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      Heeey guys! Long time no reply! XD I hope you all had a great Christmas (and from what I can see, you did, hehe!) =D I didn’t get any new Kinz for Christmas but I was able to spend lots of time with family which was nice, and most of all dwell on the true meaning of Christmas ^u^ Wow, CuteHeart sounds like you got quite a Webbie haul there! XD They all sound so cute! And congrats on getting the Crown of Wonder!! It took me a while to get it too so I feel ya. Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that, Taffy–but it’s still great to hear from you! I can relate about having a lot of homework to do. Oh! Hmm, tell Pony to draw Summer (female regular Arctic fox) and Firefox (male regular fox), in their usual attire (lab coat, black skirt & glasses for Summer, fire amulet for Firefox). Let her know I said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! =D

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        Hey, Foxie! Pony wanted me to tell you a few things. She said she can draw both Summer and Firefox for you. =) She also wanted me to ask if you were gonna draw a pet of hers named Xenneth? She said you were going to draw him before. I don’t remember Xenneth.. but hopefully you do? But yeah, she says hi!

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      I don’t know what else to do but @TaffyKitty12, can you PLEASE get back on AJ?? I asked you a question on your wall regarding if there are days that you’ll be available this week, and you STILL haven’t replied to me!! And, to be honest, I’m starting to give up on hoping you’ll be free this week… :( Please get back on as soon as possible… I’m really getting worried… I know you’re busy but at the very least, just answer me, please… I don’t know if this will moderate in time, but I hope you’ll see this… Please get back to me, I hope we can talk again soon…

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      Heyyy guys! Sorry to bother you again ‘^^ But I’ve gotten some new ‘Kinz recently and thought they were worth mentioning.
      First and foremost, I was able to get the Maltese Puppy! This is one that I’ve been very interested in ever since it was first released, and I’m glad to have been able to pick one up for a decent price! There was a bid for one, and luckily no one else bid on it, so I ended up winning. It got here a couple weeks ago, and I quite enjoy the plush! I’m not sure if any of you have this one, but one thing I noticed is that the fur is very…interesting, to say the least? Half of the time, it doesn’t feel soft, but it does for the other half. I don’t know if that makes much sense, but it’s kinda odd XD It looks cute though, and I enjoy it :) I named her “Miriam”, and her nickname is “Mimi” (I considered naming her “Mimi”, but I know Steve Webkinz named it that, and I like being original pfft). Overall, it’s a nice plush! Do any of you guys have that one? …

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        … And of course the holidays were recent, and I was lucky enough to get four new pets. The ones I got were the Shar Pei, the Tropical Island Pup, the original German Shepherd, and the Webkinz Next Golden Retriever!
        Firstly, the Shar Pei is named “Ginger”; I had a hard time trying to choose between that and “Raisin”, but in the end, I decided that the former seemed more feminine, and I knew I wanted her to be a female. Perhaps “Raisin” can be a nickname from her grandma or something XD This one was a huge surprise because I was actually bidding on a large lot of Webkinz that had this pet in it (for the reason that it had this pet), and it ended up getting too expensive for me to buy (and then I ended up getting Miriam instead). I actually chose to bid on this lot instead of renewing my Deluxe Membership on Black Friday; I’m still getting used to not having Deluxe, but I’m glad I was able to get the Maltese instead even if I did miss out on the lot! So it was rather exciting to get the Shar Pei after all

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          … Secondly, I chose the name “Rikki” for the Tropical Island Pup. From videos I’ve seen, it seems people like naming this pet some sort of island-y name (which obviously makes sense), and I could think of a few that fit that category, but ultimately I named her “Rikki” after a character from a show my siblings watched, and I thought it was a nice fit. Though some of my family disagrees with me, I think it sounds island-y enough :P
          As for the German Shepherd, I named him “Dieter”. I don’t think any of you would know where I got the name, and I probably won’t explain it :P But if you can, you’ll probably understand the reference, heh.
          I saved the new Golden Retriever for last for reasons that are probably obvious XD Have any of you gotten either of the Webkinz Next plushes? …

