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    I wondered which of everyone here has the most kinzcash??

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      I have 50,00 KC! I used to have 30,00, but then I got 5 new codes on Christmas.

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      Just to make my point, I have 69 KC right now! But the most isn’t always the best, it could be but more of something isn’t always the best. Right snowflake I am friendly and hopefully my kindness and friendship is worth more than 69 KC? LOL!-Atom

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      Hi allwordstaken! I personally don’t really like this forum. The KC amount you have doesn’t matter. You could have 10,000 KC or you could have 5 KC. I really don’t care. KC doesn’t matter, please don’t make that a greed competition too. What really matters is friendships, and kindness, and sharing, and caring, and trading fairly. KC amount doesn’t make any member better than the next. I say it doesn’t matter who has the most KC. KC can’t buy you happiness all of the time. -Atom

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        True, but some people like to feel good about themselves for saving up the amount they have. I don’t mean to be rude or anything either.

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        You’re so right!!! :mrgreen: I won’t say my KC amount at all to anyone though, because it’s highly secretive, and I don’t want anyone taking advantage of me. ;)

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          Hey sweetzie, I would never, all you have to do is say no (or say sorry but no I don’t want peopl taking advantage of me) I mean with you and I we just send eachother what we can to complete stuff :mrgreen: .

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            Hi Snow! :mrgreen: What I meant is that I don’t want ppl I don’t know seeing my amount, and they beg or force me to buy them stuff and if I don’t, that they will get rude with me :roll: . I’ve seen some ppl on here that acted like that( not any of our friends: they were ppl I don’t know ). If my friends see my amount, it’s alright because I know you all wouldn’t do something like that. ;) I’ll tell you on another forum what it is. Have a sweet day!~SC

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      Well I don’t but I have 743 and still saving up and then doing rooms

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      I only have a tiny bit like under 100.

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