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        Alrighty, welp, here is the discussion thread for me and @Springshimmer! ^-^ So, we can go ahead and chat about cartoons (Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, etc.) and anything else of the like right under here! =] I’m not sure if I ever asked you, but, do you have any favorite Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents episodes? Oddparents is a tough one for me (since I’ve liked just about every episode of it I’ve ever watched XD I don’t dare watch the Sparky or Chloe seasons, though… the Chloe ones sound especially bad :P ) but for Spongebob, I really like ones such as “Valentine’s Day”, “F.U.N.”, “Opposite Day”, “Wormy”, “The Secret Box”, “Squid on Strike”, “Chocolate with Nuts”, “Club Spongebob”, and well, yeah, basically almost every single old episode, haha XD But, those are just some of my favorites. And obviously, I love the Spongebob Movie XDD

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          Okay, I’m here! Let’s get started, shall we? XD Ahh, it’s been a while since I seen Fairly OddParents, I gotten more into pre movie SpongeBob and Rocko lately, heheh.. I’ll let you know about my favorite episodes of that show, soon! Once, I feel like watching those again… Oh gosh, same XD I don’t even like Sparky and Chloe XP (including that Flash animation, oof…) Yeah, I think I heard they reuse some plots from the older seasons in season 9?? They really ran out of ideas by then… Ohh, hehe, I like the F.U.N song, it was just a sweet song in my opinion! ^-^ WORMY!!! Oh my gosh, the “Chocolate With Nuts” episode… I remember that fish saying “CHOCOLATE!!!”, it was really funny XD Let’s see I think my favorites at the moment are The Sponge Who Could Fly, SpongeBob’s House Party (I know the other title is Party Pooper Pants, but I prefer that other title they used…), Christmas Who, Squid’s Day Off, Big Pink Loser (I really like Patrick in that one XDD), Frankendoodle (DoodleBob), Can You Spare A Dime ….

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            ….and there’s probably more episodes that I like, but don’t remember much of it right now.. XD Yeah, I pretty much like almost all of the pre movie SpongeBob. I thought season 4 is alright, I know it started the post movie episodes… But even then, I found it was starting to feel different somewhere in the middle of that season compared to the tone from the first three seasons… And YESSSS, the first SpongeBob movie is such a fantastic way to end the series which I wish actually happened.. ;u; GOOFY GOOBER ROCK!!! XDD

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              Hiya, Spring! =] (Oof, sorry for the late response! XP )
              Yes, am I so excited we started this thread so we could talk more about cartoons! XD Ah, that’s okay, Spring– I know it’s been a while since you’ve watched it, after all! It’s kinda funny, though, because I seem to be the opposite right now XDDD At the moment, I’m actually more into The Fairly Oddparents, hehe! (I got this sweet deal on a seasons 1-5 DVD collection, so I’ve been spending most of my afternoons watching those XD )
              I saw Spongebob so much last year and early this year (I watched it almost every single day, courtesy of my brother) that I guess I got a little “burnt out” on it…? ‘^^ I’ve still been watching some, but not as much as normal. However, I’m sure I’ll get back into it soon enough! Spongebob can’t stay away for too long, haha XD
              That’s okay! I know I’ll probably have to start on a list of my…

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              … favorite F.O.P. episodes soon, too, oof… especially now that I’ve rewatched so many of the older ones
              OH GOSH not the terrible flash animation XDD That alone would keep me from watching those newer seasons pffft X,D But yeah, I know what you mean :P I only saw an episode with Sparky once, and he was… okay… I guess? I just felt like he was an unnecessary addition, heh =P I’ve only read about Chloe, but she honestly seems pretty horrible in my opinion XDD
              Wait, do you mean season nine of F.O.P. or of Spongebob? Hmm, well, it does seem (to me, anyway) that both shows kinda reuse plots in the later seasons, based on what I’ve read in the episode descriptions. They don’t even seem particularly creative, either :P Just stuff like “oh no, Cosmo lost his wand” and “hey, Patrick got a coupon.” I’m not sure how that’s supposed to be interesting, but okay XD …

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              … Cosmo has lost his wand a bunch of times, and I don’t think Patrick getting a coupon is anything super special.
              Anyway, onto other things, hahah, yesss, I love the “F.U.N.” song! XD Like you said, it’s just such a sweet tune, and it’s also catchy, to boot! ;D Oh gosh that thing with the guy yelling “CHOCOLATE” makes me laugh every time, pffft X,D
              Ooh, those are all great episodes that ya listed, Spring!! :D Honestly, I can’t believe I didn’t list “Squid’s Day Off” or “Can You Spare a Dime?”… those are two of my absolute favorites! *slaps forehead* I dunno why, but I find it hilarious that, when Squidward finally gets a day off, he spends it all worrying about what Spongebob will do at the Krusty Krab XDD And that whole “Are you finished with those errands?” thing, pffft
              Yesss, and I love “Christmas Who?”, “Big Pink Loser”, and “Frankendoodle”, too! \^-^/ Oh gosh, I totally agree– Patrick is amazing in “Big Pink Loser”, ha XDD… [To be continued a little later!!]

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              [Back to respond, sorry for the wait! '^^ ]
              … It’s so funny that he begins copying everything Spongebob does, and I loved the fact that he could barely open a jar X,D
              Well, honestly, lemme just say that I like all the episodes you mentioned, haha ;D (Ah, and yeah, I prefer the original name for the “House Party” episode, too. Like, I guess the other one is kind of accurate considering Spongebob’s original plans were rather dull, but… I dunno. I just think it sounds weird XD )
              I do, too! :) I think most of the original, pre-movie episodes were pretty good. There was/were maybe only one or two I didn’t care for quite as much, but the rest I liked. Hmm, it’s actually been a little while since I’ve watched the season four ones? Honestly I don’t know if I ever noticed the little changes (I was a lot more oblivious to those kinds of things when I was younger XD It took me until season nine to notice the big difference :P However, the more I talk to you, the more “changes” I’m finding in the earlier seasons) but, I’m sure they’re there!…