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            …Anyway, I named her “Nea” because of her ice cream patch, and I made her full name “Nea Polly Twin” (say it fast, and you’ll figure it out XD). Very cheesy (er, ice cream-y?), but I just couldn’t resist ‘^^ The virtual pet on Webkinz Classic looks a bit, uh, odd? I dunno, something about its happiest expression throws me off. The mouth looks kinda weird XD But I do like how it looks nonetheless! It did come with the same food and item as on Webkinz Next, and it’s simply called the “Golden Retriever” which will get very confusing. I’ll probably use her a bit however so people can get a good look at it. The plush itself is pretty cute once I put aside that it’s very similar to another line of plush from a different company and that it has that golden paw… I figured the golden paw would have to do with the new kid feature on the new game, but the virtual doesn’t seem to have a golden paw? The virtual on Classic Webkinz does, however. I was thinking of sending in some photos of her to the ShareCenter if you guys are interested?…

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              … Some other gifts I received were a couple more shark plushes (including one almost as big as me!), some other plushes, a dog blanket, some movies, and a pug calendar :)
              Anddd that’s not everything; sorry for the length so far ‘^^ But I had the opportunity to use the new baby feature on the new Webkinz, and I thought I’d talk about that, too. I used my free Yorkshire Terrier, Scruff, and Nea to have a baby (I wanted to try for that Rainbow Retriever :P), and though I didn’t get a limited edition baby, I did get a baby nonetheless, and it was still an interesting experience! The baby ended up inheriting the Yorkie body, so it highly resembles Scruff in appearance. In fact, I think the only features it got from Nea were the vanilla ice cream patch and (I believe) the “cedar” body color (and gold ears, but both the Yorkie and Retriever have gold ears, so… XD). Frankly it’s hard to tell the cedar color because it’s just another brown, and the Yorkie’s other color is brown, too. I think the cedar is the color of the back patch and paws. …

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              … I named the baby “Thierry” (some form of “Terry” that my family suggested). I’m looking forward to growing him up and having another baby in the future.
              This is the last thing, I promise XP I figured I’d share this with you guys: I recently got my first Crown of Wonder on Webkinz Classic! I’ve been collecting gems for years, so it was great to finally find that elusive Ocean Sapphire. I ended up recording it, too, haha. I traded in my gems, and now I think I’ll just collect gems to potentially trade to Doug the Dog.
              Anyway, I believe that’s everything! I’m very, very sorry about the length XP I promise not to post something this long for a good while. I’m hoping to be a bit more active on here, but no promises; I’ll try my best, but ultimately I still have lots of schoolwork to do every day. I might buy another ‘Kinz or two soon, and in that case, I’ll post a little follow up, but until then, I might not be too active XP …

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              … I am doing better at attending chats though! It seems no one else has come lately, but know I’ve stopped by :P Well, that’s all for now. I hope you guys had a great holiday, and happy new year! :) (And I have a feeling some of these are going to get cut off; we’ll see. If that’s the case, I’ll post again below this :P)

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              (Just as I anticipated, the second post got cut off. It should say “So it was rather exciting to get the Shar Pei after all since I’d kinda given up all hope of getting one ‘^^” and then continue into the next post. Sorry about that!)

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        Hi, Heart! Sorry about the late reply! No worries though. You’re not a bother at all! =) Aww, you got the Maltese Puppy? Yeaah, I remember when that came out. It is really cute! That’s nice that you could get a good price on it too. Huh.. that’s weird XD I wish I could feel the fur now lol. Miriam is a a sweet name. =) Oh yeah hah! I get that. I wouldn’t want to look like I’m copying an official Webkinz person either. =P (No offense, Steve!) I don’t have that plush, but I think Taffy might have one..? Not sure. Congrats getting it though! Ohh wow! And those are some great pets! They’re all so cute! Ginger is a perfect name for the Shar Pei. Aw, and Raisin would’ve been cute too XD That sounds like a good nickname, yes! Oh wow, really? It’s too bad you couldn’t get more Deluxe, but I’m glad you ended up with the Shar Pei! Is that pet kinda expensive now? I don’t know the prices of webkinz these days. =P Ooh, yes I always loved this pet! I remember when it was advertised at being sold in Cracker Barrel, heheh

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          … I think it sounds tropical, despite why your family say lol. What show is it that has that character? Ohh and I think I know the reference to that name! It’s from The Sound of Music right? I watched that last year and saw some of it this year. That kid was cute XD I think it works pretty well on that pet too. Ah yes! I’m curious what you think of it.. I think it’s kinda cute but I’m not sure if I want it or not. Oh my gosh XD Wow, that’s a super punny name. I love it XD Yeah I can sorta agree with you there.. it does seem sort of off. Maybe that’s cause we’re just used to more realistic proportions though. Yeaaa, it is weird that it has a gold paw! I thought the same thing- that it would have to do with unique features for babies. But it doesn’t. Kinda weird.. but yeah, that’s a great idea! It would be nice to see a picture or so of it in the SC. Ooo, it sounds like you got some other fun gifts! Ah, that giant shark plush sounds awesome! XD I bet

