretend he already knows about it, or something ,XD …

            • #2158407


              … Anyway, I had a great time talkin’ to ya ’bout everything, and hopefully we can have another park chat soon after my relatives leave! =] They’re always a blast! ;D )

        • #2035697

          Hi, guys! *runs in yelling* Here comes the partayyy! Jk jk XD Well gosh, first, Taffy, I am loving this roleplay so far! Thanks for starting it! It must’ve been a lot of work XD Haha, and Humphrey the Hippo is the best!! If I have to use him, I will try to do him right. ;P I also can’t wait for more Kovu eee! XD Oh yeah, and I think I’ll just stick to using Tanner and Candy! I won’t be adding another character. It’ll be easier that way. =P Now I’m not sure who my characters should sit next to… buut I guess Candy could sit next to Kovu? Oh goodness. XD The horror. Candy could probably annoy anyone though. Tanner is a pretty nice dude overall, but he’s silly. Does anyone have a character with a super low tolerance level to silliness? =P

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          • #2035969

            Hmm, well there’s moonie’s Bucky! He’s a frowny guy. I really like Tanner, and most of my pets like silliness. Well, if Kailie’s on duty, she takes criminals/citizens seriously, haha. Especially her family. But she’s a jokester herself, so yeah. And then there’s Lyric. If Tanner made a joke about not remembering words to a song or only liking music with no singers/lyrics, so she’d get offended by that, but definitely wouldn’t show it. Maybe Tanner and Pinkie Pie could sit by each other…? They both make lots of jokes and I’m sure they’d annoy each other. Then again, there’s Starlight Glimmer. She’s… still got to learn some about friendship, and I think she’d get irritated if Tanner was making jokes while she’s trying to make friends with him by the list that Twilight Sparkle gave here, hahaha.

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          • #2036763


            Hey, emi! (Pffft, the “party” thing, though X,D ) Aw, well, thanks pal! ^^< That's fine; Candy and Taylor sound great to me! :) And I realize it can get a little tough using a bunch of characters, heheh. I was actually only gonna use four initially, but then I decided to add Leopardstar so moonie's Lightning could have someone to bother XDD As for seating, you can have your characters go wherever ya want, emi! :) Though, I do agree that it would be pretty funny to have Candy or Tanner sit next to Kovu, heheh XD …

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            • #2036775


              … I’m actually not sure which one would work better! On one hand, Candy would definitely be an irritant to him, and I think she’d probably dislike some of his habits (ex. messy eating, consuming a lot of snacks, etc.)? But, if Tanner sat next to him, Kovu would probably be like, “Oh great, a cool dude is sitting next to me” and act all shy and stuff… or he’ll try to act even cooler than Tanner XD I dunno, there are lots of possibilities with that, hahaha. Hmm, well, you could always have one of them sit next to Kovu (Tanner or Candy, doesn’t matter to me!) and then have the other sit behind/in front of him or in the row across from him? ‘Cause then he could still interact with them, if ya know what I mean? Whatever you think works best, pal! :) (Just thinking, but it may be a little easier to find a seatmate that would annoy Candy than one…

            • #2036777


              … that would be intolerant of Tanner’s silliness, since a lot of the most serious pets (Bucky, Loki, Leopardstar, etc.) have already found their places…? (There are still a good amount of goofy ones left, like CuteHeart’s Finn and MLP’s Pinkie Pie) But again, it’s totally up to you, and I certainly don’t mind either way!! ^-^ ) ~Thanks again for joining pal, and I can’t wait to see Tanner and Candy in action! =D

            • #2036787


              Aw darn, looks like a good chunk of my first comment didn’t moderate! DX *sighs* Unfortunately, I can’t even remember what I typed… :/ I’m so sorry, emi! I dunno why it did that XP

          • #2036839


            Hiya, emi! (pffft that entrance though XDD That really made me laugh! I love the enthusiasm! *gives you a thumbs up* XD )
            Anyway, just thought I’d answer your question about whether or not we have any characters with a low tolerance to silliness! Let’s see, well…unfortunately, as far as my characters go, all the serious ones with a low-tolerance level to silliness are already sitting with someone else… :/ Currently, I think the only character of mine who isn’t sitting next to someone is Sadie, but no amount of silliness would ever bother her XD (On the contrary, I think Tanner would probably become annoyed with her, haha ) So, yeah…I guess it probably wouldn’t work for him to sit next to any of mine… Though, honestly, I like Taffy’s idea of both him and Candy sitting close to Kovu, because from what you guys have said it sounds like their interactions with him are gonna be pretty great! ;D (Plus Lightning is sitting pretty close to Kovu and Lightning doesn’t like Tanner, so…then they could always interact some too?) Anyway, I hope you can figure out a good place…