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              … One of the weirdest things I’ve noticed is that they seem to totally disregard basically everything that happened in the movie in those episodes :P Like, I’d kind of like an explanation as to why there’s no second Krusty Krab anymore… XD I mean, they shouldn’t just pretend that it never occurred ;P But yeah, it would’ve been awesome if the Spongebob Movie was the ending!! Like you said, it would’ve been such a great way to complete the series!
              Oh gosh I love Goofy Goober Rock pffhahaha X,D Such a good and catchy song! =]

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          (Alrighty, back… Probably gonna have to finish this response later this afternoon as my art class is about to start soon eheh… though there’s a chance I can work on it more during a short break ) Anyway, I read your response to my SC photos! Oh my gosh, I’m not really much into MLP:FiM anymore as well… I know it’s about to end soon in about a month from now probably.. I’m only watching the new episodes as they come out.. It is quite a cute show, it’s better than G3 and G3.5 specials/movies though XDD Ugh, I thought those are too girly and quite boring… The only MLP cartoon I like besides Friendship is Magic is the first generation (which has some specials as well)… Oh, and about Rocko’s Modern Life… I’m not sure if I can explain here unfortunately… But it does air on TeenNick at nights as part of their NickSplat program block which airs quite a few 90s Nicktoons… It hasn’t aired on Nick and NickToons for quite a while ….

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            …And besides that, they haven’t played much of their older Nicktoons anymore which is quite sad… All they’re playing nowadays is SpongeBob (I enjoy the older episodes a lot but geez… Too much..) and The Loud House reruns (which I can’t get into….), and probably their sitcoms and obviously, Nick Jr stuff… Plus, it doesn’t help that they just recently announced Kamp Koral the SpongeBob spinoff that is apparently a prequel and it’s CG-animated that’s probably not gonna look as good as the ones from the Sponge Out of Water movie… I really hope they cancel it as it’s a really bad idea and they really disrespected the creator’s wishes.. :/
            And yes, Rocko is quite an adorable wallaby!! ^-^ I’ve gotten into the show back in like late June I think when they announced the new movie was coming out.. I can’t believe Heffer from that show was Tom Kenny’s first voice actor role!! But anyway… yes I do prefer comedy as well XD Ahh, that’s sweet that you got that DVD collection!! Ah ha.. XD The same thing happened to me when I got burned out on SpongeBob back in 2011 I think? …

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              (Alright, I’m back home XD I’m gonna try to finish this up before comments stop moderating for the day) I stopped watching the new episodes around that point. I sorta watched the older episodes in reruns back in summer 2012, that was the last time I watched it besides recently late July this year. Heh, back just in time for the 20th anniversary of the show XD I meant season 9 of FOP when they reused plots. I haven’t really pay attention to the later seasons of SpongeBob since I stopped watching those post movie seasons. Oh god, Cosmo lost his wand.. XDD Yeah, I think that happened quite a lot later on.. Huh really? Why thank you! XD I see those episodes quoted most of the time! XDDD Ahh, I love the song in “Christmas Who?” episode! Yesss, Patrick was the best OMG. Oh season four? It’s pretty much the only post movie season I can stand watching besides a few episodes. Besides season four, there are quite a ton of episodes I like in season five, although that season started the downfall…

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              …such as that Atlantis SquarePantis special which is disappointing to me.. I think I’ll post a list of season five episodes that I find pretty decent soon. That’s as far as I’m gonna watch as I can’t stand season 6 and beyond.. Huh really? I started noticing it pretty early on since most of the original writers left around that time. Oof, man… I think I stopped watching before season nine ^^; Was that the season when they changed to an HD widescreen format and those bright colors? But anyway… not sure if you heard about the recent 20th anniversary special but it’s called “Big Birthday Blowout”. It’s actually better than the last time they did an anniversary special which is “Truth or Square”.. There was a “Trusty Slab” segment on that recent special which featured the voice cast playing as their characters in a live action!!! I thought that was pretty amazing! I especially love the talent Tom Kenny has for voicing SpongeBob! He’s so amazing, ahhh!! XDD I just love his voice acting talent! XD I think I told you that he played the mayor in the Powerpuff Girls. …

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              … But all in all, I just really appreciate the voice cast of SpongeBob! They’re such amazing people for their talent! ^-^

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              Heya, Spring! ^-^ Just wanted to let you know that I’ve read your reply to our thread, and hope to reply back really soon! :) Unfortunately, I’m not *quite* sure if I’ll get it all done before the weekend, ahah… ‘^^ (Might be able to post the beginning of my response on Friday, if I’m not too busy? Got some family stuff going on soon that may take up some of my free time ‘^^ ) But, at any extent, I promise it’ll be up here before Monday! And don’t worry, I will actually keep my promise this time ,XD Unlike your SC pictures, which took me ridiculously long, eheh… XP I’m really sorry about that, by the way! DX I should’ve finished that much earlier… ._. I’ll definitely be sure to reply to your next set of pictures a heck of a lot quicker! ~Anyway, I just wanted to tell ya, and I hope you have a nice weekend, Spring! >^^<

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              Heya, Spring! :) I’m back to reply now… really hoping I can get this all done by tomorrow (Monday) morning! This weekend has been kinda crazy, so I only just got around to working on this now, ahah ‘^^ [A lot of my family came over, so I was kept quite busy! :P An extended relative and my cousin's cat passed away, too, so... lots of unexpected, personal things going on =( ] If I somehow can’t respond to this all by the morning, I will certainly finish my reply Monday afternoon or evening (or, at the latest, Tuesday afternoon! I’m tryin’ to get my bio done before Tuesday morning in the meantime as well which has taken up some time ‘^^ ) Apologies again for the wait! XP Hope you won’t be too upset with me… >.<
              Anyhoo, I'll try to type up as much as I can right now!:
              Ah, okay, I'm glad you were able to read my response! ^-^ Sorry again for taking so long to reply to that, ay! D: Well that's okay, Spring– I know the current generation of MLP has been a pretty long show with a lot of episodes…