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            … it’s so cuddly! X) Movies and dog things are always nice too, heheh. =) Oh wow, really? Oooo. BABY. That’s kinda cool that you got to try that out! Ah yeah. It’s too bad that you couldn’t get the rare one, but it’s still fun to have a baby pet! Even if it looks just like the other one.. well, I guess you can say he looks like his dad? XD Oh, Terry, huh? That reminds me of a character in the new Pixar movie, Soul lol. Have you seen that? Terry is a pretty funny character in it. That’s awesome! It’s really cool getting it for the first time hehe. Some gems just seem to never show up, heh. I’m glad you found that last one! Oh okay, that sounds smart! I haven’t traded with Doug very much. Have you? I pretty much always sell my gems for the extra kinz cash, since I don’t usually see Doug. Congrats on getting the crown though! Do you know which pet you’ll put it on? Maybe Finn? ;) …

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              .. Ah sorry I’m taking so long to finish replying to this! I keep getting busy lately, and then forgetting. =T Anywaay, it’s totally fine! Thanks for telling us about your new pets and stuff! It’s always good to hear from you! Ohh okay. What Webkinz are you interested in getting? I hope you can get them! Oh and it’s cool that’s you’ve been at the chats lately! Geez, I’m sorry I haven’t been there in ages. I’m actually working night shift this Saturday though, so I can actually come! I’ll try to be there so you and I can chat at least. =) Happy New Year to you too! I hope to talk with you more soon!

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      to all mylittlepony2013 is doing Christmas art requests she needs you to send here what pet gender and type of clothes you would like to see. She says Merry Christmas to all

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        Oh hey, aidcon81! Thank you for coming on here and telling us what Pony said! And Pony, that’s so fun! Thanks for taking requests! =) I hope you’re doing well and have a great Christmas ^-^ This probably won’t moderate till after Christmas, but I’m excited! I can’t wait to give my presents to people and eat my dad’s Christmas breakfast. Anyway, I’ll give you a few options for a pet you can draw! So, I think it’d be great to see Kate in some springy dress. Or you can do something Christmasy! Obviously, she is a girl, and she is a signature red fox. And the other option is Stephan, my signature Bernese mountain dog. He’s a guy lol. And he can wear something.. fancy? I think he looks cute in a tux XD But you could do any nice-looking clothes. His family owns an expensive clothing brand, so keep that in mind. I hope that sounds alright to you! Thanks for taking requests for us ^-^ I hope you have a great holiday!

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          Oh, and to reply to what you messaged me about- Kate doesn’t need any shoes. But if you don’t want to draw her bare foot, then you could give her some simple flats, I think. =) And Steph is gonna have an evil laugh? Okay XD I’m sure that’ll be funny! Aw and thanks for telling me your brother liked the Wooloo! I had so much fun making that. I’m glad he liked it! I thought it turned out pretty cute lol =) I hope you’re doing well!

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        Thank you for letting us know aidcon81! Hope to see you in the clubhouse soon. MLP could you draw my signature border terrier bella? She loves the sophie rewards gold outfit (dress, wig, and shoes) from last year and of course you probably caught this by now bella is a girl. Thanks so much for taking art requests from us. I hope we will hear from you very soon. Many hugs and happy new year! Your friend bun bun or charity (Unicorn was what I first chose bc I was obsessed at the time lol)

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        Hi there! Sorry for the late reply but thanks for letting us know that she’s taking art requests! Let’s see…. I guess I’d like to see Lavender Mist who is a girl with a hair clip and maybe a cute dress as well. Well, that’s all I can think about anyway XD (Oh, and if you happen to see this MLP, I saw your messages the other day and I thought it’s pretty cool since I still do like that certain show XD and I do miss you too! Hope you’re doing well! <3) Thanks again for letting us know! ^-^

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          Oh! Sorry, forgot to say that Lavender Mist is a Lil Purple Spring Unicorn, but I think you know what type of pet she is.

