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    My favorite PSI is the Doggy Diving Pool and Log Lodge Pool. I want to know what PSI everyone likes. D D D

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      Nice PSI choices guys.

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      Thanks for commenting! I do like alot of PSI. Pretty Much all Signature PSI. And the normal psi I like alot of them also and I do have some gem pets and the PSI is also cool.

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      Mine (out of the ones I or my siblings have) are the Sparkle harp seal peekaboo pond, and the Signature Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra peaceful plains piano (I love zebras)

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      Mine is the diamond piano! :D I LOVE it!!!

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      Those ones are cute! I think my favorite psi is the Max’n and Relax’n Beach Chair, it’s really cute. I just decided to start collecting psi, so it’s is kind of cool using them in rooms now! But of course there are lots of other amazing psi! LT

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