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              … (more than I can count, pffft), so I totally get if you haven’t been watching much of it lately XD Gosh, it’s hard to believe the show is ending, though I guess it’s hard to continue something when there’s only so many plot ideas in the world ,XD At least they’re stopping it before it turns into the next Spongebob disaster, or something! That would be no good… o.0 Oh yeah, it did seem like a cute show, when I watched it! :) I enjoyed it a good bit! Although, I honestly would’ve had a really hard time watching all the other seasons (especially considering the episodes are so long, and I don’t really have the kind of time to ever sit down and see all those :P ), so, I didn’t have much choice but to stop, before I got too far into things and kind of had to watch the rest ,XD Ohh yeah, I remember you telling me that!! I looked up some of the movies from those generations, and they honestly do look really girly XDD A little too girly for my taste, haha…

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              … I also don’t know how much I like the way those ponies look? I dunno! :P They just don’t seem as cute, I suppose?
              Ah, and thanks for explaining that for me, Spring! :) No worries, I think you did a good job, considering! ^-^ (I know it can be a little hard to talk about things on the forums, sometimes, heheh) Ohhh, so TeenNick is where it’s at, then, on days they show the older stuff? That’s good to know!! >^^< I'm not quite sure if I get that channel now (I used to, but it may not be part of the channel package we have these days), but, if we still do, I'll try to check it out!! It's too bad they don't really show it on Nick or Nicktoons much, though XP
              Ah, I've heard that! I think I was reading through stuff the other day, and it seemed like a lot of people were complaining about all the older stuff Nick doesn't really air anymore. It's sad! :( Even when I still watched it, Nick would at least show some older things… maybe an F.O.P or one of the other…

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              … “established” cartoons here and there. Doesn’t seem like that channel has very much these days, does it? I mean, I wouldn’t think they can rely on just Spongebob, The Loud House (that’s okay XD I’ve seen trailers for it a lot, but honestly, it doesn’t really look like anything I’d be too interested in?), and whatever sitcoms and Nick Jr. stuff they have nowadays to keep ‘em going :P That’s not a whole lot!
              Oh gosh, they’re actually going to do the spin-off? DX Dang, I was hoping they wouldn’t! XP I decided to look it up earlier, and it honestly sounds really bad, in my opinion. I can’t believe they’re doing it in CGI, either! Like, I like CGI animation, but for Spongebob? I mean, it’s okay to see it for a half an hour in a Spongebob movie, but in a show… I’d find that hard to get used to ‘^^ And ’cause it’s a show and not a movie, I doubt the quality would be as good as that in the second film, like you said. I also heard that Nick hasn’t ruled out doing other Spongebob spin-offs, too…? 0.o …

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              … Oh gosh, I certainly hope that’s not the case. One spin-off for Spongebob is already one too many ,XD And as we’ve both said, I think it’s totally disrespectful to the creator, because he didn’t even want that spin-off, himself… :/ What a shame!
              Haha, he seems like it! ;D Just the little cartoon pics I’ve seen of him are adorable ^-^ It’s cool that you got back into it recently! =] Ohh, it was??! That’s awesome! I know who Heffer is, since I’ve read up on some Rocko plots, but dang– I had no idea that Tom Kenny voiced him… let alone that it was his first voice acting role! Man, Tom Kenny is honestly so talented XD How can he do all these different voices, and so well??
              Haha, I guess we agree there! XD I’ve always had a sweet spot for funny stuff, especially comedic cartoons! Ah, and thanks XDD I was happy to get it! I haven’t watched a whole lot of F.O.P the last week or two, ’cause I’ve been kinda busy, but I saw some of the older, first season ones a few days ago :) …

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              [Ahh, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to stop here for today... I'm sorry, Spring!! DX Rest assured, I will be back to work on more of this sometime tomorrow (Monday), and, with any luck, should be able to finish the rest of my response by tomorrow night! If not, keep watch for it on Tuesday-- I promise you it'll be up here no later than that!]

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              Hey, Spring!! Just wanted to say that I will be able to post the rest of my reply sometime tonight! :) I was initially hoping to get it done this afternoon, but I have to go to an art class in less than a half an hour from now, so I don’t really have much time to reply to anything, at the moment, eheh… ‘^^ But, I will certainly make sure to finish it once I get back, and it’ll be up here tomorrow for you to read! =] I hope that’s alright!

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              [Finally continuing!]
              … That’s okay! It’s easy to get burnt out on a show, especially if you watch it a lot in a short amount of time ,XD I’ve gotten burnt out on Spongebob a couple times before… I think once in 2012 or 2013 (not too long after you did!), and… well, recently XD But, it’s been a good while since I’ve seen some now, so I should hopefully be ready to watch ‘em again soon! :) Wow, since 2012, huh? That’s a pretty long time! :o But, I’m glad you were able to start watching it again, Spring– it’s awesome having another person to talk about Spongebob with! ;D It really was a great show back in its heyday, don’t you think? ^-^ (Man, I honestly can’t believe it’s been around for 20 years now… o.0 )
              Ohhh, okay! I thought that was what you meant, but I was quite sure, oops ‘XD (That’s alright! A lot of the later season stuff is no good anyway, so… you’re better off not watching it, haha X,D ) Yeah… at least, that’s according to the plot summery I saw on iTunes, pfft XD …

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              … I mean, that is such a basic plot… and some of the other stuff they had wasn’t much better :P A few plots even appeared to be contradictory to the basic workings of F.O.P! Like, I think one of them was about Poof being assigned to Crocker’s mom as her fairy, and I was like, “WHAT?” XD First off, Poof is far too young to be a fairy godparent (don’t they need to graduate from the Fairy Academy, first?), and second, I thought only KIDS got fairies…? I dunno, I was so confused as to what was going on there ,XD You could definitely tell they were out of ideas, at that point :P Everything was either uncreative, or just weird XD
              Ah yessss, those truly were great episodes!! ^-^ Haha, same, they seem to be popular for quoting XDD OH GOSH, YES– that song from “Christmas Who?” is actually one of my favorite Spongebob tunes of all time! :,D It’s so cute and festive and catchy… I just love it, haha XD I know, right? Who doesn’t love Patrick? XDD
              Ohhh, okay– I see! Yeah, season 4 was tolerable…