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            • #2036841


              …for both of them to sit, and I can’t wait to see Tanner and Candy in the roleplay! ^-^

            • #2037315

              Hey, guys! Haha thanks, glad you guys thought I was funny XD I’m just being silly, as usual.. XD Okay soo yess, I agree with moonie and Taffy! It would be fun to have them together, so we can do a bit of both, heheh. Moonie, that idea is like exactly the same as the one I just got! XD I also remembered how Tanner dislikes Lightning and if he sat next to Kovu, he’d be close to him too. I’m wasn’t sure where to put Candy, but I’m thinking I could put her in a seat in front of Tanner and Kovu, so she could annoy them both heheh. What do you two think of that?

            • #2037345


              Hiya, emi! (Haha, well, you can be pretty hilarious XDD Goofiness for the win!) About your idea– yes, I love it! >^^< I think it would be awesome to have Tanner sit next to Kovu, and then put Candy in front of them XD Like ya said, she can annoy them both that way, and Tanner would also be free to interact with Kovu AND with moonie's Lightning =] (I actually totally forgot that Lightning and Tanner didn't like each other, but I think that would make for some pretty interesting interaction, nay? (Oof now I'm starting to sound like Cassandra, pfft XD )) Thanks for letting us know, pal, and I hope you have a great time on vacation! <3

            • #2037357


              Haha, you’re welcome, emi! XD Hehe, well, your silliness always makes me laugh! ;) Ooh and I think that sounds great, emi! Wait really? Haha, that’s funny that we both got like the same idea! XD Well, yah know what they say…great minds think alike! ;) Anyway, but yeah, having Tanner sit next to Kovu and then having Candy sit in front of them sounds perfect to me! =) I think you should do that! (I mean as long as Taffy doesn’t have any objections, but I feel like she probably won’t) That way Candy and Kovu can interact, Tanner and Kovu can interact, Lightning and Tanner can interact…you get my point XD Honestly this group of characters sounds like it’s going to be really fun; Candy, Kovu, Tanner, Lightning, and Leopardstar, all within like two rows of each other XD Anyway, thanks for letting us know about your idea, emi, and I can’t wait to see your reply to the roleplay! :D

            • #2037359


              (Oh never mind Taffy already replied pfft XD I didn’t see that until after I’d posted my response. Well in that case, yes, I definitely think you should go with that idea, emi! =) )

            • #2038037

              Aw thanks, guys. XD I like to think I’m a little funny pfff haha. Okay, thank you for the input! You guys definitely helped me figure out what I should do. I can’t wait for our characters to interact! If you see this, you’ve probably noticed that I replied, making use of that idea. =) I hope I did things well in it..!

            • #2042507


              Oof okay I know this is super late, but I just wanted to say that I loved your first reply to the roleplay, @_emiemiemiemiemi_!! =D It was really great, and Tanner and Candy were awesome, as always! ;D I loved the parts with Candy, being dramatic as usual, haha XD Her poor butler… ;P Also, I love how lots of our characters are like shocked or angry or disappointed upon finding out that there’s more than one winner of the vacation, and then Tanner’s just like, “Oh, sweet! Now it’ll be even better!” That really made me laugh, just seeing how opposite his reaction was pfft XD Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of Tanner and Candy in the roleplay! ^-^ I’m excited to see their interactions with everyone, especially Kovu hehe! ;) And Lightning’s not going to be very happy to see that Tanner’s sitting in front of him, heheh…he’ll probably think he’s trying to steal Leopardstar’s attention away from him (as though she wants to pay attention to Lightning in the first place XD )

            • #2047361

              Oops! I never even saw that you replied here, moonie! >.< But thanks! Glad you liked my reply heheh! Psshh yeah, Candy is such a drama queen XD She’s a bossy gal, so all of the servants are probably treated kinda harshly, unfortunately.. Haha, yeah XD I’m glad Tanner was different! He is a really outgoing guy, so he’ll be happy to make friends with all the people around! Er, well.. if he can make friends with some of those meaner ones.. Oh and I’m sure he doesn’t like Loki. ;P He wasn’t a big fan of Bucky either, and was weirded out by how much Delilah liked him before XD Thanks! I can’t wait to reply again too XD Good luck with your next reply! It’ll be your turn pretty soon now actually. Oh my gosh yeahhh. XD I just thought of something! Maybe Tanner could try to be nice to Leopardstar to make her feel more comfortable, since he could probably tell Lightning bothers her =P And then that’d make Lightning really jealous when they’re talking hehehee XD