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            Okay, I’m back to reply to your recent message, MLP. So, about the details, I think I would like a purple flower hair clip, purple slippers, and a dress with a flower design. Hope this helps! Sorry that I replied back this late, oof.. ^^; Hope you don’t mind! Thanks again for letting me know! ^-^

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        Hey there, aidcon81! ^-^ I am so sorry for the late response here! DX I’ve been really busy lately, so this is the first time I’ve been on the Newz for a couple of weeks… ‘^^ Anyway, thanks a bunch for letting us know about MLP taking art requests— it’s awesome that she’s doing that! ^-^ Let’s see, if she doesn’t mind, would it be okay if she drew my Signature Siberian Husky, Juneau, for me? He’s a boy, has a silver scar above his nose (though she doesn’t have to include that! I know that might be a bit tricky to draw… ,XD ), and… I haven’t officially decided on his eye color yet, but for now, I’ll just say that he has icy blue eyes? Oh! And as for his outfit, maybe he could wear a black suit with a white shirt underneath and a tie, or just a simple bow-tie with no other clothes? Doesn’t matter to me, whatever she chooses! Please tell MLP that I want to thank her in advance, and that I hope she had a nice Christmas/New Year’s! <3 And thank you once more for posting this!

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      HEY! ‘Tis I, ye olden Taffy :D Yes, I am alive ,XD Props to anyone who still remembers me, haha.
      All joking aside, though, I really do want to apologize for not being on here almost at all recently! DX I feel bad, because I was pretty inactive last month, and I ended up doing the exact same thing this month even though I said that I’d try come on more in December… :( I’m terribly sorry that things didn’t go according to plan! XP
      I know you all probably expect me to say this (and are probably sick and tired of hearing, too), but, as per usual, I’ve been incredibly busy recently: mostly with schoolwork, but also with family matters and getting ready for Christmas ‘^^ I knew this month was going to be a hectic one for me, but I didn’t expect to be so preoccupied that I wouldn’t be able to come on here most days X/
      Sadly, as time goes on and my classes become harder and more time consuming, I’ve been finding it more difficult to find the time to come on here :( …

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        … I’ve so much schoolwork, that I usually need to work through the weekend ‘^^ I seldom get a day off XP
        I don’t think the problem will be remedied much in the future (I’m getting to the end of my Gen Ed classes, so I actually expect the opposite: for it to be exacerbated) but I will try harder to come on here when I’ve got extra free time! I’ve missed you guys <3 And though I may not be on here as much as I’d like, I do think of you all often!
        On the subject, I do see that I’ve missed quite a bit in my absence, and I’m going to try to respond to some of those things later today and tomorrow, though I doubt I’ll be able to reply to most things until after Christmas… ‘^^ (I’m off this week, but I’m going to be pretty busy, so I’ll probably have to wait till next week to finish all that up :/ ) I’m sorry, fellas! DX I hope you don’t mind…? It’s just that I won’t have a lot of time…

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          … to be on here, these next few days X/ But I’ll be sure to finish my replies to everything as soon as I can! I don’t want you guys to have to wait too much longer for my responses, ahah…
          Oh! And speaking of next week, I might post an update maybe next Tuesday or Wednesday, if that’s okay? It’ll probably just be about whatever I got for Christmas, and I may as well post something about my future activity then, too. I’ll try not to make it too long, though!
          By the way, I really hope all of you guys have a great Christmas! :D I can’t believe it’s just a few days away now, but I’m excited for it, haha! XD Anyone have any special plans? :) At any extent, I hope you all get some awesome gifts and have tons of fun with your families! ^-^ (But don’t forget what the holiday is really about: Jesus! He’s the best gift we could ever have gotten! ;) )
          Talk to you soon, my friends, and I wish everyone an amazing week! ^-^
          <3 Taffy

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        Hi, Taffy! <3 Good to hear you’re alive and kicking XD Pffft, you goof… yeah, I know, you were busy. And I do miss you.. but I am glad that you are still here and you’re stopping by to post at least once a month! I’m sorry you’ve been so busy though =( It sounds stressful and hard. Do you enjoy any of your classes? I hope they’re not all a pain. I think usually the main degree class is the best, right? And was it nice being with family? I know you were doing stuff with family a lot too, so I assume maybe some relatives visited. Anyway, I had a great Christmas! It was so fun finally giving my gifts to everyone, and I got some really nice things. No Webkinz, but I did get a super cute Eevee plush ^-^ Maybe I’ll post a picture to the SC for you to see. I got to spend time with pretty much all of my family too, which was really nice! I was worried we wouldn’t see anyone that day. How was your Christmas? And yes, it was good to reflect on how humble God is too.. that He

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          … I hope you had a good holiday though. And a happy New Year too! Thanks for stopping by to say hi and let us know what was going on. =) I hope I can talk to you again soon!

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