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              … save for a few episodes, like you said. I recall liking several of the ones from that season.. which ones did you think were “good” or “decent”? >^^< I think season 5 had some good ones, too! But, I do agree that that season also marked the "downfall", which is sad… :/ Ah yeahhh, I honestly wasn't that impressed with Atlantis Squarepantis, heheh '^^ It definitely wasn't anything special :P I'd sometimes watch it if it was on, but only if there was nothing else on TV ,XD
              Ooh, that sounds good to me, Spring! :D I'd love to see a list of the season 5 episodes that you like! ^-^
              Oh gosh, not the later seasons… X,D They definitely weren't the same quality as the early ones, that's for sure! =P Yeah… I guess I didn't pay as much attention as I should've, back then ,XD I was just all like, "Well, Spongebob is my favorite show, so I'll just go ahead and watch all the episodes, whether they're good or not!" I dunno, I'm not sure what was up with me back then, pfft X,D I can assure you…

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              … that I am a lot more discerning with cartoons now than I was when I was young, promise XDD
              But yeah, season 9 was when they introduced that horrible animation :P I noticed that the plots were getting even more weird, too, and the characters weren’t acting themselves, either…? I don’t know how to explain it, but most every episode that was released after the second movie was really, really bad (at least, the ones I watched, anyway) ,XD It got to the point where I couldn’t give Spongebob any more chances ‘^^
              Ah yes, I remember you telling me about that! Honestly, I’m glad to hear that there’s one decent new episode :,) (Even awesomer to hear that it’s better than “Truth or Square”, haha XDD ) I’ll have to remember to check that one out! =] That live action thing honestly sounds so amazing! :,D
              Right??? Tom Kenny’s voice-acting is nothing short of AMAZING! ;D Oh, yes, I remember you saying that; it’s pretty cool that he does the voice for the mayor, too! ^-^ (Speaking of which, I really need to watch the old Power Puff Girls soon XD It sounds like a great cartoon! =]

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              … Aw, and I couldn’t agree more! The entire cast of Spongebob is amazing at voicing their characters! =D They all do such an incredible job :,)
              ~ ~ ~
              [Ah, I'm sorry for how long this was, Spring! XP I know my reply was ridiculously lengthy, so please, don't worry about responding back quick! I totally get it if you can't reply for a few weeks... or even a month or two... 'XD ]

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              Hiya, Spring! :D Gah, sorry I’m adding more to this here ‘^^ But, I just wanted to let ya know that I just watched the first two episodes (which I believe were entitled “Monkey See, Doggie Do” and “Mommy Fearest”) of the original Power Puff Girls earlier! =] I gotta say, they were both pretty good, hehe! >^^< (I can't stop picturing Spongebob, though, whenever I hear the Mayor's voice, pffft X,D ) I really enjoyed them! ;D Thanks for the recommendation! ^-^ I'm not quite sure who my favorite character is, but I honestly like Bubbles a lot– she's just so sweet and cute and (kind of) innocent, haha XDD Anyhoo, I hope to watch more soon! :) I'm gonna be busy this upcoming week, so I dunno when I'll get around to it, eheh '^^ But, hopefully I can fit another set of episodes or two into my schedule? If not, I'll sure to continue in a couple of weeks! =)

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              Well, hello there, Taffy! Welp, I apologize for the delay…
              Haha yep, indeed… Honestly, I hope the next generation (G5) of MLP will be just as good as the current one. Yeah, it is pretty long actually.. I remember I started watching it sometime after the season 3 finale and before season 4 started back in fall 2013 I believe. I can’t believe it’s been around nine years since the first episode back in fall 2010! O.O Same here, I don’t like the G3 cartoon but I don’t really mind the toys. Oh just curious, is there anyone of the mane six from MLP: FiM that is your favorite? Obviously, I’ve told you this before but my favorite at the moment is Rarity and Pinkie Pie, although Twilight Sparkle is either as a second or third favorite XD
              Oh yeah, speaking of which, that “one place” I told you about before on Monday, you can see Rocko’s Modern Life there! Hope you can get to see it soon as I think it’s pretty funny for a 90s cartoon XD Just let me know whenever you get around to it hopefully. …

            • #2194665

              …Ah yes, FOP used to be so good back then… I don’t really mind Poof but still… Oh wow, I haven’t really seen the first two seasons lately ^^; I seem to just watch ones from season 3 to 5 sometimes and maybe some from season 6.
              Wait, Poof got assigned to Crocker’s mom as her fairy? Pfft XD I think that was season 9. Yes, I don’t get it either like what?
              But yes, Tom Kenny is so amazing XD Even though I also like Tara Strong as Bubbles, Timmy Turner (from FOP), Twilight Sparkle and probably others, which I think she’s pretty good as well! I still think Tom Kenny is just amazing doing Spongebob and all those other characters! ^-^
              Also, yay you finally got to see some PPG XD You should see more sometime XD Oh, Bubbles is so cute, hehe! My favorite is Buttercup but I do like all three girls!
              [No worries! I felt like my response was longer than I intended to! I had to cut down a few things in this response but it should be good now hopefully.]

            • #2194673

              (Oh, and apologizes if this isn’t a good place to post my reply. I had no idea where else to put my reply so :P But anyway, at least I finally responded. Take your time on this!)

            • #2201715


              Hey, Spring! (Apologies for replying to this kinda late, by the way! ‘^^ I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish my entire response this morning, but whatever I can’t get done now, I’ll work on this afternoon!)
              It’s fine, buddy :) Sorry for the delayed response, myself! XP
              Anyhoo, I agree! Hopefully they’ll be able to come up with good characters and an interesting plot line for that new generation. And decent character design ,XD I’m hoping those toys you told me about the other day aren’t for the G5 series, because they honestly looked pretty weird, heheh.
              Oh wow, that is long! :o Actually, I didn’t even know that MLP was already that far into the series back in 2014… ,XD But anyway, as I’ve said before, it’s cool that you’ve been watching it for long! ^-^ Oh gosh, yes– that is pretty crazy! o.o Man, that show was around for a rather long time then, eh? …

            • #2201717


              … Heheh, and yeah, those toys aren’t too bad XD Some of them G3 ponies are a little cute, I think :3
              Oh, and thanks for asking! =] I know I already answered ya at the park the other day, but… I’ll still post about it here XD Currently, I think my favorite of the Mane Six would either be Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie. I’ve always thought Fluttershy was such a sweet character, and Pinkie’s antics always made me laugh, haha XDD
              It’s cool that Pinkie is one of your favorites, too! :) Twilight and Rarity are awesome, as well, so I can’t blame you for liking them, either XD (Also, I know I said this once before, but it’s kinda funny, because, when I first watched the series, Rarity was my least favorite of the Six ,XD But the more I saw of her, the more she ‘grew’ on me! And now, I actually like her a lot)
              Heheh, you’d better believe I will!…

            • #2201719


              … I haven’t seen any of it yet, unfortunately, but I do plan on watching some Rocko really soon =] Speaking of which, you can feel free to post that ‘recommendations list’ at any time! ^-^ That would be a big help, actually! =) …
              [Thats about all I can type for now, I'm afraid '^^ I'll be back to finish the rest of this later!]