            • #2047369


              (Sorry for weaseling my way in here *grows whiskers and a ferret tail*, but I just quickly wanted to… say that I really liked your idea, emi XDD I bet that would make Lightning so jealous, pffft, considering I’m sure Leopardstar would like Tanner a heck of a lot more than him (and wouldn’t be afraid to show it, either)! Anyhoo yeah that’s all, sorry *squirms through a little dog-door and disappears*)

            • #2047505

              “Git outta here, ya big weasel! NYAH!” *kicks dog door* X’D Nah, if you were a weasel I wouldn’t hurt you, buddy <3 …. XD Anyway, cool thanks! Maybe we’ll do that then, as long as moonie’s good with it! It would add more general annoyances to the mess, so that’s a definite plus. XD

          • #2038099


            Hey, @_emiemiemiemiemi_! Ahah, sorry for posting this all the way down here ‘^^ But, I wanted to tell ya that I really liked your response! ;D Pfft, I love how you used Candy and Tanner, and I think you did a wonderful job of using Humphrey, too! =] By the way, I saw your reply to Kovu’s bio today (thanks for replying! <3 I'll see if I can respond back soon ;) Of course, I still plan on replying to Anna's on or before this weekend, as well!), and I liked your idea of Tanner and Kovu kind of being "frenemies", haha XD I could totally see that! On hand, I'm sure Kovu would like Tanner's friendly personality, as well as the fact that he also likes sports and junk food and all that, but I could also see him being really jealous and kind of angry at the same time XDD "Ugh why does Tanner have to be so cool– I look like a nerd in comparison" *cue dramatic scream* I think maybe we should so that, then, having Tannr and Kovu be "sort of friends" XD …

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            • #2038101


              … (Oh, and I know you asked this last week, so… yes, Kovu did bring his journal on vacation XD ) Ahaha, this may sound kind of weird, but I’ve already started typing up my next reply to this! (I’m just gonna have to adjust it a little based on what MLP and CuteHeart do. I’m assuming CuteHeart knows that I started this…? I haven’t seen her on lately so I’m not sure ‘^^ ) Right now I’m working on what Kovu is gonna say to Candy and Tanner, ha XD Gonna try to make his responses good! Is there anything in particular you’d like me to have him say or do? :) (Also, this is totally unrelated, but thanks for playing with me in the Tournament Arena earlier– I had a blast! ;D Oh gosh, I kept laughing when we were playing Supermodelz, though, and Candy kept saying things like “My model is super” X,D Yup, sounds like Candy, haha. Oof I think I might wanna draw her and Kovu together soon)

            • #2038547

              Bro. I just replied to this.. and my reply disappeared.. =‘) *insert “This Is Fine” meme here* ooKAY HERE WE GO AGIN — Hi! Aw thanks! I’m glad you liked it!! Oo okay, good! Kovu’s such a great character XD (Ah alright that’d be great, thanks! ^-^) You think so? I felt like it was more accurate to how Kovu would feel, since they like the same things, but he would be jealous. So it’s like a love/hate relationship lol. Oh my gosh, that’s funny XD guess what. When I first read that dramatic scream thing, I thought it said cute dramatic scream XDD (YESSS I can imagine so much teasing, it’s awful. And hilarious. I can do see Candy and Loki reading it like, “Oooo who’s Ava?” XD) Oh really? Nah, that’s not weird! I actually do the same thing sometimes when I’m excited to reply to something hehe =) It might be tricky though. (That’s a good question.. not sure if she knows or not. If I see her at the park chat on Saturday, I’ll try to tell her!) ….

            • #2038551

              …. Sounds good! =) I’m sure it’ll be great! Nah, I don’t think so! I mean he’s your character, hehe. You make him act he way he would. I’m assuming he’ll be shy with Candy, but I’m not sure how he’ll act with Tanner. I look forward to seeing what he does! (YES that was fun! =D It was great playing with you too! Hahah XD Yeah, I kept losing, so I figured I’d be sarcastic for fun. XD DO IIT THAT WOULD BE GREAT!! Oh and also that was an intense game of checkers. XD There were so many kings! You let me get your piece a few times though, I’m sure. =P I mean, obviously at the end, but earlier too, right?)

