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      Hiya guys!! Long time no post! I’ve been away for the past week but I got Covid a few days ago so I’ve been resting (I feel absolutely miserable but am slowly recovering…!) My whole family got it which was a real downer since I was really looking forward to doing stuff while we were here in the UK :/ Gonna reply to the roleplay when I get back on the 14th!

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        Hey, Foxes!! Aww, yeah, I saw.. that really sucks, man!! Praying for a FULL recovery <3 and yay!! Hope to chat with ya soon!! Love, Alex <3

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      Sometimes I scare myself, sometimes I scare myself.. … JUST ANOTHER DAY IN THE PANIC ROOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!! That was random, but I’m thinking of adopting a Pretty Kitty and naming her Prairie Rose. And also, I need to name a webkinz Artificial Sweetener.

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      Hi! I’m just here to share my recent drawings that I have made for the past few days. Enjoy!
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81653 (Rainbow Rascal – Rosaline Gem)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81705 (Rainbow Trails, another Rainbow Rascal drawing)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81715 (Celestie the Unicorn, she’s a unicorn that I have on Webkinz Next)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81717 (Gravity Gold for @_xPho3nyxblade318x_)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81727 (Lavender Mist, I haven’t drawn this girl for like a year or so, but it’s nice that I’ve been able to draw her again after all this time!)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81729 (Skyla Star)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81731 (Glitter Dawn)
      https://share.ganzworld.com/fanart?id=81733 (Carnation Blossom)
      Feel free to leave your thoughts on them, if ya guys want! ^-^

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        THANK YOU SO MUCH for Gravity, Spring!! <3 your other drawings are lovely, too!!

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        Aww those are so cute, Spring! I really like the peace puppy and rainbow rascal drawings. The clothes on your peace puppy look really good! And it seems like you draw a lot! I didn’t know you liked art so much. That’s cool =)

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      Judging my Webkinz pets’ personality by the way they look/what they’re wearing
      Hey guysss! Well first of, today(July 5th/by the time this moderates) is my Adam Young’s birthday! He’s a Snowy Retriever and I treasure him to bits. =P Anyway, so ya know how I said the Starlight pets were all literally personalityless(not a word, but I don’t care)? I decided to go ahead and judge them by the way they look, lol. Some of these were made on spot, or some have been developed from 6 years ago to 6 days ago. Also, happy 4th of Julyyy!! *shoots fireworks*
      Note: Some of these are wild guesses. If a pet looks like a princess, that might mean she’s some cruel dictator from Daisy Doe’s café who forces artichokes on everyone. =O
      Let’s begin.
      ~~1st Room aka Scrub To Clean, LA LA LA!!! 8D (yes, that’s the genius name I used)~~
      Night Glider the Panda: Fall-loving panda who loves beanies and sunglasses and takes bamboo tea very seriously (name is from MLP, so I guess she’d like to fly if she had wings. =P)

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        Shade Ledger the Black Lab: A secret agent for the government who is elegant and is married and has 2 kids, Apollo and Athena(both Signature Black Wolves =P)
        Kerfuffle the Soft Rainbow Tiger: Er.. does she own a frozen yogurt shop in the clouds & love silver high heels??
        Cream Puff the White Chocolate Rabbit: Cake artist who takes baking & designing seriously & loves making cakes that don’t look like cakes & sweet treats.
        Peppermint Mocha Joy the Holly Fox: Fabulous hotel heiress and her family owns the Olive Garden chain.
        Twiglet the Jackelope: Loves 3D glasses & popcorn and likes hiking
        Escape the Chicken: Stubborn chicken who loves candy corn, mischief, and works at Scrambled.
        Caitie Hurst the Fairykinz’ Kitten: Like songwriting & music and adores Chik-fil-A
        Truffle the Chow Chow Puppy: Probably lives aviation and forests
        KwikStar the Kiwi Bird: Loves honey & breadsticks & has a job as a sample birdy at Kwik Star
        Vanilla Mocha the Himalayan: A cat that loves dolphins, the ocean, and the first pet of my Mocha series, so I guess she owns a coffee shop. =P