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              [Oh snap, I am so sorry I didn't finish the rest of my reply to this yesterday, like I had promised! DX As embarrassed as I am to say this, I kinda forgot, ahah... '^^ I spent most of my morning and some of my afternoon yesterday chatting with emi, and I was gone practically the whole evening because I had to work XP And somewhere in between there, I guess it sorta slipped my mind ._. Anyway, I'm back to respond to this now! Apologies again for the delay =T ]
              … Haha, and I’m sure it is! It does seem like a pretty funny cartoon, based on the episode descriptions I’ve read on iTunes XD I definitely will! =] As I said, I do plan on watching it pretty soon! Just might not be until next week, though, ’cause the rest of this week is gonna be kinda busy for me, eheh ‘^^
              Ah, right? It was such a good cartoon back then! It stinks they ended up ruining it… XP (Yeah same, I didn’t mind Poof much, either! I honestly thought he was kinda cute, heheh) And that’s okay! :) In all honesty, I never even…

            • #2205723


              … saw most of the episodes from those first two seasons before until I got those DVDs a few months ago ,XD But yeah, I think I tend to watch some of the ones from seasons 3 through 5 a little more often, myself? It’s been a good while since I’ve watched an episode with Poof, ’cause I’ve been a little too lazy to pull up the later episodes I’ve bought on iTunes, pfft XD
              Ohh, yeah, I think it was in that season! Heheh, yup, don’t even ask me what they were thinking on that one. Like, that plot doesn’t even make any sense ;P
              Yesss, Tom Kenny’s voice acting is truly incredible! :D Honestly, he’s got a lot of talent XDD I’m still in awe by just how many characters he’s voiced… o.o Not that long ago, I thought he only voiced Spongebob, haha ,XD Right, right! Tara Strong does a really good job with her characters, too =] I especially like her voices for Bubbles and Timmy XD
              Yup, I have! :) And I’m glad I watched it, too, because it really is a great cartoon! Oh, and speaking of that…

            • #2205725


              … I think I’ve currently seen about six different episodes? In addition to the two I already mentioned in this thread, I’ve also watched “Insect Inside”, “Bubblevicious” (as well as the episodes that comes after that one), and “Octi-Evil.” Yeahhh, I know I haven’t really been watching them in order, oof ,XD Are there any episodes that you’d currently recommend to me? =]
              Haha, yeah, she is! I dunno why, but I find Bubbles to be pretty funny, as well XD She always makes me laugh. Buttercup is great too, though! :) You never know; maybe one day, she’ll become my favorite, ’cause my favorites sometimes do change the more I watch or read something ,XD But yup, overall, I think all three of the girls are pretty cool! They have their own unique personalities, ya know?
              [And it’s fine, Spring! ^-^ Thanks for doing that, actually; it definitely made this a lot easier for me to reply to! Sorry that this response of mine is long, though, eheh… ‘^^ I have a tendency to ramble and whatnot, so my replies usually tend to be on the lengthy side, no matter how short I try…

            • #2205727


              … to keep ‘em :P Oh, and no worries– you posted your reply in the right place! :)
              Anyway, sorry again for the wait, and hopefully I can respond faster next time]

      • #2210183

        Okay, so… This will be where I put my recommended list of episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life! Hope this will be in the right place…
        Anyway, I’m happy to help let you know which ones I definitely recommend right here! So, perhaps I should get started right now. Hopefully, this will make sense. Hope this helps out out! -
        Season 1:
        No Pain, No Gain [including the one episode after, title starts with “Who...”] (I might as well include this since it’s the first one :P)
        Skid Marks
        Power Trip [and the episode paired after, that episode title ends with “and Back”]
        Cabin Fever
        Rinse and Spit
        Who’s For Dinner (I think I told you a little bit about this episode in one of our park chats actually since this is about Heffer’s parents XD)
        Clean Lovin’

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        • #2210187

          Season 2 (this is where the show got really more enjoyable to me XD Not that I’m saying season 1 was bad in any way, I just think it’s an improvement over the first season.) :
          I Have No Son! *22 minutes
          The Lounge Singer
          She’s the Toad
          Down the Hatch
          Road Rash
          The episode that came paired before Commuted Sentence (as well as the previous episode after that, the previous episode title ends with “Tubed”)
          Rocko’s Modern Christmas *22 minutes
          Hut Sut Raw (in addition to next episode after that, title ends with “Foreign”)
          Born to Spawn
          Uniform Behavior
          Hair Licked
          Frog’s Best Friend
          Short Story
          Eyes Capades

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          • #2210193

            Season 3:
            Bye, Bye Birdie
            Belch of Destiny
            The Emperor’s New Joe
            Sugar-Frosted Frights (yeah this is a Halloween episode)
            Camera Shy
            Fortune Cookie
            Speaking Terms
            Wacky Delly *22 minutes (ayy look, the one episode most people talk about regarding this show XD)
            The Big Question
            The Big Answer

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            • #2210199

              Season 4 (the last season of the show):
              With Friends Like These
              Sailing the Seven Zzzz’s
              Pranksters (as well as the episode that came right after it, that title starts with “From Here…”)
              Wimp on the Barby
              Mama’s Boy
              Feisty Geist
              Seat to Stardom
              The High-Five of Doon
              Heff in a Handbasket
              Rug Birds
              Hypno-Puppy Luv
              Put Out to Pasture
              Future Schlock [this is the actual last episode in production order. For whatever reason, Nick decided to air this before the Thanksgiving episode and other episode which are those last episodes they ever aired] Oh, and it’s the lead in to the new movie “Static Cling”.
              Alrighty, think that’s all that I thought of, there’s probably others that I forgot about but eh… oh well ;P Yeah, I didn’t put much of season 1 episodes if you can tell. Well anyway, I hope this helps out! You can ask me anything if you have any questions you have about this list! ^-^

            • #2210205

              (Ah, sorry I gotta make one correction here, I didn’t mean to put (“as well as the previous episode after that…”) Just ignore that one, sorry! XP That was a mistake of mine.