            • #2042487


              Wait, what? Dude, that’s weird o_o I hate it when it that happens, though, ay XP (Also, this may sound sad, but I had to actually go look up “this is fine” because I didn’t know what it was X,D I’m not very knowledgable in the least when it comes time to anything meme-related ,XD I am obviously outdated)
              No problemo, pal! :) Your replies are always great and funny, I think! Haha, and thanks– glad ya like him as a character! He’s probably one of my most developed guys right now, so I know how he’d respond in just about any situation XD (You’re welcome! >^^< Let's see… I gotta find the page first (I keep losing the page number, oops =P ) but then I can definitely respond! Should be able to do that tomorrow or Sunday!)
              Yup, I sure do XDD Honestly, I thought that was pretty good idea! I couldn't see him making Tanner his bestest friend or something like that, but I also couldn't see Kovu "hating" him, necessarily….

            • #2042491


              … Pfft, it is pretty funny X,D On one hand, he’d be like “Wow Tanner is a great dude, we like so much of the same and both despise Candy”, while simultaneously thinking “Wait a second– HE’S tOo CooL anD ConFiDeNt darn itttt that makes me upset” XD Wait, whaaa X,D “Cute dramatic scream”? What would that even SOUND like? XDD Like, how can a scream be cute? Oh gosh, that’s hilarious, though :,D
              (Pfffft, totally XD I mean, here you have this big, strong lion dude, and he writes in a diary–ahem, JOURNAL =,) Yup, definitely a lot of material for teasing there, ha XD Oh gosh I could definitely picture that, pfft :,D The “who’s Ava” thing made me laugh so hard I actually kinda want someone to discover the journal, so maybe me, you, and moonie could talk in the park sometime soon about that, figuring out who’d get it and what information they’d find XD )…

            • #2042497


              … I was worried I was the only one pfhaha ,XD Right! It kinda is a little tricky going back and adding things, especially when everything takes place on a “timeline” like it is now, heheh ‘^^ Lots of adding and deleting and moving around stuff =P But, I think I can manage! I guess I’ve just been so hyped I can’t help myself XDD
              (Yeah, I’m really not sure! I really hope she does, but I haven’t seen her reply to anything in awhile, and I don’t know if she still reads stuff on here when she’s busy…? ‘^^ I just don’t want her to not know and end up missing her turn as a result! X/ I’d be okay waiting for maybe a couple weeks, but after that, I’m afraid I’d have to continue… :/ Don’t want the roleplay to become stagnant, ya know? Ah, would you do that for me? Thanks, pal; I appreciate it! <3 If something happens that she’s not there or you can’t make it, that’s okay, too! I probably won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s, but I’m sure I’ll see her sometime in the near future!)
              Haha, thanks! Well, you are right that

            • #2042513


              … As for Tanner, uhh, I can’t quite explain Kovu’s initial reaction? Like, I guess you could say he gets upset upon seeing him, but then tries to make some conversation? I dunno– guess I’ll just have to wait till my next turn to show ya!
              (That was! :D It’s been a loooong time since I’ve played in the tournament arena, so that was pretty fun haha XD Oh gosh yeah that was so funny… :,D I know you already saw this, but yes, I am drawing them hur hur >:D With any luck, you should hopefully see it up in the SC next week!
              I know! That was probably one of the toughest games of checkers I’ve played in a while ,XD You’re really good at it! Ah, yup, well, I figured I’d do that at the end, ’cause I knew I was gonna lose anyway and thought I may as well let you win before we dragged it out too much further XD Oh yep, I did, actually!..

            • #2042517


              … I think there was once or twice earlier in the game when I thought I’d help you out by giving ya a piece (since it looked like I was winning early on and I felt bad) But then I ended up deeply regretting it X,D Next time we play, I will not go as easy on you, haha ;P )

            • #2042593


              Ah sorry, looks like part of my third comment got cut off! :P Meant to say “Well, you are right in that he’d be kind of shy around Candy… XD At least, for now, anyway, haha XDD [continue with comment 4]”

