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    If you could create any kind of animal and it would be a webkinz pet ,What would it be?

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      Ok well this is enough people to end the contest.Unfortunatley I gave the Bluebutterfly trellis to one of my friends so I will have to make a new prize which is arandom peice of clothing from Pheresphones Kinzstyle Clothes Shop!!!!!!! And the winner is!!!! FLICKA787!!!!!! And for the rest of you guys your ideas where fantastic!! I could hardly choose who would win!!! And flicka what is your user???

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      Ooh….1. A Wild Cherry Pony: It would be white with a light pink mane and tail. It would have hot pink hooves and cherry blossoms and petals of light and hot pink all over its flank, like an appaloosa. 2. Hurricane Horse: a grey-blue horse with grey swirls all over it and navy blue, wild mane and tail. It has navy hooves too and grey eyes. If we can only enter one of these in the contest, I want to enter the Wild Cherry Pony. :)

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      Kittyclops kitten and a cyclops

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      Well, I LOVE chinchillas! so mine would probably be…. a sparkly turquoise chinchilla with blue eyes and a fluffy tail! or maybe a dazzling gem chinchilla… or an angel chinchilla…. or a rainbow chinchilla!! or a hot pink chinchilla…. all well i guess i enter all of those LOL

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      That a great idea redwolfgirl. I think you like wolfs alot:D

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