            • #2211911


              Heya, Spring! (Sorry for replyin’ to this kinda late, by the way! ‘^^ ) First off, thanks a bunch for posting this list, buddy! ;D It’s definitely a big help! ^-^ I dunno if I’ll ever get around to seeing every episode (probably not, because I doubt I’ll have that kind of time in the foreseeable future, eheh XP ), but, with this, at least I know which episodes would be the best and most enjoyable, for whenever I do get a chance to watch RML =] I know I already told you this, but I ended up watching “Bye Bye Birdie” yesterday! That was a pretty funny one, haha XD I liked it better than that season 1 episode I watched (and speaking of which, I get what you’re saying about the first season! Some seasons of a show aren’t ‘bad’, but they just might not be as good as the others) Now, I’m gonna be busy soon, so I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to watch another… ‘^^ But, if I can, I’ll see if there’s any way I can fit another one in before the weekend! I think I’ll try…

            • #2211941


              … [Ah, sorry, I can't remember where I left off in my previous comment '^^ ] I think I’ll try to watch “Wacky Delly” or “Who’s For Dinner?” next, since I know you’ve talked about those at the park recently! I actually don’t have any questions, but if I think of one, I’ll let you know :) Anyhoo, thanks again for posting this– I really appreciate it!

            • #2215491

              Heyyy, Taffy! (Oh, no worries it’s alright!) Ah well, you’re welcome then XD Oh? Well, if you ever get around to it, I think I maybe recommend the new movie “Static Cling” since I think it’s a good revival, and that most people were talking about it actually! XD I’m pretty surprised they made a revival movie, kinda wish it’s a little longer than 45 minutes, but eh, oh well ;P But… that’s only if you want to, of course! :) I just enjoyed it, and I’m really happy they made it because I probably wouldn’t get into the show that much otherwise X’D
              Anyway, yeah… that episode “Bye Bye Birdie” is pretty funny X’D There are some great quotes on that episode, especially from Filburt XD I’m not sure if I can say them here? Oh by the way, I don’t believe I asked this? What do you think of the characters (Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt) so far? I think Rocko is adorable especially with his design and voice! (He has the same voice actor as the teacher from FOP) Hehe! XD Heffer is quite funny in most episodes, and Filburt…

            • #2215511

              … I love his design, and I think he has really great quotes and episodes whenever he’s in them XD (and the fact that he’s voiced by Plankton’s voice actor haha ;P)
              Ooh yes, do see Wacky Delly!! That’s one of the best episodes of the show XD “She’s the Toad” is also very funny, “Wee wee”, one of the quotes from that episode XD And “The Lounge Singer” has Filburt singing in it, and oh my gosh, I love the song from that episode XD
              You’re welcome, I can’t wait to say quotes from that show actually, haha XD

            • #2216021


              Hi there, Spring! (Sorry for the late response again DX Although, I actually didn’t see that you replied until yesterday night, ahah ‘^^ But, even if I did see it earlier, I probably wouldn’t have been able to respond ’till now, anyway, ’cause I was really busy the past several days eheh…) Yup! :) Thank ya again, bud! =] Ahh, yeah… it kinda just depends, I guess ‘^^ I mean, realistically, I don’t really get the chance to watch TV very much, and I honestly haven’t seen all of the episodes for most shows, anyway, even F.O.P. But, I’ll try to get around to as much as I can! Oh, and I really do hope that I can see that “Static Cling” movie, too :) Maybe I can try watching that one sometime next month, after I see some more Rocko? (‘Cause I’m not quite sure how much of a chance I’ll get to watch cartoons once I start school in January ‘^^) When I do, I promise I’ll let you know! Ohh, is it? Darn, that’s too bad XP …

            • #2216023


              … It’s a shame it’s not a ‘full-length’ thing :c Or at least an hour ‘^^ But, at least they made something, ya know? I’m sure it sparked interest in it and probably made some new fans, too =] (Since, ya know, RML was a pretty old cartoon and stuff– some people might have forgotten about it or never got a chance to watch it) But yeah, I actually would like to watch that one, and plan on doing it before the New Year! :) Haha, yep, that was a funny episode X,D Right, right! Filburt did have some pretty hilarious quotes, and I love what he said after the doctors told him that there was nothing wrong with him XDD Maybe I’m wrong, but Filburt seems like he’s kind of a hypochondriac. Well, based on what I saw, anyway :P Hmm, I dunno! I mean, I have been able to use quotes from other shows and movies before, so… maybe? Oh, and thanks for asking, Spring! That’s a good question XD …

            • #2216025


              … I don’t know if I’ve watched enough to formulate detailed opinions on the characters? But… I do really like Rocko. He’s pretty cute X) And Heffer is hilarious, as well! He kind of reminds me of Patrick, for some reason XD I haven’t seen a whole lot of Filburt, but he seems cool, so far! I agree with you on his design ;) (Right! It’s pretty awesome that all three of those characters have voice actors who worked on Spongebob or FOP XD ) Heheh, okay, then! =] think I might have a little bit of time on my hands tomorrow, so hopefully I can see that “Wacky Delly” one in the morning, or something. I’ll let you know when I do! Oh, and those other three episodes sound pretty funny, too! :) I remember you telling me about that “Lounge Singer” one… I’ll definitely have to watch that XD I really wanna hear Filburt’s song. And I’m sure! Hopefully I can learn more so I’ll be able to quote it, too ,XD