            • #2042645

              Yeah XD Dang thing. I probably did something wrong and it didn’t load right or something.. (aw haha it’s okay X) I figured you’d look it up if ya didn’t know. I mostly see memes from my brother showing me them, cause he’s always looking at them. I don’t see too much otherwise.) (Also DANG YOU REPLIED FAST *high five*) Awww *blushes* you’re roleplay replies are always a lot of fun too! Yeah, he does seem really developed! =o (Oh that’s alright pff. I don’t even remember what it was.. the link’s still on that one reply though, wherever that is heheh) Exactly! I felt the same way haha. XD Oh yeah, I guess they do have disliking Candy in common! How nice! XD Pfffhahaa, it’s okay, Kovu, you just gotta be confident like buddy ol’ annoying boy Tanner! ;D I KNOW RIGHT? XD I was trying really hard to imagine it until I realized it said “cue” X’D But it’s ADORABLE! XD I love it, haha! …

            • #2042653

              …. Oh my gosh haha! I’m glad XD Yesss, totally! We’ll have to talk about it sometime, like you said. The only one? No way! I think we’ve all done that lol. Good luck with it! No yeah, totally understandable. I’m hyped to see your reply! XD (Yeah, that would stink if she didn’t know and ended up taking a long time.. or miss her turn completely. I hope she can be active enough for this roleplay. =/ No problem! Hopefully she’ll be at the park tomorrow.) Ahh yes, I mean how could he not be shy around a girl, especially a pretty one? XD She’s pretty on the outside but not the inside, Kovu! Oh alright! Interesting! Yeah, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see hehe. =) (Oh really? I play there with my niece a lot heh! It’s pretty fun, but it was extra fun with you! Oh mah goodness yesss =D Next week? Sweet! I can’t wait to see it! Seriously. It was a pretty long game. XD …

            • #2042661

              … I don’t know, I don’t think I’m all that good at checkers. I think I just get lucky. XD You were definitely very good though! Pfft yeah, I knew it! I was like “aw, Taffy is having mercy on me!” XD Yeah, haha! I had a feeling you would be regretting it as I won. I was thinking toward the end, “if she didn’t give me that one piece I’d definitely have lost, but since she did I’m winning.. aw lol” Yep, don’t go so easy on me next time. XD)

            • #2159293


              Oh oof, I can’t believe I haven’t replied to this yet! O.o Sorry about that, emi! DX I won’t be on much today (I’m just quickly popping in this morning before I go do some things), but hopefully I can respond next week, or something? Also, while I’m here, I wanted to say, too, that I really liked your most recent response! =D Tanner is just so cute and funny, oh gosh :,) And dang, you typed it up super quick, haha XD (And hopefully MLP comes back on the newz in time for her turn! I’m willing to give her a few extra days, but if I don’t hear from her soon after the time limit is over, I’m afraid I might have to skip her’s :c ) Anyhoo, hope to reply to this sometime soon!

        • #2038557

          Heey, @MyLittlePony2010EG13! I liked your first reply! Pfft, the cucumber puns XD It seems like this is gonna be a lot of fun! I wanted to tell you though- you wrote that Kailie sat in front of Lightning, right? But Kovu and Tanner are already sitting in that spot. See, cause Leopardstar was behind Kovu and Lightning sat next to her, and Tanner sat next to Kovu… see? So maybe you could pretend Kailie sat behind Lightning instead? That way she could still interact with him. Sitting in front of him just doesn’t work. =P

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        • #2038715


          ~~ Heeey, guys! ~~
          Welp, I’m trying to figure out exactly where everyone’s characters are sitting so I don’t lose track, and I figured I’d go ahead and post a “chart” of where they all are, so you guys don’t get confused, too ‘XD
          First off, I dunno if I mentioned this or not, but… when I said that there were “right” and “left” sides of the bus, I meant where the right and left would be if you were to stand at the front of the bus and look straight back; not if you were sitting in one the seats and looking forward. If it were the latter, the seat arrangement would be opposite (i.e. Kovu and Leopardstar would technically be sitting on the left, and Clint and Cassie on the right). I don’t know, I just figured the former would be an easier way to determine that :P I hope this made sense…? I’m not always the best at explaining things, as you may know XD
          Okay, well, now that that’s out of the way, I’m gonna start with the chart…