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          Smolder the Golden Dragon: Likes rocks, flying, fire, and hates school & dress-up/girly things
          Snowy Dreams the Signature Snow Leopard: Probably some friendly chef that hates burnt food
          KwikStarGlazerDonut the Snowy Retriever: Christmas lover & loves peppermint cookies
          Pancake Sprinkles the Shimmer Bunny: Loves playing Flutterbugged & is scared of Miss Cowline.
          Winter Wish the Peppermint Carnation Lion Cub: Stubborn but sweet and loves sugar-flavored snow
          403 Forbidden the Snowy Retriever: You cannot access this information.
          Diamond In The Ruff the Diamond Doggy: Likes SHIIIINY stuff & ships.
          Avocado the Good Fortune Hedgehog: Some speedy hedgehog who delivers your fave burgers from your fave restaurant, uhh.. Hedgehog Hype
          Zipper the Baby Zebra: A chef that likes to pick apples
          Avenue North the Teal Zebra: A twist on the name Tenth Avenue North, but she likes camping and iced coffee.

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            ~~Next room aka Scrub 2 Clean’s Bestie (They’re both pet care rooms) ~~]
            Captain Jun Kuramochi the Eskimo Dog: Named after a character from one of my favorite movies, Blue Thermal & he’s a pilot.
            Levi the Signature Siamese Cat: Japanese cat who moved to the US when he was a tiny kitten & his father owns a steakhouse that sells lovely calamari.
            Echo the Moon Fox: Hawaiian reporter who so hates consequences.
            FEWSH, done. =P I hope you all enjoyed learning about my boring pets. *facepalm* I made most of these on spot, and the only “really” developed pet here is Peppermint Mocha Joy, but I am working on Levi & Cream & I guess Shade because of the Prague roleplay me & Foxes are doing. =P Let me know if you guys have any personality ideas for these kiddos because literally none do. I know, Starry is such a boring account yet it’s the most successful,
            Thanks for reading & let me know if you’d like to see another one of these & what account! (Raddie, Appy, or Emmy(Emmy like Emblem, lol.) are fine, but my other accounts would be fun, too. >=])

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        Aw, that’s fun! :D There are SO many of my pets that are lacking personalities right now haha. I tend to only focus on a few pets, so there aren’t many that have defined personalities whoops. XD This is such a neat idea though! I’m impressed that you were able to develop such unique and quirky personalities for your pets just based on their outfits! I love the creativity! I should try this out! XD Even the pets of mine that DO have defined personalities are kind of similar haha. I needed the creative inspiration from this! :D Also, I LOVE “you cannot access this information” for your pet named “403 Forbidden” hahaha.

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          Hey, thanks!! XD Aww, thanks and YES, you should!! I’d love to see one from you!! And THANKSSSS!! XD I have way too much fun namimg my pets random names, lol. Sorry for the late reply! I was up til 6 this morning, but apparently I’m not tired, lol. I can’t wait to see your version of mine!!

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      Help please, does anyone know how to get the shark swim trunks & tank in Webkinz Next week one challenge? I have asked many times in Webkinz Next help and no responses.

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        Hey there, @duckess1! I think you have to buy them or earn them. I haven’t been on Next much because my dad does all of my dailies for me, oops.

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          Wait, your dad plays Next?? Good for him, but that’s kind of funny to me XD

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            YUP. A lot of my Next friends know him XD He’s on next more than me, ahah. He’s on his account (Tiger Daysight) a lot and then on my Rainbow Stormsilver(radioactive) account and sometimes goes on my Dash Darkrock account (Starlight). I know a lot of parents who play, and you’re no worse because YOU’RE AN ADULT. XD (my dad likes the baby kitties XD)

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