            • #2218623

              Heyyy! (Ah, I hope to finish this before comments stop moderating for the day…) Ah, well okay then. Yeah definitely XD Although, I’ll have to let you know that “Future Schlock” is kinda like a lead-in to the movie, well it’s mostly to make you understand what happens in the beginning of “Static Cling” anyway ;P Well anyway, in that case, I’m not gonna spoil whatever happens in the movie (unless you don’t mind, but I’m not gonna try to say any spoilers just in case XD) But I will say that the animation is nice, it mostly looks like the original only just digital and clean instead!
              Actually yeah, it pretty much did make new fans because of it! I keep seeing most people talk about it when it just came out XD (It’s funny how I started to become more interested into older Nicktoons ever since I rediscovered FOP. I discovered CatDog quite recently and I think it’s quite good and kinda cute :3) Oh yes, I just love Filburt’s quote in that episode XD Nah, I don’t think you’re wrong on that,…

            • #2218625

              …it does seem like he’s like that most of the time I think…
              Oh yeah? Maybe you can just tell your detailed opinions on them once you’ve seen more possibly if you want to :) Rocko is definitely one of my favorite characters next to Filburt. YES, Rocko is just so adorable, I just love his design! ^-^ (And yeah, it’s amazing those three main characters’ voice actors started in RML) The Bigheads are also quite funny XD
              Wacky Delly is one of my favorites XD I love the cheese quote they did XD And definitely! “The Lounge Singer” is quite a good episode. Oh, and I know I told you this already, but “Zanzibar” is also another one of my favorites (I think it’s a musical? It seems like it). Oh by the way, I keep forgetting to ask actually since I’m not really much into Gumball nowadays, but what are the season 1 episodes that you watched? You can just tell me whatever happens in that episode, I think I remember what happens in most anyway since I used to watch it a lot back then X’D

            • #2220295


              Hiya, Spring! (Sorry for the kind of late reply, by the way ‘^^ I wanted to respond to this yesterday, but I got busy XP )
              Ahh, thanks for letting me know! I appreciate that :) Otherwise I might’ve just jumped into the movie without watching that episode, first, and not understood half of what was going on X,D In that case, I’ll definitely make a note to see “Future Schlock” before “Static Clint” =] And okay! I mean, I honestly wouldn’t care if you did spoil some of that (I always spoil things for myself, pffft, especially when it comes time to books ,XD So it really doesn’t matter), but… in case I do get a chance to watch it soon… well, you know what? Either way, I don’t mind XD You can tell me about some of things that happen in the movie if you’d like to/are eager to talk about it, or if you think it’d be better for me to just see it for myself, try not to say anything :) I won’t be upset!
              Oh wow, does it? Nice XD I look forward to seeing that smooth animation, then!…

            • #2220303


              … I’m sure! I mean heck, if you never even told me about the movie and then the show a few months ago, I probably wouldn’t have ever watched Rocko ,XD (Oh, haha, are you? It’s funny how one cartoon can lead into the next like that ;) And I’m glad some of those old Nicktoons seem to be good, as well! Maybe I can try watching “CatDog” someday, myself. But of course, I wanna make sure I see more Rocko and Powerpuff Girls before I attempt that, first XD )
              Haha, me too! Really? Huh, well, I guess I made a good observation there XD
              Sure, Spring! That sounds pretty good to me, actually :) Once I see a few more episodes (probably like, two or three more? Give or take) I’ll go ahead and post my detailed thoughts on the characters for ya below this thread ^-^ Cool, cool! I can definitely tell you like those two a lot XDD
              I know, right? He’s such a cute character :,) I’m excited to draw him for you soon, hehe! And yeah, the Bigheads seem funny, too, so far XD I think my current…

            • #2220365


              … favorite Bighead is Ralph, though. I dunno, I guess he just seems the most “normal”/likable of the three, and I really, really like his design XD But who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing more!
              Same! Well, actually, it’s my favorite one, but I’ve only seen like, two other episodes, so maybe that’s not the best comparison… ,XD But either way, it was a pretty good and funny episode, for sure!
              Ohh, right… I believe you mentioned that “Zanzibar” episode to me this past Monday, right? Welp, musical or not, I am excited to see it XD I’ll keep that one in mind, for sure! Actually, I’m hoping I can see another episode here really soon. I meant to do that this week, but I’ve been a little busy, eheh ‘^^ Hmm, well, if something happens that I don’t get around to it before the weekend, I’ll at least try to see another early Monday, before our next chat!
              (And it’s fine! I just realized I forgot to tell you… that’s my own mistake ,XD ) Thanks for asking! Let’s see, so far, I’ve seen “The Responsible” (which was…

            • #2220367


              … the first episode, I believe; it’s that one where Gumball and Darwin babysit Anais and end up flooding the house), “The DVD” (when Gumball and Darwin accidentally destroy a rented movie), “The Third” (the episode in which they add a third best friend), and… that one in the first season where Gumball is embarrassed by his grandma.
              I plan on watching more soon, but I’m not sure whether or not to see another from the first season, or if I should skip ahead a few seasons and watch a random one. Hmm, what do you think? I mean it’s not like I’m really watching them in order right now anyway, so I guess it probably doesn’t matter ,XD

            • #2222487

              (Well hey, I might as well reply to this now that I have some time… ;P) Okay, good XD Glad I get to remind you about that. Hmm, maybe I can, but I’m not sure yet. X’D (Oh my gosh, really? Wow… I tend to try to avoid spoilers most of the time. That’s crazy XD) Good XD I mean I’m quite glad I got into watching Rocko, I think it’s such a really great 90s Nicktoon of its time! :) (I know… I don’t know how that happened, but needless to say, I’m glad I did!) Oh, haha, “CatDog” is a fine show really, it’s quite underrated though… I don’t really understand the hate it gets… Well I also quite like Ren & Stimpy as well that I kinda told you about before? It’s an interesting show, to say the least… It’s mostly comedy, so nothing really too special… I don’t know how I got into it, but I was just curious one day to try watching more after seeing some before. Speaking of which, I recently gotten an idea to maybe draw Stimpy and…