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          • #2038719


            … which is based on what has happened so far. I’ll be using numbers, as well as the abbreviations L (for left) and R (for right).
            The seats will be numbered in order of how far they are from the driver. So, the seats closest to the front would be labeled “1″, while the ones farthest back will be labeled “10.” (Oh, and I’m just gonna use “N/A” for “currently empty” =P )
            Okay, lemme get this thing over with ,XD :
            L1: N/A
            L2: N/A
            L3: N/A
            L4: N/A
            L5: N/A
            L6: N/A
            L7: Honda and Lyric
            L8: Clint and Cassandra
            L9: Bucky and Loki
            L10: Pikachu and Olaf
            R1: Candy
            R2: Kovu and Tanner
            R3: Leopardstar and Lightning
            R4: N/A
            R5: N/A
            R6: N/A
            R7: N/A
            R8: N/A
            R9: Starlight Glimmer
            R10: Sadie …

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            • #2038731


              … (Important Note: @MyLittlePony2010EG13, I’m afraid I’m not quite sure where Kailie or Pinkie Pie are sitting, ahah… ‘^^ (Which is why I did not include them in this chart)
              I know you said Kailie sat in front of Lightning (in booth R2), but unfortunately, that won’t work, because Kovu and Tanner are already sitting there =/ I’m sorry!! You can totally make her sit anywhere else, though, as long as there aren’t two other characters already sitting there (each seat is only meant to hold 2 ‘kinz, so 3 in one booth won’t work). Perhaps she could sit behind Lightning in seat R4, or across in L3?
              As for Pinkie Pie, I know you said she was gonna sit next to Pikachu, but I’m afraid that won’t work, either, because moonie already made Olaf sit next to him ‘^^ So, that spot is already taken. Do you think she could sit across from Pikachu instead, next to Sadie? Or, in another free seat? I’m sorry to ask this of you! DX I know it’s kind of hard, considering we can’t really “see” where our characters are sitting…

            • #2038735


              … Do you think you could please update me and Kailie and Pinkie Pie’s new seats, MLP? Just let me know what side they’ll be sitting on (right or left), as well as the seat number! And, when you do your second reply, you can just pretend that they were sitting in those new seats all along. I hope you don’t mind…?
              Starlight, Honda, and Lyric are fine, though)
              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Alrighty, welp, I hope this chart thing was at least somewhat helpful! I’ll update it once EmilyCuteHeart takes her turn (I hope she knows we started this, eheh ‘^^ Hopefully one of us sees her soon so we can tell her. I’d hate to have to skip over her first turn, if she doesn’t reply soon! DX I wonder if she knows there’s a time limit…?) and when MLP gives me the new spots for her two characters!
              In the meantime, if you have any questions about the seating arrangement (or if something looks wrong), please let me know! >^^<

            • #2042635

              Oh, thank you so much, Taffy. XD This is so helpful. I only knew how Candy, Tanner, Kovu, Lightning, and Leopardstar were positioned and didn’t even know which side they were on. ‘^^ (Strangely and conveniently enough, I did picture them on the right side though!) And I was a bit confused about the other characters’ positions. But yeah, now I know! Thanks a bunch, this is super helpful! And hopefully we can get MLP’s characters sorted and talk to EmilyCuteHeart about replying soon.

            • #2047007

              Ahh, I didn’t see this! XD Well, @TaffyKitty12 – I suppose Beardo and Sterling will be on the left, lane 4, and Barbara and Finn will be right behind them (lane 5). Does that work? If not, totally feel free to let me know and I’ll make any necessary changes ^-^

            • #2125403


              Hiya, CuteHeart! ^-^ (Sorry for replying to this late, by the way! XP ) It’s fine, pal! :) I know the chart was all the way down here, so it’s not easy to see ,XD Anyway, thanks for letting me know where Beardo, Sterling, Barbara, and Finn will be sitting! ;D L4 and L5 sound perfect, actually! =] (It provides a good balance, too, since no one is currently sitting in the middle of the bus on either side XD ) I’ll be sure to update the chart a little later, hehe! I will tell MLP, too, so she’ll know that those seats are taken :) (I’m still figuring out where hers will sit; I think she tried telling me a few weeks ago, but her reply never moderated ‘^^ ) Thank you again!! >^^<

          • #2042681


            Heyyy, Taffy! Ah, thank you so much for posting this list of where everyone is sitting!! I kind of had it down in my head where everyone was, but I wasn’t exactly sure, since it can be hard to keep track since we can’t actually see it, you know? So, this is very helpful!! ^-^ I don’t think I have any questions right now; everything looks right to me! =) (I didn’t notice until you posted this list, but no one’s really sitting in the middle of the bus haha XD )
            Oh, and yeah, I did notice that with MLP’s characters…I hope she can figure out another place for Kailie and Pinkie Pie to sit! However, in my reply, I didn’t actually make Olaf sit next to Pikachu; he just asked if he could. So, technically, that spot was still available…So, if it’s easier, I could always just have Olaf sit next to Sadie or something, instead…Either that or Pinkie Pie could maybe sit next to Sadie, like you said? I’m fine either way, ‘long as Olaf is still relatively close to Pikachu haha XD
            Ah, yeah…and I hope CuteHeart will be able to reply soon! …

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            • #2042687


              … I’d feel bad if she didn’t even realize you’d started the roleplay, and then her turn had to be skipped XP But I get that you can’t wait too long for her, either, since you don’t want the roleplay to become inactive or anything! Well, hopefully one of us will be able to tell her at the park tomorrow! (Unfortunately, though, I highly doubt that I’ll be there this time, as I’m pretty sure we’ll be visiting my sister tomorrow XP Otherwise I’d definitely tell her for ya!)
              Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to post this, Taffy– it was a big help!! =D

          • #2223095


            Heeey, just quickly adding something here! So, I just realized that I never got where MLP’s characters Pinkie Pie and Kailie were sitting. But, since her Webkinz will still technically be in the roleplay (she requested that I used them for her), I’ll go ahead and figure out where they’ll be. So, I think I’ll place Kailie in L3, which is the row across from Lightning and the one in front of Barbara and Finn. Pinkie Pie will sit in R8, in front of Starlight and across from Clint and Cassandra. Hope this sounds okay! Though, if you guys know of a better spot for them, just lemme know ;)

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        • #2047009

          (Don’t mind me – just updating the tag, haha!)

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          • #2047365

            I liked your reply, Heart! You’re a great writer and fit in super well with role playing! ^-^ This is actually like one of the first times I’ve seen you role playing, or been in a roleplay with you! I don’t think I have been in one with ya before, have I?? Not sure. Sterling and Beardo were great though XD Also Finn and Barbara, hehe! It’s funny actually seeing them talking here, as characters. I’m used to just seeing them in the park. But yep, I look forward to seeing more replies from you!

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            • #2192169

              Aww, thanks, emi! I’m sorry I never saw this XP But thank you, it means a lot! :) Yeah, this is the first one we’re in together that’s, ya know, active at the moment :P Heheh, I guess you haven’t really seen their personalities yet, have ya? Well then, I look forward to using them more :)

            • #2194045

              Ah no problem! I get it. It was at the bottom of this huge bunch of replies, so it is pretty hard to find, heheh. Yeaah! We gotta have Tanner meet one of them! Cause ya know, he’s the nice one. XD Maybe Candy could too, but Tanner is way more friend-appropriate lol. And nope! I haven’t! Based on your last reply though, I’m really liking them hehe! XD Barbara seems very sweet, Sterling and Finn are cute and friendly, and Beardo’s a perfect grump. XD What a fun group!

        • #2222797

          I’m sorry, Taffy! I feel bad for not responding sooner – I hope you can forgive me (but I understand if you can’t) :/ It was my fault, so I apologize. I’ll do my best to reply quicker from now on. :/

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        • #2232443


          ^ ^ ^
          Just here to post some quick stuff about upcoming events in the roleplay =]
          So, I’ve officially decided that the first place our ‘kinz are gonna go to is a famous restaurant they can eat lunch at. However (this is where the fun part comes in, haha), Humphrey decided to arrange the seating himself, which basically resulted in the worst possible combination of pets at each table ,XD
          Here’s where I decided everyone will sit (though, if you don’t like it, lemme know and I’ll try to make changes):
          TABLE 1: Candy, Bucky, Pinkie Pie, Olaf, Sadie, Pikachu, and Beardo (basically the annoying vs. serious pets table, haha)
          TABLE 2: Kovu, Tanner, Kailie, Lightning, Leopardstar, Honda, and Finn
          TABLE 3: Clint, Loki, Sterling, Barbara, Starlight Glimmer, Lyric, and Cassandra
          Think I got everyone? I know a restaurant sounds kinda boring, but I thought there could be some really funny interactions if they were all paired up like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
          Anyway, let’s see… oh! Well, at some point, our characters will be able to choose between going to a camp-out/barbecue, or going to an art museum…