            • #2222491

              …CatDog (the character) sometime soon. (Although, by the time I post something on Monday, I would of probably already drew them by then XD)
              But anyway, oh I might as well say this here… I did talk to you before about the SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage, well needless to say, I really like it! XD I just love the songs so much in it…
              Yeah, go ahead! I’d like to hear your thoughts on them XD Oh yeah! I can’t wait to see that Rocko drawing! ^-^
              Yeah, definitely see “Zanzibar” whenever you get to it! And, oh, you did tell me that you saw “The Lounge Singer” :D Ah, Filburt’s song is amazing XD
              And, ooh, thanks. Yeah, I can recognize those episodes XD (I don’t know why I watched so much of its reruns back then :P) Well, that just depends really. I like season 3 the most as well as two and four. But, just pick whatever you want! Doesn’t really matter to me! :)

            • #2224767


              Hiya, Spring! :)
              (Aw man, first off, I’m sorry I’m replying to this so late, bud! XP I meant to reply this past Friday, but I was gone most of that day and sort of ran outta time… :/
              Anyway, since I promised you yesterday, I’ll go ahead start typing up my response now!)
              I am, too! Haha, it’s okay– I understand that XD Whatever you decide to do won’t matter to me! =] (Ah, I wish I could be like that, pfft ,XD I guess I sometimes get impatient or curious to know what happens in a certain movie/book/show, which can ruin a lot of things like that for me :P But, oh well. I don’t actually mind too much. Usually XD )
              Unfortunately, though, I haven’t gotten the chance to watch either yet, eheh… ‘^^ My afternoons have been quite busy lately, so I haven’t had the time to really watch much of anything =/ It’ll probably be that way until after Christmas, but I do hope to get around to some of my ‘watch list’ before I start school in a couple of weeks!…

            • #2224783


              … Same, Spring! :D Rocko is a pretty good cartoon, and I’m glad you were able to get into it =] Just curious, how long has it been since you’ve started watching it? (You mighta told me before, but if you did, I forgot… ahah ‘^^ ) Was Rocko more of a recent thing, or have you been watching it for some years now?
              Aw yeah, I remember you saying that! I don’t understand it, either =T I mean, I’ve never seen CatDog, but just based on what I’ve read about it, it doesn’t seem like a bad show! Guess some people just wanna have something to complain about, I suppose ;P
              Right, right! Ren and Stimpy does sound funny XD I do like comedy-type shows, so I think I’d maybe enjoy it :) If and when I do get around to seeing it, I’ll be sure to start with the episode you recommended!
              Ohh, yeah… oof, if only I read (and responded) to this earlier, eheh ‘^^ …

            • #2224785


              … I know you’ve already done it now, but I gotta say: it was an excellent idea you had to draw those characters! =] I really loved how you did both of them, heheh ;) Stimpy and both Cat and Dog looked so cute in your style, Spring! ^-^ (Oh, and I also liked the second sketch ya made of Stimpy ya made on the other game we play; that one was so adorable, I thought!)
              Ooh, speaking of Spongebob Musical, thanks for reminding me about it! I’m it was good and not like, a total flop, or something ,XD Glad they finally made a decent Spongebob thing after all these years, haha. But yeah, I’ll definitely check that one out soon, for sure! =) I’d say this week, but ah… I’m really not certain as to whether or not I’ll have the time, ahah ‘^^ If I don’t, I’ll plan on watching it sometime next week. Can’t wait to see what it’s like, as well as to hear those songs! :) …

            • #2224787


              … As for the Rocko characters, would it be okay if I post my thoughts on them next time I reply back to this thread…? I’d do it now, but (as embarrassed as I am to say this) I uh, eheh, actually haven’t watched any new Rocko episodes since my last response =/ I was hoping to see a couple more before I did a definitive list, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet (due to busyness and whatnot). However, if something happens that I don’t get the chance to watch any soon, I’ll go ahead and do the list anyway sometime before I start school. (I probably have enough info, I think) Hope that’s alright? Sorry to have kept you waiting on that :(
              And okay! I can’t wait to see that one ;) A musical-type Rocko episode sounds pretty good to me, haha XD Yeah! ;D The “Lounge Singer” was an enjoyable episode, I thought. I agree with you that Filburt’s sing was amazing! He’s such a cute character, gosh :3
              No problem! (Oh, did you?..

            • #2224789


              … Haha, well, it’s okay XD When I was younger, I watched so many re-runs of Spongebob, that I bet I’ve seen almost every season 1-5 episode at least 5 times or more, pffft :P That’s why I can remember so much of what happened in those earlier seasons, even though I’ve barely watched any Spongebob the past year or two)
              Anyway, thanks for letting me know your thoughts! :) In that case… maybe I’ll watch a couple more episodes from the first season just for the heck of it, and then start moving in to seasons 2 and 3? I don’t think it really matters if I don’t watch it all in order XD If something doesn’t make sense then I’ll just have to go back and watch a few earlier episodes to clear it all up; no big deal.
              [Oh! And before I get off, I *think* I might have told you this before, but… I still wanted to say that, unfortunately, once I start school, I’m not quite sure how fast I’ll be able to reply to this thread, as I probably won’t be on WKN all that much =/ …

            • #2224791


              … I’m expecting to take a sort of ‘hiatus’ from the newz once I begin my classes.
              Now, I’ll still check this page from time to time, of course (maybe three or four times a month) but I doubt I’ll be able to respond to anything super quick XP If something happens that I don’t respond to future replies within a few weeks, it’s not because I don’t care or forgot! :c I promise I will eventually read and reply, but it’ll have to be whenever I find the free time… ‘^^ ]

    2. #966159


      I’m wondering what happened to the Mazin Hamsters

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      • #971806

        @sundykinz15 I think they just went out of style because i have seen lots of places.

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      Does any buddy have a bernese mountain dog? I have a real one so i really want the sig. webkinz one.

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      • #953412


        Hello there @prettyfacebay I would highly recommend for you to get the Signature Bernese Mountain Dog C: I have one currently, I named him Hot Chocolate, but I am planning on changing it sometime soon here. Hope you get one soon! ~lavadragon

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      ganz should make a snail plush. i think that would be cool.

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        A snail huh @prettyfacebay? I dunno, If it were cool looking I may consider to get one :) I think GANZ should make a Tortoise…

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          That’s a good idea, lava dragon.

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        That’s a good one.

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      i can’t wait for the flutter pig and i cant find my plush zum zed i cant find him in my house the last time i saw him was in my house if any of you can send me new zums i will be happy

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