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          • #2232445


            … (Ava’s gonna make a special appearance ;D Also gonna throw in a super fancy group dinner) and staying at a nice hotel.
            I’ve already decided that Kovu, Cassandra, and Leopardstar will pick the latter option, while Pikachu and Clint go to the camp-out. As for MLP’s characters, uh… I’ll see. Might have Pinkie Pie go to the museum, ’cause that would be pretty interesting ,XD
            So uh, yeah. Just letting you guys know ahead of time, so you can figure out where you’d like your pets to go =]
            I have more ideas than just this, of course, but they’re a surprise! For now, anyway :P

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          • #2235473


            (Whoa, this is wayyy down here…I didn’t realize how long the roleplay thread had become XD )
            Hiya! I’m finally here to reply this, ahah. Sorry for the late response! ‘^^
            Anyway, thanks for letting us know about upcoming events in the roleplay, Taffy! =] I know you already kinda told me about some of them at the park awhile back, but it was good to know the exact arrangements for the restaurant and stuff! I gotta say, I think you did an excellent job splitting our characters into groups! I really don’t have any problems with your choices at all XD I’d definitely say you arranged them in a way that will make for some pretty great interactions ;D Even the way you split our characters up, so that almost all of us have at least one at every table, and nobody has a bunch of their characters at the same table, was really good! It definitely seems like you put a lot of thought into it! =) I love the idea of the serious vs. annoying pets table (Bucky and Candy are going to thrilled XD ), and I’m sure the table with…

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            • #2235475


              …Kovu, Tanner, Kailie, Lightning, and Leopardstar will make for some pretty interesting exchanges, too ;P And of course, thank you for putting Loki at the same table as Clint and Cassandra! I’d be pretty upset if he didn’t get to sit by his arch enemy, haha XDD
              But yeah, those all sound like perfect pairings to me! =D Also, no worries, I don’t think a restaurant sounds boring at all! I actually think it seems really fun, of course because of how they’re paired up, but also because I imagine some pretty funny stuff could happen with the food… (such as the scenarios we discussed at the park XD )
              Anyway, and I love the idea for the camp-out/barbecue and the art museum/fancy dinner/hotel! :D (I can’t wait to see Ava, too! ;) ) I know I don’t need to have decided yet, but just so I don’t forget, I think I had said that Loki, Bucky, and Olaf would go to the camp-out, and Lightning and Sadie would choose the fancier option? (I kinda feel like Sadie would go to the campout, but I kinda want to split it up…

            • #2235477


              … a bit more evenly so Lightning isn’t alone in choosing the other option…plus I think Sadie at an art museum and fancy restaurant would be pretty funny X’D )
              Anyway, thanks for letting us know about all these ideas, Taffy– I think they sound awesome, and I can’t wait for our characters to do those things! ^-^
              (Also, ahh, I just realized it’s been almost three weeks since you replied to the roleplay o_o Goodness, time flies! I’m so sorry I haven’t replied, yet!! XP I’m gonna try to work on my response really soon; I start school again next week, so I want to make sure to work on replying to the Vacation Roleplay and Ball Roleplay before then!)

        • #2364079

          This is hilarious!

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    2. #928320


      When someone’s idea for pets is made, don’t the person who made the idea gets a free pet?

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      • #932544


        Yes, but only if it was in a design a webkinz contest, if so they win a free virtual version of the pet and its special item and special food, also they can name it and make it either a boy or a girl, hope this helps pinkeez2002 out!

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    3. #926517


      hello emmabemma04love do you know any good names for a webkinz lamb?

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    4. #906836

      um i do have a question i have the sassy skunk but i don’t know what happens if it is the pet of the month?

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      • #932543


        @emmabemma04love. If the pet is already adopted you can do special activities in webkinz world at today’s activities. If you adopt the pet during that month you get a loot bag and you get a item only available in that bag, plus you can do the special activities, hope this helps, pinkeez2002 out!

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    5. #902792


      Hi there! I just want to know when this webkinz called the Fiesta Unicorn will be release in webkinz since one of pets that adopt was friends with it. Well it be a estore pet or a plush pets?

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      • #903766


        Are you sure it was a Fiesta UNICORN? Because there are Fiesta pets, all virtual, but I don’t think there is a unicorn there…

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        • #921382


          was it a zebra? or like a pinata horse or something? i remember it, too. it’s probably in the eStore.

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      • #921399


        i found it! :D it’s the pinata donkey (or was it donkey pinata?) and it’s a regular plush and was released May 2014. if u can’t find it where u buy ur webkinz, it’s probably at the eStore. oh! i wonder if it’s at Tuesday Morning? i’m going shopping!!! :D love to all!

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